Charles Krauthammer Shreds Obama’s Rationale for Executive Amnesty in One Brilliant Response


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Yesterday, FoxNews reported via a “leak from a White House source” that Barack Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for “overhauling U.S. immigration policy”  – handing blanket amnesty for millions of illegal aliens via executive action  — as early as November 21st.

The plan calls for expanding deferred action for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children — but also for the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The latter could allow upwards of 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S.-born children to stay, according to estimates (and to) to expand deferred action for young people. 

Of course, as some pointed out when Obama issued his illegal “DACA” amnesty decree in 2012, the so-called “children” could be as old as 35, and there were almost no safeguards against fraud. If they said they were “Dreamers”, ICE had to let them go. That is why a staggering 97% of DACA applicants have been approved.

But illegal alien advocates and their Democrat allies insist Obama “has no choice” but to use executive action – “because Republicans refuse to pass” an amnesty bill of their own.

FoxNews’ Charles Krauthammer had a flawless rejection of  this absurd logic — one which had even rabid amnesty supporter Juan Williams actually agreeing with him!


Brilliant. This should end all discussion of Obama being justified to grant an amnesty he has no legal power to order.

And if he does, the Congress has no choice but to impeach him, for everything from violation of at least 24 immigration laws, to Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, relating to defense of the nation’s borders.

Krauthammer made clear that this action would be completely un-Contitutional, and cautioned both Obama and the Congress against it.


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