Liberal Tries to Attack Memories Pizzeria Using MATH – Fails Miserably


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As TRN has reported, Memories Pizza was ambushed by a liberal reporter who lied and said they refused to serve gays. A national lynch mob ensured, forcing them to close their doors out of safety concerns.

A GoFundMe page was started for the restaurant and raised $842,592. Thanks to such immense support from every state, Memories Pizza announced they would re-open after all.

This caused batty leftist commenters to go out of their minds. Dana Loesch’s husband Chris found the best one and re-tweeted it, from an “LGBT Activist” from Chicago:


For you 5th graders who are confused…yes, this grown woman and Democrat activist thinks Memories Pizza just raised $870,000,000.

The “Right Wing Propaganda Machin” doesn’t need to lift a finger to make you “look extremely bad,” lady. You’ve got that covered, and then some.

No wonder liberals love Common Core math. Actual reality-based math is just too hard.



  • Marilyn Fluegel

    There were too many misspelled words, or typos, in the post to maintain my interest.

    • Barto

      True and along with the poor math she must have received what little education she got at a very poorly run public school, probably in a big city.

  • Genju

    Probably a tenured professor….

    • Haywood Jablowme

      like Rick Lehman econ jerkeley ca. the only way he can make a small fortune is if he starts with a large one.

      • Guest

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  • Stephanie Brubaker

    A product of common core?

    • Guest

      yes, Common Core, the dumbing down of America, and false propaganda model of the Department of Education. I’m a tutor; I’ve seen the math books. What an embarrassment to the world at it’s present technical level.

    • Eric Courtemanche

      Yes, Common Core, the dumbing down of America, and false propaganda
      model of the Department of Education. I’m a tutor; I’ve seen the math
      books. What an embarrassment to the world at its present technical

  • Halvor Ikea

    Math. No one can even.

    $842,592 divided by around 30,000 [using the number she used, haven’t checked the actual statistic] yields average donations of $28 and a couple of cents. It’s something like .0864 cents, but I rounded up to .09. Remember. Liberals CAN math. Republicans CAN’T math. Or meth is more like it for liberals.

    • Dana Davis

      Could you repeat that in English that a conservative would understand, please? As for the math, any idiot can divide 840 by 30 right? Did you really need the calculator?

      • Halvor Ikea

        Maybe I should mention. I AM a conservative. And the last bits of my comment were satirical at the fact that this winner of a Twitter post someone got an additional couple of zeroes thrown on there. Most likely a by-product of public education. I did it on the calculator to make sure I got an exact value. If I wanted to, I could easily do the division in my head and come up with the rough estimate. But I just wanted to check my math over.

        Again, math is something liberals CANNOT do.

        • Dana Davis

          “Meth” was your most valid point. In this particular case, I think the poster is either inebriated or high. And it’s not liberals – as a conservative, I am very much a liberal – it’s “retarts,” plain and simple. And sociopaths who are incapable of anymore than superficial analysis.

        • Allen Kincade

          Cannot think either the gov has to do their thinking.

        • TheMadProfessor

          I guess I must be the except that proves that rule, right? Not only can I do math, I can do it in binary, octal and hexadecimal.

  • Kay

    Haha yuck it up y’all! You’re the same ones who were crying because common core was too confusing for you simple minded Republicans too. one is right in this.

    • Jerriatrix

      I’m not confused by it at all. I just find it unintelligent and wasteful to use 10 steps to get to an answer that only requires one step. Not to mention, the teachers who have to teach this crap are stating that it takes more time to teach and the children are frustrated and stressed. Typical Liberals, if it’s not broke, break it.

      • Eric

        Saying this more as a correction than a debate starter, but math often times is not “just one step”.

        46 – 29, for example, is not “just one step”.

        Step 1: Subtract 9 from 6. Well, if you don’t want to end up with a negative number…

        Step 2: “Take away” 1 from the 4 to make 6 into 16.

        Step 3: 16 – 9 = 7.

        Step 4: Subtract 3 (because you “took away” 1 from the 4) – 2 = 1.

        Answer is 17.

        4 steps for a basic problem. But because it’s already so ingrained into our heads, we view it as “one step” even though it’s not.

        • my head hurts now… thanks…..

        • luckyflesh

          Not to debate, but once the answer is memorized, your brain no longer goes through all those steps, it just pulls the correct answer…in 1 step. 🙂

          • Jerriatrix

            Very true, I drive my daughter nuts when I do math in my head. Kids can’t do basic math with out a calculator anymore.

          • Eric

            Didn’t I cover that?

