Is Your Illegal Alien Landscaper a Mexican Cartel Killer? This One Was…


Would you like me to trim the hedges, Señora? Ok, right after I clean my silencer.

“They just come here to work”.

That’s all we hear from advocates for a massive amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. Or we hear that they are all valedictorians. Of course we never — ever — hear about illegal alien criminals from the mainstream media or feckless politicians.

Well one of the “hard workers” mowing lawns and trimming trees in Sacramento was hiding quite a violent and disturbing past.

He was a Mexican cartel hitman, with the blood of more than half a dozen police on the same hands that worked the gardens of local residents.

On Tuesday, U.S. marshals arrested Genaro Olaguez-Rendon, 53, at his residence.

Olaguez-Rendon, who has been on the run from law enforcement in San Joaquin County since April, after he failed to appear in court to face drug distribution charges, has also been wanted by Mexican police for more than a decade.

In May 2000, Olaguez-Rendon machine-gunned down eight municipal officials in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Shortly after the massacre, Olaguez-Rendon came to the United States with his family and has been living and working here illegally for the last 13 years — you know, “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.”

The Sacramento Bee reported:

U.S. officials had little information about the incident in Mexico, saying in a statement that the suspect “used heavy weapons to massacre a commissioner and seven other city officials in Sinaloa, Mexico,” and that the Mexican government sought help in locating him after he fled to this country.

Earlier this year, the Mexican national actually spent three months in jail following an arrest for the cultivation of marijuana at several ‘grow-houses’ in Stockton.

Despite his illegal status in this country, he was released on bail, thanks to California’s wonderful sanctuary policies towards illegals and hostility to ICE immigration holds.

Olaguez-Rendon has been charged with cultivating marijuana, possessing a firearm and theft of utility services. He is currently being held without bail at the San Joaquin County Jail, and is expected to be deported to Mexico to face multiple charges of murder.

So the next time you, or a friend or family member consider hiring an illegal alien, consider also that among the tens of millions here are tens or hundreds of thousands of criminals, with a past you will never know, because they use multiple fake or stolen IDs, and because most states and municipalities refuse to mandate employment checks and refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.

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  • Chris Harrington

    Like they care as long as there lawn gets mowed..

  • Chris Harrington

    Or they don’t get murdered

    • fayn2madness

      well they do have armed security at our expense even while they don’t want or expect us to have it
      Now if they can only direct the illegals to target us they will be set for life.

  • Richard_L_Kent

    And the old man down the street may be a Nazi concentration camp commander hiding out from Nuremberg.

    What disgusting racism. You make decent people vomit.

  • Bill Will

    they are in the US illegally round them up and ship them to the middle east

  • DanaLanders

    Decent people are sick and tired of these degenerates sneaking into our country, Richard Kent! I’ve been saying it for years. We don’t get the educated, the highly skilled folks sneaking in here, we get the dredges of their societies and are left holding the bag when they commit crimes and/or need to be supported cradle to grave for generations! They have no loyalty to this country, could care less about our culture, heritage or history yet we are forced to submit to theirs. You love them so much, let them live with you!!!

  • Charlie

    Does anyone in our government know the meaning of illegal. if you are illegal for a week or 13 years, you are still illegal.Send them their children and grand kids back from where them came illegally


  • free_spirited

    This started with Jimmy carter he cleaned out Cuba all the criminals delinquents the worse kind Castro did not want so Carter brought into the USA. This is what the Progressive Liberals have been doing to this country for decades. Unless we clean the house vote them all out and bring the best kind to Washington DC and to our states, nothing will ever change. Check their records before you vote for new ones make sure they work for us “We the People” not for the illegal aliens, for the President, for the Governor, Muslims, or the interest of other dictators, big corps, or especial interest. One that won’t give our money to our enemies, other countries and bankers. keep our money here in our country. Make a movement so we all are in the same page to clean and vote every dirty sellout that does not serve the citizens of this country.

    • Teresae Tiller

      More actuated background checks are necessary for all….
      Checking our political leaders is the tip of the iceberg…
      Americans are silent when our voices need united to stand..
      Free..proud..brave..with Justice & Liberty for all…

  • B D

    The culture of the USA is becoming Mexicanized and the Democrats are all for it. And lets face it, there’s a lot of very bad criminals in Mexico and they’re coming here every day. It’s really something to be concerned about. People like Hillary Clinton want them here so they can win elections.

  • Bill Matthes

    So this murderer has been running around loose in California for 13 years? How many more in the rest of the U.S.? Obama doesn’t know! Obama doesn’t care! It’s not like they will be moving into his neighborhood! As for California, this catering to illegals is going to bite them in the ass!

    • Heather

      News flash Bill Matthes. W didn’t know and didn’t care, either. Obama has only been president for 5 years.

      • Bill Matthes

        News flash for you. The last few presidents are ALL guilty of not getting a hold on illegal-immigration.

  • myOWNcompass

    Was I supposed to be surprised?

  • Topper01

    The Demos want them here for the illegal votes they cast. New rule: If you enter US illegally, then you may never become a citizen. If you jump thru hoops and mow the Senator’s lawns, then you may apply for a work visa, but never citizenship. That otta take the wind out of the liberals sails.

  • Samantha Purkey

    Wow, right in my backyard….I live in the country and my man wonders why I hate these tree trimmers and trash haulers just walking up to my door asking if i have any work they could do. Now I gotta make sure Ive got my glock on me just to answer the door.

  • Brer_Rabbit

    The reason that he was released on bail instead of being deported is because of the Obama Administration’s policy of prosecutorial discretion of only deporting those “convicted of a serious felony.” Since he wasn’t convicted and they don’t consider cultivating marijuana, possessing a firearm, and theft of utility services serious felonies he was released on bail. However, it appears that murdering 8 Mexicans is “serious.”

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