Latino Comedian STUNS CNN Anchor With His Comments on Illegal Aliens


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Here they come again.

FoxNews is reporting that another “surge” of illegal aliens is crossing the Mexican border into America this month — the first major wave since the nearly 400,00 who overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol agents in 2014 — and whom Obama quickly distributed around the nation, creating an instant crisis in local communities and schools.

One report estimated a “tripling of immigrants” crossing the border in August vs. last month alone.

But aside from Donald Trump speaking the truth about illegal immigration, the media continues to take the side of the invaders, and brings on those — from both parties — who think America can and should take them all in.

Except one…

Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez stunned the CNN panel on illegal immigration when he advocated for DEPORTING illegal aliens who have flooded across the border.

Anchor Don Lemon embarrassed himself by suggesting that  legal immigrants (meaning Hispanics) like Rodriguez can’t possibly be against illegal immigration. Wow, he really did go there.

Rodriguez would have none of it, even taking on a priest who was advocating for mass amnesty. Way to go, Paul!


  • Gary Fillmore

    This should completely blow up the popular media myth that all Latinos are in favor of amnesty and unregulated illegal immigration.

    • Michelle Majalca

      Im latino and Im sure as hell not in favor of illegal immigration!

      • Emilio Estrada

        Very well said Michelle, I was born here and I also serve my country this is all I know and I sure as hell dont want to lose it.

        • PB

          Good for you Emilio and thanks for your service.

          • equalprotectionmyass

            Lose it. Lol. This country was founded by illegals.

          • Jay

            That’s right sniffy! it was found by illegals & built & established by them as well.Now that we are well established & have laws about coming into this country illegally,everyone who comes here must do so through the legal system.No & I say no to gang bangers & criminals disguised as border jumpers seeking amnesty.The Drug cartels own & run Mexico & their government is non existent..That’s the underlying problem over there.The poor are extremely poor..It’s sad,but not our problem..

          • somebody

            yes, not our problem! what a great human been with so much heart and compassion

          • Jay Hanig

            Somebody with such a big heart as yourself won’t mind if we send them all to your house then.

          • dot_bat

            somebody, i have a family of illegals next door, 6 people. ive told them what a great human being with heart you are, can i send them over?

          • Sarah Mahala

            Hey, somebody! If you have such a big, compassionate heart and are such a great human being yourself, why don’t you take a bunch of them into your home and care for them and see how long it takes for them to take everything you have and chew you up and spit you out, That is exactly what they are being allowed to do when the American taxpayer has to foot the bill for their every need while our own people do without enough daily food, shelter and jobs in favor of helping the illegals already here and extending an open invitation to hundreds of thousands more. May you be lucky enough to have some of the problems that already plague this country in the form of joblessness, hunger and homelessness. Open your big, compassionate heart and help the American people who are going to have less food and shelter because our government is spending money we do not have to continue the freebies and handouts that is bringing them all here instead of helping those legal Americans, regardless of origin, already here and here legally. I don’t care what you say about me because I am American first and care for Americans first. All these illegals don’t even carry a close second with me.

          • Lizardbreath

            He could take in a few thousand of them and they’d live better than they are living right now! So, SOMEBODY – do it. Put your money where your mouth is. Have you ever noticed that liberals either ignore this statement or they ask you what YOU’RE doing as if YOU are the one saying stupid things about being compassionate by USING people for political gain.

          • Lizardbreath

            compassion – have you been down there somebody? I have. Have you tried to feed them, clothe them, help them heal? Do you know what they are doing and why they are here and even worse, what they’ve been through to get here? Do you know what will happen as we absorb this group – the millions who will go through the same – average of $6k per person to get here but if you fall along the way, you die. And what are they living in here? Does our government want YOU to take them and help them become productive citizens. Are you allowed to see? Go down there – adopt a family or two. I have a family I care for but they are in Guatemala. Here, these people need to go back to their homes. To their parents who sent them to drug cartels and sold them so they can be brought here and further USED by this despicable government. Get off of your butt and go see them. There’s a reason Obama won’t go because the cameras showing him there would also show what he’s brought them to. It is kindness to pay a few million to send them home with clothing, food and medical supplies. But home is better for them.

          • cdo12

            No siree bob. This country was formed by invaders from all over, who all won. Now, we know it when we see it and we don’t want it happening to us, so we have to stop it.

          • Ferrari fan

            can’t be illegal when there were no laws against it in the first place. Now though, we are an established country and have laws regarding immigration.

          • Jay Hanig

            To the victors go the spoils. We fought with the Indians over this country and won. It’s ours now and we ought to defend it.

          • Jimmy Andrew

            you made too much sense jay, gunpowder rules the world !!!! whoever has the most firepower will win !!!

          • Lizardbreath

            Which government was in place when Europeans came? Who met them at the border with free cash and healthcare? Who put them on buses and took them all over the nation to hide them among the natives? Who forced the natives to feed them, clothe them and take care of them?

        • ravenhair49

          You rock!

      • EL VERDUGO

        I am latino with 20yrs in the u.s military (retired) and i am not in favor of illegal immigration, and having served in a mission in honduras during the salvadoran civil war, i know what can happen if we accept all these children in our country. Our politicians and citizens are playing a dangerous game. We need to act now and safeguard our borders.

        • Reiki-ology Master Healing

          By doing what? D.C is just spreading them around the country and saying “too bad” to us.

          • Oldtex

            We need to send EVERY ONE of them to DC.

          • zbean26

            Yes, let them bunk right in the White House with Barry and Michelle. They have lots of room.

          • liberalssuck

            Ozero tear down that fence and let them camp out!!

          • bill

            you mean barry and MICHEAL??? lol.

          • talktothe hand

            Wow! Is that what passes for humor among the low information republicans? No talking points, just name calling like a bratty little old year girl. Go play with your baby dolls, Bill.

          • jennfire

            you are assuming he is republican. Republicans don’t call names. He is simply a jarkA$$

          • Jean Deaux

            There is NO immigration crisis other than impatience. We have had a very successful immigration system for two centuries; it has been based on those wanting to immigrate to help themselves and their new country. It has been based on having a sponsor help a candidate immigrant locate a job, a home, show them how to get around, learn our customs, language, institutions, laws. The fabric of our nation if you will.

            The current newly desirous don’t want anything but access to our good life at no expense to themselves. Go down to the welfare office and apply for all our goodies in education, medicine, easy living and bring the whole family with them. Keep their own language and citizenship. The first thing they need to know is that we are a Republic, based on law. We have no time for illegals of any stripe. If they want to comply with our laws and contribute to our nation, enter it legally and go from there but there are no shortcuts. Very simple!!

            If they want to immigrate, get in line and do it as countless generations before have. It will take time but that is one expense to be paid. They will have to be patient until those in line ahead of them have been processed, then step forward and have your turn. Anything else is pure crap!

          • Tinkabell

            well said

          • Bonnie

            So true and I have spoken to people that have come here and became citizens the legal and way they said it was hard, a lot of work learning our history and English but they can lift their heads high and say they are proud to be an American citizen and they have worked hard and now their children are nurses and police officers. They have told me they were ashamed and angry at the ones that come here and don’t want to learn the language and just want a free handout.

          • James

            It means something when you have to work for it – citizenship inclusive! Illegals do not want the work they just want the grab bag full of goodies that’s passed out at the end of the work….They should be ashamed of themselves but I think them to be amoral, it seems.

          • Presto30

            you’re full of shit & are clearly racist with NO EVIDENCE ….


            in your lying & hating view, ONLY Mexicans are lazy & want freebies… seriously accusing Mexicans of being lazy.?? you can put that term next to White people & mainly blacks but putting that shit label on Hispanics is utter racist & offensive.!!!

          • timothy Jon Petri

            On behalf of Bill, i apologize for the potshot on Michael. Transgender is a sensitive issue and who are we to judge.

          • BIB

            Do not include all Republicans in the same sentence.

          • James

            NEWSFLASH: REpublicans and DEmocrats are the same parties with the same masters!!! We want a PRO AMERICAN candidate, regardless of the coat he’s wearing (blue or red)! For now, that seems to be Trump. Trump 2016!!!

          • Tina

            Low information republicans? Is that all you can throw? Just because you don’t like the joke doesn’t mean the person isn’t informed. And what the hell is a “bratty little old year girl”?? ANd “go play with your baby dolls”? Really? A little immature, isn’t it? I think you should go troll somewhere else sweetie!

          • talktothe hand

            If the shoe fits, brat!

          • RedMeatState

            and you’re here because???

          • talktothe hand

            Just to pi$$ you off!

          • RedMeatState

            oh you’ll have to try much harder than that!! LOL!!!

          • talktothe hand

            Nah, I don’t think so. Since you’ve responded twice, it appears that I have. Have a nice day :-))

          • Jeff Allen

            bratty little old girl? and you talk about low information? typical dem

          • talktothe hand

            LOL! It’s always a conservative loser that starts his comment with “typical”. SSDD! Come up with a better line please, I’m sick of the right wing knuckle dragging cretins with double digit IQ’s regurgitating the same vomit day in and day out. Have a nice day! :-)))

          • Jeff Allen

            jusy so you know mine’s triple digit

          • Jeff Allen

            the thing is if you morons werent so typical in your actions we wouldnt describe you with that word. and i promise you im triple digits


            You are one true Obamanite or should I say minion. Judging from your posts you are one gullible and stupid person.
            I bet you voted twice for your King Obama. How sad it is that so many are easily fooled.

          • timothy Jon Petri

            In all fairness – you can barely see the adams apple since the surgery, although the bulge gives him away…

          • Sams_1


          • James

            Where? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave then build a wall around the building trapping them in?? Or, maybe to Congress….hummm…how would we coordinate something like that??!! loljk

          • Lizardbreath

            They need to be treated kindly, fed, clothed, and sent back to the country of their origin.

          • tiorbinist

            I’m advocating a bath, clean clothes, medical treatment if called for, then delivered, en masse, to the embassy of the country they claim as origin.

          • Lizardbreath

            me too! I’m totally with you there. That actually would be the most kind-hearted thing we could do. It would stop other idiot parents from sending their children across Mexico to come for amnesty. Amnesty is the WORST thing we can do for these people. More would be there soon.

          • tiorbinist

            The worst thing we can do, we are already doing: unleashing the as illegal aliens into the economy at large without a care for whether they are fed or housed, with a 6 month call back for adjudication (yeah, like that’ll happen) _or_ cooping them up in concentration camps, where they will stay until they no longer can serve as dog-and-pony show for Obama’s photo-ops and political fund-raising (both from DNC supporters and taxpayers.)

            Let’s face it, those kids came here because they were set up. Whether it was to man Obama’s ‘civilian law enforcement army’, swell the rolls of welfare until it Cloward-Pivins, provide a distraction from the other 75-150 scandals of Obama’s administration, or just ineptitude, they are here. They are being used, in many ways. Not one of them is based on any of the fundamental tenets of our Constitutional Republic, but a lot of them look (at the least) like they are based on the kind of self-serving totalitarian-wannabee philosophies of the last 200 years.

            The problem persists because it is profitable to someone who can keep it from being ended. That someone or someones need to see the light of day, and collect their just dessert. Those kids need to be given back to their countries. If we can send ’em back better than we got them, good. But they need to go back.

          • Lizardbreath

            sadly, sadly, you are right. You know what’s going on down there and it is very ugly. It is NOT a kind hearted U.S. taking care of poor people trying to escape a horrible past. It is EXACTLY what you said – a dog and pony show. These are people and we have MORE compassion for these people than Obama’s people. We never would have done all of the conniving to get these people where they are. We are so screwed. Even if we rid ourselves of Obama and his ideology, we will be stuck with the thugs and criminals who came in with these kids and they will be scarred for life (the innocent children) for how mistreated they are currently enduring.

          • David Fournier

            Then how about the rest of the children in the world do we take everyone hell lets take everyone and see where we end up

          • Barb

            we do not take care of our oun people out of work &.on the streets. kids going to school from the streets and being laugh at

          • Lizardbreath

            hell, I’d like to just see us stop killing our babies

          • Bonnie

            I am so glad you said this outright because you know they aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. Obama’s followers are finally realizing he’s not what they thought he was and now he’s trying to save face.

          • Lizardbreath

            It is also a great cover-up/distraction from bringing in terrorists.

          • ObsoleteUSworker

            you mean all the Europeans in the Americas?

          • Lizardbreath

            Most people in America, barring the illegal immigrants, are AMERICANS. I see you are an America hater. Why do you live here? Why do millions come to try to live here? I do know some Europeans who live here but they are all married to American soldiers. I am an American soldier and I find it ironic that you America haters don’t want to go to countries where life is just as screwed up as you are trying to make America. No, you want to screw OUR great country up. Americans came here to escape tyranny. We were refugees. (I am native American so this isn’t me but my fellow Americans). We were not met at the border and given everything we wanted, used by the corrupt Democrat government (yes, the Republican government when it is in power is corrupt too), nor given free ANYTHING. We worked hard and made American what it is. People who want tyranny, go back to those countries who have kept their people in shackles all of these years, if you love it so much.

          • Thom Clark

            You mean the Europeans who have become US Citizens. Clue for you, Tool, America has been an Established Country for over 200 Years. Legal and Recognized. The People who were born in this Country are NOT immigrants. That tired line of Rhetoric was pathetic when it was started, like most of the Rhetoric from the Left.
            NO ONE born HERE is an Immigrant. And I am saying this as someone who also has Native American Blood in me. We have LAWS, and a Legal Route to become citizens.. and these ILLEGAL Aliens are NOT trying to take that route.

          • Victor Wallace

            Also have Native American blood, btw the “native’s ancestors” (Clovis People) crossed a land bridge to get here no one is a native if you want to talk about Ancestry….

          • Lizardbreath

            This is the best argument I’ve read in awhile. I’ve said all of this but not in such a succinct way.

          • Victor Wallace

            ur one to talk.

          • Bonnie

            We need to send them back as a message to the rest that are right behind them. It’s just like when a company has to make a hard choice when their company is failing. Lay off a few now and probably ask the ones staying to be okay without a raise for a year or two or close the doors and everyone is without a job. This is what we are facing by allowing this to continue, because our economy is still shaky and I can guarantee that people in the white house are not going to take a cut in pay or offer to give some of their pay the feed, cloth, put a roof over their heads, and pay their medical, dental and eye care bills. Our milk and honey is just about gone and like they say, you can’t save everyone so you have to pick and choose.

          • James

            A divided rope is a weakened rope. It stands to show that they’ll be easier to deal with when they are removed from our country.

        • PB

          Good for you Ed and thanks for your service.

        • Roger Anderson

          Garry Owen, retired. Which branch were you? Single tour Army 68-W here.

          • Jimmy Andrew

            palestine 83 here ,army !!!

        • Lizardbreath

          Thank you El. I also served 20 years and retired. I’m so glad to see a brother (or sister). I am a sister who served proudly with you. I sponsor children out of Guatemala and I have a lot of love for these people but Americans cannot take any more huddled masses after all of the abuse and over taxation we already receive.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Thank you for your service. I agree with both EL VERDUGO and you.

        • Linda

          I live down here on the Rio Grande and the majority of my friends are latino… and so far none are in favor of this mess. We are worried about our kids having to go to school with kids who could make them sick. Now we have to worry about riding on a commercial air plane as they are shipping them north WITHOUT vaccines… AND.. if they were given shots it would take time for them to start working in their system. Friends who are border patrol say they are covered with lice… and some have TB.. scabies… and many other diseases that we no longer had to worry about… UNTIL now. And who is going to pay for all this? The cities of McAllen and Weslaco are having to house them… it will take all our emergency money.. so if we get a hurricane the “poor” people who are legal here… will have to suck it up!

          • iamzen

            You do know that the US has a higher percentage of unvaccinated children than a lot of other countries, right? If you’re really afraid of sending your kids to school with unvaccinated children, you might want to see how many of those kids are already present in school. Maybe if you spent a little more time reading actual facts you wouldn’t be spouting your hate and ignorance on topics you know nothing about.

          • dot_bat

            you funny iamzen, IF “the US has a higher percentage of unvaccinated children” its because illegals wont get vaccinated for reasons of ignorance and superstition. they are the reason the rate is so high. if i had children id be afraid to send them also. who gave illegals the right to spread disease?

          • Jean Deaux

            The have been able to be unvaccinated since many of the diseases that were previously prevalent were virtually eradicated by virtue of vaccinations. With the influx of the thousands of unvaccinated illegals flooding our borders, many of those diseases are reappearing threatening current generations of our own kids. I wonder what references you are reading that suggest otherwise know-it-all?

          • Lizardbreath

            What a load of crap. These kids are crossing the border with diseases that have been virtually wiped out in the U.S. They are not just unvaccinated, they are infected. And how is this hate? If ignorance, then okay, ignorance but why do you label it hate when the advent of new diseases being introduced into our schools with our children is a valid concern. Oh, it’s a bullying tactic to call someone else saying they are spreading hate trying to get them to stop telling the truth.


            It is not hate or ignorance but facts that these so called children (most are not children) do come with a lot of diseases. If many American children are not vaccinated that is another issue . It seems you cater to illegal immigration. Stop with the nonsense, race or hate have nothing to do with Americans not supporting the illegal alien invasion taking place in this country. Your narrative holds no water. You are a fool.

        • Linda

          ALSO… El… thank you for your service.. My husband was a Nam vet..

        • equalprotectionmyass

          Hypocrisy at its finest. We start the drug war and now let them suffer.

          • Jay

            How do they suffer? you make a statement without explanation! Why don’t you house them?

          • Lizardbreath

            oh honey, you are free to go down there and adopt a family or two. Stupid Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to take them all but I notice she didn’t take any. THAT is hypocrisy. People not wanting another 3.7 BILLION dollars taken out of their pocket, that is reasonable.

          • Lizardbreath

            the only hypocrite I see here is you. We did not start the drug war unless you are familiar with or part of the drug cartels. Most of the U.S. do not want drugs – at least not the people I spend time with. I think you are ridiculous at saying “we” start the drug war and let them suffer”. We started the war AGAINST drugs and while you may think doing drugs is ok, I do not not. And who is “them”? If you are trying to make a point, you should at least TRY to be clear. Maybe lay off of the drugs for a few hours.

        • Lisa A Sato

          I also retired, after 22 years. My husband came back with me from Japan and worked hard for his American citizenship. We also stopped speaking Japanese the day we landed on American soil. To the guy who said we were all illegal, your are ignorant and need to study some history. My family came here in the a early 1700’s. I’m pretty sure I have earned my citizenship.

          • somebody

            what a shame that you stopped speaking Japanese, shame, shame, shame!

          • Bacon Cahill

            Im sure they stopped because they felt to live in America they should speak English. They have respect for America unlike the illegals who won’t even learn the language

          • spfldo .

            In other words they wanted to be Americans. By American, I mean self sufficient Americans, responsible for themselves and not Socialist welfare leaches who want to sponge off you and me. An American who learns about the founding principles of this once great country i.e., constitutional limited government and if they aren’t down with that, get the hell out. Liberty is a precious and scarce resource in this world and I don’t appreciate millions of illegals moving in from Socialist Banana Republics and voting American Socialists into power who want to create the worlds largest Banana Republic. Don’t Tread On Me.

