John Cleese Just OBLITERATED Piers Morgan in a Single, Glorious Tweet


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

It takes a comic master like John Cleese to deliver such a devastating insult to a truly repulsive individual like liberal creepazoid Piers Morgan.

Behold the awesomeness:

SooperMexican provided the backstory:

Here’s the context – career idiot Piers Morgan wrote some drivel attempting to be charming about the famous comedian ignoring him while they were both in the same restaurant:

…you can imagine how I felt when I sat down in my favourite New York restaurant, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar, ordered a fine bottle of vintage claret, sighed with almost indecent pleasure at the gastronomic delights heading my way… then turned to my left and spied Cleese at the very next table. Literally two feet away.

For one tiny nanosecond, our eyes locked in mutual shock, then equally mutual withering contempt.

For the next two hours, we avoided all form of contact – physical, verbal, visual.

It was magnificently British.

Then I went to the loo, and returned to find my cousin Miranda in deep jocular conversation with him. They stopped the moment I sat down and the previous icy silence was resumed.

‘What the hell were you doing conversing with The Enemy?’ I hissed.

Miranda laughed. ‘Sorry cuz, but Dad did comedy with him at Cambridge and he’s one of my absolute heroes!’

Obviously the idiot is just jealous of a true comedic legend.

Cleese continued his devastating jabs at the insipid moron:

Piers then made the mistake of trying a lame comeback attempt…


Conservative Americans agree with you 100%, Mr. Cleese.

Cleese’s original tweet is now well over 24,ooo retweets now. By contrast, Piers’ best attempt cannot even muster 50 at the time of this post::

How pathetic!

  • Pocono18519

    Why does Peirs always look like he just sucked a big politician’s dick? BTW—he’s a friggin’ dual citizen…thinks he has rights to trash the United States. He’s a low life and a fag!

    • He may not be a homosexual, but he sure is in with the Film Actors’ Guild!

  • Hugh Jass

    piers Morgan is the largest tool in England.and has the smallest tool.

    • iida lumme

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  • David Snay

    When is Piers Morgan going to get real and acknowledge what a loser he is? He thinks he’s a big time movie star because he’s done 7 cameos in 4 years? You would think after embarrassing himself so pitifully taking over Larry King’s show he would just slither off and shut up. Please, England, take him back.

  • LaFlare1017

    I would hate Piers even if he had the same political opinions as me, he’s just a truly unlikeable person.

  • Peter L Marzullo

    There aren’t enough words to describe my disdain for Morgan and the so called ‘progressive’,liberal nonsense he spews especially about our 2nd’A’ rights. He’s total tool and a hypocrite on top of it all.

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  • john h

    JOHN CLEESE & DON RICKLES are people you ” DO NOT ” want to cross swords with !!

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