Poll: John McCain Now the ‘Most Unpopular Senator’ in the Nation


by John Urban | Top Right News

The bad news just keeps getting worse for disgraced Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

In January his own party stunned McCain by censuring him in a landslide vote in response to his betrayals on everything from illegal alien amnesty, to caving on ObamaCare, to support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. It was an unprecedented and humiliating political act.

And now a new poll reveals McCain is the least popular senator in the country of those surveyed by Public Policy Polling, with low marks from members of his own party, independents and Democrats.

Just 30 percent of Arizona voters approve of the job the Republican senator is doing, while 54 percent disapprove, according to a PPP release Thursday. That is the worst of any senator’s polling in the nation that PPP has found.

And despite McCain’s attack on those who censured him, the act seems to reflect the broad sentiment among Arizona Republicans. Among members of his own party, McCain is at 35 percent approval to 55 percent disapproval. The comparable figures among Democrats are 29 percent to 53 percent, and among independents, 25 percent to 55 percent.

McCain also trails most potential challengers if he chooses to run again in 2016. Former Rep. Gabby Giffords led McCain 42 percent to 35 percent in a hypothetical matchup, and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona led McCain 41 percent to 35 percent.

McCain has said he’s considering running again in 2016, though he hasn’t committed yet to a reelection campaign. McCain is 77 years old.

Take a hint John: get out now while you still have an ounce of dignity left.

More details on the poll can be found here (PDF).

  • Birdbranze

    Oh he respects himself, it’s just that he is the ONLY one who does! Time to go Johnny boy!!!

  • Greg Mauer

    Retire! Senility is a disease and you have it!

    • Rose

      Then he’s had it since CHILDHOOD. You are only just waking up.

  • Bo Treat

    so is he fighting obamacare, and illegal amnesty or for it? it wasn’t clear as to why he was silenced.

    • Michael James

      Anti Obamacare in words only.
      Pro Amnesty, thinks it will bring in the Latino voters.

  • John Spina

    He was widely admired but,like too many others,stayed too long at the party..

  • Dennis M OLeary

    yet 90% of arizonans voted his buddy flake in on his request.

    • Mad as hell


    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

      McKeating Five should draw a pink line, write a 5th grade editorial and have a gay pride march with Sodom Hussein Obama… that will really scare those Russians…

      Russia has real soldiers on their borders.

      Imagine that.

    • Rose


  • http://www.RogerPeckforCongress.Com/ Roger L Peck

    We need to be very careful, if things go well for Republicans in November, would not surprise me to see McCain switch sides.

    • Michael James

      How would we know?

  • Kathy

    Today, he wrongly influenced votes regarding rape against female military. “Oh no, you can’t take the authority away from the Commander”…”the Commander will lose the respect he’s earned”!!!….Yeah, well John, what about the well being of the raped female military personnel? Their safety should matter! They should get justice! Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY?) has worked hard to get this bill passed while a military rape case is currently underway. It’s time for the senile Senator who has become an embarrassment even to his home state, to retire!

    • Sam J Craven

      I understand your sentiment. I realize there is an issue with sexual assault throughout the country. However, civilian involvement in the military UCMJ is an UNacceptable solution. The civilian political machine needs to get out of Military affairs. We have been down this road before with mcnamara during Vietnam. The country/military is witnessing the same mistakes occurring now. The Military needs to be allowed to police itself. That includes excluding, or including, personnel in areas, in units and or in assignments when it makes tactical sense, not when it is politically correct. Whether you agree or not, that is part of the problem.

      • Kathy

        Sam, since I’m not a veteran, maybe I don’t understand the process as well as I should. But his statement sent such anger through me….I guess maybe I was thinking the “old boys club”? Cover up and sweep under the rug! If the Military is the best choice to police itself, they need to start adding additional personnel to meets these needs and maybe even add some “victim education” training to further solve these problems.