          • jsjackson

            why is that a shame? The majority of people in America speak English. My ancestors had to learn to speak English when they immigrated here legally. So why the shame?

          • Lizardbreath

            while I understand her need to make her husband learn English, I do love languages and to have dual languages in children is such a blessing.

          • gritsngravy418

            Why is it a shame?? Because she & her husband wanted to learn English? It’s shame your ass didn’t learn compassion and what an honor it is to live in this magnificent country. SHAME ON YOUR DAMN SELF! !

          • j.okamoto

            Dear “somebody”,- my grandparents also immigrated from Japan. Because of anti-immigration laws they were not allowed to become citizens, but still called America their home and were proud of it. During WW2 they along with my parents were put in Internment Camps. My Dad and Uncle fought in the 442nd Regiment for the U.S. while their parents were still behind barbed wire fences because they believed in what this country stood for. They have both passed away, but if you were to ask them why they speak English and not Japanese it is because America is their home, NOT Japan. They were willing to fight Japan or the Germans, whoever threatened this nation. I believe our nation’s strength is in it’s diversity, but only if we are unified and integrated as a society, not living in our own isolated neighborhoods where English is not spoken or understood. “One nation, under God. INDIVISIBLE.” So when people ask me, “What nationality are you?” (since I look Japanese). I tell them, “I’m American”. Then, if they still look puzzled, I tell them, “I’m an American of Japanese descent”. I am not “Japanese American”. I am an American first. My relatives bled and died for America. They also came here legally. I say, shame shame shame, if you can’t speak English, or refuse to speak English. Let’s become a nation that is indivisible, not one nation divided into many different ethnic groups.

          • Lizardbreath

            Wow, you are so cool! I am so thrilled that your parents were such an awesome example for you and all around them. They were truly Americans though I believe what we did with the Internment Camps was horrible. Wish we could undo that but I’m so thankful to know your parents rose above this atrocity and still loved this country. Thank you for your awesome story.

          • j.okamoto

            You’re welcome. Yeah, the internment was wrong, but the government admitted it and hopefully we will never repeat that again. No country is perfect, but America is still a great country. Surprisingly my parents, aunts and uncles never said a bad thing about the U.S., and I think they had every right to. They loved this country till the day they died (well, actually I still have a couple aunts and one uncle still alive. They love America too though’!)

          • Lizardbreath

            yes you have and I have an American Indian heritage. Stop the crap. Even American Indians came here from somewhere else as the world has historically been nomads and even the natives in the 18th century were nomads. While what was done was wrong, it’s over. Get over it! And if we’re SO bad, why does everyone want to come here?

          • ObsoleteUSworker

            US has made a cess pool of destitution and crime around it. Feeding the America’s drug dependency.Everyplace America touches turns into Afghan, Honduras where drugs and gangs are the only means for surviving for many. For instance, even after the establishment of democracy in Afghanistan, it’s exporting more opium than it ever has.

          • Jean Deaux

            Why did we set up Iraq and Afganistan as democracies (the tyranny of the majority) when we ourselves are a Republic (based on the rule of law). True, we are a democratic Republic, but try and find the word “democracy” in our Constitution or founding documents. It’s not there.

            The exportation of opium is more a financial matter than political. The ones promoting drug use in this country are the scofflaws that profit from it at the expense of everyone else. They should be brought to a short sharp end. A noose comes to mind!

          • Lizardbreath

            I do not understand why you hate the U.S. when all of the world wants to come here. And if you hate us so much, why do you continue to live here? I do not take drugs and even though I work with people who have been touched by drugs (children in foster homes who’s parents are in jail for drugs), I do not actually know many people who take drugs. Maybe your view is skewed by the company you keep. Find better friends and stay away from drug users.


            You are one pathetic individual. If you are so unhappy with USA why don’t you just leave. You are a hypocrite, you are here enjoying your freedom and life yet you bash the very country you live in.

          • Barb

            good point my greand pa was from here blackfoot but we spoke English and were americans, his sons fought in the war in 1939 to 1948 no welfare on my side I helped raise my kide and 2 grand kids when they were out of work took then in to my house to last yr the last grand child moved out after 8 mon to old at 70 t0 keep up with kids .

          • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

            Yes but these illegals haven’t and until they obey our laws and learn our language ,they haven’t,It isn’t fair to others who have done it the way you and thousands of other and even further immigrants have and will have to do!

          • Barb

            yes .very well said obey our laws

          • Barb

            my family was born here , but it hard when they speek there languge in the stores and demand of us on the streets . we have laws in place but no inforement go back stand inline take the test

        • Char2014

          These are children, not illegal immigrants. Children seeking refuge from the crime and corruption in their countries.

          • Coccyx

            Please explain how they came here legally.

          • Sarah Mahala

            How ignorant are you? They crossed our southern border illegally. They are illegals, children or not. I bet crime and violence in their country has nothing to do with them coming here. The reason they are all heading here is because they are cared for by tax dollars that we don’t have to spend on them and it is given to them freely with no repayment to our country. Though I do feel sorry for the children, and believe me, a lot of them are children by age definition, but they are already hardened criminals and gang members when they come into this country. Maybe you will he lucky enough to experience some of the crime and violence they are bringing with them first hand. Maybe then you can see that illegals do present more problems than we could ever take care of for them if we were the only nation in the world that had money. If you don’t think they are illegal and pose no threat to this country in either crime or disease, why don’t you take a bunch of them in?? I bet it wouldn’t take but a couple of days for your eyes to become wide open!!!1

          • Bacon Cahill

            Still not our responsibility to pay for them to stay here.

          • Lizardbreath

            and not good for them either. It is a horrible situation down there and what Obama and his cronies have done to these people for HIS political gain is shameful. And he wants more to come so he is seeking amnesty for them so he can USE more of these kids. It is not pretty. If you don’t know what’s really going on – check it out at the Blaze network. You’ll be even MORE ashamed of our government.

          • 23cowboy

            This is all smoke and mirrows, the drug dealers charge the familys 2000 to 5000 to bring them in; then as the illegals take their little boats across the Rio Grande and immediately surrender to the border patrol; while the BP is swamped trying to handle all these little kids and mothers, the drug dealers are 100 yards up river taking in the drugs with no-one looking. Its all just a drug deal conspiracy sponsored by Democrats.

          • Lizardbreath

            agreed, and on top of that the president and his cronies get new voters when they bring the parents and families over, pay their way here, and then give them amnesty.

          • Ferrari fan

            they are not seeking refuge, they’re parents sent them up here with a handbook telling them exactly what to say to stay.

          • Lizardbreath

            actually I think Obama provided that handbook!

          • Truth Bearer

            Right you are these are children who have been lured here by our current administration in Washington, D.C., which desires to use these same children to push all of our nation’s various systems into bankruptcy and make it impossible for our nation’s taxpayers’ to continue being able to pay the enormous and inflated taxes that we are already being forced to pay to support the more than 11+ million illegals that we supposedly already know about along with having to try and pay for and support all of our nation’s own service agencies which are being taking advantage of by all of these illegal border crossers who are foreign nationals and who come here and work and receive paychecks from American Employers and then promptly wire, telegraph, and mail almost all of the U.S. Dollars they earn in our country on U.S. Soil back to their homelands to which they are still loyal citizens! They have no real interest in becoming true American Citizens rather their only true desire is to suck all of us hard-working and taxpaying American Citizens DRY by freeloading off of as many of our service agencies and healthcare agencies and educational systems and welfare and food stamp programs as they can possibly get signed up for as quickly as possible. I indeed feel sorry for these poor children but unfortunately they are being told to come here in order to cause chaos and rioting within the streets of our own nation and in an all out effort to overthrow the NATIONAL SOVERIGNTY OF OUR NATION! They need to be returned home because our nation is totally incapable of being able to take care of all of our own impoverished citizens ourselves and therefore charity must begin at home. There are many, many children going hungry and having no beds to sleep in every night in our own town and we are striving through all of our all ready over-burdened churches and various out reach groups to try and meet the overwhelming needs of our own American Children SHOULD WE BE FORCED TO IGNORE THEM WHO ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS IN ORDER TO FEED, CLOTHE AND TRY TO ABSORB ALL OF THE POOR CHILDREN FROM ALL OF THE POOR CHILDREN WHO ARE UNDERPRIVILEGED FROM ALL AROUND OUR WORLD AND THAT IS WHERE ALL OF THIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IMPORTATION IS DEFINITELY LEADING TO AND ANYONE WHO IS TOO BLIND TO SEE THIS IS OUT OF THEIR MINDS. BECAUSE IF WE ADMIT ALL OF THE POOR CHILDREN FROM CENTRAL AMERICA WHERE CAN WE DRAW A LINE ABOUT TRYING TO ABSORB ALL OF THE WORLD’S POOR CHILDREN IT WOULD BE UNFAIR TO ONLY TAKE IN SOME WITHOUT TAKING ALL OF THEM INTO OUR NATION WHERE WE WILL ALL IN THE END WIND UP STARVING TO DEATH TOGETHER AND AT LAST WE WILL ALL LIVE IN EQUALLY IMPOVERISHED CONDITIONS WHICH IS WHAT OUR PRESENT PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION DESIRES FOR OUR OWN NATION’S PEOPLE. So in all actuality we are being more kind to these impoverished children to repatriate them than keeping them here in a nation that is on a collusion course with becoming another Marxist/Socialist country where we will all be owned by our federal government and controlled and enslaved by our soon-to-be dictatorship. These children will be safer at home with their own families to protect and care for them than being here in this nation as it continues to be dismantled piece by piece by our federal officials in Washington, D.C., who care about NO ONE but their own selves!

          • Lizardbreath

            You have about half of it too. The other half includes the horror these kids are living in there at the border and the inability we have to care for them. Besides those who are coming in and already committing crimes, there are many adults. But what our government has set them up with – disgusting. It’s like giving someone a rotten peach to eat. They are actually MORE traumatized by our government’s using them than they were in their home countries. Kindness would be to send them home and prevent MORE from coming. Much kinder.

          • ObsoleteUSworker

            All the hard working drug dependent americans. we need twice that amount to dry up americoke’s drug dependency. What type of gangs do you think are down there and who bringing people here in the 1st place. Gang’s of Rose farmers? Gangs of apple farmers? No they are purveyors of things that feed America’s drug addition. Consequently, America should pay for supporting each child given the human carnage that occurs.

          • Lizardbreath

            ObsoleteUSworker screw you! You pay for them. I do not do drugs and speaking for myself and everyone I deal with – YOU must only be speaking for yourself and the people YOU associate with. You pay for them. I don’t want their drugs, I can’t afford to raise their children. I have my own children and THEY don’t do drugs either.

          • Thom Clark

            Get a clue, no one is listening to your ignorance.

          • Mary Curry

            YOU PAY FOR THEM. I can not be responsible for their problems. That is on their own government’s head.

          • Rick Alvarado

            children or not it is illegal!! sorry for them but they need to go back!!! or u put them in YOUR house YOU feed them and take care of them and ADOPT them !!!

          • American Infidel

            They are being SHIPPED up here. they are being USED. They are seeking NOTHING. Send them home!

          • Jimmy Andrew

            bullshit !!! havent you seen the pictures and the witnesses who say 10 % are kids !!!!

          • Lizardbreath

            Yes some are children. There are adults there too. Either way, if you give them amnesty tomorrow there will be more children. If you would go down there and see what OUR government is doing to them, you’d know these kids should never have been sent off by themselves with such ruthless people. And you, my friend, are YOU down there helping them? Take some of them home with YOU? I’ve been there. It’s horrible and these parents who sent their kids here because of OUR government’s desire to use them for political purposes – JUST HORRIBLE! YOU don’t know what’s really going on. Get off of your lazy ARSE and go down there and see what is REALLY happening. We do not want to have this repeated EVER. They ARE children after all and if you knew what is going on, you’d be ashamed of YOURSELF!

          • Suzanne Rosenorn

            They are called illegal alien invaders.

          • Winston Smith

            And all this “horrid” “… crime and corruption …” just started a couple of months ago? And, even IF these “po’ lil’ waifs” (including hardened cartel thugs, convicted criminals and out-and-out terrorists) are just “… seeking refuge …” aren’t we saying “Keep up your corrupt governments, we’ll handle the folks you oppress”?

          • Lizardbreath

            and how are we helping them? By putting them into OUR cities where crime and corruption is JUST as rampant? Obama is delivering them on the streets of Detroit, California, and wherever he can sneak them in without people blocking the busses, giving them a card with access to money and healthcare (that we are paying for) and then allowing the “gangs” we already have to suck them up. HOW is this helping them OR us?

          • Thom Clark

            No.They are Illegal Aliens who are being used as tools by Democrats to shove a VERY unpopular idea down people’s throats.

            Nice try at Shaming, But people see what’s behind this, and we aren’t standing for it.

          • Dodging bullets in Salinas

            And bringing crime and corruption with them. Welcome MS-13 along with the “innocent” kids!

          • Mary Curry

            These are not refugees, they are street kids rounded up by their OWN governments. They are pimps, drug dealers and gangbangers. If their parents sent them north then their parents can be at the bus station to welcome them home. The average age of these ‘children’ is 16 or so. Not children by their standards and not children by our standards. I would point out that if these children were sent by their ‘parents’ then where did they get the money to pay for the coyote?

          • dot_bat

            twaddle. perhaps the children in chicago should get refugee status, its dangerous there also and at least they’re citizens

          • Jean Deaux

            I suggest they are being used as stepping stones for the rest of their family to gain access to our shores. You don’t send a child on a several thousand mile journey, alone and unaccompanied as a refugee from crime and corruption. You keep them with you so you can protect them, not throw them out on a long and perilous journey.

          • bigmaq1980

            Right. Folks like Char2014 like to obscure the big picture by focusing only on the children that came here.

            Nobody is suggesting we don’t deal with them humanely. However, their right to stay here is not automatic once they cross the border.

            There are at least 6 BILLION people in the world who’d like to be here (optimistically assuming 1B would like to stay put). We just cannot take care of everyone who WANTS to be here.

            As Paul Rodriguez says “…we can’t even take care of our own kids…”.

            Allowing these kids to stay only signals that the “door is open” and will lead to a massive horde heading our way, each wave getting larger until we do say “NO!”.

            If we let these kids stay, where is the compassion in all the follow on consequence?

          • Kim Kradle Grant

            Char, I am not sure if you noticed but we have enough crime and corruption here in the USA. Some of these *children* are teenage gang members. Just because they are children does not make them legal, they are still here illegally!


            So anyone seeking refuge because of crime and corruption in their countries is welcome with open arms into our country. Don’t be so dumb pretty soon we will have all of the Middle East in our country. All of you crying racism and hate are clueless when it comes to the effects of illegal immigration. It is not like the old days American can no longer take care of the world problems.

        • Thom Clark

          US Army MP, Retired after 21 Years. Salute to you Brother.

        • Imtoooldforthis

          Thank you for your service.

        • Robert Farrell

          I LIVED IN TEGUS IN 86

        • Robert Farrell


        • Robert Farrell


        • Robert Farrell


        • Robert Farrell


      • Stephen Luke Bernardoni

        Don’t you mean Latina?

        • Jack Savage

          when talking about the group as a whole it is Latino, she did not call herself out in the singular as in a Latina

      • totogreen

        Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate;
        has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

      • JC

        so go back damned wet back…opps quise decir espalda mojada !!!

        • equalprotectionmyass

          Uncle Jose……Entitlement has set in…

      • Rene Andreu

        Amen. I too am Latino and I too am opposed to illegal immigration and any reforms that allow one people the opportunity to cut in line ahead of other people wishing to immigrate to this country the right way. That puts me and my Latino friends at odds with the liberal media that keep telling folks that I want immigration reform. There are more of us out there that are opposed to that than the media wants folks to know about, hence their polls include the very foreign nationals residing here illegally to boost those numbers and they try to legitimize them by referring to them as immigrants.

        • somebody

          most latinos are opposed? where did you get your info? mierda!

          • Rene Andreu

            Juan Valdez or whatever your name is that you’re too ashamed to post by, do you understand English? Did you read my post before spouting your Puto B.S.? I have well over two hundred Latino friends and family that I was referring to. I have encountered the pollsters for the proponents of illegal immigration/immigration reform and they quit asking the questions and move on to the next person the moment they realize that you do not support their agenda in order to cook the numbers. I also live in a community divided by the law abiding and hardworking Latinos here in Arizona and that segment of the illegal population bleeding our welfare and state assistance coffers while
            providing us with drug and human smuggling, gangs and related violence in return. Yes, the vast majority of CITIZENS here are sick of our porous borders and the flow of the illegals across them and the cost to us as a society, when we can barely help our own.
            Why don’t you break out a Spanish/English dictionary and carefully
            read and translate the next English post before you spout your mierda.

          • MK

            Thank you, Rene. It doesn’t surprise me that legal Latinos are opposed to illegal immigration. I think in terms of Latinos supporting it, the Democrats are trying to get the future vote of the illegals by bestowing amnesty, social services on them, etc. They are trying to create a whole new (large) group of knee jerk liberal voters, and to h*ll with how it affects the current citizens or especially citizens like you, who are right at the center of it. We are all Americans, my friend, and I think those who have worked hard and jumped through hoops to become citizens deserve a special pat on the back. Keep fighting the good fight!

          • Sarah Mahala

            Hoorah, Rene Andreu!! I give you kudos to you and your Latino friends. I am not Latino, but I do believe we should help our own people and quit throwing money we don’t have into helping illegals who are only bringing more illegals into this country. If they really want to come here, they should do it the legal way instead of coming across our border in swarms and holding out their hands for all the handouts and freebies the second their feet are on American soil. So many Americans are struggling just to have a bite to eat and couldn’t get a crumb of bread from our government if that crumb would save their lives because our government is too devoted to the illegals coming here than to the American people.

          • jsjackson

            If you don’t have the courage to even post a real name, how valid do you think any of your comments on any subject of importance really is? Wait let me guess… you’re a member of MS-13 aren’t you?

          • jsjackson

            If you don’t have the courage to even post a real name, how valid do you think any of your comments on any subject of importance really is? Wait let me guess… you’re a member of MS-13 aren’t you?

          • Sarah Mahala

            jsjackson: …..and there are undoubtedly gangs more of MS-13 in those masses that are flowing across our border, not to mention other members of other gangs. MS-13 is considered the deadliest gang, though. Just what America needs, more gangs and gang violence, not to mention all the other types of criminals that are flowing in with them.

        • Jimmy Andrew

          a conservative latino ??? i am shocked dude !!!

          • Lizardbreath

            I’m not. People are people and Latinos have brains as well as blacks and other groups. Some don’t, just like some whites (um, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid…) LOL. Anyway, I’m not surprised because most people of any color, race or culture just want to be successful. It’s the people who are being used and courted to become slaves to the great society our Democrats have created (to enslave them as forever Democrat voters). Those here legally are law abiding citizens (for the most part, just like whites and others) who know right from wrong.

      • Char2014

        But these children are not illegal immigrants, they are seeking refuge, which means something totally different of your comment.

        • Janice Miller

          No Char2014, They are pawns in a game being played by liberals. I wish them well but wish them too be sent back to where they came from.

      • Jay Hanig

        The biggest problem as I see it for legal Latino immigrants is that now everybody assumes EVERY Latino immigrant is illegal. It wasn’t that way not so many years ago.

