KISS Frontman Gene Simmons to Immigrants: ‘Come Legally’ and ‘Learn to Speak G- D- English!’ (Video)



Simply awesome interview of KISS’ Gene Simmons by a whiny Huffington Post reporter who is made uncomfortable at times by Simmons’ well-known blunt demeanor.

The rock god and overall bad ass Simmons has some advice for immigrants to the U.S.: “Come LEGALLY” and “Learn to speak goddamn English.” – which made Huff Post’s Ricky Camilleri squirm.

Simmons also disturbs his interviewer when he takes shots at the way some Blacks speak to each other that can doom them in a work environment.


Simmons, whose real name is Chaim Witz, says he can say this because he’s done so himself. He legally immigrated to the US from Israel with his Mother when he was eight years old. In the 56 years since, Simmons started one of the best-known bands in the world, acted in numerous films and television shows, and made millions upon millions of dollars. Simmons said the key to all this was moving to the US, assimilating, and learning English.

“I’m actually saying the thing that needs to be said because the politically-correct climate is bullshit,” Simmons told Hufffington Post reporter Ricky Camilleri. “You don’t want to upset anybody by saying, ‘Learn to speak goddamn English.’ So, as an immigrant, I’m telling you: learn to speak goddamn English. It will unlock the keys to the kingdom.”

When pressed on the subject by Camilleri, Simmons clarified his opinion once more. “How about this: if Siri can’t understand you, you’re in trouble,” Simmons said.

You can see the full interview HERE.

(h/t Huffington Post)

  • Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick


  • Wow, seems like an very intelligent man, he tells it like it is.

  • Deborah Wilkinson

    Gene is very smart but the interviewer is stupid!

    • Bobinms

      The interviewer is a journalist. There are no smart journalists.

  • cactusue

    Great interview thanks Gene honest

  • Johhny “the rat”

    Excellent Gene. Keep on speaking the TRUTH !!

  • Duayne Howard

    Love it: “back to the Tower of Babble (not Babel)”!

  • LadyScot

    This interviewer is an idiot. This is an English speaking country. Learn the goddam language. If you don’t learn to speak my language then don’t expect me to help you. I am NOT going to learn a foreign language to cater to YOU who came here to MY country to take advantage of MY culture and resources.

    • william phelps

      Well said

    • Semper Fi

      While English is the most common language spoken here and I do agree that everyone should learn it for that reason, the fact is the United States has no official language. Before calling someone else an idiot, make sure you’re not one yourself.

      • LadyScot

        The US does not need a sign with the words OFFICIAL LANGUAGE on it for people to know that English is the official language. We all know France peaks French, Spain Spanish, Greece Greek, Mexico Spanish, and so forth and so on. When I went to school for the first time in kindergarten, no one said what language do you speak.

        We speak English. Speak your native language all you want, but when you walk into a place of business that speaks English, do not walk up to the counter and expect them to speak Spanish. I never once expected Mexicans to speak English when I went to Mexico. I took my phone which has a translator app. I did not expect Canadians to speak English. I took my phone with a translator app. The simple fact is, this is an English speaking country that is being demolished by people expecting English speakers to learn THEIR language in our own damn country. Speak my language or take your ass back across that border.

        • Karen Tuttle

          You do know that in Canada they speak several languages including english.My ex is canadian and they speak english,french and german because they have no official language just like the us.Also just about every other country in the world gives english classes in school because americans will refuse to learn their language when they are in another country so businesses have to bend to accomodate us.How do you expect other countries to do what we will not?Thats right, because we are americans and when we came here we chose to make the people already living here learn our language instead of learning theirs.

          • Sean Campbell

            Actually Canada has two official languages: English and French, English being the primary. Being Canadian, I would know this.

          • LadyScot

            I do know that. I also know that English is not the official language of Canada, and when I went there, I took a French to English dictionary with me.

            And this is an ENGLISH speaking country. When I went to kindergarten I did not have to learn Spanish, or French, or German. I spoke English. If you come here, speak English, or go back where you came from.

            And honey, I don’t give a damn what happened when Columbus discovered America. I care about the here and now and the language that has been predominate in this country for the past several hundred years….ENGLISH.

        • NOAMNESTY


      • John

        WOW! Try again General. Everything in our country, from the very beginning to now, has been and is officially recorded in English. All of the internal workings of our nation are in English. It is only in recent history that this has been changing and that only because of liberals and left wing radicals. They very foundations of our laws are based upon Old English “Common Law”. That is the “Law of the Land”. By “Common Law” and by “Common Sense”, English is the “official language” of America. Please, before acting like a jackass fool know of what you speak.

        • Big George

          Nice try but none of that makes it the “official” language. “Official” is an actual word that actually means something. Maybe you should learn the English language.

          • Semper Fi

            Thanks Big George. Someone with a brain that realizes that excessive quotation marks don’t make something official…

  • tania

    Somebody has to speak the God Damn TRUTH!!!!! Thank you Gene!!!!

  • Robyn Stewart Hansen

    I agree with Simmons!

  • Tamiep

    Well, seems if you speak Spanish you are handed the keys to the kingdom and you don’t need to learn to speak English. Sorry if that’s not politically correct. If you are Hispanic, you get all kind of benefits and don’t even need to be legal. This is fact.

    • dan3333333333

      Why are you telling us what we know?

      • Tamiep

        Because I felt like it. Just like you felt like asking that goofy question. Slim pickins for trolls today?

