Just Hours After the Inauguration, Something Terrible Happens to Barron Trump

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Donald Trump was elected, as NFL legend Jim Brown put it, “fair and square.” He is now the 45th President of the United States.

But the left simply cannot live with that reality. So they are taking to the streets today in D.C. to protest. Fine. That’s their right.

They are even hysterically comparing Trump to Hitler for the words in his speech. Repulsive, but again, if they want to push even more Americans to support Trump with their antics, go right ahead.

But to go after Trump’s 10-year old child? Just despicable beyond the pale.

And yet just minutes after Trump was sworn in, they did exactly that to Barron Trump.

YouTube gamer Jesse Cox was first:

And then “Saturday Night Live” writer, Katie Rich came next…

Horrible. It used to be the children of the president — regardless of party — were off limits.

But I’m sure these folks don’t need to worry about their jobs or anything. After all, they didn’t say anything about Sasha or Malia Obama.

The media and culture have given “permission” to hate the Trumps, so anything is apparently fair game.

But despite the hate, Barron did himself and his family proud on inauguration day. As Nickarama of YC noted:

For a ten year old and a long day of inauguration, Barron Trump held up very well and even managed to upstage his father while President Trump was signing staff nominations. Barron was filmed playing peek-a-boo with his nephew Theodore, Ivanka Trump’s son.

He also had fun moments with his father during the parade where he waved to the crowd:

Leftists who attack a young boy need to examine their souls. But if they want to continue their mindless hate, they will only help push decent Americans away from their cause.

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