Latino Comedian STUNS CNN Anchor With His Comments on Illegal Aliens


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Here they come again.

FoxNews is reporting that another “surge” of illegal aliens is crossing the Mexican border into America this month — the first major wave since the nearly 400,00 who overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol agents in 2014 — and whom Obama quickly distributed around the nation, creating an instant crisis in local communities and schools.

One report estimated a “tripling of immigrants” crossing the border in August vs. last month alone.

But aside from Donald Trump speaking the truth about illegal immigration, the media continues to take the side of the invaders, and brings on those — from both parties — who think America can and should take them all in.

Except one…

Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez stunned the CNN panel on illegal immigration when he advocated for DEPORTING illegal aliens who have flooded across the border.

Anchor Don Lemon embarrassed himself by suggesting that  legal immigrants (meaning Hispanics) like Rodriguez can’t possibly be against illegal immigration. Wow, he really did go there.

Rodriguez would have none of it, even taking on a priest who was advocating for mass amnesty. Way to go, Paul!



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