Just Hours After the Inauguration, Something Terrible Happens to Barron Trump

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Donald Trump was elected, as NFL legend Jim Brown put it, “fair and square.” He is now the 45th President of the United States.

But the left simply cannot live with that reality. So they are taking to the streets today in D.C. to protest. Fine. That’s their right.

They are even hysterically comparing Trump to Hitler for the words in his speech. Repulsive, but again, if they want to push even more Americans to support Trump with their antics, go right ahead.

But to go after Trump’s 10-year old child? Just despicable beyond the pale.

And yet just minutes after Trump was sworn in, they did exactly that to Barron Trump.

YouTube gamer Jesse Cox was first:

And then “Saturday Night Live” writer, Katie Rich came next…

Horrible. It used to be the children of the president — regardless of party — were off limits.

But I’m sure these folks don’t need to worry about their jobs or anything. After all, they didn’t say anything about Sasha or Malia Obama.

The media and culture have given “permission” to hate the Trumps, so anything is apparently fair game.

But despite the hate, Barron did himself and his family proud on inauguration day. As Nickarama of YC noted:

For a ten year old and a long day of inauguration, Barron Trump held up very well and even managed to upstage his father while President Trump was signing staff nominations. Barron was filmed playing peek-a-boo with his nephew Theodore, Ivanka Trump’s son.

He also had fun moments with his father during the parade where he waved to the crowd:

Leftists who attack a young boy need to examine their souls. But if they want to continue their mindless hate, they will only help push decent Americans away from their cause.

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[h/t YoungCons]

  • sgb1

    What right have you to hate a young boy? I didn’t much like Obama’s girls, thought them spoiled brats but never said anything publically about that.

    • Zentastic

      You just did state it publicly…

      • jimnbubba

        Not while the monkey was President she did’nt

        • Cedric Ian Anthony

          saying that you think someone is a spoiled brat is a far cry from hatefilled comments.. besides. no one had proof that Mrs Ovomit was their mother..

        • Luposian

          Racism much? Be careful what you say… it shows what’s in your heart… and while I never liked Obama nor democrat-agendas, I’d never stoop so low as to call our first black president a monkey.

          • FreedomFighter

            Stating facts is not stooping low. He is only half monkey and people seem to not remember that fact. He is pure jackass though.

          • Sammie Jo

            1/2 black.

          • Frank Allen

            I agree with you but Obama has stayed silent and never tried to denounce the violence in the protest these are not protest they are vandals and violence in these protest!

      • FreedomFighter

        You vaping urine again?

      • Sammie Jo

        They’re no longer the daughters of a sitting president and they’re also not 10.

      • Aaron Smith

        And people were saying it frequently when Obama was president. I suspect that the reason people are giving so much more of a crap now is because Trump is a lot more “memey”, and social media usage has inflated quite a bit since 2008.

        Still, to SGB1’s initial point, the house and senate don’t typically spend that much time on social media- some of their accounts are run by interns even. They probably don’t even know yet, especially since the Internet is like making a mountain out of a molehill to them.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Dance of the demented

  • Cindy Cron Baker

    People have no morals or conscious anymore. It’s pretty despicable to go after children no matter WHO their parents are! Is that who SNL and any news agency wants on their writing team? If so, count me out at watching or reading their shit!

    • FreedomFighter

      It’s only liberals that are like that. Truly pathetic.

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    • Frank Allen


  • jimnbubba

    These people don’t act as grown up as Barron

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  • Wiggle D

    With Trump being president, the Secret Service can pursue and question you if you go after his family or him. So, don’t be stupid.

    • FreedomFighter

      Let them be stupid. I want to see those libtards get exactly what they deserve!

      • The Northwesterner

        After a few Leftard celebrities get sent to jail for their ill-considered verbal diarrhea (including Madonna, who not-so-subtly declared wanting to bomb the White House, and Ashley Judd, who said some perverted garbage about the Trumps and flushed her own career down the toilet while doing so), maybe then the rest of them will take the hint and shut up.

  • McFortner

    Remember the sh*t storm that happened when the tweets poked fun at the Obama daughters?

