Jimmy Fallon Tries to Burn the GOP on Race – It Backfires on Him BIG Time


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Comedian Jimmy Fallon really ought to do a little fact-checking before delivering a liberal screed — er, I mean “joke.”

The host of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” for some reason decided to take a racial shot at the Republican Party, in the wake of the controversy over this year’s Oscar nominees.

It did not go well.

Fallon tweeted: “This year’s Oscar nominees are so white, they just became the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination.”

Um, ok. I guess Jimmy didn’t bother to take a gander at who are the respective frontrunners for each party heading into 2016.

Well people on Twitter certainly noticed the difference, and let Fallon have it:

That’s right. A sea of White on the Democrat side — 16 of 16. And on the GOP side: 2 Blacks, 2 Hispanics and 2 of Indian descent. Pot meet kettle.

Uh, oh…does “Reverend” Al know?


Michelle chimes in with a classic…

“Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren gets special notice…

Oh Jimmy. Can’t you just entertain us? Why not leave your tired liberal talking points to your hero Obama?


  • Golfer1113

    Another liberal brainless follower speaking without the real facts !!!

    • nobull

      as if facts ever mattered to a lib? Lies and more lies – the more they tell them, the more they believe their own lies.

    • Nicholas

      He isn’t liberal. He jabs at both sides of the political spectrum.

  • Tex

    Nothing new. Another liberal idiot, that cannot fathom facts or logic before spewing and trying to cut down the Right. Pathetic and very typical.

    • jerry

      Leave it to pros like Colbert and Stewart.

      • Tex

        Exactly. Their idea of a solid politician is Hillary. Excellent. Trend overriding reality. Welcome to America, 20xx.

  • To Mrs. Soetoro

    So do the Soetoro’s still want to claim they are not racist? Seems to me she just proved they are.

  • Barto

    Fallon is no Leno.

    • Kathy Snyder

      Thank God! Fallon is much better than Leno. One joke wrong and now he’s suddenly a rotten host? I love to see all the idiot trolls who are on here with nothing better to do than spew garbage it gives me such a laugh, just like Jimmy does!

      • Dmenace

        Who’s Jimmy Fallon?

        • John Kmetz

          If You don’t know why even bother replying on this subject.

          • DARgirl

            “Sarcasm” much?!

          • John Kmetz


        • Midnight Jinx

          Jimmy Who?

      • William E Dunn Jr

        You might want to TiVo his shows…

        • jana

          Not worth the time Tivo or my time.

          • William E Dunn Jr

            Personally I wouldn’t watch it live…

      • Lawrence P. Goodwin

        So it really doesn’t matter that the basis of his joke was completely off base and lacking in reality?
        Typical, as is the name-calling.

      • You Gruberstupes laugh every time obama lies, or farts. I just laughed at your garbage.

        • Dan Griffith

          Kathy is a Conservative.Just happens to like Fallon.

        • Al Bischoff

          Your disgusting!

      • Jim Bendtsen

        I love to see your garbage spewing post, you idiot troll. You would’ve been a perfect person to be on Leno’s “Streetwalking” segment.

      • Barto

        Fallon is a Joke but can’t tell one but I suppose there are some idiots like you out there that like him…..but again, he sure as hell is not as good as Leno was which is mostly supported by the posters on here.

      • Judy Dietz

        You know what a sheeple is?

        • Rizzan

          Someone who keeps telling everyone else to wake-up?

      • scottyrocks

        Wow, do you have it inside out.

        On a site such as this, libs are the trolls.

        And no one said he is a ‘bad’ _host_ – just an idiot for his factually incorrect and very biased tweet.

        Ciao fer now, troll. hahahahahaaa

      • Devin Owen

        Yeah I agree jimmy is really funny, sure this joke is against republicans so everyone hates him but I seem to remember this site praising him when he made fun of obama. It’s hurt a joke, he’s a funny guy.

      • nobull

        “trolls spewing garbage” ummm, stupid libs spewing bullshet is more like it – we’re just pointing out the obvious. ALL WHITE privileged dim prez candidates

      • III%er

        A libturd better than Leno? You are so out of touch with reality your brain dead. Oh all libturds are brain dead. And this is what wants to run the greatest country in the world.