        • Sam J Craven

          Kathy – what is missed in this discussion; is that politicians: lie, cheat, steal, rape, abuse their position for personal gain, some are even involved in treasonous behavior. However, I dont know of any who are indicted and sent to prison. Although, I’m sure a few have. On the other hand over the past 25 years I have saw, read of, knew SEVERAL soldiers who have been sent to prison for sexual misconduct, fighting, dui and other violations of their office. The Military has policed itself to a higher standard than the civilian world for over 238 years. There is a more treacherous issue at play here. The Military is also the largest voting block that does not support this administration. Several divisive issues have been pushed on the Military in an attempt to fracture that block: Gays in the military, females in combat arms units, retirement program manipulation. This is yet another attempt by this administration to embed civilians into the military leadership, at the unit level. That cannot be allowed. The Military is not the problem. We deal swiftly and justly with those individuals that break the rules. The problem is society outside the main-gate.

  • Vincent Smith

    Political whore go away!

  • Jim Hilton


  • Fatal_Frame

    Term limits for those in congress anyone.

    • Mark Beckerini

      Washington State tried that with Tom Foley. Didn’t work. He fought it and the SCOTUS sided with Foley. Or rather, it sided with the Constitution. It will take an Amendment to institute term limits for US Congressional or Senatorial members.
      As an aside….Washington State corrected their problem in the next election with a “De-Foleyate Washington” campaign that was successful.

  • barry soetoro

    Maybe b/c of his TREASON?

    Arming al-Qaeda isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

      Don’t forget his Al-Nusra buddies…

  • Mad as hell

    Mclame has been milking the POW thing all the while betraying conservatives values.

    mclame is the REAL Manchurian candidate!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

      McCain, June 2007…

      “Vote for me, I suck less.”

    • DrColostomy

      He probably was a traitorous POW too.

  • lastword

    You’re being generous with the ‘ounce’

  • Danny

    I don’t care which side of the Isle you’re on, or who the President is.. When we have an international conflict with another super power… You don’t go on TV to provide ammo to the enemy, and make every attempt to weaken the President of the United States. He’s a traitor and might as well be a Russian spy, because he’s done far more to help them in the past few weeks then his own country.

  • Joel Rivera

    It’s time for Juan McShame and his fellow Republicrats to go. Hell, I don’t want the old codger to die in office, but rather voted out to croak at home.

    • Rose

      I WANT HIM PROSECUTED for him many felony crimes in office that any private citizen would spend the rest of his life in jail for – makes WEB HUBBLE LOOK LIKE A PIKER AND CLINTON FALL GUY!
      Every day McCain walks the streets a free man is an INJUSTICE that stinks to high heaven. JUST the TREATY with North Vietnam which caused so much to happen that he and Kerry both KNEW was going to go down, AND AGREED WITH, for their own monetary gain. AND their treasonous hatred of America. All those hundreds of thousands of people massacred, because McCain and Kerry TOOK THE HAND OF PROTECTION off those people and INCLUDED A CLAUSE that did so – PLACING THOSE PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY “under the unrestricted authority of North Vietnam” knowing full well the meaning of that.
      NEVER been a more silent massacre.

      • Joel Rivera

        Hell, him, Kerry and Barack should be hung together.

  • ricks2524

    The more I see about McCain, the more I question his acts as a POW. Or if he even was a POW.

    • Rose

      That is WISE of you. If you had seen him and John Kerry working in the late 90’s on the North Vietnam Treaty for the sake of Hanoi John’s relative’s BUSINESS INTERESTS in South Vietnam, and saw the way that McCain treated the MIA/KIA/POW’s relatives in the Capital building at the hearings, heard the ERASED FROM THE INTERNET TESTIMONIES of 800-900 THOUSAND South Vietnamese ALLIES of our SOLDIERS who were slaughtered within 2 weeks after the treaty was signed..
      AND THAT DOESN’T SCRATCH THE SURFACE. DOES NOBODY REMEMBER McCAIN leaving Hanoi John HANGING for 7 months in 2004 after Kerry asked McCain to join his ticket – Left Kerry hanging as McCain SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED joining Kerry on Kerry’s Presidential ticket…
      NOBODY accounts McCain’s KEATING FIVE criminal activities or his involvement in PROMOTING the scandals of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while George Bush PETITIONED CONGRESS 57 TIMES in his first years to FIX THEM BEFORE IT GOT WORSE, and the FIRST TIME McCain SWITCHED COURSE and started asking for a “FIX was in 2005, when he knew it would help himself in 2008 AND AFTER the 2004 Election WHEN IT COULD NO LONGER HELP BUSH – AND INDEED BECAME ACCREDITED AS THE FIRST GOP TO ASK FOR THE FIX – HE HELPED CREATE THE MESS THAT NEEDED THE FIX, with his associations with Dim politicians such as Dodd and Kennedy and Schumer and Kerry and Fred Thomspon….
      NOT EVEN SKIMMING the TIP of the ICEBURG, NOT even one 8 oz. CUP full of the garbage that McCain has done to this nation.