      • ansst

        Thank you Michelle. We are glad to have you but illegals are overwhelming our schools who are already short of funds. We can’t afford to give all of Medicare to them. Seniors are not getting medical care and not buying medicines and food that they need.

      • Imtoooldforthis

        It has nothing to do with you being latino and everything to do with you being an honest person. Honest people do things by the book and above board while the people who advocate for amnesty are the same people who came here illegally the last time. It’s just become a vicious circle and we Americans keep paying for it.

      • inachu

        Michelle will you marry me?

      • Madame_deFarge

        A terrible impact on wages for every one.

      • Jose Izquierdo

        me too

    • PB

      I agree the always suggest things that they want to believe. Just like all people from Hispanic origin all all liberals far from the truth.

    • whargoul

      I’ve seen an amazing amount of latinos that are not in favor of it it.

      • equalprotectionmyass

        Where, in Texas.

        • whargoul

          Yes, in Texas.

    • david

      Sorry Gary. They will squelch this as fast as they can…

    • dcronin55

      it is only the ones who have someone they want over here

    • Lucky Lee Murphy

      I’m Hispanic with some family across the border, and i sure as hell am not for Illegal Immigration. As Paul Rodriguez stated, there are legal ways to come into this country, use it.

      • equalprotectionmyass

        Yeah and they are all from Mexico too, right.

        • Lucky Lee Murphy

          Yup, some from Mexico, some from Ireland, some from Spain and some from here in the US before it was the US. All came here legally or were already here. Like i said, i do not care what race you are, you wanna live here, do it right.

      • Char2014

        Obviously you are on the other side of town, I was an immigrant, like my great grandparents that came from Italy to this country in the 1800s like everyone else did even your family. And if you don’t have lots of $$$$ you won’t get no visa to get here legally. These are children, for God’ sake, and they are seeking “REFUGE” get it?

        • Lucky Lee Murphy

          And their parents should be responsible for them, not America, not the tax payers that work to barely support their own. It makes no difference to who it is, illegal is illegal and there is no sugar coating it.

    • Raymond Ramirez

      Being of Hispanic decent I myself feel the same way…to add to Paul’s argument is how about the millions of migrants that are here legally. That had to go through the rigorous time and classes and money to get here. What a slap in the face to those. How would it feel?

    • mary D

      I too am Spanish, and I do not believe in illegal immigration!! We have children here that need our help just as much as these kids, just look at Detroit, and Chicago.

      • Jimmy Andrew

        not children there, those are sub-humans !!!

      • Jimmy Andrew

        not children there, those are sub-humans !!!

      • Jimmy Andrew

        not children there, those are sub-humans !!!

    • kirkpatrick

      On the contrary, they are being cheated (assuming they came here through legal channels) and will be discriminated against now. But it’s a bad time not to speak English, and personally I don’t think anyone who can’t speak English should be welcome here.

    • RedMeatState

      Denial and Fantasy is the liberal lifestyle.

    • Patsy Escobedo Mcleroy


  • If Obama Actually Cared About Homeland Security Or Islamic Terror He Would Seal The Border NOW

    • Rob

      He doesn’t care, he is an enemy of America.

      • Tawnya Rice

        first of all he has asked for money to secure the border as guess what Republicans continue to deny so get your facts straight.

        • Craig

          He asked for money for everything else BUT closing the border. Very little would even go to the border patrol.There was even money in that package for fighting forest fires. Republicans want the border secured FIRST, then they’ll talk about the rest…..but NOT the amnesty the democrats want.

        • Kimberly

          Actually, you’re wrong Tawnya. The HOUSE passed a Bill to secure our borders, but Dirty Harry, or Barry won’t touch it unless they can group it together with a comprehensive Amnesty package. Giving TONS of crap to illegals. Get YOUR facts straight. Ever watched CPAN? I do. I want to know what the traitor-in-chief and his cronies are up to at all times. BTW… in case you weren’t aware, Harry and Barry are BOTH Dems and idiots, but Dems to boot! They’re the obstructionists!

          • Linda

            THANK YOU! I am so tired of the misinformed! I live in the mess here on the Rio Grande river and wish I had the addresses of some of these whiners so we could send a busload or two to their town!

          • lasvegaspamela

            Harry and Barry are both after never-ending power for the Democrats to rule this nation forever. As they say, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Overwhelming the system is part of the Cloward & Piven Rules for Radicals which they both support.

        • watcherofolde

          Four BILLION we can’t afford, as our money gets daily worth less? Look at what Harry Reid is up to, if you want to know why the border is not secure.

        • Bryan Bell

          Did you see exactly how that budget was devised to be spent? NO YOU DIDN’T!!! It would be a TERRIBLE IDEA to give yet another blank check to this feckless, P.O.S. P.O.T.U.S. The Republicans continue to deny this atrocity of an administration!!

        • Linda

          FIRST … the border patrol are not ALLOWED to arrest them right now. I have friends who work for Border Patrol..
          SECOND… they put their life on the line every night so misInformed people can sleep!
          THIRD… Republicans turned down the bill as not enough was going to the bp…
          AND… I LIVE HERE AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON… I do not just tune in to see what is going on…

        • theDut

          He asked for money because he KNEW that the situation was escalating and now he thinks he can swoop in and appear to be compassionate to these kids when all along he had a hand in creating this dire situation. And then as the Republicans oppose him, you liberals can throw up the straw man that they’re opposed to sealing the border. NOW you liberals are concerned about sealing the border? Where was that sense of urgency a month ago? Or for the last decade for that matter? You hypocrites. I’d rather he spend $3.8 billion to build a fence along the border.

        • theDut

          He asked for money because he KNEW that the situation was escalating and now he thinks he can swoop in and appear to be compassionate to these kids when all along he had a hand in creating this dire situation. And then as the Republicans oppose him, you liberals can throw up the straw man that they’re opposed to sealing the border. NOW you liberals are concerned about sealing the border? Where was that sense of urgency a month ago? Or for the last decade for that matter? You hypocrites. I’d rather he spend $3.8 billion to build a fence along the border.

        • Rob

          Are you on drugs?

    • Not Anonymous

      ive been asking why they are saying we cant seal it, or have they lied and said that it is sealed when it is not.

    • frank perez

      I do not support illegal immigration but what would happen if the borders were closed. Many of us have families on both sides. Yes this is a burden on the U.S. but these people need top be processed and checked out for decease before being sent back for our own protection. Blaming President Obama is not the answer President Obama is just following the laws put in place long before he became president Right now we are dealing with a humanitarian issue not a immigration one. People need to see the difference

      • Bryan Bell

        Actually Frank, the laws that were in place long before Obama were to, guess what……DEPORT THEM ALL!!!! So, No, Frank he’s not “just following the laws…..” He has actually deported far, far less illegal immigrants than you’d believe, and has released over 30,000 illegal immigrant criminals just this year…into our society.

  • Karen Scharps

    Please tell us why their story is that the USA is theirs and we stole it from them. I am sick of hearing that and I’ve heard it for years.

    • Deborah Jones

      They lost to us in the Mexican American war and only owned California for … 25 or 35 years. Then after they lost we PAYED them 2 million dollars. So to me, they’re poor losers and thieves.

      • rosemarienoa

        Exactly …..wasnt that the Gadsden Purchase ?????

      • EL VERDUGO

        just like we did away with the real north american, the indians.

        • wutwut

          Actually the plague did away with “the real north american, the indians”. Long before any English settlers landed on the east coast the Vikings made an appearance. But when the Vikings showed up the native population was booming and they actually chased the Vikings out. By the time Plymouth Rock happened 90% of the native population was wiped out by plague.

          • Jason

            Every nation on this planet was created in the same manner. Native Americans were killing other Native Americans for their land as well. Stop acting like America is the only country to take land by force.

          • wutwut

            No where did I claim there was no force used. Actually what I was claiming was without the plague the native americans would have drove the European settlers back just like they did to the much more violent Vikings.

          • gibbygoo56

            Now THEY want to take our country by force. I know you’ve seen the videos. They burned the American flag on July 4th and said to hell with the USA. Why are they all up on us? They’ve got their own country… if they don’t like it change it to what they want. Get out and leave us alone.

    • rosemarienoa

      They dont want to admit that Santa Ana was a drunken, corrupt sex trafficker who was too busy with his underage lover to lead his troops !!! Mexico LOST that war but they will NOT admit it !!! The corruption in Mexico has been going on for many, many years !!!

      • mongeau

        it’s been going on here in the USA too long

    • Johhny “the rat”

      I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. The original inhabitants of North America came across a land bridge from the Siberian peninsula thousand s of years ago in the area that is now called the Bering Sea. Their modern day ancestors are the Inuit people of alaska. The ones who crossed were called Mongols. So, NOBODY owes anyone anything, including the American Indian, who were NOT the lands first inhabitants.

      • EL VERDUGO

        So you are saying let everyone in cause nothing belongs to no one. tell me who were the first ever to have feet on this soil.

        • Johhny “the rat”

          I just did! According to both anthropology, and DNA Mongols from Siberia. My point being nobody “stole” the lands of North Americas.

        • Jason

          He is not advocating letting everyone in> He is saying stop with the “Americans Stole This Land” nonsense people spew.

      • dot_bat

        there is evidence the northern europeans where here years before the land bridge. clovis points in france and arizona or new mexico are indicative

        • dot_bat

          quite so

    • SouthronCross

      Just remind them that their ancestors ‘stole’ Mexico from the Mayans and the Aztecs.

  • Pat Fox

    even a cave man could understand it!!!!

  • Heather Russell

    a man with a brain…thank you for standing up and voicing the real issue, it’s not uncompassion and selfishness, it’s ability to care when we have starving and unhoused children already, men already who can’t get jobs, our country is broke, the spending hasn’t stopped, the value of our money is destroyed, wake up America and pay attention.

    • Heather Russell

      or inability to provide is what I meant.

      • somebody

        I agree with you, this country is broke but keep spending more on wars that we have no business to be in(Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    • equalprotectionmyass

      Broke from all the wars, yes. Lets just focus our attention on the borders while the 1percent hoards the money and blames it on the mexican..

  • Look’n for Token Black Guy

    running away from the problem and coming to America isn’t the solution. if your country is broken, then fix it. what kind of message is this sending to all the latino’s in mexico? “hey, its bad here, lets run away”. no, you don’t run away, you stay, you fight, you make change. that’s my biggest beef with immigration, they have no backbone to fix things at their own home, so what are they going to do when they get here? nothing, and my tax dollars will pay them to do nothing. btw, why wasn’t there a black person newscasting?…..

  • Guy Fleegman1

    Don Lemon is THE enemy…f’n pansy azz liar

  • yacope

    I knew I liked Paul. I’m also “latina” and I completely agree with him, we CAN NOT take this responsibility. Those countries are not at war, these people are not war refugees and there is no way those children made it that far without help. Sending them ALL back is 99% cheaper even if we give them all a new set of clothes, toiletries and fly them first class than keeping them here where we aren’t even able to deal with OUR own homeless.

    • JimfromCTown

      Even if they where War Refugees, they would be Quarantined in Refugee Camps, close to the border until their cases could be adjudicated and or their countries of origin where no longer in a state of war allowing for their repatriation. That is what is required by international law.
      As they are NOT from War torn countries. They should be kept in refugee camps close to the border long enough to process them and RETURN THEM TO THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN. Preferably at the expense of their home countries.

      • Marcus_Aurelius

        100% correct.

        • equalprotectionmyass

          100 wrong, its the law, they are processed to be sent back not lost.

        • equalprotectionmyass

          100 wrong, its the law, they are processed to be sent back not lost.

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            Seems like you enjoy trolling this site and just can’t accept that there is only you and ONE other person on here DEFENDING the illegal flow northward. Trolling and snarky comments doesn’t win you any cool points or converts to your opinion. Present your case in a concise manner instead of just ripping on folks who disagree with your tenuous position. Illegal is illegal. Period. Do it right or get the F out. Color doesn’t matter, it is content of character and these folks sending their kids know damn well it is illegal but they don’t care. If they don’t want to subject their kids to the violence, they should have kept their legs closed and worked together to make their countries better rather than internally destroy ours. Rip me if you will but someone had to call you out, troll.

      • watcherofolde

        Instead they are being bused and flown all over the country, TB or not.

        • RT72

          They are being bussed so they get lost into the general population.

    • Brian M Halstead

      I used to travel to the Mexican borders a lot, and I was raised in culture. it’s sad in every culture, you get one bad hombre, and suddenly they’re all bad, I never understood why people stereotype one another when we’re all the same on the inside and were all created in God’s image should we treat everyone with that respect. I feel bad for the children how scared they must be.

      • Johhny “the rat”

        How about 50,000 “bad Hombres? How about 100,000? Where will it stop with an open border?

      • Bobo

        and the gang members too, dummy?

        • Brian M Halstead

          I’m sure that’s where a lot of the children will go, gangs will be down there recruiting and exploiting young girls. I would like to reach them for the kingdom of God, they need Jesus.

          • Jason

            Yea, they need an imaginary friend about as much as they need another hole in their head. If there was a god there would be no need for any of this as no loving god would allow children created in his image to suffer like this. Wake up dude!

          • Brian M Halstead

            Well lets see if I understand your issue, you are either part of the solution are you a part of the problem,? Well which is it? God gave man a free will to choose and he chooses to be selfish and greedyyou evidently don’t have children this isn’t God’s will that children should suffer, they suffer because of greedy selfish people. sort of like a game of chess you make a move and he makes a move. so what’s your next move? Will you choose life or death.

          • Stephen Mancini

            If you care and you have compassion as you say. You will agree that these kids need to be sent back to their country of origin. We have as Paul said our own children to care for our own poor to house educate and get into the we are not the worlds policemen. We are not the worlds baby sitters either. Fix thiscountry first.

          • somebody

            yes, fix this country first and make wars and destroy other countries!

          • Jimmy Andrew

            thats right moron !!! we have to do it because idiots are killing law abiding peaceful citizens all over the world !!! if you are not for peace you will be destroyed !!! dumb-ass !!!

          • Jimmy Andrew

            thats right moron !!! we have to do it because idiots are killing law abiding peaceful citizens all over the world !!! if you are not for peace you will be destroyed !!! dumb-ass !!!

          • Jimmy Andrew

            thats right moron !!! we have to do it because idiots are killing law abiding peaceful citizens all over the world !!! if you are not for peace you will be destroyed !!! dumb-ass !!!

          • SouthronCross

            I believe that God also commands that we obey the law of the land, as well. We can be compassionate towards these children, as they need it. And, we can also obey our laws, and, repatriate them.

          • Stan47

            Allow me to stop everyone here and observe that the shibboleth “you are either part of the problem or part of the solution” is oversimplified nonsense, left over from the silly sixties. The truth is that most people are completely powerless to affect this situation, one way or another. We can only sit by and watch it unfold, with horror, because the government no longer listens to the people from whose consent its authority derives.

          • Judy Saakes

            No, we are not going to sit by and watch it unfold, we’re finally taking a stance. Stay ontop of the news and you’ll see!

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            Well said

          • Stan47

            Allow me to stop everyone here and observe that the shibboleth “you are either part of the problem or part of the solution” is oversimplified nonsense, left over from the silly sixties. The truth is that most people are completely powerless to affect this situation, one way or another. We can only sit by and watch it unfold, with horror, because the government no longer listens to the people from whose consent its authority derives.

          • Gina Ramos

            I have children and I believe there is a “legal” way to come into the USA if you do it illegally then yes send them back to where they came from

          • alani

            Thank you Brian! Finally someone with some common sense speaks.

          • Jason

            The old “Free Will” excuse. In one had you say everything that happens is part of gods plan, and then when someone challenges the morality of that plan, then you lay it off on “Free Will” is that it?

            So I should not worry about my kids (I have 3 by the way) running around in the street, or with the wrong crowd right? I mean after all, it’s free will right? Your god has time to listen to everyone’s prayers, and play chess with everyone too. He is indeed great.

            You say in one breath there is free will, then in another that everything that happens is gods plan, then you tell me god is playing chess with my life?

            This is the 21st century, there is no place for bronze age thinking. I choose not to believe fairy tales. I choose to teach my kids right from wrong, not threaten them with eternal damnation if they break the rules, or refuse to believe in my wisdom. What loving parent would treat his children that way?

          • Brian M Halstead

            so let me get this straight, you are saying freewill does not exist? Your wife just naturally fell in love with you or you forced her into the relationship and your children just naturally love their father ? doesn’t sound like true love to me. I like to know what issues you have with the Bible? Stuff like, not lying cheating stealing, honoring your mother and father. it also sounds like you have an issue with accountability. you you do have free will to choose, but you’re not free from the consequences. One of the hardest things a parent has to face, is to watch your children suffer, because the life lessons; are your best teacher.

          • Jason

            So you are just going to ignore all of the questions and answer a question with a question?

            Of course free will exists, but it was not given to us by an omnipotent god. No god makes people fall in love. It’s a chemical process put in place by thousands of years of evolution as a survival strategy. There is no supernatural involvement.

            Yes children naturally love their father, because they experience his protection and love. Again, this is all natural and not bestowed up us by some fictional character you read about in a 2000 year old book.

            I have many issues with the bible. It is full of contradictions, and impossible stories of talking snakes, men living inside of whales, murder, misogyny, revenge, etc., etc., etc.

            I have no issue with accountability. I fully accept I am responsible for my actions and that I will either reap the rewards, or suffer the consequences of my actions, unlike religious people who believe god is a puppet master who pulls the strings and your fate is already determined. Why would I need some unseen presence to be accountable?

            My kids must fall to learn how to walk, and they must lose to learn how to win. These are life’s lessons, not passages in a 2000 year old book that is full of contradictions.

            You are a slave to an idea, that cannot be proven, and you are to cowardice to accept you have one chance at life, and need the crutch of believing that there is a life after this one. That is why you cling to the nonsensical stories in the bible that were written, and edit by humans, not any god.

            The fact that we are discussing your god instead of the topic at hand is a perfect example one of the things wrong with religion. It consumes you, everything is tied to it, and if someone does not believe, they are labeled as heathens, or lost souls.

            My initial point stands. If there were really a loving god, he/she/it would never allow innocent children to suffer. He would punish the wicked and keep them from hurting children, yet every day on this plant atrocities happen to children and adults alike.

            If your children got into a fight, would you stop them from fighting, or would you say, “Free Will”? If you child was going to touch a burning hot stove would you stop them, or say “Free Will”? If you believe in that nonsense then you will not stop them, you will let them have free will and make their mistakes and learn life’s lessons.

            So my point is, if you as an imperfect being would stop them, and we both know you would, then why would a perfect, all knowing, loving being not stop his children from hurting themselves or each other?

          • Brian M Halstead

            Wow!! Did you read any of the stuff that you just wrote? Tell me will evolution stop you from dying? will it stop you from standing before a holy and righteous God? Oh that’s right you don’t believe, that’s okay that’s about like saying there’s no gravity and you’re an airplane you’re falling out of the air, gravity will be down at the bottom waiting to meet youand explain the rules.truth will always override ignorance. you can believe in any man made religion, Flying Spaghetti Monster, evolution, oh yes evolution is a religion is the biggest cruch there is. that 2000 year old book that you talked about, has got us pegged, it knows us. and what is that book tell us about ourselves, about what we r is human race. We are wretched, wicked and deceitful backstabbers,liars cheaters murderers. are best good deeds are as filthy rags. it’s no wonder you hold onto evolution, thinking that that’s going to get you out of the s*** soup you’re living in, God gave us a paradise to live in, and we destroyed it. Oh yes God watches this everyday all the rapes the murders. And you read in the Bible there will be Conjunctured, a point in time will there be a great judgement. and your thinking an all loveing God sits back and does nothing. He paid for my sins with his own life.

