CONFIRMED: Islamic ‘Tribunal’ Using Sharia Law is Now Operating in This U.S. State


It Begins: Sharia Law comes to a “deep red” state, as Muslim “Tribunal” (above) is confirmed

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

A seriously disturbing development has occurred in the state of Texas, as a Sharia Law court, complete with self-described “judges” has been confirmed in the heart of the Lone Star State.

From Breitbart Texas:

An Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law in Texas has been confirmed by Breitbart Texas. The tribunal is operating as a non-profit organization in Dallas. One of the attorneys for the tribunal said participation and acceptance of the tribunal’s decisions are “voluntary.”

Breitbart Texas spoke with one of the “judges,” Dr. Taher El-badawi. He said the tribunal operates under Sharia law as a form of “non-binding dispute resolution.” El-badawi said their organization is “a tribunal, not arbitration.” A tribunal is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “a court or forum of justice.” The four Islamic attorneys call themselves “judges” not “arbitrators.”

El-badawi said the tribunal follows Sharia law to resolve civil disputes in family and business matters. He said they also resolve workplace disputes.

Breitbart Texas asked what happens when there is a conflict between Sharia law and Texas law. El-badawi said most of the time, the laws are in agreement. When pushed further he admitted that, “we follow Sharia law.” However, he explained, “If the parties are not satisfied with the tribunal’s decision, they do not have to accept it and they can take the matter to Texas civil courts.” He did not say what the social ramifications of rejecting the “judge’s” decision would be.

Incredible. Texas, of all places.

While some critics might be mollified by these “judges” claims that their “rulings” are “voluntary” now, how long will it be before this group or others like it start fighting to force American courts to acknowledge Sharia law in our own justice system?

Not as far off as you might think.

For example, a New Jersey judge recently cited Sharia Law in refusing to grant a Muslim woman a restraining order in a horrible case of sexual assault and abuse:

A New Jersey family court judge’s decision not to grant a restraining order to a woman who was sexually abused by her Moroccan husband and forced repeatedly to have sex with him is sounding the alarm for advocates of laws designed to ban Shariah in America.

Judge Joseph Charles, in denying the restraining order to the woman after her divorce, ruled that her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs — and that he did not have “criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault” his wife.

Chilling. An American judge rubber-stamping the horrible abuse of a woman — in America — because her husband acted within the bounds of the barbaric, anti-woman Muslim “holy book.”

And in Canada and the UK, judges have gone even further, offloading many family and child law and other matters to Sharia “tribunals” as this one in Texas,

This is the direction many Muslims want to force the country to move in, and many groups have already started taking steps to make that happen. As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal warned today of an “invasion” of “colonizing” Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate. Jindal warned this would result in the kind of “No Go zones” in America that are rampant in Europe.

Another big problem is that — despite states which have overwhelmingly passed laws banning Sharia Law, Obama-appointed judges have so far blocked or struck them down — paving the way for this Dark Ages mindset to be used in court proceedings.

Sharia law is poisonous to freedom, and the fact this group is doing holding this “tribunal” in our own backyard should be alarming to all Americans.


  • Missy

    This is just wrong.

  • Howard Wright

    I left CA to Texas to get away from subversive BS like this. UGH!!!

    • Kanray

      Howard, you can’t move far enough. The bastards are everywhere. And thanks to the native son of Africa, Obummer, He is pushing for it. Everyone knows he is a Muslm.

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    I would venture to say it has no standing in Texas as the USA does not allow other countries to bring their own laws when they come here!

    • Kanray

      Really??? Then why is there a large city in Michigan that has Sharia law?? The city council voted it in last year. And they are using it.

    • sandycm

      The U.S.. does not “allow” it, but the point is that it is creeping into our country anyway. Partly because too many “politically correct” non-Muslims are thinking “it’s no big deal” We will soon see that it is DEFINITELY a big deal if we keep letting it slip in here and there especially to women!

    • Anna Rose

      It is being “allowed”. It’s an indisputable fact that it is here whether we are officially “allowing” it or not. Muslims are pushy. They don’t pay attention to our laws.

  • MJH

    Worse than wrong…it’s sickening!

  • HarryTheCat

    Heads will roll over this! [sorry]

  • Rizzan

    STILL pushing the no-go zones nonsense that even Fox apologizes for?

    • Liisamarie

      Fox apologized, but what fox advised regarding NO GO ZONES is ABSOLUTELY true!!

      • Rizzan

        Then why apologize?

    • Art69z

      Uh…actually. Fox was half right. Even in the United States, a perfect example of a “No Go” zone is “Little China” in California. The police don’t really spend much time there. Because every time a crime is committed, their never seems to be any witnesses wanting to go on record. A Chinese could witness a murder in broad daylight, yet when questioned, ‘They say they saw nothing”.

