Joe Biden: Illegal Aliens ‘Are Already Americans’


Vice President Joe Biden says illegal aliens “are already Americans,” whether they’re here legally or not.

Biden made this disgraceful insult to both citizens and legal immigrants in a speech to Pennsylvania political leaders gathered in New York on Saturday.

Biden says Congress has a moral and economic imperative to offer a pathway to citizenship for “11 million immigrants” living in the country illegally.

It was the second time in a week that Biden addressed immigration publicly. In a recent online chat, he called on the House to vote on a Senate package that includes a pathway to citizenship.

Biden says that majorities of Americans in both parties support such a pathway.

But polls show precisely the opposite. A recent poll of likely voters showed that Americans overwhelmingly oppose a path to citizenship for illegal aliens before the borders are secured.

Just 19% of voters believe that those who are not in this country illegally should be granted legal status right away. Sixty-four percent (64%) say legalization should come only after the border is secured. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.

Perhaps Biden was unaware of this fact since he had not yet sobered up from his Christmas party groping incident


Above: A very ‘happy’ Biden gropes White House reporter Amie Parnes.

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