          • luckyflesh

            To my perception, no. Once it’s memorized it really IS just one step. Doesn’t matter if it took you a thousand tries doing it in 4 steps to memorize it, once you get it, it really is just one step from then on out.

          • Eric

            Your perception is not actually reality however, especially since we were all taught that it is not just one step. It only “seems” like one step because it has become so ingrained, but you could not teach another person how to actually do it in one step. If you could, there would be no need for the 4 step process.

          • luckyflesh

            I stand by my perception. If I wanted to make a car I would have to make multiple molds. It would take thousands of steps to make that first car, but after the molds were made I wouldn’t have to make them again.

            The first car would take multiple steps, but EVERY car after that wouldn’t.

            Your brain isn’t doing all 4 steps of the problem every time. Ergo, again, it really is one step.

          • Eric

            You would’ve had a sound analogy if it wasn’t for the fact that you can’t make a fully functional car out of a “mold” in one step.

            Never mind the fact that if you wanted a different car, even a slightly different car, it would add a step.

            Your brain is still doing all four steps, but, again, because it’s been so ingrained into you it only feels like one. Hence why I said you cannot ever actually teach it in one step to anyone, otherwise it would be taught in only one step.

            Your perception is not actual reality. Just because, in your head, you don’t think “take 1 away to give it to the other” doesn’t mean it’s not actually happening.

          • luckyflesh

            “Your brain is still doing all four steps”

            No, it’s not. That’s my entire point. Why in the world would your brain go through all 4 steps when it already knows the answer?

            Those 4 steps are just ONE method of deriving the answer. There are multiple ways to get the correct answer, and once it’s solved and memorized the brain never does the long way again.

            I get that you’re saying that “In reality it’s still 4 steps”. but my point is that it isn’t 4 steps. Those 4 steps are one possible solution. Math isn’t some mechanical device. There are no “absolute reality” number of steps…only correct solutions.

            And your brain can give that solution in 1 step.

          • Eric

            There’s multiple ways to get the correct answer?

            Please, share them.

            Your point is flawed and you can’t seem to get past separating perception and reality. Again, it only SEEMS like one step because it’s been so ingrained into your head. Your mind still processes all four steps because if it didn’t, you’d be giving the wrong answer to the equation because the equation, in fact, is not processed in one step.

            You cannot solve 44 – 27 in one step because what would that one step be? If someone asked you to explain your answer (or as teachers loved: “show your work”) you cannot show the answer to 44 – 27 in one step.

            Seriously, explain 44 – 27 = 17 in one step. One actual step.

            “Subtract 27 from 44” is not “one step” because it gives no explanation of how you got the answer.

          • luckyflesh

            My point isn’t flawed at all. Again, there is no reason for your brain to go through all the steps once it knows the answer. Doesn’t matter if it’s math or music or anything else. Once the correct answer is stored it’s simply recalled.

            Real world example. I used to be a musician. When learning a new song I had to focus and think about the notes, rhythms, words etc. Once I had the song memorized I never had to think about it again.

            I could play the song, read a magazine and talk to you all at the same time without thinking about the song(s) at all.

            You only go through all the steps when learning something. Once it’s memorized your brain simply does it/retrieves the right answer.

          • Eric

            Your “real world” example is as flawed as your car analogy.

            Once again, you cannot play a song in just one step because that’s impossible. Just because your muscle memory has kicked in doesn’t mean there isn’t multiple steps, even post-learning.

            Also, once again, you have failed to address what I’ve asked of you.

            Show me how to do 44 – 37 in “just one step” in a manner that fully explains how you got the answer.

            It’s an impossibility. Your point IS flawed, because you’re trying to say your perception overrules reality, which it does not. Muscle memory does not remove steps, nor does memorization. Muscle memory / memorization simply means you no longer have to do it at the slower pace, yet you’re still doing every step.

            You were a musician? Then you should know it’s impossible to play even the most basic 2 – 1 beat without tapping one finger twice and another finger once. Just because you can carry on a conversation, or read a magazine at the same time, doesn’t mean your two fingers aren’t tapping three separate times. There is no “one step” in music.

          • luckyflesh

            “Once again, you cannot play a song in just one step because that’s impossible. Just because your muscle memory has kicked in doesn’t mean there isn’t multiple steps, even post-learning.”

            Holy hell, you’re bending over backwards to not get this. I never said it could be played in one step. I’m saying that it’s recalled without having to go through all the steps it took to learn.

            Once you have it committed to memory, your brain merely retrieves one step. There’s no reason to go through all the steps it took to reach a conclusion once you already know the answer.

            “Show me how to do 44 – 37 in “just one step” in a manner that fully explains how you got the answer.”