          • Brian M Halstead

            Wow!! Did you read any of the stuff that you just wrote? Tell me will evolution stop you from dying? will it stop you from standing before a holy and righteous God? Oh that’s right you don’t believe, that’s okay that’s about like saying there’s no gravity and you’re an airplane you’re falling out of the air, gravity will be down at the bottom waiting to meet youand explain the rules.truth will always override ignorance. you can believe in any man made religion, Flying Spaghetti Monster, evolution, oh yes evolution is a religion is the biggest cruch there is. that 2000 year old book that you talked about, has got us pegged, it knows us. and what is that book tell us about ourselves, about what we r is human race. We are wretched, wicked and deceitful backstabbers,liars cheaters murderers. are best good deeds are as filthy rags. it’s no wonder you hold onto evolution, thinking that that’s going to get you out of the s*** soup you’re living in, God gave us a paradise to live in, and we destroyed it. Oh yes God watches this everyday all the rapes the murders. And you read in the Bible there will be Conjunctured, a point in time will there be a great judgement. and your thinking an all loveing God sits back and does nothing. He paid for my sins with his own life.

          • Jason

            Clearly you are being irrational and only spouting off tired religious dogma as your argument. Nothing will stop me from dying, and nothing will stop you from dying, not even your imaginary friend.

            Gravity is an observable, verifiable phenomenon. If I jump, gravity forces me down. If I throw a ball up, it is forced down by gravity, so to equate a known, observable, VERIFIABLE scientific phenomenon with an imaginary god is complete nonsense. Evolution is a fact, not a religion. Pull yourself together man.

            You are getting way off topic here dude, and I refuse to have a discussion with someone who thinks his imaginary friend made up by superstitious bronze age minds is the answer to this, or any problem. You are entitled to live your life as a slave to a mass delusion if you choose, I just do not have to live there with you.

          • Brian M Halstead

            so the truth is irrational to you huh? Is that what this is, when you don’t get your own way. your vocabulary changes to profane, careful now your arrogance is showing that is some someone that thinks they know everything.God can be proven, is visible and invisible attributes are seen clearly understood. what is irrational is those that reject the’s about what works and what doesn’t work. education is the antidote to stupid.

          • Jason

            It’s like you’re in a conversation with someone else even though you keep replying to me. Profane? Where exactly was my language profane? The irony in you last sentence is epic.

          • Brian M Halstead

            hey bud, you came at me do you remember? Like I said that last sentence education is the antidote to stupid you might consider getting one.that is also a cure for arrogance.

          • somebody

            Evolution is a fact? does that mean in a few years you are going to turn into a monkey?

          • Jason

            You are displaying your ignorance as you clearly know nothing about Evolution. Not to mention the difference between Monkey’s and Apes.

          • Jason

            My IQ just dropped 50% reading that. Thanks!

          • Brian M Halstead

            Wow!! Did you read any of the stuff that you just wrote? Tell me will evolution stop you from dying? will it stop you from standing before a holy and righteous God? Oh that’s right you don’t believe, that’s okay that’s about like saying there’s no gravity and you’re an airplane you’re falling out of the air, gravity will be down at the bottom waiting to meet youand explain the rules.truth will always override ignorance. you can believe in any man made religion, Flying Spaghetti Monster, evolution, oh yes evolution is a religion is the biggest cruch there is. that 2000 year old book that you talked about, has got us pegged, it knows us. and what is that book tell us about ourselves, about what we r is human race. We are wretched, wicked and deceitful backstabbers,liars cheaters murderers. are best good deeds are as filthy rags. it’s no wonder you hold onto evolution, thinking that that’s going to get you out of the s*** soup you’re living in, God gave us a paradise to live in, and we destroyed it. Oh yes God watches this everyday all the rapes the murders. And you read in the Bible there will be Conjunctured, a point in time will there be a great judgement. and your thinking an all loveing God sits back and does nothing. He paid for my sins with his own life.

          • Linda Delp Jones Powers

            God did not do this MAN DID THIS. Take blame for your own choices and live with it.

          • Jason

            Wait, it’s gods plan right? Everything that happens is according to gods plan, yet now you say it’s man fault? You can’t have it both ways Linda.

          • Carl

            You are the one that need to wake up dude! This is not God mess. It is our mess. God does exist. The problem is that we are so self-fish. That we can not see others as one with us. He give us freedom, and in that freedom we have choices with consequences. When somebody is suffering God give us the strength to help others. But in place of that, We just point fingers. We Americans have a lot of money for wars but not for help these children. If you don’t believe in God, it is your choice. But at least do something to help others. “Who devotes his time to improve yourself and help others, do not have time to criticize others”. (*Mother Theresa* A human that showed that God can act trough us)

          • alani

            They lost their humanity when their ancestors came over here, massacred Natives (who helped them through the winter), and stole their land. Then they brought African Slaves to work the land they were too lazy to work. Native were here for at least 14000 years before Colonization, but being here 400 years makes these people Americans. They put up borders to land that belonged to Mexico and shut off North America from South America. What is going to happen when Americans need to escape because of diseases or poverty? You will be begging for them to allow you into Mexico. As far as Illegal Immigration, the Europeans are the only illegal immigrants who occupy the Americas. Where are your passports signed by the Great Chiefs?

          • Jason

            That’s nonsense. Why does your god get all of the glory and none of the blame? Mother Teresa herself lost her faith after witnessing all of the suffering going on all over the world, so using her as an example of god acting through us is comical. One might think someone as selfless as she might deserve even one glimpse of this fairy tale god you worship. You want Mother Teresa quotes? Ok how about this one?

            “I spoke as if my very heart was in love with God — tender, personal love,” she wrote to one adviser. “If you were (there), you would have said, ‘What hypocrisy.'”

            “Please pray specially for me that I may not spoil His work and that Our Lord may show Himself — for there is such terrible darkness within me, as if everything was dead,” she wrote in 1953. “It has been like this more or less from the time I started ‘the work.'”

            1956: “Such deep longing for God — and … repulsed — empty — no
            faith — no love — no zeal. (Saving) souls holds no attraction —
            Heaven means nothing — pray for me please that I keep smiling at Him in spite of everything.”

            1959: “If there be no God — there can be no soul — if there is no Soul then Jesus — You also are not true.”

            At times she also found it hard to pray.

            “I utter words of community prayers — and try my utmost to get out of
            every word the sweetness it has to give — but my prayer of union is not there any longer — I no longer pray.”


            The fact of the matter is there are plenty of starving Americans that need our help, not to mention our own veterans who are being mistreated. And when they have all been taken care of, and only then do you consider helping other nations.

            The fact is billions of our tax dollars already go to those nations to help them, and now you want to take money away from Americans that need it and give it to illegal immigrants?

            This is a prefect example of how religion deludes people. This is not a religious issue, and if it were, then your god should step in and save his children, not expect his imperfect creations to make a choice between their own citizens, and citizens from other nations.

          • dmc

            Maybe you should read the bible. That way you might understand that what your saying is stupid.

          • Jason

            So I should read a fictional book written by humans to understand a fictional character that there is no evidence for, and it’s me that sounds stupid? Seems legit.

          • PB

            You are myopic and delusional, you can’t help them all. Why don’t you than raise all of the money and than you and all of thumpers can take care of them.than. we all have compassion however we need to have compassion for the kids here our kids our American kids. Brian you have a good heart it’s just not directed in the right. Take care.

          • equalprotectionmyass

            Your selfish and not directed right.

      • LadyScot

        Too bad you, a complete stranger has to feel more bad than their own parents did when they sent them off with strangers to a foreign land with no money, no food, and no water, and nowhere to go.

      • watcherofolde

        I feel bad too, but we have to have a border like every other country does-we can’t take in the entire world. We give these countries foreign aid but we don’t watch what happens to it! Cut it ALL if they continue to send their people here! Some of their govt officials are getting rich off what we send and it’s these kids who should be benefiting from it.We can’t take them all, do you want us to turn into a broken up balkanized country where unassimilated groups have no common culture and society is totally broken down? You think Obama is doing this out of the goodness of his heart? He’s doing it to create a one-party state which will be controlled by force for the independents, and freebies for the sheep. If he succeeds the US is dead forever, never to return. Murdered by our feckless ”leaders” with their globalist ulterior motives.

        • alani

          Europeans are the only ones who like to put up borders!

          • dot_bat

            u funny

      • somebody

        I finally read a decent post. thank you! They are children and I know they are scared.

      • dot_bat

        respect is earned. you dont get respect by showing contempt for the language, and laws of a land you are “demanding” entrance to. the united sates, contrary to what mexicans may believe is not there private pinata, that, if they beat it enough it will yield

    • equalprotectionmyass

      Really, I’m sure you great grandad would disagree. They are fleeing a was mensa.

    • somebody

      I used to like Paul, now I think he is a piece of MIERDA

  • William Green

    People are shocked when people do not look at skin color. Paul Rodriquez is looking at it from a right and wrong position and not a brown position. People who are shocked when you do not put skin color first are the first to accuse you of racism when you disagree with someone of different ethnic background because they only see the world through skin color. You should not allow someone to violate laws just because they are the same skin color as you.

  • katsback

    Charity starts at home, we take care of ours 1st…………….Americans!!


      have we really been doing that? ……….not.
      North americans too greedy with each other.

  • Jason Moffit

    Impeach, arrest and prosecute Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Holder NOW
    also implement this.
    I propose an America First new immigration reform plan
    1. Close the Mexican border immediately (zero ground traffic into USA for any reason)
    1b) moratorium on new immigration
    1c) end birthright citizenship
    2. Stop government assistance to all illegal aliens immediately
    3. Deport ALL illegal aliens and their anchor babies immediately
    3b) string grants to the states paid for by a reduction in foreign aid to mexico that would put a state trooper in every dmv, public school, emergency room, or welfare office whose sole duty will be to arrest anyone that shows up and cannot document legal status. give them the opportunity to contact their nearest relative, give them a bag with two weeks rations and water and then put them in the back of a truck to the nearest border crossing within 24 hours. No hearing, no detention. No appeal until after they are deported. dismantle the current administrative hearing structure to create a post facto appeal process to sort out the few people who are mistakenly deported.
    4. Bill the country of origin of the illegal aliens for all costs incurred by the USA.
    5. Build a high security electrified fence on the Mexican border.
    6. One year after all of the above has been completed implement this
    (was VF#4) All visa entrants must post a 100k bond cash or surety to secure their exit. If they do no wish to post a bond they must give a dna sample and carry a gps device, similar to an ankle bracelet on their person at all times. If their visa expires or the device is removed from their person a bench warrant automatically goes into the ncic system and a bounty of $10K is offered to any law enforcement officer or bail agent for their capture.

    7. Reopen the Mexican border.
    Share if you agree or copy and paste as needed

    • josephine blackheart

      Completely moronic.

      • Terry Hughes

        no what we are doing now is

      • joelie10

        To josephine blackheart — A logical solution to the current lawless incursions across our southern border, is actually a good idea. Jason Moffitt has obviously been thinking constructively, FOR THE BENEFIT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, which is more than can be said for our government overseers and other short-sighted people.

        Using “touchy-feely feelings” instead of “gray matter” for thought processes is a shortcoming held by too many American citizens when it comes to what is good for America.

        If America falls to the level of the 3rd world status countries from which these people come, who will benefit? Do you “dream” that you will be safe and secure in your home . . . IF you still have one? Should 3rd world status come to pass in America . . . unless you can defend your home and your life, you will have neither. Think seriously about that. Do some research about life in 3rd world countries, Communist countries, Islamic Law countries — even Chicago, a crime capital — to decide whether our loss of Freedom in America is something you want to have happen.

    • Bobo


  • Will Jones

    Rome, termed “the real Anti-Christ” by our founder and prophet, Th. Jefferson, is so confident of success they have openly published their satanic stratagem for organizing an army for invasion and conquest of America, comprised of illegal immigrant Hispanic Roman Catholic.

    Here is their tax-free, signed confession of treason for every patriot eye to see.

  • RetiredCop189

    We are a nation of LEGAL immigration, not a nation of lawbreakers.

    • Bobo

      Lemon on Obama talking points. Two idiot teleprompter readers.

  • You’d think Lemon would try to avoid stereotypes.


    I am 100% Hispanic and against Amnesty!

    • Zachary Goldberg

      We need more of you making your voices heard.


    We should all be proud to have Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez has our countryman, and thank all the Legal Immigrants for standing up for their values of our country. Thank Paul Rodriguez and the legal immigrants for taking a stand on this issue.

  • dan3333333333

    Obamas “hope and change” wasn’t for Americans, it was for the rest of the world!

  • Elaine Cox

    paul is a lib who got mugged..they shut off the water to his land in cali to protect a fish and he got a view of true liberal thinking

  • nodome

    Anyone in favor of illegal immigration is an idiot….Obama is an idiot…

  • EG

    there is already over 1 million American kids in foster care programs around the country and a small percentage find homes, Just an example in South Florida between Ft. Laud and Miami there are over 30K kids waiting for a home. where are we going to put these kids, a church can only do so much then they spill into the community.

  • cactusue

    Great he told it like it is and sending this kind of message we need to hear from more like him. There are many here who have the same opinion who are Hispanic

  • Anna Pacheco

    Anyone with a brain knows that letting illegals in just opens the flood gates to everyone else. Paul Rodriquez has it right. CNN probably thought that he would be in favor just because he (Paul) is Hispanic. No Country should have to go through with what the American people are having to put up with.

  • Alan

    Paul is correct… if we let the lifeboat overfill all will be lost.

  • Michael Herrera

    As someone who is predominantly Hispanic, I agree we must secure our borders and deport people who do not belong here.

  • CT

    What was that movie line! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

  • Zachary Goldberg

    Hey Mr Lemon…my girlfriend(fiance actually : ) ) is hispanic and she opposes amnesty. Her parents are legal immigrants; her father from Mexico, her mother an El Salvadoran civil war refugee. Both oppose amnesty…infact the very notion of it insults them.

  • ChrisinOregon

    The CNN dude said we are all immigrants and that this nation is a nation of immigrants. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE LEGALLY…I think that fool forgot about that VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR. What don’t people understand about ILLEGAL????

  • robyn3pups

    Can’t figure it out??? All the Hispanics that I know who are against illegals have 2 things in common – they WORK, and they pay TAXES – HMMMM.

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    I hateit when Liberal Hosts always use the line “we are all immigrants”! Yes, our ancestors came to this Country leagally, learned the language, took classes & got their naturalization papers and were very proud! It shows that you really want to be an American when you give up your homeland! The issue is now the Country no longer needs that many people to settle it! Least of all, and with the terrorist issues we cannot afford to have open borders! We are the United States of America and we have laws about immigration and they need to be adhered too!

  • PammyJ

    Im Latina and Native American and growing up I have lived in neighborhoods with high populations of Illegal Immigrants and because of their Culture and total disrespect of American’s they just brought the neighborhoods down with their 20 family members living in the same 3 BD house and killing live animals in their backyards and throwing the guts in the alley , whistling at little 10 year old girls like myself , they have no regard for anyone other than breaking the law to help out their fellow Mexicans to obtain Fake Driver Licenses , Social Security Cards , etc The belief in Mexico is “come to the US and they will let you stay because there are alot of people that have Bleeding hearts ,America has no Balls “


    I know of a food pantry i volunteered at in florida, and the reason i am no longer there is because little by little the staff was turning hispanic and many funny things happening and more hispanics coming for assistance and more of our vets being turned away, i complained and they tried to get me fired, stupid fuckers did not even bother to look up that i was not on payroll and i was a volunteer whom also gave a part of my income to the cause. So before i bashed one of their heads in i left and now the food goes faster to people that dont even have papers but a card that say they are farmers. An id card issued to them in Pierson florida at a fernery by other hispanics.

  • Joseph Vala

    A PERFECT example of why the left is as bigoted as they assume the right is. The Liberal reporter took Paul for granted and was surprised at … what? That Paul believes in the law? Why the assumption? Simple: If you don’t bleat and goose step with the Sheep, you are evil as far as the left is concerned.

  • Frank

    Maybe the Vatican could kick in couple of hundred Billion dollars,or send them to italy!!

  • Sharon Lynn

    wow, he was honest for a change! I pray for him to realize obama is a communist traitor too!

    • Keha sOIHhdasd

      Obama is an ultra capitalist. Anyone who thinks he’s a communists is either incredibly stupid or brainwashed.

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    What I find interesting is the clueless Americans who dont agree with him, try to make him feel guilty (typical BS) about it, but have not run to the border to take 10-15 of them home to support.

  • MJ

    The government treats illegals better than our own retired military personal. That is just wrong. Why would anyone join our military knowing that you are fighting for people who don’t want to come to your country legally and that they will be treated better and have better benefits than you do. DISGRASFUL!

  • Pablo Rodriguez knows what it’s like to wait to come here legally. He has the knowledge of what it took to get a visa, and won’t tolerate cheaters who try to circumvent the system. I’ve also seen some of what it takes to get a relative legal papers to the government so that they can live here legally in the United States. Kudos Pablo!

  • Tony Aviles

    I am also a a veteran Latino, retired Navy, I too do NOT want illegal immigrants in this country. In regard to this I am an American first and foremost. We have too many issues with our own Latinos to take on the burden of imported ones.

  • Kathleen Reed

    Paul Rodriguez is not a lone legal hispanic who understands the the plight this will cause to ‘HIS’ Country and I applaud him for being someone from Hollywood, who was not afraid to speak out and against Obamas plans.
    As Paul said, there are children and people all around the world, who are in the same condition, and some even worse, but they are disadvantaged due to their locations. Let’s take Haiti for example, their plight is ten times worse, so why should they be less fortunate to come here, because it’s harder for them to get here?
    We already send so much aid to all these countries, taking away from the mouths of our less fortunate and children in dire need. If this is left to fester as is, we will be the third world country they are leaving.

  • Ed

    Im latino and I will do my job by voting and get leaders that will do what is right for America. Im not for unregulated illegal immigration.

  • Laci Hart

    I agree with him, there is a right way and a wrong way. And if they hear that we are letting them stay, the word will spread. and our boarders will look like the movie of Moses. All the people pouring in. They will be tired, sick, homeless. need clothes food. Who’s going to do this for them? when our own Country is unable to do this here now?

  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    He is right, it is a pure numbers game. Do we have the ability to house and take care of 5 billion people within our Nation’s bored, because when the current regime gets their way and house those kids, give them free medical, feed them, give them welfare and food stamps for their whole lives, you can be damned sure that all the other poor people on this planet are gonna pick up and start walking in this direction………leaving only 1 billion people not walking in this direction (although a third of those are already here).

  • Excelerater

    CCN guy is a race baiter..Mr Paul Rodriguez is spot on.

  • Oldtex

    Common sense from a legal immigrant.

