‘Jurassic World’ is Being Attacked as ‘Racist’ For Using This Dinosaur Nickname


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

“Jurassic World” has been a historic box-office smash since its debut two weeks ago. But around the world, some of the audience are noticed some details that are upsetting them – particularly Muslims.

The uproar began when moviegoers started complaining about one of the new species of dinosaur  portrayed in the film: the Pachycephalosaurus:


As Maddie Bradsher of IJR reported, the long name resulted in character using an abbreviation. And that is what go some quite upset:

“The Pachys are out of containment!”

British comedian Mobeen, also known as “Guzzy Bear,” took issue with this term and called for a boycott of “Jurassic World:”

According to Focus News, the “Pachy” nickname was used four times throughout the movie.

Big deal, right?

But in the U.K., the word “Paki” is viewed as an ethnic slur used to described people from Pakistan or Muslims in general.

People took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the abbreviation:

Some remarked that the film had underlying racist intentions:

Others thought people were being too sensitive:

Though the writers of “Jurassic World” haven’t issued a statement, star Chris Pratt did pre-apologize for anyone that might be offended in any way by the film.

  • Curmudgeon52

    I’m all most certain Steven Speilberg is very sorry and crying his eyes out ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

  • LilyW

    OMG! Will it EVER end? I’m so sick of the race baiting, attention ho’s! Get a fricken life already!!!

  • Scotty P

    #1 you misquoted the movie.
    #2 don’t you have a 7-11 to run?
    #3 F off.

    • Renee


  • Frank Clinton Anderson Jr.

    Wow. If Pachy is considered racist then the world is doomed. Grow a thicker skin people. That is idiotic. Pick the right thing to fight against. You’re making yourself look like morons. Appears to me that some unknown British comedian is trying to make a name for himself. If you follow idiots you are an idiot.

  • Susan George Brown

    Are you kidding me? This has NOTHING to do with Packistan. STUPID PEOPLE!

    • Ghostdog

      Exceptionally stupid people.

      • ben carter


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    • Theodore W Pluff Jr

      Pachyderm is an elephant. It isn’t pakiderm. Keep the made-up personal crap out of here! Only an ignorant person would try to make this about race!! Actually, it sounds more like a homosexual reference….Pack-a-Stan.


      ✈∎MARTINEZ, -> NICEST WORK!! <-


  • Jenn Tate

    It’s not as if they made up the species of dinosaur just so they could use the term Pachy–it’s a real dinosaur that was found by real scientists. I am so sick of overly sensitive people. Get over it already.

  • Fred Fredson

    The idiotys are out of containment!

  • common sense

    So we should stop saying cracker as well or cheddar….I disown the human race for it is too ignorant to be proud of.

    • Kelley Moore

      Don’t EVEN think about dogging “Cheddar”. That’s the best cheese ever, and I will kick ass about it. /s but, sharp cheese IS a superior cheese.

  • David Martin

    This is just another example of why the racial issue will never go away. If you look for something chances are you are going to find it. Even if it really isn’t there. How stupid.

  • PAI

    My afghan never keeps me warm, it’s so useless…

    Uh-oh, guess I’m a racist too.

    • fafhrd

      Nationalist, not racist.

      • Smarter than u

        You need to understand that racism today is defined as pretty much anything that a minority doesn’t like.

        • fafhrd

          I understand that ignoramuses use the wrong term typically.

      • PAI

        Well the paki thing is nationalist too, but the pakis say it’s racist so I’m just running with the theme.

  • LaFlare1017

    The first video the guy was actually pretty funny, I don’t think he was being serious, in some of his other videos he pokes fun at other muslims and stuff like that, he’s a comedian and he’s pretty funny. If you thought he was being serious, the satire was lost on you, he makes fun of himself in most of his videos.

    • calypsodancler

      just doing what his faith would have him beheaded for back in the old country…

  • Kelly Brigance

    People need to get a grip…not everything is racist. This is absolute nonsense and anyone that thinks this is racist is an idiot

  • formercanuck

    Pakistani isn’t a race.

    • fafhrd

      Exactly! It’s a nationality!

  • Scotty P

    Maybe if the dinosaur shouted “death to America” before setting off a suicide vest killing innocent people would have been more likable by Akbar over here.

  • Ghostdog

    I thought they were going to say his nickname was Jamal.

  • American

    Get the F**k over your self’s. Really If you don’t like THE USA, get the F** k out………….

    • ben carter

      yep I agree

  • Gstephens

    Middle Easterners in general must ban together to close all convenience stores and motels in America. That will show the capitalist pigs and their nasty, racist dinosaurs. I guess this makes me either a Crackerasaurus or a Honkeysaurus. I’m fine with either one.

  • Gstephens

    I never thought about being prejudiced against Pakistanis, or dinosaurs, for that matter. Wow, I think now I might be. How does Obama pronounce it, “Pock-eeeeee-stahn.”

  • Robert Madsen

    I have a thousand dollars that says there will be an edit of the movie and they will dub in some other word. The pussification of America.

  • Michael Chovich

    They are called towel heads, paki is racist

  • ender098

    I find Pakistani’s who have to use a more Western name like Guzzy Bear to be offensive!

  • Wiggle D

    Maybe, if they stopped banging their cousins in an attempt to keep their dowries in the family, they would know we don’t use the word in such a context. We have far more offensive modern

  • Greg


  • HarryTheCat

    OK, let’s just call ’em “Mohammedasaurs”.


    Let’s all get over sensitive like metro males that you all have become. Politically correct so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, because they can’t cope. Poor little 3 yr old babies with no coping mechanism. Haha haha

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  • Connie

    LOL Wow this racism thing is getting out of control. It seems like people are yelling racism for everything. Oh it didn’t go my way so it’s racism! I got arrested so it has to be racism! Of course it would not be that I did anything wrong!!! I got pulled over so it’s racism! But yeah i was speeding so what! It’s still racism!! I am so sick of hearing Racism!! Grow the F up and take responsibility for what you do people! and lighten the F up. Not everything is about RACE.

  • LisaSHudson

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