            Synapse fires and retrieves an answer it had stored. 44-37 is only multiple steps until if/when you memorize the answer.

            Seriously making my brain hurt here. Once you learn something you never have to go through all the steps to learn it again. If you know the answer, you know it. It no longer requires you to “work it out”.

          • Eric

            You do realize that you don’t have every answer to a math problem memorized, right? That’s why people still take time to do math in their head or write it down or ask someone to double check their answer.

            Memorizing the notes of a song (which is the same over and over again) is not the same as knowing simple math. Stop trying to compare cars and music to math, it’s just not working for you. You’re so dead set on “memorization” that you fail to realize that every example or analogy you give has very little in relevance to math. Math is not “oh, I learned to play this song 5 times, now I don’t have to look at the sheet music anymore”. Basic math is learning the basic function of what you’re supposed to do and then applying that function in a seemingly single step.

            If you went to a school that taught every single possible equation (being as, somehow, you already have the answer memorized and no longer have to figure out any problem) I’d certainly love to visit it, because I’ve never seen any school do that before.

          • luckyflesh

            I’m done here. I can’t make it any simpler. You’re doing some amazing gymnastics to somehow be “right”. It’s sad, but hey, it’s your ignorance you have every right to fight for it.

            p.s. Your condescending tone is hilarious.

          • Eric

            It’s funny when people dip into the pot calling the kettle black cliche. 😉

            P.S. I know, I like to be funny when I’m dealing with dumb people.

        • Jerriatrix

          Well, you only need 1 step to answer 2+2. but thanks for taking the fun out of my exaggeration…….lol

          • Genju


  • CaneRVa

    Nearly a billion $$ is some serious change. Um, wait, I’m confused…

  • 2a

    Spelling and grammar needs a little proofing before posting

  • Scott Wilcox


  • Mike Bojorquez

    A product of liberal koolaid. Stupid and ugly is no way to go through life. It is under $30 per donation – you idiots !

  • Bernie Mraz

    That math would’ve been solved when I was 8 years old in my arithmetic class

  • Gordon Harvey

    You just can’t fix stupid…

    • Haywood Jablowme

      Yes you can just have your records sealed and become the president.

      • Genju

        EL OH EL

  • Curtis Alan Hatridge

    well,I almsot beliece her intentions were pure. pure stoopidity, that is. how have we allowed idiots like this to run our country???

  • John McMickle

    No wonder we cannot get a balanced budget. The Democrats cannot do fourth grade math.

    • Genju

      True story. A Democrat controlled congress hasn’t passed a balanced budget since fiscal year 1968-69.

    • Genju

      For reference. A Republican controlled congress did it last from 1998-2001. But the simple little leftists credit Clinton.

  • this proves that there is a G-d… someone that stupid can’t exist with out Divine Intervention…

    • John McMickle

      Do not blame this on God. I think the devil may be responsible.

      • i am just saying someone that stupid with the IQ of a rock needs out side help… maybe it is G-d little joke for us to see… G-d has a sense of humor after all… and i think He is laughing every time this Idiot opens its mouth…

        • John McMickle

          I do not want to blame God for liberals, God is not that curel.

          • Eric Courtemanche

            God is the maker of all things including everyone that was ever born. Without God there would be no life. God’s plan is His, and He uses anyone in any way to fulfill that will. Who are we to argue with the Potter?

          • John McMickle

            Actually sometimes God just allows things to happen.

          • Joseph Procopio

            And the aborted unborn!

          • Chuck Ferraris

            Well, he did make the platypus..

          • John McMickle

            But they really do not harm anyone. Liberals aggravate everyone including each other.

        • canamm

          So, I’m wondering why you have to spell God with a dash instead of an “o”.

          • out of respect… some people feel it is disrespectful to use His name or spell out His name so i do this to respect others … nothing more or less

          • canamm

            Hmm… Well, ok. I’ve never encountered this before

          • JustRewards

            Seems kinda silly to me. I would view it as it’s disrespectful NOT to spell out his name. Who are you afraid of?

        • PixelPusher777

          What’s with the “G-d”? As far as I can tell, your keyboard’s “o” seems to be working…

      • Allen Kincade

        My sentiments exactly.

    • extyrequeen

      Mannly….they do exist they are called liberals….

      • that’s my point ….libs are that stupid, if G-d said “you are on your own” they would all fall over and drool all over the place…

  • tim

    apparently she thinks that 840k = $840,000,000

  • June Smith


  • KWT

    Wow…not only is her math ridiculous… her spelling is beyond atrocious….

  • Mark Wurz

    Are Liberals all really that stupid?

