Jim Carrey DEFENDS Kathy Griffin… Then Says the UNTHINKABLE About Trump

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Comedian Jim Carrey, whose rabid anti-gun views have already reduced his popularity with conservatives,  didn’t do himself any favors with them — or anyone for that matter, by throwing his two cents in on the Kathy Griffin debacle.

Carrey today actually defended Griffin for her shocking enactment of a bloody ISIS-style beheading, and presenting an image of a “decapitated” President Donald Trump.

Then Carrey actually said Griffin should do even more “severings” of Trump and display them for all to see.

Griffin, who prides herself on being a comedian who “steps over the line,” released a photo of herself holding the bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump. Griffin’s actions have been almost universally condemned from both left and right. CNN fired Griffin from her New Year’s Eve co-host slot, and she lost several endorsements as well.

Although Griffin admitted the stunt was a “mistake” and “wrong,” Carrey, of “Dumb and Dumber” fame, spoke out against the backlash she’s received.

On Thursday, he talked about Griffin’s actions at the premiere of the new Showtime comedy “I’m Dying Up Here,” which he executive produced. Calling for more gruesome displays, Carrey encouraged Griffin to “hold up a severed leg as well.”

Then Carrey took it a step further, sharing a murder-fantasy “dream” he said he had involving President Trump and a “golf club”…

“I had a dream the other night I was playing golf with Donald Trump,” Carrey recalls. “I was standing beside him with a club in my hand, and I was considering my options when I suddenly woke up. It was one of those dreams where you just want to get back to sleep so you can finish it, you know?”

Yeah, we know, Jim. You are another deranged liberal who simply cannot cope with the results of the election.

Looks like the U.S. Secret Service may need to add another celebrity to its investigations list. Agents reportedly visited Griffin on Wednesday to question her.

Call it “Sick and Sicker.” Except this isn’t a movie, it’s Carrey’s psychotic reality.


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