Jon Voight Says Obama Abandoning Israel So He Can Buddy Up to Her ENEMIES

jonvoightby Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Legendary actor Jon Voight has created a new ad with an urgent message to Israel, explaining that Obama wants Bibi Netanyahu to lose and is NO friend of Israel. He points out that Obama wants to control Israel because his agenda is to be friends with Israel’s enemies.

Obama sponsor George Soros has been spending millions to try and defeat Netanyahu and elect his far-left wing opponent Issac Herzog, who supports the Obama appeasement of Iran.

And the U.S. Senate is investigating a possibly illegal diversion of U.S. taxpayer funds by Obama to defeat Netanyahu. A former Obama Organizing for America official is currently using volunteers to go door-to-door — in Israel — to defeat him.

Voight also explains that those like Herzog who believe that deal making is the solution to Israel’s problems is as wrong as Neville Chamberlain was with Hitler.

Watch below:


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