  • Jeanne F Brown

    Not all Hispanic people think that you should enter illegally. Those who were not born here went through the process to come to America and for each who did I hope that this country and it’s people were respectful of them and they attained their goals. I understand the process can be lengthy but I need a passport to enter Mexico and Canada legally so illegals should enter legally.

  • abigail_adams

    Believe it or not there are folks of Hispanic decent who were born here and their family goes back generations. This shows the ignorance of the left media, liberals and much of DC politicians. They assume the majority of Latinos are new comers to this country and support illegal immigration. This just is not the case.

  • themetalmessiah

    This stance is nothing new for Paul he’s always taken this stance throughout his brilliant Stand-up career.

  • Bob Turco

    LEGAL. immigration is how our country was built. There is a process that people need to go through to become a citizen of this country just like all other countries. We need to stop the influx of illegal crossings but the fact is this has been going on for decades, this is nothing new. The only reason it is on the forefront in the media is because they are trying to pin the issue on Obama. Its a political move. I am not a Obama fan nor am I on his side on a lot of issues but this problem has been around forever. It needs to be stopped people need to come to America legally. Most of our ancestors came to America and became citizens through the legal process otherwise a lot of us would not be here.

    • joelie10

      AND our immigrant ancestors became proud Americans who assimilated into American culture and learned to speak “American” English. That is the way our “melting pot” works. If new immigrants stay in their own enclaves, eschewing the path to “functional” citizenship, they are not ever going to be “real” citizens of America; and their allegiance will remain with the country from which they came. That is not good for them OR for America.

  • Dorothy Lombardi Voight

    How insane are these parents to let their kids go alone , through Mexico to the USA? Or are they being paid for each child they surrender.and if they are who’s footing the bill? We know the leaders of their countries aren’t going to give up a it must be someone or some organization in this country who will profit in one way or another by having this overwhelming problem thrown into the arms of the American taxpayer…………..It’s a win /win situation for liberals in America, burden the working class a little bit more and get new voters!!!

    • Keha sOIHhdasd

      What the hell makes you think liberals want illegals here? Obama’s record on this is way more strict than Bush. Who profits in America? business owners, that’s who. Are business owners liberal too you?

      • Charybdis69

        Liberals want them here vecause they’ll vote Democrat. There’s no sane debate about that. Business owners aren’t in charge of securing our borders, Obama is. And he isn’t doing it. Stricter than Bush? Apparently you’re unable to comprehend what’s going on right now. They’re pouring in at record pace and Bush isn’t president anymore. Hasn’t been for 5-1/2 years. They’re coming because Obama signaled his acceptance of them and word has gotten out. I realize you guys have gotten a lot of mileage out of that whole “Blame Bush” thing, but the American people aren’t falling for it anymore. You can keep trying, though.

        • Keha sOIHhdasd

          Oh trust me, the blame Bush has just started. The worst world leader in history. . Your great grand children will still be talking about him.

  • beachmom2

    Paul Rodriguez came here legally. He did it right. He works hard to be successful. He should be one of the people held up as an example.

  • miss_msry

    Thank you for being a good citizen, Mr. Rodriguez. And for telling the truth.

  • nelly0042

    I love how Lemon thinks Mr. Rodriguez should be guided by ethnic identity politics rather than old fashioned common sense. Kudos to you. Mr. Rodriguez!

  • Thomas Sluder

    They said history is the ultimate judge. I’ll predict that Mr. Rodriguez looks like a genius and Barry looks like a fool.

  • kanenas101

    Paul Rodriguez you sir are awesome. Thank you for bringing common sense to the table.

  • Pat Enery

    The great Wall of China accomplished its purpose & is a fabulous tourist attraction. An American wall would do just as well. It would reduce the flood to a trickle. We could then set our sights on rounding up the leftovers.

  • Jose Morales

    There are only five groups in US that are true natural born citizens, because their native land belongs to the US, they are Native Americans, Guamis, Some esquimos, Hawaiians and Puerto Ricans (yes, Ricans are hispanics and natural born Americans). Everyone else in an immigrant. Our problem is not really immigration but ILEGAL inmigration… and that we really need to work with, because even Puerto Rico is currently under serious invasion. The economic toll on our economy illegal inmigration carries makes it illogical to allow more influx. So we need to something.

    • whoda

      And you can prove that those 5 groups ORIGINATED in those lands? Of course you cannot.

    • David Lumin

      No….These lands were invaded by the Spanish, The French and The British. Puerto Rico is a small island that was surrendered as territory after the Spanish-American War by Spain in 1898. Puerto Rico was a Spanish Territory that was given to the United States during the Treaty of Paris.

      My great grandmother was a full blooded Shawnee. So I’m not an immigrant. I had a naturalized ancestor in my past which made me native born under YOUR reasoning.

      This county when it was first created was created by invasion, NOT immigration.

      This entire hemisphere was invaded by Europe. Yes, there are ancestors of the ancient tribes in South America that were culturally changed by the Spanish invaders just like the British and the French changed the Native Americans here in the United States and Canada.

      I would suggest you study a bit more ancient world history. The British that came here destroyed the culture of the Native Americans, as well as the Spanish Conquistadors, and the French.

      All of them invaded looking for gold, silver and other precious metals. They brought their sicknesses, their religion and their thirst for gold. The sicknesses that they brought nearly wiped out several tribes.

      So as far back as recorded history, almost every tribe who lived on the 3 continents here in this hemisphere were conquered, destroyed or made to assimilate into which ever culture was in control.

      • dot_bat

        and that applies to all continents and all peoples of the planet. ah the wonders of diversity, the conflict between living organisms. so whats your point?

        • David Lumin

          Immigration is a legal status, just as illegal immigration is a legal status. To say that all people who came here after the Native Americans were immigrants is a bit too broad and misleading.

          The ancient tribes of this continent were almost wiped out or bred out of existence by war with the invaders from Europe or disease.

          As a descendent of a Native American woman, I found the generalization to be offensive. As a descendant who can trace my origins back to before the 1700s, I found the generalization to be insulting.

          I have heard this argument we are all immigrants many times. Some people many people are. Some can even trace their origins back to their original countries.

          But the argument is used as a way to justify all of the illegals crossing the border and that we should show pity on them. I do not. They were sent here by their parents who paid COYOTES to bring them up here with the promise that once they got into the country that they wouldn’t be deported.

          Like Mr. Rodriguez said, if you allow 7000 to stay, many many more will come. Our economy can’t take any more. We have our own out of work. We can’t afford to take on more.

          • dot_bat

            i agree with you im against illegal immigration and am appalled at whats happening. all im saying is thats the way of the world, has happened all over the planet why you put it on europeans as if they are the only ones that have conquered other peoples and lands. and whats the cut off date to be termed native? i was born here just as you were.

          • David Lumin

            I say anyone born here after 1776 is a native. I was just pointing out to Jose, that my great grandmother was Native American, and under “HIS” definition, I am not an Immigrant.

  • Herman Vogel

    America can NOT be a life boat for the world,,,sooner or later people in other countries need to stand up to the corrupt leadership in THEIR country. Mexico is our Biggest oil Importer, and Pemex is the Biggest oil company in Mexico and is OWN by the Gov’t. Now, ask yourself,,,what has happened to all that money? They don’t build Hospitals, Housing or Schools for the poor. Crrupt politicians took it and told the people that ‘America has stolen our resources’. It never will change until THEY change it. No leadership, More corruption and crime and it is NOW HERE in OUR country. Wake the Foxtrot up people.

  • zkat

    I’m 1st generation U.S. of Yaqui descent and I believe illegal immigration is a slap in the face to everybody who followed the rules. We should use biometric id’s (cheek swab) on illegal aliens and make it policy that should you ever make the bio database you can never be eligible for legal status or benefits of any form. My wife is a PHD Physicist who came over from across the pond and we had to jump through so many hoops and cut so much red tape that we even joked about how she should have just scurried across the southern border. Would have saved us a lot of hassle and all the money we spent on immigration lawyers. We had to prove that she wouldn’t be a drag on the economy (as if being a design engineer for IBM wasn’t good enough) and everything.

  • Nancy Robbins

    Finally, a person with common sense. Now, for the priest, I think that the Catholic Church should be encouraging the illegals to return to their own countries. It is not our job to take care of them, to raise them, to clothe them to feed them and then change our education system to try to educate those, when they do not speak English. We cannot afford to have our own education system over burdened. It is time for the children, and the illegals to be repatriated back to their own countries. Use the monies that Obumma wants from Congress to charter flights back to their own homelands.

  • Wicked93

    What everyone seems to think. The media says the people of the US want to legalize and take in these illegals. What the truth is… Most “Americans” do not see the immigration process as broken, we see our borders broken and unsecured. The MSM is Obama’s back pocket does EVERYTHING it can to push this liberal agenda even at the cost of losing our country and freedoms. PERIOD!

  • Mav

    Ol’ Paul will never be interviewed by the MSM again regarding illegals — he doesn’t have the “acceptable” view.

  • Phillip Cohen

    All of us are illegal immigrants. Which one of us or our parents or grandparents asked Native Americans for permission to come here? We were all strangers in a strange land. Be kind to others and stop hurting children. Many of the problems in Central and South America had our hands in creating it. Some of you post how you were in the military serving in central America over the years. Our Military created many of the conditions that set up for mass migration and for those who seek refugee status. Be kind. They are our children. In the bunch may be the child who will find a cure for cancer that may effect our life. Be kind. In the bunch may be a child who creates beautiful music that will soothe our soul. Be kind. In the bunch may be a child who will write poetry that speaks to us. Just be kind.

    • David Lumin

      I’m not an illegal immigrant thank you very much. My great grandmother was full blooded Shawnee. I’m tired of you liberal POS’ saying this. Get over it. The British came here and invaded. The Spanish came here before the British and invaded. The French came here and INVADED. They fought a war and the Native Americans LOST that war. Get your facts straight for once in your miserable life.

      These children were trafficked up here for money and the lie that they were told. They were told once they got here, they wouldn’t be deported.

      These children are going to be sent back one way or another. The States in which these children are being flown to, bussed to, etc, are demanding they be sent back. These children are another strain on our already broken economy. We can’t afford to be hospitable to those who BREAK THE LAW. The law that the SHRUB passed was to stop child SEX trafficking, not illegal COYOTE trafficking of children.

      If they needed asylum, they should have gone to the American Consulate in their perspective countries and asked for asylum and done it the LEGAL way.

    • dot_bat


    • Sillysoft

      Fine, then allow them to come over but not use the US government programs. They can live off the Native American government system with free money, free medical, free food and free living area.

  • pocketnunu

    Thank you, Paul Rodriguez. Thank you for speaking out. I like the way Rodriguez was calm under fire, spoke with conviction, and didn’t back down.

  • johnanaguski

    Legal immigrants whether they were Latino, Polish, Irish, Italian etc have been a very important part of the growth and well being of our great nation.

  • pelermon

    Paul Rodriguez has way too much COMMON SENSE to be on the circus of complete NON-SENSE MSM.

  • ArizonaMomma

    I have a lot of Latino friends and they are not for this amnesty. They had to do it legally and so should these illegals among whom there are a lot of thug and terrorists.

  • Tien Lee

    Yup! The U.S. could barely take care of “our own kids.” Are we prepared for all of the kids in the whole wide world being dropped off into this country? What is this? America the big orphanage? Paul Rodriguez is acting more American than these delusional white “Americans”.

  • Tien Lee

    Yup! The U.S. could barely take care of “our own kids.” Are we prepared for all of the kids in the whole wide world being dropped off into this country? What is this? America the big orphanage? Paul Rodriguez is acting more American than these delusional white “Americans”.

  • Martin Redmann

    Immigrants arriving through Ellis Island were following the laws and they did not receive any type of social benefits when they got here BECAUSE THERE WERE NONE AVAILABLE!. Back then you came here because you wanted to work hard and provide a better life for your family, not exploit a system create by a government who takes more from law abiding, working Americans so that they can give more to others.

  • PB

    Paul Rodriguez is a American first, this the way it should be. Take care of our own then we can help others the legal way. I have a lot of respect for him.

  • copywriter111

    I would love it if we could accept everyone who wanted to come to this country. We just can’t afford it. Many good people here are in financial trouble and financial need. They are being ignored so that these children can have. The children are political pawns. The Obama administration needs to go.

  • chitown

    Yes nobody should be in favor of completely unregulated immigration, even the illegals already here, it cuts into everyones well being, there’s only so many resources and so many jobs and we are already can’t provide for everyone who is here already, we need to take care of the legal citizens of this country first! A country cannot survive if it has no borders.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    CNN is such a liberal, left-wing chess pool. Illegal is illegal, we insult the honest legal applicant when we allow MS-13 gangbangers to walk right into the USA and carry on the crime waves here. Send them ALL back.

  • John Mccullough

    OLD PRISON/JAIL Saying; DON”T TAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS. IF this had been stopped years ago, we be having this problem NOW. How do you define YOUR yard, street, block, city, county State, COUNTRY? Without “BORDERS” YOU HAVE/OWN NOTHING>

    • LadyWolf

      You are absolutely correct!!!!

  • Marcus_Aurelius

    Well said, Mr. Paul Rodriguez.

  • docwilly

    more hispanic illegals=more competition for their jobs

    • StuckInCali2Long

      Also more votes for Democrats and depreciation of wages.

  • jorge artiles

    I’m Latino and I don’t support Obama or illegal immigration.

  • StuckInCali2Long

    I have had many friends that were American born Hispanics and I have also had friends that weren’t born in America and had to put in the hard work to get legal. Neither group supported illegal immigration.

  • birdbrain2

    This guy said it correct. If America continues at the rate they are going there will be no need to even have a border because the government will continue allowing the illegals into this country whether there is a border or not. So do away with the border and welcome all of the illegals with open arms and free medical and a nice tidy welfare check with free housing and food.

  • Laura Gordon

    Wow you go Paul Rodriguez – gave me a new respect for the man! We love having people come here to have a better life – they just need to do it legally and those harboring illegals should get in trouble! He’s right we aren’t properly taking care of our own children, no matter the race, and we can’t take care of all the thousands who will continue to flood this country! SECURE THE BORDERS – NO AMNESTY – ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE!

  • Bo

    Anybody wanting to allow them to stay, should immediately open up their door to their home and take in 5, then next week 10, then the next week 20,, then the next week 40… No public assistance allowed. That person will be their only means of support.. Then you will see how charitable they really are, and they will see the enormity of this invasion. They are only charitable when they’re spending other peoples money, and taking other peoples jobs and resources. Liberals are just viruses that destroy their own host…

  • disgusted mom

    Sadly, its hard to know if the priest is really acting from a heart of compassion or $$$ signs. The Obama Admin reportedly gave several Catholic Diocese Charities and Baptist Church Charities millions over three years to help with “Unaccompanied Alien Children Project”. So of course he would champion the cause –he’s a paid advertisement. This project plus (reportedly) The US government’s FEDBIZOPS site (by order of the Obama admin) reportedly posting a notice BACK IN JANUARY looking for any vendors to provide transportation on all unaccompanied juvenile children up to 65,000 from the Mexico border, ages up to 17 years–is just more proof the Pres knew and planned it. He knew many would oppose it too but he sure DIDN’T take precautions to protect AMERICANS from the diseases these poor people have–think the Pres and his daughters ought to spend the night in one of these places—put his family at risk . Obama DOESN”T visit the border because HE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING…it’s HIS PLAN. Open the flood gates and everyone will come in. Why is it for GENERATIONS our current LEGAL WAY TO ENTER THE US has worked for hundreds of thousands to millions but NOW it doesn’t. In my husbands family alone we have relatives who LEGALLY came over from China, from Iran and Mexico. We have friends who LEGALLY came over from Ireland and France. All call America home most for over a decade. They aren’t any less proud of their heritage but they wave the American flag. It seems for those entering the Southern border particularly Mexican and Central American people ….we are supposed to make exceptions. they have also caught Islamic men (some who changed their sur name to a Hispanic surname) trying to come in illegally that way as well. Many come here but have no allegiance, no desire to learn English (no one says give up your native tongue but learn ENGLISH). Come—but come legally like every one else, pay your taxes etc. Why is it to get into Mexico I would have to every document in the world but even the Mexican government since before 2000 has threatened the US about treating their people kind and giving them dual citizenship so they can vote in Mexico and the US.

  • Amber

    I am latina and having known MANY immigrants legal and illegal, I am NOT in favor of illegal immigration and then trying to put some bureaucratic nonsense through to make them all legal in one fell swoop. There is a reason why the parents sent the KIDS. It isn’t the kids’ fault but there is NO WAY we can (like Paul Rodriguez was saying) take on the flood that will come if they don’t handle this with a strong hand. There is a process to becoming legal when you get here already. I know a lot of people think it’s a long and drawn out process but you know what? If I was moving to another country and I wanted to make that my HOME, I would do whatever they needed me to be legitimate. Including learning the language. I would NOT expect them to give me a free pass.

  • bigsurprise

    WELL SAID PAUL ! THAT is EXACTLY the issue…and what HAS BEEN going on for decades already . It will never end , until our GOVERNMENT abides by the immigration laws already in place…which they have NOT been…LET ICE do their jobs, round them up and send them all back…I would rtather our tax dollars go to bringing in experts from all fields…from governing to manufacturing,to their countries, and help them HELP THEMSELVES. We had war and revolution in our countries history when it was needed…because people were brave enough to fight for their freedoms and rights…I see all of these people just running away, to here for us to give and take care of them…THIS is not right. Like he said. there are plenty of adults and children in need in our own country , and our own infrastructure that needs to be taken care of…We cannot house and feed and care for the entire world within our borders.

  • Jeff

    I am Mexican american, born in Colorado. I do not think we should allow this. Everyone makes a good point, but Paul makes a better on…we cannot even take care of naturally born US kids, how the hell are we gonna take care of the soon to be over-whelming numbers of kids that want to enter the US…My wife is a teacher teaching your kids…we know first hand who is taking care and who is neglecting our kids….

  • Amerikanisch

    The Catholic Church is all about filling their pews with generous donors who give a LOT in the collection plates. No surprise that the priest wants amnesty. If he can get the America middle class to subsidize his flock with their tax dollars, they can give a lot more to the Catholic Church. I really don’t care what the Catholic Church wants because they stand to make money from open borders, thus their motives are biased and possibly even corrupted. The thing that amazes me the most is that you have to make an argument for common sense- as if most main stream journalists and half the population have lost their minds.

  • dcronin55

    good for him

  • Jorge Cortez

    Paul Rodriguez is a sellout. He wants to become relevant again by sucking up to the 1%.

  • Maria Elena Ramirez

    Just goes to prove that Latinos can be ignorant assholes, too.

  • Jay Fwyh

    This is the liberal plan to turn Texas blue …plain & simple.

  • hemo2

    America’s immigration process is not broken and does NOT need a “comprehensive reform” that politicians and liberal talk show hosts would have you believe. That’s just political speak for amnesty. The real issue is, (and always was), with ILLEGAL aliens. There is nothing to “reform” with regards to illegals except to actually get the government to enforce American law they took an oath to uphold against those that would violate America’s sovereignty & laws by entering this country illegally.