  • JT

    And that postcard left out Susana Martinez, the Hispanic governor of deep blue New Mexico–and a top VP prospect.

  • JonDillinger2016

    Fallon is an idiot.

  • Brenda Busken

    another hollywood lib that thinks because he plays a smart guy on tv that he really is one day he will awake from his koolaid induced haze

    • Gus Colgain

      hey, don’t forget he just parrots what the shows writers come up with – shut off the teleprompter and he will be struck dumb…. well, he is dumb – mute is a better choice of words.

    • Rebecca Mowry Abbott

      Don’t insult koolaid!!!!

  • Concerned

    Fallon is terrible on the tonight show. A real egotistical asshole. Makes me want to puke.

    • John Kmetz

      Don’t watch Him asshole.

      • Chris

        He never said he “watches” him, he probably did watch him a time or two and came to his conclusion! Of course an Asshole like you is to STUPID to figure that out!!

        • John Kmetz

          So he bases his opinion on watching him two times. An a STUPID asshole like You thinks that’s enough to base his opinion on. I’m sure Jimmy worries about the opinion of the two of you when He checks His bank account.

          • Chris

            Your poor grammar tells me you are a Stupid Asshole! Did I say Fallon was unsuccessful financially? No! Did I say I did not like him? No! In this case what he said was Stupid! Apparently you are one of those losers who are impressed by celebs, fame and money! Which in turn shows you are not just a Stupid Asshole but pretty shallow as well!!! Oh, and a loser! LOL! You’ve got a lot going for yourself buddy!!! LOL

  • Greg B.

    Fallon takes shots at everybody it seems not just GOP. I have seen him take plebty of shots at the administration. Especially Joe Biden, he always cracks on him. I think he is pretty entertaining overall. I didn’t even think it was a bad joke at all when i saw that episode, i laughed. But seriously that diverse field is hilarious! Where Al Sharpton? Lol

  • Brian Pontiff

    Where’s Herman Cane’s picture ? He’s thinking about it also.

  • Robin

    we don’t watch his show because he is always making up lies upon lies and thinks they’re funny. They are not. A worthless show except for people who have no idea what is REALLY going on.

    • John Kmetz

      If You don’t watch how do You know what He does ?

      • June Bug

        John, you have a right to your opinion, but could you please stop capitalizing he?

        • John Kmetz

          o.k. He He He

  • Ronnie racoon

    Bring back Leno this jimmy is not funny or entertaining he has a personality of a Sophomoric jock strap!

    • John Kmetz

      You should know you dingleberry.

  • JoeBideyourtime

    If it wasn’t for conservatives defending our freedom we would be a communist nation.

    • Gus Colgain


    • Jeffrey Blake

      Exactly right. Thr left pushes ever harder, ever further left towards socialism. The new moniker for communism.

  • shaddup

    Yup, it’s not like anyone else writes the jokes he delivers or that he gets paid to make jokes about current news. When you are all done, maybe you can climb off your high horse and realize that both sides are failing the people miserably.

  • Al Parsons

    He may have writers, as most performers do, but it is HIS responsibility for the content. ANOTHER case of a liberal alligator mouth with a hummingbird a$$.

  • Victor Gottlieb Haggy

    I am sure it was a joke. Just a bad one. We all know who the real racist are. Liberals, Democrats and Progressives. These days I dont know what the difference is. They are all just bad Americans.

  • Gus Colgain

    Since when have comedians had an impact on politics? Just because they are tv personalities – many without actually having a personality – people are actually swayed by their idiocy? No damned wonder our country is screwed up.

  • Arthur M.

    I just don’t think Fallon is funny…..at all….He’s freaking boring.

  • M Meier

    Does anyone remember 2008 when the Dems were making fun of the Repubs for having so many “old, white men” in the running? Look at their current crop. All male, except for two old, white women, one of whom we KNOW is a bold-faced liar and the other is not any better – I’ll let you decided for yourselves which is which.
    Personally, I’m not thrilled with either side’s candidates. I would love to see Rick Santorum run again, as either Pres or VP.

    • M Meier


  • dave

    I mean yeah it was a tasteless and uninformed joke, but he rips on Obama quite a bit. And for those people talking about leno? Please he was as liberal of a stooge as they come. way worse then fallon. An half as good as a tonight show host as fallon. I’m glad leno is gone with his tired, corny humor

  • KingObama

    Maybe the movies we just that much better…

    • John Kmetz

      WHAT ???

