Jep and Jessica Robertson Speak Out About ‘Mystery Infection’ That Nearly Killed Him

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by Brooke Bosca | Top Right Entertainment

Looks like the “medical mystery” that befell ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Jep Robertson was far worse than his humorous Tweets led us to believe.

The youngest son of Phil Robertson and his lovely wife Jessica spoke out about Jep’s shocking “5-minute seizure” in the remote woods of Louisiana, with a quick-acting brother Willie by his side.

The attack left him “near death” and on a hospital ventilator for 4 days. Doctors still don’t know the exact cause of Jep’s shocking infection, but think it may be a combination of “meningitis and encephalitis”, both life-threatening ailments.

Jep is very lucky to be alive.


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  • Herman Vogel

    Always liked Jep, he has a lot going for him. Wish him well

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