LGBT Rainbow Flag REPLACED The American Flag Over Reno City Hall

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

After completing their successful jihad against American history by shredding the Confederate battle flag, and proclaiming the gay agenda triumphant throughout the land, I guess this story about the latest left-wing outrage shouldn’t shock me one bit.

But it does. It is beyond outrageous. And as a veteran, I am incensed.

From Breitbart (via Michael Cantrell of YC):

Sunday in Reno, Nevada, the infamous gay-pride rainbow flag replaced the American flag over City Hall. The outrage was immediate. For very good reason, many see the gay pride flag as a symbol of oppression, hate and bullying. City leaders eventually backed down claiming that the fascist gay-pride flag was supposed to fly with the American flag, not replace the American flag.


After getting slammed for pushing the LGBT agenda and showing a complete lack of respect for our country, the rainbow flag was finally removed and replaced with the American flag.

Government isn’t supposed to be involved in openly pushing an agenda like this, yet that’s exactly what happened here.

As Cantrell says:

Imagine how much hate Reno would’ve gotten if they would’ve put up a Christian flag? Liberals would be foaming at the mouth and convulsing all over the floor, peeing in their pull-ups over such an egregious violation of “separation of church and state.”

It’s also quite hypocritical to demand no government building fly the Confederate flag because it’s a symbol of hate, yet sanction the raising of the rainbow flag, a symbol that represents the homosexual agenda, which is offensive to Christians and those who don’t support the gay lifestyle, particularly bakers and other business owners who have had their rights violated by militant homosexuals and their left-wing buddies.

If you’re going to claim to be about equality, you have to mean what you say and apply your principles fairly across the board.

But you see, political correctness doesn’t allow that to happen, because being PC means granting one group of people more protections and rights than another, elevating that demographic above the other, which creates inequality.

The only way to truly be “equal” is to allow everyone the right to speak their mind and believe what they want without any attempts to silence those for or against a particular issue.

Funny, that sounds a lot like liberty and the First Amendment, doesn’t it?


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