  • 1LTLos

    Hey idiot news commentator and the idiot priest in addition to why dont you ask for these contagious diseased uninvited invaders to live in your home? Just do it and shut up. The reason Paul Rodriquez and the rest of America oppose your bull$hit “compassion” is that we are a nation of laws __ I will bombard the internet with this until all of America learns this and you all scream bloody murder to tell me to stop! Here goes!:

    Title 8 Section 1325 code states: “Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to
    enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by
    immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration
    officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a
    willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a
    material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined
    under Title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a
    subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under Title 18, or
    imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.”

    Illegal immigration is not like getting a traffic ticket – You go to prison for illegal entry!
    So where does the compassion come in? It doesnt because illegal entry is a crime!

  • Ariel

    Beaners hating other Beaners. Sounds about right for such a disgusting race.It doesn’t matter if your legal or you were born her (anchor baby) It doesn’t change the fact that your a spick.

    • helinski

      @Ariel – You gotta be a troll…you ain’t baiting anyone on this site…unless you actually really are that stupid

  • helinski

    1. Flood the country with illegals to crash the welfare system and turn towns and cities against each other while the race card is being played to the hilt…

    2. Create civil unrest and strife when the “freebies” run out and people turn on each other. Mix that with various communicable diseases that will be running rampant (as well as a few microbiologically engineered viruses deliberately released and blamed on “border crashers”)…

    3. Send the petro dollar into hyperinflation as it loses its world reserve status wherein the Federal and State govs won’t be able to borrow or prop up anyone anymore

    4. Drop an EMP over the country and watch the electrical grid go down…
    and PRESTO!

    You have the makings of a collapsed system wherein humans are being depopulated from the planet and total Orwellian control is unleashed with draconian measures.

    • Jean Deaux

      You have a harsh outlook but I for one am in agreement. It is so patently evident as to be virtually indisputable but the brainwashed liberal segment refuse to consider the very real possibilities you state so well. I hope I don’t have to be cast in the role of saying, “I told you so” to the survivors.

  • Lee Weber

    truth sucks when it conflicts with acts of politically motivated betrayal of our citizens.

  • MontieR

    NO American citizen should be in favor of allowing ANY of these illegals to stay. IF you are in favor then you are in favor of a complete collapse of our nation.

  • Gale Morse

    The first thing they learned, break our laws, get rewards !

  • Tomasa Villareal

    I am the 5th American generation, but it is hard to believe because of my name. On the other hand, this is not about race! It’s about common sense! The illegals that are entering the U.S. are born from rancherito/peasant families. They’re the feeble minded lower class. Our country can not save the whole word even if we tried, and from what I am seeing, our country has become rundown and overcrowded. In the long run, this is going to affect all of us including the president. Why are the lower class fleeing from Mexico, Central America, and South America? They’re are too many of these lower class here now as it is, and because of the poor presidential leadership in our country, these people with feeble minds think they can stay! And what happens? The problem escalates! In other words our country is giving these illegals mixed messages, because they stay here and are not deported immediately!

    • Johnny

      The feeble-minded lower class? Your bigotry makes YOU far lower-class than any illegal immigrant out there, and your inane argument proves your feeble-mindedness as well. Methinks you’re just a bigot who happens to think herself superior to brown-skinned people simply because you happen to have more Caucasian/European genes. My guess is you’re proud of whatever Spanish ancestry you have, right? “Villareal” sure sounds like royalty and all that meaningless garbage, after all.

      • Jos America

        Johnny is an Obamaist communist troll. You are correct Tomasa.

        • Johnny

          And you are an idiot, as is Tomasa. Good job proving your bigotry too.

  • Mike Santino


  • Guest

    You rock!!

  • Donald P Domke

    Tip of the hat to Paul Rodriguez!!! He is right on target!!

  • Brenda Golden

    For the sake of our children and grandchildren we need to seal the boarder and repatriate the illegals. Our American families are more important than our politicians plans and power grabs.

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    Top Right News, why tell me you have to look at my comment and approve it before you will allow it to post when you know good and well 99% of the time you don’t look at any of them and just don’t allow them to post.

  • Guest

    Every 4th of July in Federal Courhouse all across the country immigrants who went through the process legally to become citizens do so and are proud of their new country. They LEARNED English, our history and some have even served in our military they so wanted to become citizens. That’s how its supposed to be done. Not a mass invasion on our borders with hope being “taken care of” when I get across. An the crap about leaving out of fear is BS. EVERY country I the world has some sort of strife going on an we’re not capable nor should we be expected to “save” them. These illegals need to be fed, clothed, give medical attention if needed and then SENT HOME as fast as it can be done WITHOUT all the legal red tape!

  • wayne8734

    Great speech,telling it like it is,the truth!!!!

  • Bill Mattingly

    Mr. Rodriguez is absolutely CORRECT !! People who think they’re being BIG humanitarians better start THINKING with your head. Do you realize how many POOR PEOPLE there are in the world?? There’s not ENOUGH money in the UNITED STATES from 1776 till 2014 to house, clothe and feed them. How long has Mexico existed NEXT DOOR to the United States, as long as we’ve been a NATION. We went from NOTHING to the most powerful and richest nation on earth and what did they LEARN from it ??? NOTHING APPARENTLY !!!! Its not our fault that most of LATIN AMERICA live in poverty, its their own fault and what steps are the taking to solve their problem, SHIPPING THEM ACROSS OUR BORDER for you dummies to take care of… SHIP THEM HOME and put the military on the border with live AMMO !!! They want to come to America, go to an AMERICAN CONSULATE and apply for a VISA !!!!!

  • SHOTGUN285

    I don’t know any legal immigrants that are for any kind of amnesty or open borders. What a crock.

    • Miss Ida West

      No – and it’s really a slap in their faces since they did it the RIGHT (legal) way for this government to push this garbage. I thought the same thing when Bush tried it – TWICE!

  • dotherightthing4

    Most of the people I know who are fighting the hardest against this are American Hispanics.

    • Miss Ida West

      Same here. I know a VERY successful guy who actually moved his family because he didn’t feel safe with the illegals moving into his neighborhood. He was really going on about this, but even he stopped himself by saying, “Look! Obviously I’M hispanic! But these people are trash!” I needed no convincing!

  • Johnny

    This is NOT about race, this is about economics. I am a first generation American both my parents are from another country. I have alot of so called non white friends who either immigrated here as children or whose parents emigrated here. We all feel bad for the children but we DO NOT have the capacity to deal with this when we ourselves as citizens, veterans and the children already here are facing hardship due to the fact the there is NO money for programs. So how can the Obama administration now come out and ask for money for something supposedly new on the scene when there was no money in the budgets for other programs for US Citizens. Pro-Immigration groups keep trying to make this sound like a racial issue with whites and that a bald face LIE!! This is an US AMERICAN CITIZEN issue and we need to stop the problem NOW before all these problems bring ALL OF US DOWN.

  • Christian Saavedra

    What is so shocking about his comments? It’s called common
    sense! Just because someone is Hispanic, Latino, or has a Spanish surname does
    not mean he or she supports illegal immigration or is an illegal alien. The
    media in the United States needs to stop its narrow-minded stereotypes and

  • Joe Smith

    Lemon WRONG when he says “America is a national of immigrants”…. America WAS a nation of immigrants. It is now a nation of 315 million, 85% of whom were born in America, subject to its laws… and privileges.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Bravo. Someone with some intellectual honesty on CNN… for once.

  • J. Wade Harrell

    I live near one of these forts where they are housing these kids. The strange thing is that for about a year they have been upgrading the facilities and security fences in the area almost as if this was planned.

  • markday

    what a horse’s ass and an ignoremus. can’t CNN find somebody better
    that this joker?

  • Steve Sedlis

    What part of the word ILLEGAL dont people understand? We are a nation of laws, and we certainly dont have the facilities to house, clothe, educate and care for these people as they invade our land. Nor do we seem to have the wherewithal to close our borders and send these people packing. We may be sympathetic, empathetic, compassionate, caring and concerned, but the laws are being broken here. We need to enforce what are already the laws of the land.

  • ale

    You have to look for whats better the parents of these children have sent them here for a reason i know it its not the best thing but if you do your research the kids either come here for a beter future or are forced into dangerous gangs or drug cartels so if we send them back keep in mind your semding back recruites for all drug cartels and ms 13 those are the only choices they have

  • RunHard

    That priest (?) is an Obamanite.

  • broncoswede

    Of course he is speaking out against a mass influx of illegals! He is an American!

    Latino, Caucasian, Oriental, Native American, Arab, and any other “race” you can name…it doesn’t matter… ALL are welcome here…as long as they go through the legal process.

    I would be offended, as a legal immigrant, at others that take the short cut of sneaking in and expecting to be afforded the same rights and liberties that I had worked and earned legally..
    Paul is 100% right when he states that USA simply cannot afford to take care of other nations problems…because we cannot even take care of our own citizens properly.

    If they are allowed to stay, then Paul will be correct again…the mass exodus from Central America north would never end! Such an assault on our southern border may just ensure that USA finally builds a wall and starts taking the illegals problem seriously….its WAY past the “oh, they just do the jobs we don’t want to do” stage! It is now a fight for our sovereignty!

    (PS…this is NOT the POTUS’ fault! This is a problem that has been building for decades…and fostered by BOTH political parties….as most USA ills are that get blamed on Mr Obama. Be a real Patriot and Respect the man! All this hate and bias spewed by NeoCon “news” outlets is just a ploy to win elections and be the ones garnering the cash and power…while NOTHING ever changes!)

    • Jean Deaux

      I disagree! We have had some problems with illegal immigrants before, but until this scheming skulldugger entered the picture, it was relatively minor. Then he began a plot wherein he could enable the entrance of millions of illegals, the better to stand a chance of additional democrat election victories.

      How can anyone remotely resembling a Patriot respect this scoundrel? I’m a long way from a neocon and believe me, none of my evaluations of this dithering dunce reflect anything but an incredible loathing and despising of our faux president based on his traitorous, unconstitutional activities. He sets a new mark for insidious, unprofessional, non presidential actions and he should be removed before he can incite any further degradation of our Republic!

  • Michael Lawyer

    how many more are we going to take in we just can’t afford it and i have enough taxes being taken out of my pay check now as it is. well take care of the illegals but not are xets shame on are government. again i say are government is a legalized mafia and until the common man stands up and together and over throws are government there going to keep doing stuff like this.

  • Jake Rodriguez

    I’m “hispanic” and I know a lot of hispanics who do not approve of illegal aliens and believe that we need to stop them at the border before they become a problem and a burden to all of us. The media needs to make a clear distinction between “Legal” and “Illegal Immigration” Kudos to Paul for speaking up!

  • Karla Kwist
  • ken clute

    this is one more step by this administration to burden this country using the Cloward-Priven strategy. The last step is to oveburden the Welfare system by allowing all of these people to come here and be put on the welfare dole. Then, when it crashes down on us we have the Socialsit state that they are striving for. Next step…Communisim!! I am glad that I am old and that this achievement will come shortly after I leave this mess. It’s not to late folks, don’t get me wrong, but it will take a Herculean effort now because of all of the complacency, to get rid of this administration and the one likely to follow, Hilary(Broomhilda) for the next 8 years,until 2024 but by then this country will be a socialist state with all of the illegals being allowed to come here to vote in the future and change our laws so that the rest of them can come here.

  • Richard

    And until this happened is when everyone starts to feel compassion and brings up that we need to take care of our own children. Lol dumb comments make me smile, I love reading them. Thank you people!

  • totogreen

    all of you sounds racist and greede we all humans been …this country no longer have humans rights !!

    • ronpaulnum1

      Tell that to Mexico, their immigration laws are 5 times stricter then the U.S. You are an illegal alien sympathizer or an illegal alien yourself by looking at your grammar.

  • grammadee94

    right on!

  • Mike Mittleberger

    Half my Family are Mexican & Mexican-American. They all live in nd around Los Angeles. They are all against Amnesty. Against using Children to allow illegal immigrants flood across the Borders. Against The INS & HOMELAND SECURITY being used to bus them across the borders…

  • rrecroc

    These damn puppet talking heads have no self respect …….. scum of the earth. Propaganda mouthpieces …… to be an American now is to be a liar.

  • kevinkarstens

    “Way to go Paul!”

    Let the hate flow through you. Yeeessss…..

    • David Michael

      Don’t like it when even the LEGAL immigrants are right do you? We give billions of taxpayer dollars to every country that these “children” come from. Why aren’t they being taken care of there? Why aren’t they cared for in Mexico before they even get here? Considering though, from your post that you are probably a child yourself, I have faith that you’ll learn. I was ignorant when I was young too.

  • kevinkarstens

    You hate filled, unAmericans are the most pathetic people I have run into in quite some time.
    These are PEOPLE…CHILDREN…WTF is WRONG with you?

    “Give me your tired, your poor…”

    • Brian M Halstead

      Finley someone who see’s the truth, I feel like I’m the only one who is fighting for humanity.

      • Jean Deaux

        It can only be your Christ like supremacy over all others that gives you this idea (not). Come to your senses and apply some logic to your thought processes. Christ is fully capable of taking care of himself and the Father.

    • Jean Deaux

      You sir, are a gullible goose and display some of their bowel habits.

  • hoover90

    I am latina born here. Everyone should follow the laws. I hate that people are surprised with how I feel.

  • Jason Hernandez

    The Koch’s said, a million to Juan.

  • AZTom

    Americans of Hispanic background don’t want their kids being exposed to lice, TB, polio, MS-13. They pay taxes and see how Obama and the democrats have squandered $3 TRILLION in revenue for each of Obama’s 6 years and $7 TRILLION in new debt and have nothing but scandal after scandal to show for it. I can’t believe most Hispanic American citizens want what we’ve lived with under Obama.

  • Wyoming Paul

    Most Latinos in Arizona hate the illegals, as they should.

  • Char2014

    I am a US CITIZEN (Naturalized) I’m a Latino too, and I agree with Paul on this. I came in the 1970s when my country was fighting a fierce civil war, and I was a child. I can relate and imagine how these children feel. I was only lucky because my father was a wealthy man and I qualified for the US VISA, otherwise I would probably been rejected to come to this country.

    I could gone to another country in the world, but THE USA IS CONSIDERED a country of peace and where human rights are valued. The case about these children is not the same as mine, but they are in the middle of something that do not sound right to me, and they are only victims of someone’s game. I feel they are being used maybe their governments, probably they are stealing from their nations vaults as usual, and now they want to shake away their responsibilities so nobody can take a single cent from their loot.

    They fill their mouths by calling the US Government many nasty names, one of them I remember was “Imperialists,” but the worst enemy the world can have are the Latin American Leaders, they are killing their own people and have no remorse. The Whole world watches, and no one does anything. Regardless of what any American says the USA will do whatever they think is right. We need an invasion in Latin America like the USA did in Panama and finish with the Roman Circus at once. Once this is done, I know for sure, no one would want to come here illegally. You have to be an immigrant to know these things, otherwise is hard to understand it.

    • Brian M Halstead

      it fascinates me, that in this country we have grown fat and lazy. You might as well call me a father Abraham in this generation I see everything through God’s point of view, the reason Obama is in offices; is because the same reason King Saul is placed in office, because it’s what we ask forI see everybody shaking their fist at Obama, and I ask why are they making all the fuss it’s what they asked for ,not just once -but twice. Is there anyone alive today they will accept responsibility for what he does and not blame others. after the great flood God has set down a simple precept: your path of life set before you and that you would choose life and not death. we live in a fractured creation, we are dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound brought on by greed and selfishnessand God has done the only humane thing he could do by sending his own son to die on the cross to pay for our sins and transgression

      • Char2014

        These Children are not “illegal” immigrants which is the subject of this discussion, they are victims someone is using to make the USA look bad if our government do not accept them. And as Paul says, if they accept them that is sending the wrong message out there. We have to ask for wisdom and pray a lot.

        • Brian M Halstead

          If I could take those kids and train them up to be productive citizens. And take that knowledge back to there countries. If they choose. A lot of those children are beginning exploited all because of a power hungry tyrant Obommer and friends.

      • Jean Deaux

        Beware of the thought that the election results were what the people wanted. There was a great deal of skulduggery and chicanery in the last election, not the least of which was more votes cast than were voters on the rolls in several states. And the gentle persuasion of voters in Philadelphia with black panthers in attendance with ball bats. There were other violations of voting codes such as obama having soros take our votes offshore for counting.
        I am happy for you that you see things through God’s point of view. It must be magnificent to have such knowledge and wisdom but you need to polish your sermon before you begin to preach to the great unwashed. I suspect that in some circles you will be found guilty of blasphemy so I would carefully consider your religious remarks.

        • Brian M Halstead

          You are in a giant classroom, you are either paying attention to the lesson, or you’re like Judas, not paying attention!

    • Jean Deaux

      If they are here illegally, they are illegal. I keep hearing the whimpering whine that we don’t want to break up families. We weren’t the ones that illegally brought our kids into this country. If it is important to keep the families together, let them pick up, as a family, and move back to where they came from. Otherwise, pipe down. But if they are illegal, one word suffices, “OUT”!

  • Jim DeBiasio

    Any body that immigrated legally is against letting illegals stay in this country.

  • hexxuss

    I have yet to personally meet anyone who has migrated to the US legally who supports the amnesty or even applauds the illegals. It’s nothing more than a slap in the face to everyone who has gone through the due process & done things correctly and LEGALLY. I tend to get beyond offended when a bunch of bleeding hearts seem to think that I should be working and having MY taxes increase so I can pay for people (including children) who don’t even belong here and who will NEVER contribute the same (taxes) BACK! NO! I don’t bust my ass at my job so I can support a bunch of illegals, I do it to support MY OWN family. Illegals cost over $14 BILLION a year – amnesty will double that. Who, exactly, do they think will front that bill? If I had MY way about it – the Obamas, et all can pay for it all, and THEN see how much they support it when they’re not part of that 1% anymore.

  • just me

    Apparently he doesn’t know that he is american indian and that most of those “illegal” aliens are american indians too because he or whoever made the title keeps referring to them as “latinos”. Real latinos are WHITE and are from europe. Wait, WHAT?!!. NOT the land of milk and honey? Well apparently white people thought this was the land of milk and honey and almost wiped out all of the american indians, the same ones they are trying to keep out of the US so they can keep that milk and honey. Just because you steal something doesn’t make it yours. No matter where natives are from they are still of this land from the tip of north america to the tip of south america no matter what language they speak. This guy needs to rethink what he is saying. Natives are natives, even on stolen land. (Get a DNA test PAUL then read up on history and what the US, Canada, Mexico and pretty much any country in the americas are really founded on……. -_- ) The destruction of YOUR people, natives not latinos or hispanics (both are white and from europe).

    • Jerry

      True that. Just remember to take into consideration that ancestral american indians were even mORe territorial then the sovereign countries that have replace the tribes, and atzlan. There would not be an influx from central america in north america, because they would not have made the trip.

  • Oscar C Salinas

    Latinos are not exempt to obey the the laws of immigration. We are to respect the host country we live in, as we would be guests in somebody’s else house.

  • Ric Carter

    This just shows more of the Democrat racism.

  • twobadknee

    Your president’s stated objective is to redistribute the USA’s wealth. What better way to accomplish that than to allow countless thousands of illegals to enter this nation and pay their costs and supply their needs out of the money generated to care for the citizenry of the USA. It’s stated that our infrastructure needs many dollars to rebuilt those things that need it. Well, we are taking the available cash and spending it on illegals and then asking to take more from the US population to rebuild the country. He is right on his objective. His followers are too stupid to realize what’s happening. And, further, I don’t see your president sharing his accumulated wealth with “commoners” and others. What’s good for the goose is NOT what’s good for the gander, in his world.