    • Eric

      Some are.

      Stupidity doesn’t stop at one political party or another.

      We’ve had dumb Conservatives, dumb Independents and dumb whatever else you want to bring up.

      • No2stupidity

        Well in this case it’s clearly a liberal.

  • schr8er

    Kandyce Brothers… with your math you should invest in a calculator ( or better yet go back to school ) 840,000 divided by 30,000 equals ( that is a = sign in case you didnt know that ) $28 per donor….. Just goes to show that you and your Koch brothers better have someone that knows how to divide do your statements BEFORE you post ya dummy

  • whatisanoath?

    Definitely at the top rung of the party. A similar skill set must have been used to come up with the current unemployment rate of 5.5% (just don’t bother to count the ones not working who are no longer looking). Note to the village: Idiot found – no reward necessary. This is exactly why there is a buffoon sitting in the WH.

    • Genju


  • Rainbows or Reality

    “No wonder liberals love Common Core math. Actual reality-based math is just too hard.” Apparently so is writing the english language or using spell check!

    • Sharon

      Don’t forget this one;
      The “Right Wing Propaganda Machin” doesn’t need to life a finger to make you “look extremely bad,” lady.
      life a finger? And the quotation marks, really?

      • akita96th

        I see spelling is not on the conservative agenda…..

        • TheOtherFromHERE

          Uh… There were a FEW errors/typos in the response….the original post was little BUT misspellings!

        • Genju

          punctuation for dummies, stat….

      • Calvin Oberly

        I won’t bother defending their English attempt, (although I can’t find the “life a finger”,) but the quotation marks were correct. They were quoting the initial post.

  • jm

    OMG, how dumb is stupid?

    • Guest

      they sent me as a reference

  • Bob Sarazin

    wow how Christian of you all to be name calling…was it the Christian who was ready to cast the first rock until Jesus spoke to them? can any of you remember what he said?????

    • Ken Darby

      Oh, A Liberal wants to invoke Christian Values? Hey Freak. She is a Moron. A Moron who represents YOU! I guess I understand your confusion

    • luckyflesh

      Remember the story about Jesus and the money changers? Then again, he also said “Turn the other cheek.” There is a time and place for everything (turn,turn,turn, a time for war, a time for peace).

      There’s a time for compassion AND a time for pointing out that radical Liberalism is a mental disability..that this woman obviously suffers from.

    • Genju

      I woulda thrown a stone at his lying hiney too…

  • David Fournier

    Kandyce you have bigger problems than this. Probably should go back to school.

  • Ken Darby

    Sometimes, The Trash Takes out itself!

  • imbog

    Does it come out to be about a $29 average contribution? I don’t have an adding machine ,so this kind of from a rounded figure.. . Any way i know their figure has to be way of

  • Bug

    What… you expect Liberals to know how to do math NOW!

  • donna426

    Another happy Obama supporter. Now maybe conservatives can see what what happens when you fight back instead of cower down.

  • Evony Master

    I’d like to “life” a finger just to point out that proper grammar is just as important as mathematics. Honestly, it’s like news reports nowadays are typed up with no proofreading at all.

  • Isn’t she supposed to be a reporter? Aren’t reporters supposed to make their living by choosing their words and and their spelling correctly?…… Just sayin’….

    • Al H

      This is an interesting comment, especially for me. I’m 78. I was a news reporter from the late 60s. I have lived by my ability with words, both written and verbal, all my life. This is the way it was. If you wanted to write correctly you read newspapers – any newspapers at all. They were all good with no stupid spelling or grammar errors. If you wanted to speak well you listened to the radio and television. They all spoke English pretty much perfectly. In today’s world you don’t want to do either of those. I can’t give any examples because my short term memory is not in good shape but I hear them daily. No. Reporters don’t have that ability any more.

      • Genju

        nor do they possess yesteryears yearning for the actual truth, and it’s dissemination.

  • Reader

    All it takes is getting your story to go viral, and the generous folks that share your beliefs And values will help as they are able.

    I’ve got a house fire story/gofundme that I wish I could get to go viral.

  • Guest

    Thats how they figure out their spending sprees.

  • Debbie Harris

    No one left behind education……major FAIL.

  • Jason Matthew Johnston

    you mean lift a finger right? But yeah she is an idiot.

  • libssukkalot

    Hehehe…someone missed by a few zeros…but yes, it averaged out to about $29.00 each.

  • Bill_S

    I get somewhere about $28.00 each.

  • Nadiam57

    Liberals are so open minded that their brains have fallen out…

  • William Stearns

    I would say this is a product of Common Core but that didn’t exist when this liberal went to school. Wat it does prove is that if you have the smart kids do your homework you don’t learn anything.