      • Eli

        As someone who lives in California, I would be *thoroughly* interested in hearing where this “Little China” is that you’re talking about. There is Chinatown in San Francisco and LA, as well as various other cities, although nobody really calls those “Little China”. And I’ve never heard of this place-where-the-police-won’t-go.

  • Larry Notton

    It is time to enforce compliance of US law ahead of all the Stone Age stuff sprouting up, all over this land!

  • Jim Hull

    in order for sharia law to work for them they MUST break American laws, to apply punishments that will necessarily follow.

  • OzCop

    Nowhere does it say this will be condoned or approved by Texas Legislature…It is an organization created solely by the Islamic community…It will not stand if Texas law is violated…

    • Curtius Simplus

      *face palm * You people just don’t understand Islam ( It is a SOCIAL POLITICAL system with religious overtones, NOT a religion with social and political underpinnings.) … You are sadly mistaken if you think Islam can be ‘ruled out of order’ and that it will comply because a Limp Wristed Queer in a robe say so … LULZ! They will declare a fatwa that declares Texas a zone of Jihad if they follow SOP for Islam. With Islam this is how one ‘rules against them :

    • Douglas Stoxen

      You mean the islamic women are subject to their power then?

      • OzCop

        No, I mean the islamics conjured this up themselves, and it has no basis of Texas law behind it. They say it is “voluntary” but even if women subject themselves voluntarily to it, and if something goes wrong, or a crime is committed under Texas law, the criminal is still subject to arrest and prosecution… Anyone who thinks Texas is “allowing” sharia” with the blessings of the legislature, they are sadly mistaken. My “guess” is they already do this all over the country, but felt compelled to announce it following the big gathering they held in DFW area last week. Once a crime is committed, under sharia or any other religious heading, it is still a crime as far as the state is concerned.

        The article headline would lead one to believe this was all done with the blessings of the state…that is not the case. Religions can “establish” whatever they want, but if a crime under Texas law is committed, it is still a crime, regardless of the religious connotation.

        • texashorseman

          what do these people do that complies with any laws other than their own across the globe. The only law they want is their law and for us to accept it or die.

    • me

      Because you cannot spew hate when you think about it 😉

  • Keatonbuster

    11th century cave dwellers.

  • Bob

    “And in Canada and the UK, judges have gone even further, offloading many family and child law and other matters to Sharia “tribunals” as this one in Texas”

    Please cite this! I’m Canadian and I have never heard about this.

  • JaySands1234

    Those guys that died in the ALAMO are doing 2500rpm in their graves.

  • Curtius Simplus

    So then Texas and Islam is about in order then? That would be Texas and Islam playing Cowboys and Indians,right. Right. Since if you let them establish ‘shaira’ then that LAND IS ISLAM’S to them! Period. It is Just that Easy. These stupid liberals have NO clue nor do the PC ‘color blind’ GOP twats that call this ‘progress’ and ‘diversity’ when it is just DEATH and Barbarism inside our perimeter!

    • Bernd Ratsch

      See how that worked out in the past…. We are not some small weenie state that bows down to these morons. Give them a little space for them to feel good. Try to force this upon us, suffer the wrath of us “Cowboys” as you call it.

      • cowgirl

        hurt me and they will be in texas court to answer, them that live that life should know they are in America now, land of the free.

  • How can 4 people be a “TRI-BUNAL? Should it not be a QUAD-BUNAL?

    • GatorDog

      good point.. (-:

  • Byron Shutt

    The cancer spreads.

  • Chewable Germ

    Sharia law is protected by the US constitution.

    • A-KAZI

      Freedom of religion is not freedom to create your own laws. It is freedom to practice your religion. Sharia law is not protected you have a freedom to practice your religion not establish laws based upon it. If according to Christianity we were to start stoning people in the streets and chopping off limbs. There would be no religion. Freedom of religion was instilled to protect non-Christians believe it or not. If not Christians would have crushed all religions before this crap. Not saying it would be a bad thing. Where are the templar’s when you need them?? I would sign up for sure.

      • Guest

        Muslim-ism is protected by law, not stoning your wife for showing an ankle in public.

    • Wiggle D

      Muslim-ism is protected by law, not stoning your wife for showing an ankle in public.

    • A-KAZI

      Foreign law is not protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. Please show me where? Or are you just saying what you think you know?

  • Kris Lowell-Furman

    How long before civil war breaks out. I fear it won’t be long. Obama is drooling as we speak.

  • Douglas Stoxen

    Take the tribunal up in a plane to 30,000 feet and push them out. If they survive, they can stay on the tribunal because God, Allah, is great. If they don’t survive, the bodies will be scooped up, taken to the nearest hog farm and fed to the pigs.

  • Tim Bender

    Sounds like it’s time for AMERICANS to take our country back and let these goat-fuckers know they WILL NOT be tolerated here!

  • Kyle B

    No type of Sharia Law can have an affect on anyone and No one should listen to that law while living under the Constitution of the united states… If ever pulled into one, walk out.. if they force you in, use your Second amendment right.

