Is Your Illegal Alien Landscaper a Mexican Cartel Killer? This One Was…


Would you like me to trim the hedges, Señora? Ok, right after I clean my silencer.

“They just come here to work”.

That’s all we hear from advocates for a massive amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. Or we hear that they are all valedictorians. Of course we never — ever — hear about illegal alien criminals from the mainstream media or feckless politicians.

Well one of the “hard workers” mowing lawns and trimming trees in Sacramento was hiding quite a violent and disturbing past.

He was a Mexican cartel hitman, with the blood of more than half a dozen police on the same hands that worked the gardens of local residents.

On Tuesday, U.S. marshals arrested Genaro Olaguez-Rendon, 53, at his residence.

Olaguez-Rendon, who has been on the run from law enforcement in San Joaquin County since April, after he failed to appear in court to face drug distribution charges, has also been wanted by Mexican police for more than a decade.

In May 2000, Olaguez-Rendon machine-gunned down eight municipal officials in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Shortly after the massacre, Olaguez-Rendon came to the United States with his family and has been living and working here illegally for the last 13 years — you know, “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.”

The Sacramento Bee reported:

U.S. officials had little information about the incident in Mexico, saying in a statement that the suspect “used heavy weapons to massacre a commissioner and seven other city officials in Sinaloa, Mexico,” and that the Mexican government sought help in locating him after he fled to this country.

Earlier this year, the Mexican national actually spent three months in jail following an arrest for the cultivation of marijuana at several ‘grow-houses’ in Stockton.

Despite his illegal status in this country, he was released on bail, thanks to California’s wonderful sanctuary policies towards illegals and hostility to ICE immigration holds.

Olaguez-Rendon has been charged with cultivating marijuana, possessing a firearm and theft of utility services. He is currently being held without bail at the San Joaquin County Jail, and is expected to be deported to Mexico to face multiple charges of murder.

So the next time you, or a friend or family member consider hiring an illegal alien, consider also that among the tens of millions here are tens or hundreds of thousands of criminals, with a past you will never know, because they use multiple fake or stolen IDs, and because most states and municipalities refuse to mandate employment checks and refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.

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