  • Nancy Robbins

    Wow, I am happy she is on the side of the democraps.,,..republicans and conservatives are definitely more intelligent than she is. she should be ashamed of herself to be that stupid., did she fail in first grade or second grade?

  • RummRunner

    Aren’t liberals smart?

    • Genju

      a sizeable chunk of their electoral brethren live in the inner city with 50% dropout rates. The uneducated elite…

  • birddogs2

    Talk about stupid!

  • Theresa

    OMG. She probably votes, too. Can’t spell, can’t do math, but she probably votes. No wonder we are in such trouble.

  • No, the ignorant bitch thinks 840K (thousand) divided by 30,000 is $29,000.00 Still an ignorant liberal!

  • Kenny Smogcenter

    Which of the 57 states does this leftist spew from ? Yes Illinois imagine that! Barry must have taught Kenyan math skills to this dbag liar!

  • Bryan Fullerton

    Lol that is hilarious! Can it get any funnier than that?

  • Eric Weeber

    Look at the number of retweets, hopefully not all of them were because people thought she was correct…hahaha…

  • akita96th

    Maybe they learned their math in a GOP funded charter school….Heavy on religion low on math.

    • OpenTheDoor

      I guess it’s nice a brother comes to the aid of their stupid sister.

    • Genju

      meanwhile those charter schools continually outperform those bastions of liberal voters in the making, inner-city public schools… even though they have twice as much money thrown at them….

  • OpenTheDoor

    GoFundMe donation to Memories Pizza, $28.
    Kandyce Brother willfully showing the Internet world just how ignorant she is.
    What a Maroon. – Bugs

  • Les K

    Goofy chick can’t even spell. what makes any Liberal think she can do math?

  • MontieR

    Wow another “high” IQ liberal.

    • Genju

      the uneducated elite don’t you know…

  • BobTheDestroyer

    If this fool can’t spell AND can’t do math…..what can it do_? Maybe scrub floors or toilets….IDK_!

  • Arthur Morse

    This goes right along with 57 states and “the Constitution is 400 years old” and “I drove to Hawaii” and “We came under sniper fire” and “My helicopter was hit with an RPG” all the other idiotic statements made by those losers.

  • Rationalthinker

    Just her butchering of the English language makes those liberals look….well, like Liberals.

  • karlec

    And we wonder how Obama got elected twice… SMH

  • William Parr

    She has way too many zeros.
    Google will do the math for you its about 29 dollars a person

  • ben carter

    What an idiot

  • Sean Canova

    She got the GoFundMe account mixed up with the yearly totals in Welfare fraud.

  • Dev

    OMG, she made a mistake. I’m sure glad no republican has ever made a mistake ever. Oh wait, I guess there were two terms of Bush, wasn’t that one of the biggest mistakes ever?

    Seriously, get a life, people make mistakes.

    • Wuz nt Me

      Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush

      • Dev

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Obama any better. I just pray Ted Cruize, Jeb and Hillary don’t make it in either.

    • Genju

      Deflect the fact that you voted for another incompetent…

  • Roger Parks

    I think this person is the CEO of a green energy company.

  • Guest

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  • Ernest Tesky

    Idiots…. and yes… probably tenured…. Unless we get control of our education system we will have our own home grown terrorists beheading convenience store clerks for requesting payment for the cigars… declaring it’s for the religion of the LEFT…

    • Genju

      I thought my convenience store clerks were the terrorists, beheading the poor cigar smokers! Aloha snackbar!!!

  • Patriot

    she can’t afford a spell-checker?

  • Guest

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  • Kandyce Brothers

    My FB account was hacked and I was in no way, shape or form involved in this post or anything else my hacker chose to do with my acct, while I was locked out of it. I am not involved in any political organization, nor do I live in Chicago, I am not an American citizen or even live in your country. I have no idea what Common Core is, who the Koch Brothers and so-called Liberals are?My good name and character have been maligned, defamed and slandered all over the internet and someone had the obscene gull to call me a B#%^#. I am a well-educated woman and have been bullied off my private Twitter account by some very rude and belittling people; who from what I read, are defending “religious freedom” and are acting anything but Christ like.

    • Genju

      You love Koch?

      • Kandyce Brothers

        I am done on this subject and moving on. My advice though, add the extra security to your FB acct so you will not be victimized like me.

  • Guest

    840,000 divided by 30,000 is 28. Figures don’t lie but liars figure.

  • Scooter Tramp

    840,000 divided by 30,000 is 28. Must be a Yale professor.


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