Reporter Unleashes RACIST Tweets Against Jeff Sessions’ GRANDCHILDREN

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

As Democrats lose their minds trying to convince America that a fair and decent man, Jeff Sessions, is a vile racist, they are succeeding only in proving they are the true racists in America.

The political lynching of President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General took an ugly turn on Capitol Hill when a reporter and host for MTV News attacked the Alabama senator — by going after his Asian grandchildren with a tweet so vile, most could not even believe at first it was real…


“Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ us you stole from her,” Ira Madison, III wrote on Twitter.

Above: Ira Madison III of MTV News

Above: Ira Madison III of MTV News

Madison later deleted the tweet, but he soon doubled down, launching a race-baiting tirade against Sessions…

Wrong. If you actually watched the hearing Ira, you’d know the adorable little girl was spooked by the camera flashes and started to cry…and Sessions picked her up.

Madison widened his fight from one White Senator to all Asian-Americans with his next sick tweet:

Wow. Speechless here. But thankfully, others weren’t…

But Jake Tapper of CNN absolutely nuked him with the best tweet of all:

“The little girl is his granddaughter,” he wrote. “Delete your account and find some humanity.”

I am not optimistic. It looks like liberals are intent on continuing the lunacy that caused the destruction of the Democrat party in 2016.

Tapper also pointed out that Sessions is hardly the first nominee to bring family members to a confirmation hearing:

UPDATE: A spokesperson for MTV has put out response to Madison’s tweet, saying “the opinions Ira expresses on Twitter are his own and do not reflect the views of MTV News.”

Um, America to MTV: That’s NOT good enough. If you have any credibility whatsoever, you will fire this hateful creep ASAP.


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  • Ricky Lee White

    I don’t agree that this guy needs to be fired by MTV. No matter how disgusting and hateful he is, he still has the right to voice his opinions. If we call for his ouster we become no better than the left when they demand people be fired for exercising their right to Freedom of Speech.

    We have to remember that Freedom of Speech doesn’t just apply to the speech we agree with.

    On the other hand, there is no reason that reasonable people can’t call him out for his anger and hateful words.

    • Mitchell Bly

      Racist comments are not your opinion unless you are a person of color ie black kkk/American Negro and he will and should be fired.

      • FreedomFighter

        Sat what???? You better learn the meaning of racism Mitch.

        • Mitchell Bly

          My point exactly, you should not side with someone who blatantly post racial comments about Asians to Caucasians when you know the Caucasians are the grandparents of said Asian children, Ira Madison is a racist par excel-lance if you bothered to read any of his tweets and you may ask Ira Madison why he felt compelled to delete this tweet? I was born and raised in Mississippi where racism is served for breakfast along with your biscuits and gravy so don’t judge my ability to discern a racist comment. Ira Madison is a black version of the KKK and is allowed to spew his hate at will and I will do everything in my power to have him relieved of his job at MTV but I think once it hits the air waves my help will not be necessary. good day Sir.

          • FreedomFighter

            OK. Sorry I didn’t catch the sarcasm in it. We need a sarcasm font….lol.

          • Mitchell Bly


  • Fred Smith

    Crickets from streep, I guess bashing Asians is all right with her, oh wait this is a Republican getting bashed I’m sure she is giving 100% approval to this freedom of speech

  • FreedomFighter

    Moron Tele Vision. nuff said.

    • Kathifvogl

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      • Big Bubba

        Get out of here with your lies.

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