‘Jurassic World’ is Being Attacked as ‘Racist’ For Using This Dinosaur Nickname


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

“Jurassic World” has been a historic box-office smash since its debut two weeks ago. But around the world, some of the audience are noticed some details that are upsetting them – particularly Muslims.

The uproar began when moviegoers started complaining about one of the new species of dinosaur  portrayed in the film: the Pachycephalosaurus:


As Maddie Bradsher of IJR reported, the long name resulted in character using an abbreviation. And that is what go some quite upset:

“The Pachys are out of containment!”

British comedian Mobeen, also known as “Guzzy Bear,” took issue with this term and called for a boycott of “Jurassic World:”

According to Focus News, the “Pachy” nickname was used four times throughout the movie.

Big deal, right?

But in the U.K., the word “Paki” is viewed as an ethnic slur used to described people from Pakistan or Muslims in general.

People took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the abbreviation:

Some remarked that the film had underlying racist intentions:

Others thought people were being too sensitive:

Though the writers of “Jurassic World” haven’t issued a statement, star Chris Pratt did pre-apologize for anyone that might be offended in any way by the film.


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