    • tony o

      Wealth has already been redistributed upward for the last 30 years through deregulation. LOL Learn a thing or two.

  • tony o

    This tool needs to understand a thing or two about the US and the CIA’s effort to undermine and weaken Latin America. It’s those very same efforts that have women and children fleeing their countries for their safety. What a crock of crapola Rodriguez is spewing. He needs to stop being an ignorant ass.

    • Valno

      I guess you know all about the CIA

      • tony o

        I’m an educated Latino and obviously know more than you.

        • Brian M Halstead

          Mr Education, please don’t lower your self down to that morons level, I can’t stand stereotyping ignorant bastards they get their education from CNN

          • Valno

            Texas is sending Troops down to the border.

          • Brian M Halstead

            There will be much bloodshed there, the time of the great tribulation is at hand, I hope and pray that your family is safe, and that you are trusting in Christ. Amen

        • Jean Deaux

          Really? Where did you get your education? I think you are nothing more than an opinionated single issue liberal flying in defiance of our laws and don’t reflect the thoughts of the vast majority of legal immigrants. What do you know about that?

  • PapaBear1130

    First and foremost, I think that Obama’s hidden agenda of overwhelming the American way of life in favor of a third world socialist madhouse is the driving force behind this invasion. We allow a mass influx of lower class, uneducated people into the country who will overburden the welfare system and take food from the mouths of the Americans who are already dependent on it. Why is it that they are more important than our own veterans who served loyally in adverse conditions? Is there anyway to prevent the spread of diseases from these aliens coming from dirty tropical climates suddenly inserted into our schools, neighborhoods, and into our cities? What is to stop terrorists from using this route to infiltrate the country? I think it’s time to see the evil behind the screen in Oz. The wizard is not doing this for the good of America.

  • Edward Pozuelos

    The origin of the problem is simple. “Cause and effect.”
    Politicians making private deals with foreign and domestic companies to take advantage of the natural resources. There are Millions and Billions of dollars being made. Instead of using
    the natural resources and it’s income to fuel their economy to create jobs,
    nurture domestic business opportunities, instead of using the money to invest
    in their youths education, instead of promoting careers in scientific research,
    instead of promoting careers in technology development, and fostering
    opportunities for upper mobility. The people are left with POVERTY. It is
    obvious that they become desperate; it’s in human nature to seek opportunities
    away from home. The immigration problem is the result of irresponsible
    individuals who are in a position of leadership such as politicians,
    presidents, wealthy investors, CEO’s and corporate leaders who have financial
    influences. These are the same individuals who have been privileged, and
    blessed with the opportunity to have an advanced education, food every day, a safe
    home, and a lot of money. Yet, we blame the poor, the uneducated, the weak, and
    the powerless. Immigration is the logical consequence when you have
    nothing, immigration is the logical choice when you are hungry, immigration is
    a decision made between dying and living. Ask yourself, what would you do in a
    similar situation?

  • DemsRClueless

    Does being latino or not matter? Illegal is illegal, whether you are in the country illegally and are latino, white, chinese or whatever. I know several LEGAL immigrants , filipino, latino, and chinese , some who are still in process of citizenship and working LEGALLY who are disgusted with the talk of amnesty for ILLEGALS.

  • tony o

    I don’t know whether to laugh at some of you or just shake my damn head. I guess it’s too much to believe that most Latinos are educated to the US’s actions in Latin America. Hell it’s been an ass to Latinos since the US stole the SouthWest from Mexico, just took Puerto Rico without so much as a thank you, destabilized Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela etc. Now that Central America is having horrendous trouble with drug lords this uproar is all about some busses of women and children refugees? Drug lords that the CIA is in cahoots with, I might add. Diseased kids? Shame on you! If you weren’t so busy listening to conservative propaganda this wouldn’t be an issue at all but go ahead and join the rest of the dummies. You just want to fit in right Latinos?

  • Iain Brown

    My wife is from Mexico (legally) and she is astounded as to why we allow Illegal aliens to abuse our system and all the free stuff we give them. She asks me why, I have no answer for her.

    Don Lemon is an idiot and that Catholic Felatio abusing Priest can pay for this crap out if his pocket and should have his churche’s tax exempt status revoked, Yeah, I’m sure Father Creep loves those illegal children,

    Good Job Rodriguez, the Latinos I know certainly do not side with illegal aliens and how they abuse our social systems…..

  • Doserock

    I was expecting Paul Rodriguez to say something foolish when I read the headline…. turns out he is 100% correct. By accepting these children, we will continue to fund the smugglers who sell their parents these dreams. Zero tolerance will control this illegal immigration problem.

  • BonnieSinc

    Watched it.

  • Mark Goldstein

    our bank can’t afford what King Barrck is asking for so now is the time to just turn them around and have them go home. Let their country’s military fight the gangs and get rid of them. I have a heart but it is only so big. there are so many waiting to get into the US legally that because of the current crisis on the boarder they can’t come here. We have to put up with the thugs and terrorists using this crisis to come into the US and strike us.

  • jpo321

    Kind peed on their meme.

  • Fernando Trujillo

    He’s a LEGAL IMMIGRANT! why doesn’t anyone make that distinction?????

  • Tank_Commander

    Proposal for immigration reform: Make it a criminal offense to be an illegal
    alien within the borders of the United States.
    E-verify would be made mandatory for ALL EMPLOYERS regardless of
    size. Make it a federal criminal offense
    for any employer who knowingly hires an illegal alien with the penalty of 5
    years in prison and a $5,000.00 fine for each count (employee). Withdraw any federal funding or grants to any
    municipality in the United States that declares itself a “sanctuary city.” Fully fund the immigration and naturalization
    service, include funding for the transfer of any illegal alien from state,
    county, or local law enforcement in custody to the INS for deportation.

    • Donald J. Powell

      The fine in the 1986 Law is $15K, But they do need to make it a Felony to be here ILLEGALLY.

    • Jean Deaux

      I don’t know if you’re running for President or not, but you have some superb ideas. Carry on with vigor!!

  • tamjammin

    Can we send them all to DC with sleeping bags so that the donkey inviting them all over here can deal with them instead of Az. & Tx.

  • MLM

    I live in California and of course have Mexican friends LEGAL no they don’t want to legalize the ILLEGALS they’ve came here and paid and wanted to be an American citizen. Listen to them they know the greediness and I don’t call them legal immigrants they are Americans.

  • Aranna Vallotton

    I hear more and more Legal Immigrants, speaking out, people who have gone thru the hoops, and probably know more about American law and pride than half of the people raised here. I applaud you and thank you for being an American. Not a Mexican-American, not an African- American, or Chinese American. If you took the oath to protect this country and be a citizen, who will fight all invaders both foreign and domestic. Then we need to drop the hyphens and stand together as Americans!

  • The Honest Courier

    The word “Latino” does mean Stupid. There are many Latino’s, Puerto Rican etc. in America who were either born here or came here legally. They see how stupid the opening of our borders to “anyone” will harm America.

  • Lou Cifer

    It’s ridiculous how many people think people of a nationality, skin color or culture are supposed to all be united politically and think alike… we are all individuals and have our own perspective.

    It’s not fair to immigrants who have waited in line, gone through all the red tape and jumped through the hoops to come here legally to see other people break the law and get a free pass… and the reason we don’t let anyone come into the USA anytime they want for as long as they want is the same reason why we don’t let just any stranger wander into our homes and stay as long as they wish, we want to have time to get to know a person before we decide whether or not to welcome them into our homes, as a nation we need time to check for criminal records and to limit the number of immigrants so they can gradually integrate into our society without overwhelming it.

  • Brooks Wade

    Why should coming to our country be easier for those who choose to do it illegally?

  • Rick Alvarado

    latino here also , illegal immigration is wrong, ty paul rodriguez

  • Eric Dee

    Never a better argument of separation of church and State. The priest just heard ” young unattended boys by the thousands ” and is on a delusional sex-fantasy high. I think that the Pope and his co-hort child molesters need to shut the eff up and stay out of this one before someone mentions the FACT that most of these starving peasants are a product of the catholic churches policies of ‘ no-birth control ‘ – and they have managed to brainwash 82.7%+ of our invaders. We must also remember that at the same time latin Americans are invading a civilized Country – they are deserting theirs. Do we want to populate the country with cowards?

  • ron44

    Putting a love you not matter what you do and you are welcome no matter what you duo is nonsense from CNN who is showing their true intent..flooding us with the intent of destroying us..

  • Dave T

    I used to not much care for Paul Rodriguez, but I’ve changed my mind. He appears to be far more levelheaded, practical, and down to earth than his stage persona would imply. My bad for misjudging.

  • OOPS!
    He left his talking points…lol

  • enough already with LWN’s

    Financail aid to these countries needs to be redirected and spent on these illegals at the border now. That will be the solution to the problem.

  • mommadukes

    i am really glad that it is getting out there. we just don’t have the resources for others ,. we can barely take care of our own.

  • DixieAngel_76

    I thought he made a very good point, without being hateful about it.

  • Concernedcitizen

    I’m also Latina, and 100% oppose this invasion of illegals coming to our country, I served my country with pride for 24 years, feel so sad for all the bad things that are happening to this great nation, secure the border or will no longer be AMERICA!

  • Ron Perschbacher

    Lets make Mexico our 51 state.

  • Jerry Schmitz

    My wife and her family waited for three years to come here in 1957 from Cuba, legally. (before Castro). Her opinions on illegal immigration are not fit to print here, and that includes the masses that have come from Cuba. She is a American Citizen now, votes in every election (and makes me vote as well). She knows the pledge of allegiance, and the national anthem. She is so much of an American, she sometimes shames me, for not being more American. She hates La Raza, and is not a Democrat or Republican, she votes on the issues and for the people she thinks will do the best job. Some people do not understand the difference between a legal immigrate and an illegal one. Unless you are prepared for an ear full do not ask my wife.

    • tiorbinist

      God has blessed you with an intelligent and patriotic woman!

  • Donald J. Powell

    Since the Liberal MSM thinks that Americans want to Legalize all of the ILLEGALS let’s put it on the November Ballot. Should ILLEGALS be given Amnesty or Deported? Anyone want to guess what the vote would be? Probably not what the Liberal Press and Democrats want.

    • tiorbinist

      Why should it need a referendum? We already have it codified into US Code, i.e., the Law of the Land. Just remind the lib-prog drones of this, and they’ll go away and stop, right? Isn’t that we were supposed to do when a lib-prog drone chants “it’s the Law of the Land so STFU” about Obamacare? feh.

      • Donald J. Powell

        I have seen interviews with Pelosi, Reid and Schummer and when asked about the Law of the Land 1986 Immigration Law they say it is old and needs to be changed but when Reid and Schummer are asked about the differences between the Senate Bill and 1986 Law except the Pathway to Citizenship and they try double and triple talking their way out of it.

        • tiorbinist

          That’s just because they remember how they suckered Reagan into the amnesty bill with promises of strengthening the border, enforcement of immigration law, and a limited (~2500) number of insta-citizen grants. Instead, no strengthening of the border, no enforcement and 5000 insta-citizens.

          They don’t want you to remember the old con, or they might have to work harder to pull the new con.

  • Mary G

    Thank you, Paul Rodriguez!! What is going on is bad for all of us and it is refreshing to hear from someone like him. That he fills the similar! My question is how much of main stream media is actually going to cover it???

  • Roxy Girlz

    Way to go Paul! Thank you so much for standing up for truth, the law, and what’s right and proper for both OUR and YOUR country, all Americans, undivided, standing together — the USA!…BTW I think you are an awesome guy and great comedian…luv your stuff!

  • drake10

    Good for Paul! I’ve noticed how these churches are whoring themselves out to the Illegals lately.

  • Gregg K

    It’s a little like having 100,000 extra kittens. Most people like them and wish them no harm but no one wants to take them home and take care of them.

  • MarkBatin

    Mr. Rodriguez; My respect for is immeasurable. You understand the problem and state the facts. It is to bad that the priest and others on the Liberal left will not open their eyes and see the true problem this issue brings.

  • truckermatt

    Gov Perry of Texas needs to become that extraordinary leader during this trying time in which Obama is trying to destroy our sovereignty. Gov Perry should order all his assets available and then call upon the citizen militia to assist the state’s assets and act as an emergency border police force. There are enough citizens to secure the border easily and cost effectively. Quit talking about it and do it.

    • Jean Deaux

      Hey stop it. All you are doing is using common sense to cure a national problem. I don’t believe you’ll find that to be a politically correct solution so hillary will look down her nose at it.
      Have you considered using our unemployed veterans to build a double apron fence, with concertina wire at its base, dimpled with land mines as a deterrent? That should run the entire length of the border. If the illegals lose a few trying to cross it, leave the bodies there until they are just bones. Now that will be a REAL deterrent.

  • Jerry Verdugo

    Ever since a former Pope stated that a Country has the right to determine who enters its borders, I believe we have always had that right. The answer is somewhat simple: those who ARE in favor of illegal immigration can support and raise the illegals in their own home–and I do mean those families who are NOT on welfare.

  • globeflyer

    If everybody is honest about the discussion, the Catholic Church has always been about numbers and those who will “follow” the priests. The Pope has always been about having a large number of people who are willing to look to him for guidance, not necessarily about the Bible. Jesus, Himself, said “render unto Ceasar, that which is Caesar’s and unto God, that which is God’s”. God wants the heart and Caesar wants “the money”. Anyone who tells you differently, is not being honest with you. BTW, when is the last time you heard ANY politician talk about “streamlining” the immigration process? Not amnesty, but true expediting the process for people to come here legally?

  • Willy Rho

    Honorable Governor Rick Perry,

    For Your information, I sent this letter to Joe Barton, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and John Boehner.

    American Nations. THAT IS AN ACT of WAR.

    Give Mexico an Ultimatum, Stop the Beast from carrying Illegal Aliens from central America or we will destroy that Rail Line. Or just destroy IT and let Mexico declare War on the USA.

    If the USA really wants to stop the Illegal alien INVASION from Central America, blow the Train Tracks on the “Beast”, as they Call it. A team of Seals or Special Ops guys could do it in a few days.

    Or place an American A/C carrier near Belize and send a few F-18’s or some F-35’s and blow the rails in a few dozen places and all the Invasion Traffic from Central American places would come to a Screeching halt and not start again for a year or more. The single Train Track Line is virtually the sole Carrier of all of these ILLEGAL ALIENS. Without the Train Tracks, the journey would be so difficult, no one could make the Trip in a month.

    Or use Drones with some Hell Fire Missiles, and do the same.

    If you are afraid of the Political Fallout, don’t be. When Mexico and Central America see the USA’s Resolve to Stop the Illegal Aliens, they will stop their own Citizens from Leaving their own Nations.

    Too Bad Benjamin Netanyahu is not our President, he would stop the INVASION in 3 hours.

    In the Constitution, Read Article 1, Section 10 and Article 4, Section 4. If you guys don’t do it,
    Rick Perry could and might and it would be Legal. And he would be an American Hero. And the Next President of the USA. Unlike the ILLEGAL ALIEN Nero that Fiddles while the USA Burns.
    Cowards, all of you.


    • FM505


  • daretodiscipline

    I find it strange that we have our children, who are citizens, going hungry, homeless and abused along with our elderly and even our vets who have served our country can’t get Obama begging congress to give 4billion to help them, but he wants to do it for other countries. When you think about what obama is trying to accomplish, it’s really about flooding our middle class U.S. citizens with the burden of over taxation and high medical costs, in order to get rid of the middle class and have a country of only rich or poor; then take away our rights of fire arms so we can’t rebel. Look around your cities and neighborhoods, what do you see? People say it’s racism but just because we consist of a melting pot of culture, does not mean we can afford to just let everyone in. Our economy can’t handle that kind of load, and many of our countrymen earned their right to be here. We have a process in place for becoming a citizen, for a reason. We don’t want other countries criminals or lazy people, we have plenty of our own we would like to unload on other countries, but they won’t take them. My favorite thing to see is illegals picketing and demanding welfare, health care, drivers licenses and other things, in their language and waiving their flag! Hey, do you think I could do that in Mexico, Iran, China, or any other country for that matter? Could I be a pregnant 28yr old U.S. citizen and go to Mecico and get paid welfare and food stamps and even have a debit card given to me by their government to have it automatic deposited? How about claiming dependents I don’t have but use TIN numbers given by their country to a bunch of family members that are living somewhere else but they give huge tac refunds

  • Illegal immigration is a slap in the face to anyone who immigrated legally and an even bigger slap to the American taxpayers who will be forced to feed, clothe, house, educate and provide healthcare to ppl who have not contributed a nickel to the social safety net. The US has plenty of its own homeless and starving children it doesn’t want to take care of. Send them all back to their government. Let some other country take care of them.

  • adrianne vasquez

    I applaud Paul Rodriguez for speaking out. For Obama and his administration to think that legal Hispanics would want to let the illegals in is foolish. There is such a thing as coming here lawfully.

  • I think we should give the kids a opportunity to go to a place where their language is spoken. Give them food, water, shoes, a backpack and directions to the closest Mexican town or city. Evidentially they have been able to freely move about in Mexico with some sort of Visa so lets not make them illegal in the US but keep them legal in Mexico. The US is not a travel bureau so no need to provide transportation all the way back to their homeland. Mexico is responsible for the passage over their land so lets not ruin a good thing. Mexico will welcome all these kids as their own.

  • kirkpatrick

    Want to help “the children”? End the War on Drugs!

    • another_engineer

      Want to end the murder rate.. make murder illegal.


  • John

    My father and grandmother paid hundreds of dollars, filled out pages and pages of paperwork and waited years to EARN their citizenship. Giving illegal aliens a pass is a slap in the face for the people who did the right thing. We may as well say, “You’re a sucker if you obey the law and pay money and do the right thing.”

    There already is a pathway to citizenship. It’s called a DS-230.

  • yearounder .

    All immigrants (whether Latino or not) that came into this country legally should be offended and AGAINST amnesty for the ILLEGAL immigrants pouring through the borders! Amnesty is treason…we have laws for a reason. Sheesh…

    • hexxuss

      Every legal immigrant that I personally know IS offended by the illegals getting the easy way in, and I’m offended on their behalf as well. It’s nothing short of disgusting.

  • Dale K

    Again, for the umpteeth time – It’s not about immigration, it’s about illegal entry into the country. One thing we have to stop doing is referring to it as illegal “Immigration” – which implied that is somehow sanctioned. It is ILLEGAL entry.

  • Doug Shippey

    All immigrants should be approved before entering the USA! We need to secure our border right away!

  • Erniejay

    I say send them back we have our own problems ! We have staving families with children, we have homelessness so why take in more than you can chew . I have been here all my life and it’s sad that we can’t even house our own , feed our own and we keep taking in more of this B.S .Obama needs to move to Mexico and take care of them over there . So like it or not that’s my opinion.

  • David

    Paul Rodriguez … bless your heart. You, sir, are a man of emotional and logical discipline.

