Kathy Griffin Has Now Lost ALL of Her Shows, Her Only Sponsor, and Her CNN Job

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Kathy Griffin thought by staging a fake beheading of Donald Trump and displaying a bloody, severed replica head of the President of the United States, she would become a liberal hero.

She thought such a sick and detestable act — in addition to targeting the president’s 11-year old son — would catapult her status among celebrities.

She could not have been more wrong.

In fact, her career is absolutely falling apart.

She lost cash from her Squatty Potty client (her only major endorsement deal), as well CNN, and as of tonight, every single one of her previously-scheduled comedy appearances have NOW been cancelled.

She is essentially unemployed.

From The Daily Wire:

So, that’s everyone. CNN (after waiting nearly a day) decided to can Griffin from her annual New Year’s Eve appearance (where she flips people the bird and makes Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl). And every single one of her upcoming gigs for her comedy show has been canceled. Every. Single. One.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins Tour” (hilarious!) had planned seven stops, a few in California, a few more around New York City, and one in New Mexico.

So, Griffin’s metamorphosis is complete. She went from a D-list comedian with one sponsor who hardly ever works (seven shows between now and December is not exactly a packed schedule) to a former comedian with no sponsors and zero upcoming shows.

Brutal. But well deserved. Kathy has no one to blame but herself.

That’s the free market at work.  We should never take pleasure in seeing someone lose their job but companies have a right to determine whether or not they want to stand behind disgraceful behavior like that.

That’s what you get, folks.


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