  • Fred Smith

    Notice not even one major democrat has denounced this behavior, so they are just as guilty as the low life that tweet this garbage, I would like to see a group of Hell’s Angels exercise their free speech in front of their home and family and see how they like the verbal harassment/bullying

    • Mitchell Bly

      That is their MO, did you ever see oblama try to calm the masses when there so many riots labeled as protest, fuck no you didn’t and you should not expect any less from these mongrel dogs called democrats and it’s time to ban them out of existence

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      correction: if it was actual free speech, there would be no verbal harassment/bullying. just them standing next to their property.. and annoying them for an hour or two.

  • Howard Wright

    Decent Americans AWAY from their cause? What decent American was ever WITH their sick agendas?

  • lip15

    the eyes of barron say it all he is on the autism spectrum. as a mom of 2 autism spectrum kids I know autism step up and help us all

    • RightofAttila

      Where did you get you medical degree?

      • FreedomFighter

        Wanna bet she got it at WalMart??

        • lip15

          that where you shop in your pajama

          • The Northwesterner

            Accusing others of what you do yourself, huh? Lenin 101 at work.

          • FreedomFighter

            Sorry bimbo but I’m not your type to do something like that. I have something you lack – class.

        • The Northwesterner

          Or off the back of a cereal box, which is where every professor at every liberal indoctrination center that calls itself a college or university (or grade school, junior high school or high school) seem to have gotten theirs too.

      • lip15

        stony brook university

        • FreedomFighter

          Figures…… a liberal indoctrination hellhole. That answers why you are so stupid.

        • RightofAttila

          If you held a medical degree, you would not be making a diagnosis over the internet regardless of how talented a medical professional you might be. Also by publicizing your diagnosis here, you would be violating doctor patient confidentiality. I call FAKE DIAGNOSIS. You are a phony.

    • FreedomFighter

      Say what??? Lay off the crack will ya?

      • lip15

        you should lay off the crack pal

        • The Northwesterner

          Take your own advice.

        • FreedomFighter

          I’m not a crackhead or a lesbian so talk to yourself in the mirror idiot.

    • Sammie Jo

      Really? He was smiling, waving at the crowd, cutting up with his cousins, seems like a regular kid with no medical problems to me.
      And if he was autistic, it’s really none of your business, now is it?

      • rosemary.herbert

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      • lip15

        it is all our business to help others, that is what the bible tells us. you should read it you can be enlightened

    • David Bickenson


      • lip15

        you are just reflecting what you think of yourself I will pray for you

        • The Northwesterner

          you are just reflecting what you think of yourself

          Which is actually what liberals like you really do yourselves.

          • lip15

            I am living the dream enjoying my life and praying for the ignorant of this world may God bless your angry heart

          • The Northwesterner

            I am living the dream enjoying my life and praying for the ignorant of this world may God bless your angry heart

            Says the cafeteria “Christian” who hypocritically chooses to be ignorant herself regarding a member of the Trump family. That said, that makes you little better than the Pharisees.

            don’t tread on me

            Hey now, no stealing Tea Party slogans.

          • David Bickenson

            Sometimes I wonder if these libtards possess any brains at all or whether they are only capable of following “The Party Line” churning out the same crap day in and day out ad infinitum………………………..

        • David Bickenson

          Please do NOT pray for me – fundamental Christianity is almost as bad as fundamental Islam. 😉

          • The Northwesterner

            She’s not a real fundamentalist, she’s really just a liberal cafeteria “Christian” who selectively follows only what she wants and conveniently ignores the rest.

          • David Bickenson

            “Cafeteria Christian” – oh I like that!

      • FreedomFighter

        LOL! It’s very obvious isn’t it?

  • Joe D

    Keep it up and you’ll be dealing with another Trump as President..

  • Guest

    Re: “Leftists who attack a young boy need to examine their souls”.

    They have souls?

    • FreedomFighter

      LOL! Yes they do …… on their shoes!!! Just ask them.

  • Biff

    I remember a radio personality refusing to say anything about Chelsea Clinton because she wasn’t an adult yet. But then, he wasn’t a leftist.

  • Charlotte W

    The Rent A Chimp family has vacated the premises…. fumigate, count the silver and clean up the banana peels.

  • Sammie Jo

    “raised right” ? Jesse Cox? Obviously YOU were NOT raised right.
    The kid is well mannered, she must not recognize that trait judging by how a lot of kids today act.
    These people are despicable, the kid is adorable. It took him awhile to relax with the whole event, but he’s 10! Geez louise, Karma will get you people..


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