Liberal Tries to Attack Memories Pizzeria Using MATH – Fails Miserably


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As TRN has reported, Memories Pizza was ambushed by a liberal reporter who lied and said they refused to serve gays. A national lynch mob ensured, forcing them to close their doors out of safety concerns.

A GoFundMe page was started for the restaurant and raised $842,592. Thanks to such immense support from every state, Memories Pizza announced they would re-open after all.

This caused batty leftist commenters to go out of their minds. Dana Loesch’s husband Chris found the best one and re-tweeted it, from an “LGBT Activist” from Chicago:


For you 5th graders who are confused…yes, this grown woman and Democrat activist thinks Memories Pizza just raised $870,000,000.

The “Right Wing Propaganda Machin” doesn’t need to lift a finger to make you “look extremely bad,” lady. You’ve got that covered, and then some.

No wonder liberals love Common Core math. Actual reality-based math is just too hard.




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