    ~ Pastor David

  • gritsngravy418

    I work for one of the biggest school districts in San Antonio and I can tell you that we are ALREADY flooded with illegal aliens. They will NOT even salute our flag. I have to keep from slapping these S.O.Bs. They have ABSOLUTELY no respect for our Country, our Flag or even school employees. So, let CNN, Don Lemon OR that priest take their asses home. Don Lemon looks as if he sucks something alright. This school year is 100 times worst with all this b.s. going on and the school year has NOT even began. THIS HAS MADE EVERYTHING worst for school employees. If y’all think these little bastard shots are SO freaking great….How many have YOU TAKEN HOME??

  • Rob Shveytser

    It’s a myth spread by the leftists. And if you think about it, why would legal immigrants be for illegal immigration?! It takes away their jobs, their benefits.

  • Fred Young

    Politicians don’t listen. They won’t take action if it doesn’t benefit them or might be detrimental to them in any way. As evidence, here is a facebook post of mine that is similar (without the sarcasm) I have sent to many, many politicians with no response from any of them.

    Dear politician or anyone that has the ability to take action and effect change and is willing to take the time to learn of a beneficial and humane solution to our border crisis. This solution will not come cheap. This solution will take quite some time to fully implement. It may become controversial making it’s proponents potentially unpopular and come under attack by all sorts of extremists, special interest groups and political opponents. If you have any reservations about any of these, please stop reading right here and stop wasting your time. If none of these scare you off, please continue reading but please try to do so with an open, objective mind.

    Now for the positives. This solution will eliminate all cross border smuggling of people, drugs, weapons, money and any other kind of contraband. It will provide jobs for thousands upon thousands of workers on both sides of the border for quite some time during the implementation stage and then sustainable for thousands of workers after implementation. This solution will also reduce pollution, reduce fuel cost and time for the transportation of goods. This covers the main benefits of this solution but there are many, many ancillary benefits as well which I will discuss at a later time.

    If this peaks your interest read on, but before I give you the solution, it would be greatly appreciated if you would truly give it some thought before you give it a thoughtless knee jerk reaction or dismiss it as a hair brained idea. It is completely feasible, we have the technology. It is not beyond our capability.

    The solution is to build a working canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific along our border with Mexico.

    I will be more than happy to share more ideas I have about this project and I welcome yours. We can do this !

    • Stanley Rogers

      Hey Fred, I like your idea. My name is Elizabeth. Can you contact me on facebook? (patrick dot pille at facebook dot com) I’m going to a Texas Border Volunteers meeting tonight and I’d like to bring this up. Thanks!

      • Fred Young

        Here’s a little more about the solution to our crisis at the border and a poster I have made:

        If the government truly wanted to stop ALL cross border crime; drug smuggling, arms smuggling, cartel money movement, contraband of all kinds, illegal immigration, human trafficking for sexploitation, to name a few, all they would have to do is build a working canal along our border with Mexico, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. This would also create thousands upon thousands of jobs, create a low cost, pollution reducing method of transporting goods from coast to coast by using electric “mules” to pull the ships through powered by solar panel farms along the way. It would be difficult and cost a great deal, yes, but it is not beyond our capability, we have the technology. When is our government going to stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. It’s not working and won’t, this will. We CAN do this !

      • Fred Young

        Hi Elizabeth, Here’s a little more about the solution to our border crisis:

        If the government truly wanted to stop ALL cross border crime; drug smuggling, arms smuggling, cartel money movement, contraband of all kinds, illegal immigration, human trafficking for sexploitation, to name a few, all they would have to do is build a working canal along our border with Mexico, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. This would also create thousands upon thousands of jobs, create a low cost, pollution reducing method of transporting goods from coast to coast by using electric “mules” to pull the ships through powered by solar panel farms along the way. It would be difficult and cost a great deal, yes, but it is not beyond our capability, we have the technology. When is our government going to stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. It’s not working and won’t, this will. We CAN do this !

        If you want to follow a discussion on this check out:
        Mother of Border Agent Murdered by Illegal Aliens : ‘I Will Not Rest Until These Worthless Pieces of S**t Are Dead’ on Top Right News – link,
        Also I have made a basic poster. It won’t paste here but you can see it on my Facebook page (lookup Fred Young) I’ll post it again. Thanks for your interest.

      • Fred Young

        Hi Elizabeth, Here’s a little more about about the solution to our border crisis:

        If the government truly wanted to stop ALL cross border crime; drug smuggling, arms smuggling, cartel money movement, contraband of all kinds, illegal immigration, human trafficking for sexploitation, to name a few, all they would have to do is build a working canal along our border with Mexico, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. This would also create thousands upon thousands of jobs, create a low cost, pollution reducing method of transporting goods from coast to coast by using electric “mules” to pull the ships through powered by solar panel farms along the way. It would be difficult and cost a great deal, yes, but it is not beyond our capability, we have the technology. When is our government going to stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. It’s not working and won’t, this will. We CAN do this !

        For more, if you want, see thread on Top Right News topic:
        “Mother of Border Agent Murdered by Illegal Aliens : ‘I Will Not Rest Until These Worthless Pieces of S**t Are Dead’”

        I also made a basic poster that won’t paste here. See it on my Facebook page ( look up Fred Young) I’ll post it there again. Thanks for your interest!

  • William Harney


  • lorenv

    I would have to suggest that immigrants who came to America Legally, jumped through all the hoops, became American Citizens are not in favor of what is taking place with the illegal immigrants.

  • M Anderson

    The Mexican govt just recently refused entry to tens of thousands of Central American illegal immigrants. At the same time, lecturing the U.S. govt about letting in the “children”. What bullshitters!

  • Carlos Valdés

    I’m a Latino and I do not want illegal Immigration, and The ASS in the WH should not be doing this, he just want to ruin this country. The people that want the illegals want them here because that is how they make their money, that priest will benefit from those kids coming to the USA , more yard workers and the lawyers more clients and the home owners more maids.
    To hell with them send them back… No MORE free rides

  • Tina Goforth

    we as a country are having a hard enough time taking care of our citizens and should not be expected to take care of millions more that more than likely will be a huge drain and burden on our society. When these people become productive CITIZENS legally, live by our laws, get a job (which will be harder to get with so many new people vying for them), pay their taxes and aren’t another big drain on the legal system then they will be called American Citizens, until then they are here illegally and therefore need to be sent back to their countries.

  • TeslaRawks

    In high school i was suggested to take up trades like building and small engines so I had no idea what the future holds so I took their advice signed up for building trades and auto shop. So it was ok at first I graduated 1982 the housing development was strong in Texas so I started off as a Framer…I didn’t care for walking on 4 inch beams across the house holding a truss especially after a rain or a lot of morning dew. I switch to interior trimmer and held that position for about 6 years went to where the money and the work was from there such as painting and installing infrared security alarms and vinyl siding. back in those days the only jobs Illegal aliens worked were the concrete foundations and picking up the lots in the work sites. Well it wasn’t long until illegals were all over the place bringing down wages and lowering the quality of craftsmanship to where we all live in prefab homes and disposable lives and possessions and it wont be much longer until the rest of the occupations in this country go the same way and everyone will be producing products we cannot afford to purchase. The sad news is that people will not know it can happen to them until it is too late. we need to secure the borders and bring back quality workmanship and finally product our own petroleum so we can stop paying to go to work to make money we need for more important needs.

    • TeslaRawks

      This should be a reality.

    • Jean Deaux

      I’m in complete agreement (almost). We do produce our own petroleum and we export millions of barrels to Japan so I wonder how accurate the estimates are that we are forced to import oil (thereby raising pump prices). I suspect it is a product of Wall Street manipulations by both international and American money mongers, the better to raise profits at the pump.

      Bear in mind, there never was a bonafide petroleum shortage; that was also a gigantic fraud, never explained to the people by the NWO controlled MSM. Petroleum originates in the earth’s mantle and never came from ancient dinosaur bodies and forests, as was originally believed. It is inexhaustible but it can take time to produce. So don’t place all the blame on evil middle Eastern producers when most of the blame falls on greedy international investors.
      As you can imagine, all this subterfuge is covered by layers of statistics and falsehoods, carefully calculated to enhance the continuance of profits and ill gotten gains.

  • ChemicalDeath

    Good for him to stand up to these liberal numb skulls.

  • David Fournier

    Love you Paul these idiots don’t understand logic

  • jon d

    tell father john that if he’s so concerned that he should go to these countries and help them there. Teach them to farm, read, write, etc. go for it clean shirt

  • Sheryl Rayburn

    Bravo Mr. Rodriguez and Well Said

  • Oscar C Salinas

    A good citizen abides by the Law. Let everybody know that country is not a a corral to herd people like cattle.

  • W Dawes

    We don’t have ANY water for the people we already have. No water!!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    People are going to be shocked to hear this coming from a Latin American. Don Lemon is and always has been an idiot. People don’t realize that those who came here legally expect the same of other countries. The people we want are the ones with Paul Rodriguez’s attitude and the ones we get are scum bag criminals. The people of the U.S. have a right to do background checks etc.

  • JH

    Tell em like it is Paul!

  • j.okamoto

    Totally agree with Paul Rodriguez!!! Sadly, this is probably the last time we will see him on CNN.

  • c.smith

    way to go and truth is that we have hard time taking care of our own . This isnt the land of Milk and Honey anymore… Hard times everywhere… But come here legally.. Paul was so right on his comment.

  • Shaw

    I say ship them all to Somalia and let them fight it out there.

  • Christine Cuneo

    Americans overwhelmingly oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • Lance Sjogren

    I thought Rodriguez was a La Raza advocate. Glad to see he’s not.

  • Mindmech

    I am a Latino and a Catholic to boot and I am sick and tired of priests and politicians selling out my country. I served during Viet Nam to prevent the kind of invasion that is being allowed to occur in this country. This is a nation of laws. When someone comes to this country, it should be by legal means. Who else do you think might be crossing our borders?

  • Miriam Urrutia

    WOW! I applaud him. I saw him many moons ago doing stand up and he made some stupid remarks that made me never listen to him again. Now, I am a fan again.

  • Lori Ann Crutcher-Batzloff

    wow. Empathy? Anyone? Can you imagine being in such fear of drug gangs that you feel your children are safer risking rape, murder, explotation, starvation, exposure, et al. trying to get to the USA than they would be in their homeland? Perhaps your native American parents instilled this hatred of immigrants in you? Countries in Africa and the Middle East have MILLIONS of refugees from neighboring countries. We must look like a bunch of bigoted whiners to them. We have more land and much more money yet we can’t shelter a few ten-thousand kids until we can give them a hearing for citizenship? These families are desparate to save their children. Those of you with Christian beliefs better stop and wonder WWJD? The rest of you all…how about some compassion for the human race?

    • hexxuss

      If their lives are in danger, they can go to a consulate & apply for asylum, but THAT would be the LEGAL way to do it. It happens all the time, they just have NO respect for our laws. If they were refugees (and we’ve had people come here as refugees LEGALLY before too), then they would fall under the asylum, again, but they’re not.

    • Jean Deaux

      Many countries in Europe that offered asylum and friendship are now realizing their error and are shooing illegals out. African blacks lose hundreds a year in drowning accidents en route to their illegal destination yet they continue. These illegals should return to their countries and overthrow the despots in control. Like we did in our Revolutionary war. It’s not easy and ours was greatly helped by our Constitution and Bill of Rights and a determined army of, I believe, 2% of our citizens. And a strong belief in God! There will be grievous mistakes made, but that is part of the price of freedom.
      As for your thought that we have “much more money” bear in mind that we are bankrupt and any funds granted to these individuals will be paid for by your descendants. If current financial policies continue, we will be fortunate if these “broke” illegals wont have more money than we. If this illegal trend continues, we’ll be overrun to the point where no one has anything. Please remember the old saying, “If you can’t feed’em, don’t breed’em”. The Chinese may have had something with their population reduction scheme.

  • hexxuss

    My hat is off to you sir. If your life is in immediate danger, you can apply for asylum & stay at a safe consulate while doing so, but that would be legal. They have shown over & over that they have zero respect for our laws, just as SO many criminals already here have NO respect for the law. Every legal immigrant here that I know personally busted their butts to become a U.S. citizen, and are always offended when the illegals get a free ride in. What makes them oh so special that they shouldn’t have to work for it too!? Oh ya, the ‘work’ part… it’s insulting & disgusting & I’m offended on behalf of the true immigrants. This is NOT “immigration”, this is illegal (just like trespassing). They also shouldn’t be allowed to apply for ANY free benefits for the first 5 years they’re here if they’re illegal. Legal ones I have no issues with at all.

  • Don Whitebread

    Kudo’s to Paul.


    I am Latino and millions more like me do not support illegal immigration.


    I live in a city close to the border and I see many Mexican children crossing the international bridge with backpacks ready for school. They do this everyday. Our main problem is our federal government. The spineless politicians could careless what us peons want. In this time and age America can no longer take care of the worlds poor or needy. Shame on the very people we chose to protect us and that my friends is where the problem starts. We have the Federal Government to blame for all this mess.

  • fifisusi sisi

    Close the doors after you get it. That’s the mantra of legal immigrants ha,ha,ha. I favor people with merits to join America not family reunification. I don’t care much about how they arrived to this land as how do they make this country better.

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  • Randall As hepherd

    Why would one be for anything illegal?

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  • Rodriguez drops a 500-lb TRUTH BOMB on CNN liberals

  • Tina

    It’s good to know that there are people out there that understand what will happen to us if we continue to let them continue to flow in illegally!

  • dawn

    All the hispanics I know that came here legally are sick and tired of being called racists, traitors, etc., by the illegals here and also agree the illegals should be forced back home. Let the illegals harass and attack their own govt officials like they are OURS! Make a difference in their own home countries and stop trying to change the USA to fit their culture and needs.

  • harriet

    Take back our country! Trump 2016!

  • harriet

    Great, great, great grandpa had to establish residency for ten years before he could apply for citizenship. Those were the old days when you had to speak English to become a citizen. Ohhhh for the good old days. They made sense!

  • mike

    well said

  • James

    I am glad our Latino American brothers and sisters are no longer allowing themselves to be virtually bullied by the illegal immigrant minority – they (illegals) are loud and puff their chest but I believe them to be the minority in the Latino community!!…/ click on this to listen to the telephone conversation (that we were not supposed to hear) about what they’re planning on doing to Americans…Wow.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    We can NO longer be the Lifeboat for the WORLD. It is time THEY manned up and did something about the Cesspools their OWN country has turned into,,and it’s not OUR fault. If we grew “Rich the backs of people from Other countries”. Why didn’t they STAY home and enrich their own,,,it’s because of THEIR Corrupt Gov’t that THEY keep Re-Electing. Something like OUR DNC,,,which has done more harm to OURS then Good. Think about this, when Texas became a State,,the economy of Texas and Mexico was Exactly the SAME,,,but 20 yrs later,,,there was a Day and Night difference. Now, tell me, WHY??/ If the SAME people, on the SAME land just south of us, U.S., couldn’t make a better life for themselves…You telling me a Freakin River makes the difference. No, and Gov’t and a Constitution and a Capitalist Society does. They may want to try it.

    • Jean Deaux

      You sir, have a way with words. What you have stated is exactly correct. The problem is how to convince the hand wringing sympathists on the left that believe there is a utopia here that can go on expanding into infinity. Its easy if you use the other guys buck but don’t ask for theirs. Go get the rich guy that got his ill gotten gains through skill and ambition. Its really an easy philosophy.

  • 1frances1

    Latinos who STRUGGLED to get here legally and have worked hard to learn English and continue to work and live here are not the ones flying the flag of mexico. They are ashamed and embarrassed at what the Mexican government has done in NOT stopping the invasion of America. Like Caesar Chavez was stated, Illegal aliens are a stain on America and Mexico.

  • VAMOM2

    Bobby Jindal stated the following during the GOP debate, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion”. Some come to America to BE an American while others simply come to LIVE in America. There is a difference.

  • Jerry

    This gentleman is correct, our economy can not handle this, he cost of taking care of the illegals is uncountable. I’m reading blogs and the things the media is saying about the cost of deporting the illegals, it is just mind blowing. It will cost more in American wages by jobs being lost and the drain on programs and the cost of educating these people. Trump is correct.

  • Madame_deFarge

    They sure didn’t do their homework. Paul Rodriguez has had that position for years. Not new from him! He is practical and positive for America.

  • nightwisp

    They are fouling the water for the legal ones. The legal ones left the squallor and culture the illegals are hauling in. They do not want any more of it.

  • W Dawes

    People need to just stop saying “we are a nation of immigrants”. If you are coming here to live as an “immigrant”, leave! You are supposed to be coming here to be an “American”, that means learning the language, following the laws, and gaining citizenship, not influencing our laws to give your home country an advantage.

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  • Oregonpapa

    I have a new client who recently moved here from Italy. He tells me that Italy is being overrun by immigrants from Syria … million of them. As a result, the crime rate in Italy has skyrocketed, with robberies, murder and rape being so common that people are afraid of going out at night. Its ruining the tourist trade to the point that local government’s and merchants are suffering financially. Its beginning to happen here as well. For more insight, and to see the severity of the problem we are now facing, read Ann Coulter’s new book “Adios America.”

  • AmericanLegals

    THANK GOD A LATINO is expressing the views in support of Americans who know unequivocally that allowing mass immigration [legal and illegal] promotes more mass immigration. The United States cannot support every foreigner that crosses the border [children and adults]. We cannot fully take care of our own Americans in terms of education, veterans, jobs, social services, etc. Here are some of Mexico’s policies on immigration – “Mexico has very strict laws pertaining to both illegal and legal immigrants.[22] The Mexican constitution restricts non-citizens or foreign-born persons from participating in politics, holding office, acting as a member of the clergy, or serving on the crews of Mexican-flagged ships or airplanes. Certain legal rights are waived, such as the right to a deportation hearing or other legal motions. In cases of flagrante delicto, any person may make a citizen’s arrest on the offender and his accomplices, turning them over without delay to the nearest authorities.”

  • Tony Buccino

    Send them all to the Blue states.

  • Jeff Allen

    my wife is from mexico we went through the proper steps to get her papers legally it took two years and seven thousand dollars, why should we do that when so many millions jump the border and break the rules and live off of welfare and dont have to work near as hard? illegals need to go home. if they’ve been here for a long time they shouldnt even be allowed to apply for residency as they’ve shown a complete disregard for the law

  • Jeff Allen

    heres a good argument against that so called compassionate priest what about all of the homeless children that were born here in the us, the thousands of them that go to bed hungry every night? or how about those children that live in slums while these illegals live in nice housing paid for by our tax dollars? if the catholic church wants to help all of these third world impoverished children fine, let them take their own damn money from the vatican and go to these countries and help them but leave the rest of us alone

  • tom

    yes paul I agree, but what about all the BIRTHING HOUSES with 60 thousands births todate in, Haciend heights,ca.,Alhambra,ca., Roland Heights,Walnut, Monterey Park,Etc.,…Hundreds of
    pregnate women from china and asia>>>Why is The subject just about LATINOS?? wE are stuck
    with all these Helicopter babies that are just dropped off here so we can educate them,it’s all over
    and the subject is hush hush?? (except for rolling stones magazine)! Where is our Govenor and that stupid Latino Cacus that eats S–t from Trump.—–… OH AND BY WAY DO TRUMPS immigrant
    WIVES HAVE PAPERS???I want to see them if they are going to be lst ladies…(fat chance)…

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