It’s NOT Coming Down: Mississippi Votes To Keep It’s Confederate State Flag


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Mississippi’s state flag will continue to include the Confederate battle emblem for the foreseeable future, after state lawmakers on Thursday refused to support bills to remove the controversial symbol.

Despite “massive” pressure from the Obama Administration, and boycott threats from left-wing groups and ‘Black Lives Matter,’ the flag is here to stay.

There were 12 different bills in the Mississippi Legislature to either redesign, change, or remove the Confederate symbol from the state’s 122-year-old flag. But they all died on Thursday for lack of support, which was the deadline for lawmakers to act on bills that were stuck in legislative committees.

From NolaLive:

Mississippi legislators this year won’t attempt to redesign the last state flag that features the Confederate battle emblem because leaders there is “no majority” to remove the symbol from the 122-year-old banner.

Thursaday was the deadline for legislative committees to act on general bills, and flag proposals are among hundreds of measures that died without being brought up for debate.

Some bills proposed redesigning the flag to remove the rebel cross, while others would have stripped state money from colleges and local governments that refuse to fly the current banner. One bill offered separate-but-equal flags, keeping the current one and having a second with a magnolia tree.

All of the bills failed to win a majority vote.

The public display of Confederate symbols has been widely debated since the slaying of nine black worshipers last June at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The white man charged had previously posed for photos with the rebel flag.

Days after the Charleston shootings, Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn became the first prominent Republican to say his state should redesign its flag to remove the Confederate emblem — a red field topped by a blue X dotted by 13 white stars. Gunn cited his Christian faith and said it had become “a point of offense that needs to be removed.”

As the legislative deadline approached, Gunn said Monday that he thinks voters should choose a flag design.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant has been saying for months that this November would be a good time for a flag election because presidential races typically have big turnout. “Let the people decide,” Bryant insisted, as plans move forward for a November ballot to do just that.

Polls in December showed strong public support to keep the Confederate-based state flag.

  • Nosmoke225

    Good!! Maybe some of our history will survive the liberal Utopian dream…..I mean nightmare.

  • Fletch

    The piece of S..T that murdered those in Charleston, also was pictured burning the American Flag, but they won’t demand that this one be removed…and like the Confederate Battle Flag, IT NEVER WILL COME DOWN.

    • MississippiJane

      It’s just a matter of time until the liberals attack Old Glory, and we have a new flag in its place.

  • Nyssa Rodgers

    Do we hate Gold’s Gym, too? He’s representing with the shirt…. and what about the trees in the picture… Do we have to cut down all our trees? Ridiculous.

  • Bubba Bluffton

    Halle-damn-luhia! It’s way past time for someone to stand up to these professionally trained, government supported, socialist, whiny victims of nothing but their own inherent racism and complete lack of intelligent, reasonable debate.
    Several years back, a group of various hyphenated Americans got together to organize a statewide boycott of South Carolina business, resorts, hotels, etc. because the Confederate flag still flew over the Capitol Building in Columbia. (By the way they didn’t stop to think about impacting black businesses in their plans.) So they began the boycott and tourism increased all over the State.
    The flag did not come down until after the murders in Charleson and people blamed a piece of fabric for the terrible act. However, the flag still flies on the Capitol grounds.
    “The mind is a terrible thing to have.”

  • John Ward

    Good! Common sense has finally prevailed!!

    • Blacks are so racist that they should be the ones flying Confederate flags. DemocRats were the party of the losing states and the power behind Jim Crow laws so it makes total sense!

      • Deborah Gross

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  • John Redmond

    Good for Mississippi who stands up against anti American Marxist communist goals to remove American history and heritage. Wake people and realize what is going on. Marxist sympathizer Nikki Haley aka Muslim Nimrata Randhawa of South Carolina is so anti American and a traitor against the United states.

    • Paul MacKay

      Ummm…the confederate states themselves were traitors. Remember that whole armed rebellion thing? hundreds of thousands died. It was horrible.

      • lilyred

        Maybe BLM will boycott the state. Nice. Like the man said, when blacks boycotted the Carolina beaches. BEST YEAR ON THE BEACH, EVER.

      • MississippiJane

        At that time in history, the states had a right to withdraw at will from the Union. The law was changed after the war so that right no longer exists.

  • Dennis Smith

    Hooray for Miss. Been looking for a place to move from the “peoples republic of Il” and think maybe I have found it.

  • doodaa

    Oh hell yeah’!! About time we hear about the people standing together. Stick it in your ass Obammy, this is the beginning. More to come.

  • chickief

    The flag is historical, leave it alone. It’s the attitude of some people that needs to change. Just sayin’.

    • Jan Kolacy

      The war was not fought because of freeing the slaves if you read history it was fought because of money to begin with.the south had factories built boats a lot of farms with cotton the whites owned and picked a lot of good tillable soil… the econonoy was strong the North taxed them heavenly. If you think about it there were not that many Big homes Like Gone with the Wind…a lot of them were in the North.. A lot of those plantations were owned by free Blacks who came to this country…Affluant people…they had slaves..the ones sold by their own tribes to slavers..the white Americans did not go capture them and bring them here..their own people sold them..yes it began as one of the things that happened when the South tried to succeed …the was was over taxes and greedy Northern Government that was stealing from the tariffs on goods so much corruption..The north decided to make at one point not the beginning of the war..a free the slaves much to the chagrin of the Northern slave owners..the North has a Flag. The south made a Flag a lot of good men died for that flag defending it..why do the Blacks think that it is a cymble of Slavery it is a cymble of and a part of the Southern History…

  • FRED


  • Al McDerment

    Good for you Mississippi. It’s part of our History. I am glad to see that there are still some true Americans left, that are willing to stand up for your rights!

  • Harriet

    I think in the scheme of things you dumb s…t, there has always been a nominee from each party.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Thank you!

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Thanks for having some common sense and a bit of a backbone, both seem to be lacking in these united states~

  • Tim

    Good News…

  • Mike Cummings

    As a “Yankee”, I’m proud of you Mississippi! You honor your sons and daughters that fought for the causes they believed in. Please read this…

    • MississippiJane

      I have ancestors who fought on both sides, and I am proud of all of those who fought for their beliefs, no matter what they were. The war was horrible. The soldiers were not at fault. And there were heroes on both sides.


    GOOD! No reason to change things because “some” do not like it.. Things should stay as they are . FIGHT TO KEEP HISTORY!!! DO NOT CHANGE FOR THE DEMANDS OF A FEW WHO ARE CONSTANLY OFFENDED!!!!

  • Greg

    Bravo! The flag had nothing to do with those church killings. Now watch, Obama will cut all federal aid to the state because he didn’t get what he wanted.

    10 more months to go…..

  • MississippiJane

    Would you please correct the punctuation in your headline? Rather than “It’s Confederate Flag,” the correct usage is “Its Confederate Flag”. Possessive pronouns do not use apostrophes (his, hers, its). The apostrophe is used to combine two words (it and is) into the contraction it’s.


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