    I wisely suggest to get to know the law, your rights and God given rights. Save your neighbors, Trust in one another and help them to be Graceful and show them the way of being a kind soul. Fight together
    “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8)
    “For this, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, YOU SHALL NOT MURDER, YOU SHALL NOT STEAL, YOU SHALL NOT COVET,” and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”…(Roman 13:9)

    If you don’t believe in the lord, then take this as a guide line to be a better person… because hate only make you out to be the “one of them”. Stand up for Inalienable rights, treat others on how you want to be treated. Walk together and Accomplish through the toughest of times. :]

  • lars

    This is all BS !

  • guess

    It’s false and it’s not true check snoops

    • eirenne

      check snoops? not false…..start educating yourself.

      • Chuck

        It is false – your report is about muslims in the US trying to get around US law by citing they fall under Sharia law. In some cases the judges ruled in favor of certain pieces of Sharia law – citing freedom of religion, but not one time have the courts upheld that Sharia supercedes US law and that Sharia is the governing law of the land. There are ZERO cities, counties, or states where Sharia is the law of the land. The issue is our legal system allows for just about any defense you want to try – so of course it’s going to creep into the justice system from time to time.

  • William Stevens

    One of the attorneys for the tribunal said participation and acceptance of the tribunal’s decisions are “voluntary.” And this is exactly how they get their foot in the door like Dearborn, Michigan. The citizens of Breitbart Texas are the ones responsible here and must take action on their own or we make the US Government step in and protect citizens from this grotesque situation.

    • Michael Van Meter

      US Government??? Ha-ha. What a sad joke they are.

  • Scott

    Need to be remove

  • Bernd Ratsch

    They can make up their own laws for all we care. Try to bring them upon the people of this state and you will learn the hard way. We have plenty of hogs around here to “donate” to your people!!

  • mzungu

    This is like saying “that’s cool” to having the KKK meeting in public places and burning crosses in the yard. Texans are turning into wimps. Not a great state anymore.

  • Jeanne Doyle


  • John Gagne

    If were they are not willing to live by the Constitution and our laws, they should go home, were they obviously belong and live in agreement with their culture and that goes for any other culture.

  • JRD

    It is time the USA create federal legislation banning sharia law as a traitorous act against citizens of the USA.

  • Chuck
  • Jason Pearson

    This is unconstitutional and therefore illegal and should be repealed and abolished asap

  • truthbroker

    Sharia law and Freedom, used in the same sentence, are a contradiction in terms.

    Sharia law also requires, under penalty of death, for: 1) the Quran, not the Holy Bible to be the national bible, 2) Islam to be the national religion (in direct violation of the 1st Amendment), 3) Allah, not God the Father to be our god, and 4) Mohammad, not Jesus, God the Son, to be our prophet.

    This is clearly a direct violation of our Constitution’s First Amendment because it establishes a national religion, and requires anyone who does not accept it to be beheaded.

    If that’s what you want, don’t do anything; just go back to sleep. But if you think this might not be acceptable in America under our Constitution, get up and FIGHT for your freedom. it all starts with Sharia law becoming the law of the land.

  • Ed Wak

    I would venture to say that this is a BS story specifically written to incite hatred and divide people. People in this country have no idea what extent that the unaccountable agencies of the US go to to divide the people, control opposition, etc. Contrary to what the mainstream media will spew out, Muslims are not looking for 72 virgins and all that other BS. My advice is educate yourself, use your mind and do not allow propaganda to shape your opinions

  • Brian Newman

    This is a really bad idea because the cultural pressure will send victims to these courts rather than seek justice.

  • pb

    More misinformation?

  • Dennis

    Yea, good luck with that. No jurisdiction…

  • Nicky

    Not meaning to offend any Catholics, but if you look at the way that the Catholic church has dealt with the many molestations “in house” and avoided criminal prosecution in many, (not all) cases, don’t you think that it paves the way for the Sharia courts to get away with the same thing once established.

    • humble_pedantic

      bit of a tangent but i was also disgusted that Jared Fogle received almost as much attention for his exploits of a few teen girls as the entire catholic church did for exploiting THOUSANDS of teen and preteen boys.

  • scott

    do they have a license to practice any form of law,if not,that is a felony

  • abaton7

    Over my dead, beheaded body.

  • Bill Davenport

    just wait till they start chopping off hands.

  • Me
  • argrim

    Muslims will use our Democracy to destroy us with freedom of religion

  • Bert Perryman

    Where the hell is Separation of Church and State now all you Godless Anti-Christ Spirit Lawyers and judges?

  • Bert Perryman

    How long do you hold this in waiting to be approved by Top Right News? Forever , whereis Freedom of Speech in here?

  • Are there Commandries of Knights Templars springing up across the country where Christian clerics govern the halls according to the Bible and by decree of The Pope, in preparation for the protection of the populace from the same pressures as before?


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