  • Jim Myers II

    I never watch his show anyway hes not very funny…

  • jerry

    Not everyone can be Colbert.

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  • George Fields

    I don’t see a Dr. Ben Carson on the dem’s side

  • pb


  • Dan Gerous

    I miss Conan.

  • Conservative loves Fallon

    I love Jimmy Fallon. Yes this was a stupid joke but if you actually watched him, you would realize that he has made fun of Obama and Obamacare on a regular basis. You should see the clips of him comparing Obama’s workout to Putin’s workouts. He has burned Obama so many times that I’m surprised that Obama hasnt shut him down. And we all know that even though it would be illegal, that wouldnt stop the lawless group that we have in the White House right now. I’m a conservative republican and I watch him all the time and am rarely bothered by anything he says. This was just a stupid joke that didn’t work.

  • Al H

    “Don’t watch Him asshole.” ” You should know you dingleberry.” “If you don’t watch how do you know what He does ?” Are the first two sentences examples of your education or intelligence? The third is simple. You only have to watch half of one of Fallon’s shows to realize he’s not very entertaining.

  • nosocialism29

    Can’t wait and I’m hopeful Jay Leno returns on another network !!!

  • jana

    They speak without thinking. What was, he thinking?

  • Eddie Crawford

    Bring back Jay Leno!!

  • Skijo

    They’re all cookie-cutter wonks for the establishment.

  • Rose

    Nothing new for Fallon. He is a very insulated person.

  • Ryan StJohn

    It’s a joke. It’s a JOKE. You guys understand that he has “burned” Obama too as well, right? No, of course you don’t, all you have are knee-jerk reactions to any criticism of any belief that you possess.

    Meanwhile, you don’t even realize that that your party of choice is poisoning the well every bit as much as your “enemy”. You know that Obama guy that you despise? He’s basically a carbon copy of Bush, but just a little bit worse. And look at the last 2 Republican candidates – just try to tell me that they wouldn’t be liberals with nothing more than a party change.

    Keep getting angry at late night comedians while you keep believing that you can actually change things by voting. The 4th amendment is being downright IGNORED by both parties, what is keeping the rest of your favorite piece of paper from being ignored? House of Cards

    • John Kmetz

      Don’t capitalize joke or june bug will yell at You.

  • Lacs

    Who even watches that show?

  • Priceless.

  • Mark Tallman

    Is Elizabeth Kimosabee Warren there to help with the fake Indian vote?

  • Bryan Bommarito

    Uh, to the writer of this article, good job, except Jimmy Fallon it the host of THE TONIGHT SHOW…. for about a year now. There is no Late Night with Jimmy Fallon anymore…. But kudos, I agree with everything else in the article.

  • Joe Tokoph

    Fallon sucks anyway hes not funny, I don’t see him being on the tonight show for years like his predecessors. Late nite tv stinks.

  • Joe Tokoph

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the worst band in TV history. I wont watch it just because of the band, they suck.

  • searcher

    Classic New Yorker: sooo sophisticated, so well dressed, so full of himself and crap.

  • Quake052

    Birds of a feather flock together. I’m sure his non-partisan libtard staff all got a big chuckle out of it during rehearsals. The only problem is that they didn’t do their job with proper fact-checking. I clearly remember when the Racist Roots introduced Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman with the song “Cold Hearted Bitch”. I could imagine what would happen if the Racist Roots played Raphael’s “Woman Scorned” for Hillary Clinton. Jay Leno would never have had stooped that low.

  • McGee

    Since it was brought up, everyone knows that the NBC execs did not like Leno’s right leaning ways and comments. Now he is gone and you have a total opposite replacing him. Less talent, goes which ever way the winds blowing,and especially. not as funny. I am sure he is a favorite of the police too.

  • Jeanne Doyle

    Yes, I agree with Golfer1113, another liberal brainless speaking without real facts!

  • stone8

    Liberals do not want the facts because they get in the way of their agendas.

  • Big Al

    Since when was being white a bad thing?

  • Oregonpapa

    It bears repeating … Conservatives believe what they see. Liberals see what they believe.

  • DennyOR

    Now I see how he got the NBC gig.


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