  • mikew85120

    During his last campaign, McCain stated that was his last campaign…..?”

  • Dan Ramirez

    Maybe Arizonans will wake up at the voting booth this time

    • Rose

      Arizona’s problem HAS ALWAYS BEEN the CROSSOVER DIMS voting FOR McCAIN. They’ve found no way to stop that, since they stop short of banning him from the party as Texas GOP did to David Dukes, way back when.


  • http://libertyandhope.com/ xRedfoxx

    McCain has no dignity. He sold out conservatives a long time ago. He is a traitor to the GOP.


  • FuzzyBobby

    I thought that was Harry Reid.

    • Rose


  • bertasis

    Time to go John you are not doing the job for the American people that you were voted in to do!

    • Rose


  • birdbrain2

    McCain was thrown under the bus by the Republicans and has never recovered thanks to Sarah the Quitter Palin.

  • djmarc

    I did not realize that McCain was the most unpopular Senator (I mean there are so many painfully bad ones). That said, I do wish the media would stop going to him and his boyfriend Lindsey to weigh in on issues when they have lost any credibility they may have ever had with their lies and constant faux outrage on issue after issue. At what point does a so called journalist look at them and say you are wrong so often Im not going to ask you any more questions?

    • Rose

      THAT is precisely the sort of thing, McCain [and such as also Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich] even after Hannity caught him time and time and time again and made him confess his own PERSONAL LIBERAL VIEWS, and a few others – being how Hannity and FOX NEWS will use to “GIVE US THE CONSERVATIVE VIEW” of the issues of the day – HAS COST FOX NEWS the UNEARNED REPUTATION of “FAIRNESS” and “BALANCE”.
      I won’t even watch them anymore, after I saw one too many FORCED CONFESSIONS that Hannity would still turn around and tell such as these two how much he wants them as our President because they can ARTICULATE “OUR CASE” SO WELL “FOR US”.
      PURE GARBAGE, when you get below the skin, AND EVEN SOLELY OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS – and find the videos and transcripts sliced up and even removed, within DAYS.
      If you people don’t do your own digging, you have no clue how manipulated you have been that you would even TOLERATE the likes of McCain having even been CONSIDERED as a candidate – or Rick Santorum, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee…

  • djmarc

    And this poll showing him as the most unliked Senator only polls the people of his state. He puts his foot in his mouth so often, taking odd positions, then its opposite and then back to the odd position that Im sure the disliking of John McCain goes well beyond the Arizona borders. He is a political whore saying whatever he thinks will make the out of touch Grandpa Munster seem relevant… but through it all the message most of us get every time he opens his mouth is that he isnt relevant.

    • Lindakl

      Oh and he is downright nasty in his townhall meetings.

  • Rose

    THIS has been the case INSIDE THE GOP for NEARLY ALL the internal GOP polling for over 20 years – He has at BEST been among the TOP 3 MOST HATED by GOP VOTERS, all that time.
    He would never have made it in 2008 WITHOUT A FULL COMPLETE 20% PLUS crossover DIMS in all the front-loaded OPEN PRIMARIES in January and February, giving him the nomination BEFORE THE VERY FIRST CLOSED AND GOP-ONLY VOTERS Primary in March of 2008. CHECK THE RECORDS.

    Arizona’s GOP CAUCUS has UNANIMOUSLY CENSURED him on many individual accounts in 2005 for being a GOP SENATOR WHO CATERED EXCLUSIVELY to Democrat voters, and then again recently.
    NOBODY studies his HISTORIC RECORD of Democrat activities, from HIS BEGINNING in politics, and consistently ever since.
    And the polling I referred to at the top of this post was NATIONAL polling.

  • Rose

    THEN you can shock a lot of sleeping GOP voters.

  • ace65

    McLame went from war hero to politician zero.

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