Jimmy Kimmel Asks ‘Fashion Week’ Attendees About Made-Up Designers And Their Responses Are Hilarious


The Mercedes-Benz “Fashion Week” just wrapped up last Thursday in New York City.

All of the top notch designers and brands were featured such as Prada, Jimmy Choo, Versace and many more. Many fashion fans traveled from all over the world to witness the newest and coolest trends hitting stores.

With so many “fashionistas” running around NYC, Jimmy Kimmel decided to see how well these people really knew their designers. Kimmel sent a crew down to Lincoln Center, which is where many of the runway shows were held, and asked people coming in and out about their opinions on various fashion brands.

This is where it gets funny. Kimmel’s team asked these “fashion aficionados” about designers and trends that are entirely made up.

Hilariously, the people featured in this video pretend they know about these “designers,” even going so far as to give in-depth opinions.

It’s amazing that no one caught on with names such as Chandler Bing from the hit show Friends.

And the response to the Phil Robertson Collection is just amazing…



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