Jeb Bush Said He Was ‘Hispanic’ on a 2009 Florida Voter Registration Form


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Jeb Bush did something very odd on a 2009 voter form that is raising many eyebrows, especially among conservatives who distrust him on illegal immigration.

The former Florida governor and likely Republican presidential candidate Bush marked himself down as “Hispanic” in a voter registration application form in 2009, the New York Times reported Monday.

The Bush camp is calling it a “mistake”. One that for some reason took 6 years and a NY Times article to admit.

The Times said a Bush spokesman “could offer no explanation” for why he put himself down as Hispanic, and his own son called him out on Twitter:

Byron York of the Washington Examiner said a Bush spokesperson told him that it was an error made “at some point”:

Um, ok.

Bush himself later tweeted, “my mistake!”

However, the form is likely to reinforce the distrust many have about Bush and his positions about immigration — which are virtually indistinguishable from Barack Obama — as the 2016 primaries fast approach.

Bush has said he supports a plan that would require illegal immigrants to pay fines and taxes and follow the law, which would put them on a path to legal status.

Conservatives reject this approach — tried and failed in the 1986 amnesty, and say existing laws on the books need to be enforced, along with a resumption of illegal alien deportations — virtually halted under Obama. That position has hardened over the last several years, especially in light of two major moves by President Barack Obama to provide legal protections for millions of illegal immigrants.

Bush’s wife, Columba, is a Mexican native, who some have questioned as to whether she entered the nation legally.

Bush himself speaks Spanish, and the Bush camp has tried to get the Spanish language media to refer to him as the potential “First Hispanic President.”

This strategy was picked up on by Twitter user, who isn’t buying the “mistake” story one bit:

Other referenced Elizabeth Warren, who was exposed in a lie that she was a “Native American” in her senatorial campaign:



  • Brian

    The Republican Party NEEDS to come up with a better candidate for the upcoming election. If not, we’ll be looking at 4 years of Hillary.

    • Bluefox33

      Maybe even 8 years. We would have the same mess we have now.

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      Seriously, I don’t want any of the main prospective republicans or democrats right now

      • Guest

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    • Jody Lancaster

      Myself and many others would vote for Paul, Cruz, well anyone but this guy.

  • James Berry

    Jeb Bush may be serious about running for President, but he’s not a serious contender for the Republican nomination and that is fine. There are going to be many, many others “throwing their hat in the ring” and he’ll fall by the wayside.

  • Evony Master

    Freudian slip. He knows which side he’s on and it’s not the legal American’s. This guy would not only be a disaster for the country, but ensure the dems get so many new amnesty voters that the GOP will never hold the White House again. The end result of that would be the end of the union in a debt collapse.

  • I suppose now the GOP across the country will have to mandate laws to require genomic DNA testing of all Americans to stop this voter fraud.

    • roscojim

      No, just Voter ID is good enough

      • another_engineer

        Proof of citizenship and birth is needed now that kookafornia is handing out driver’s licenses.

        Although I did get my daughter the “Real ID” driver’s license.

        • roscojim

          I have one as well.

        • Jody Lancaster

          As much voter fraud in the last two elections; we will have to make a requirement of a birth certificate to register to vote if you want to keep it honest and legal.

  • Jenny Marie Whitley

    Cruz 2016

  • yossarion

    If a Bush is the Republican ticket, they will lose. The Bush’s have too much baggage and are too divisive. In my mind the only chances they have are Cruz, Huntsman, Walker, or Fiorina. If Hillary wins on the Democrat ticket they won’t win but if its her against Bush I’ll have to bash my head into a brick wall repeatedly as they both are horrible possibilities.

    • roscojim

      A Bush vs Hillary and I vote third-party or write-in.

      • Jody Lancaster

        Well we all should right now be getting another third party candidate to run. Because we do not want the lying, deceitful Clinton or the illegal pusher Bush.

        • roscojim

          I would like to see a Cruz/Walker ticket.

        • joe

          Dennis Michael Lynch is where my vote will be going in 2016

  • Renee Curry-Harper

    I don’t like him because of his approval of Common Core and amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • another_engineer

    Yeah, I can understand.. last time i was in hood at 10pm I thought i was black… /sarc

  • Jody Lancaster

    No true American will vote for him. We do not need or want another Bush or Clinton in our W.H. It’s already in a horrible mess and it will take a new family that KNOWS what they are doing to straighten things up. If the Republicans are smart they will not let him run. I know many registered Republicans that said they will stay home before they vote for him.

    • roscojim

      I won’t stay home, but I will vote third-party to send a message.

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  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    Everyone keeps worrying about the presidency….better be planning on replacing ALL of Congress, those bastards have allowed, supported and voted in favor of all the problems we are faced with…..


  • 44219

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    its totally inevitable…/ look at the election maps over the
    years…….at that point with New York, California and Florida the
    country will be run by Democrats as Republicans take a knee and at best
    morph into moderate Democrats ………soon socialism will be the new
    norm……the Republicans are only having their last hurrah

    Immigration by the Numbers — Off the Charts

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