    • Karen Tuttle

      Actually even legal immigrants are required to work,pay taxes for five years before they can even apply for any type of welfare unlike most americans born with a hand out and a notion that the world owes them a living. That is why only seven percent of welfare goes to immigrants. The other 93 percent goes to born and bred Americans.And that is the real fact. Not just something someone repeated that they heard.

      • Tamiep

        I live in an are were 2 towns over was dubbed “little Mexico” many, many years ago. People are told to move there from Mexico and they will be given jobs and instructions on how to get what the want. I worked in a small factory and one of Hispanic ladies told me that they are given information on how to obtain fake social security numbers so that they can collect benefits. Another woman that I went to school with worked for an insurance company and said that social security numbers are farmed from their databases by employees who are paid to get them, illegally. If you look around, you see them diving new cars and using the Link card and WIC vouchers to buy food. How are they so poor, but driving new cars? Are they given a new car when they cross the border and take that bus boy job? There are people over here helping them rape the US government of money. This is fact. OK, not all do, but MANY MANY MANY do.

        • Karen Tuttle

          Right and as i said that is why such a small percent of all immigrants(not just hispanic but every other country)receive any kind of government help.So you worked with a lady but if she was working then she got no benifits.And just like with americans that people keep bitching about, unless you know them personally how do you know the car they are driving is theirs and not borrowed? How do you know they are not picking up groceries for an elderly or sick person?Like i do with for my ex who has brain cancer.You want to know who is raping the government of money just look around you at all the americans sitting around collecting.But if you want to give an argument that will be listened to, saying i knew a person who said she knew some people that did this is not a reliable source.


        They have no reason to become legal anymore, why buy the cow when you get the milk free – Obama is trying to destroy America by not defending our border to destroy our culture…Karen, I don’t know where you live, but here they get it all free, even citizens don’t get as much in benefits as the illegals do – they even have days where only citizens can apply the rest are illegals – dumbing down our schools, bankrupting health care, education, all paid for by taxpayers – I for one am sick of it – I respect Gene for standing up for us that love legal immigrants and people that assimilate and want to EARN the American dream to get it – end birthright citizenship and no ID, no vote – or the USA as we know it is doomed to become a third world country. And for God’s sake, make English the official language we all know it to be stop printing everything in the other language so lazy people have to learn it – doesn’t it scare you that they drive illegally too and can’t understand the signs? Don’t like it, go back to where you came from and don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!

  • Fran Crespo

    If you come here with no intention of learning the language, then you must plan to suck off the welfare system! There are NO good paying jobs here for people that are not understood in English.

  • Simone

    Right on, Gene!!

  • Tom Moulthrop

    Love this guy! I’m going to go eat at his new restaurant in KC tomorrow!

  • thestormy

    Thank you,Gene !! I hate political correctness!! Like you,I tell it as it is. People say,You can’t say that.” Why not,it’s the truth?” There is a place for political correctness,a dark cavity on the back side of the body.

    • twinlightwave45


  • william


  • Patricia

    In some ways the interviewer is right. Many are too lazy to learn to speak English. You can see that in our school districts here where 30 years ago we were told our American, English speaking children were going to be taught Spanish because the Spanish speaking immigrants, many of them migrants and illegals, refused to learn English. My own father-in-law was sent home for a year to learn English before he was allowed to attend school. Only one group of immigrants has demanded that we change to reflect their society and refuse to blend in with ours. HISPANICS. We have been dealing with this out here for 35+ years. NO AMNESTY! Send them all packing.

    • Karen Tuttle

      You must never go to a store run by Koreans or Hindu. There are a lot of immigrants from other countries that do not speak english when they get here.English is the hardest language to learn. Hell even folks born here can not speak proper english or even spell it.Of course if someone centuries ago had said your words you would have been born in another country. You really have no idea what you are saying, it is just your problem with a certain race of people that you dont like and that is obvious.America has no official language.

      • LadyScot

        If I go into a Hindu store in the United States they need to speak English if they want my DOLLARS. Period.

        • Karen Tuttle

          And what native languages do you know? Thats right, again i say when our ancestors came here they did not learn the language spoken here ,they made everyone learn their language.English was the language of those coming here from England.Of course if you are out of gas and no other stores for miles you will spend your dollars and get what you need.

          • LadyScot

            My native language is English. That is what I know. If I am out of gas how the heck am I going to get gas if the people running a store in this country can not speak English? I get no gas, they get no money. So I will call someone who does speak English to bring me gas, with money paid to someone who DOES. Thank you.

  • Ted Largent


  • Michele Ulino

    YOU GO GENE! I would have used a different “choice adjective” other than GD. My choice begins with “F”. BTW, I know way too many white people that say “Wassup”. Makes me sick. As a NYer, I try to get away from “How ya doin’?” In other states, that doesn’t work so well. “How are you doing” or a simple “How are you?” works much better. In this clip, when Gene said, “Too bad”, I found myself saying it BEFORE he did. GMTA, Gene! 😉 Loved the way you ripped apart the little PC, brainless interviewer.

  • Beadbabe16


  • Big George

    Who gives a s*** if they learn English or not? They’re the ones that will have a hard time as a result. Why do any of you care? Is it because you care about their welfare?


      No BigGeorge, we don’t want to PAY their welfare or for their litters to follow…

  • Dick Chainy

    One of the main reasons folks come here is for freedom, that includes not being forced to learn ANYTHING, be it language, be it “Learn to be American” (whatever that means). To be here and to be free is being American. Some could argue that yelling and screaming at folks to learn English or to “Be American” is…Anti-American.
    If they should find that they would be more prosperous by learning English, or adopting certain values, then that is their free will to choose it.

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