Infographic Reveals Truth About Black Violence Al Sharpton Doesn’t Want You To See

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News




[h/t FederalistPapers]

  • Mike Stern

    Maybe that will open some peoples eyes.

    • WilliamK99

      No, facts don’t matter to certain segments of the population…

    • Stephen Yosick

      For each person that will be open and accepting of this, there will be 10 that call it BS and be resistant to any discussion that it fosters.

    • William Owen

      The problem is that this article just preaches to the choir. most centrist and conservatives know these facts. Liberals put their hands on their ears and go “la la la la la la la” while people tell them facts.

  • USN Veteran

    Is this news? Anyone who pays attention has known this for years. Facts won’t matter anyway.

    • Mark Allen

      I agree Navy, nobody gives a crap about facts, especially the president. Thats where it all starts

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      • Mystique Ulh

        Might be a good idea to go back to school and learn how to spell

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  • Bill Jones Sr.

    Bet you won’t see this on cnn

  • calypsodancler

    No because its the WHITE MANS TRUTH

    • McHale72

      I agree. FACTS are always the White Man’s truth while B.S. made up stories to promote an agenda is the Black Man’s truth.

      • sj

        statistics are facts but interpretation of facts are another thing. these statistics can be used by liberals to talk about poverty and how poverty affects crime. everyone looks at facts under their own colored lens. whites and blacks both. but the fact is, both whites and blacks have a tendency to warp the truth.

        • sj

          i mean. . . it’s a fact that 70% of hate crimes are of anti-black bias. now that could be interpreted in many different ways. it was excluded from this particular infographic because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

          • sj

            it’s also a fact that most of crime is concentrated in bigger cities, and that most of crime is intraracial, (whites attacking whites, blacks attacking blacks) does this infographic talk about white on white violence?. . . no. because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

          • sj

            also. most of these statistics correlate more with class and poverty. how many middle class/ upper class blacks commit crime? barely any. but is that included in the infographic? no. . . again . it doesn’t fit the agenda

          • sj

            white people will conveniently leave out facts to fit their agenda that blacks are the bane of white society, just like blacks will conveniently leave out facts that point out things about black society that greys their own agendas.

            the GREATEST fact of all of this is that both sides refuse to grey the issue and will censor out facts that are important to the issue.

            so both sides suck balls.

          • sj

            and it’s mainly this deliberate censorship that cause a great divide between two sides, that give blacks a strong victim mentality while giving whites the mentality that they don’t need to do anything about poverty. that it’s a black issue rather than a societal issue.

            IF the issue was greyer everyone would be on everyone’s side and then of course that would suck for politicians because for the first time theyll be elected based on their character rather than based off of what side they are on.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    epidempic? proof read much? the word is epidemic. and btw 200:1 sounds much more like pandemic than epidemic.

  • Tomas Camacho

    Even if that graphic were true, it would still beg the question…

    Why is this so?

    And I think the answer would be…

    Job 4:8
    As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.

    1. White America plowed and sowed trouble when they enslaved Africans to build their wealth.

    2. White America plowed and sowed trouble when they denied equal rights to African Americans.

    3. White America plowed and sowed trouble when they denied Federal Loan guarantee programs to African Americans.

    All three of those things have led to the ghettoization and marginalization of African Americans. Had they been privileged to enjoy the same rights and benefits of white Americans, they would not be be in their current deprived socio-economic conditions imposed by white privilege.

    • Bart Hawkins

      White America plowed and sowed trouble when they generated the Great Society, a program meant to save all from poverty

      White America plowed and sowed trouble when they generated the most racist program anywhere, anywhen – called Affirmative Action

      White America plowed and sowed trouble when they did not offer free passage to Liberia for freed slaves – even though many of the ex-slaves wanted it, and all might have benefited

      White America plowed and sowed trouble when they lowered standards for all students when the ‘trade track,” was found to be “over-populated” with Black students and was thus deemed – without evidence – racist in makeup and character

      White America IS sowing trouble by eliminating disciplinary standards in our schools – for Blacks only; all other ethnic groups will continue to be punished


      Black America IS sowing trouble by continuing to revere and idolize those who preach violence (Al Sharpton), sing about vicious violence (some rappers), and those who practice violence (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and many, many, more)

      the beat goes on.

      • sj

        oh please affirmative action was the most racist institution? hello? was slavery not american? was the genocide of native americans not caused by the us? do you want to take that statement back?

        have you listened to rap in the 80s? did you know that rap became increasingly more violent when white people started listening to it and when white producers basically started producing “gangster rap?” look up the history of hit hop. and seriously you talk as if blacks are the only ones who practice violence.

        in my point of view both races suck when it comes to peace keeping, as an asian you guys both suck at keeping the law, the only difference is that one of you have more power than the other. both liberals and conservatives don’t know jack. it’s hilarious.

    • Smarter than u

      I didn’t enslave anyone. I didn’t deny anyone equal rights. And I didn’t deny anyone a federal loan? Did you?

      I hate to tell you this, but I will NOT be judged by the actions of others. If all whites can be judged by the actions of a few, so can blacks.

      • sj

        but it was your institution that oppressed other people. you don’t need to have the blame or be judged for that, but you should recognize that it happened and that the effects of your institution linger.

        as a korean, no i wasn’t hurt by any japanese people. but when i see the rising sun insignia i am still angered because it was that institution that caused the rape and oppression of my people. it happened half a century ago, but there are literally people who are still alive who were victims of imperial japan, just like there are still black people around who were victims of segregation. jim crow wasn’t a long time ago. people still remember it.

        and yet there are white people who act pompous when it comes to the struggle of black people. don’t just look at things from your own high and mighty lens why don’t you try and look at things from other perspectives for once?

        • Smarter than u

          Collective guilt? I don’t think so. I won’t participate. Go peddle your guilt trip somewhere else.

        • M

          Playing a blame game and keeping the deck stacked negatively can be done by anyone and without effort.
          Taking a positive approach to any negative is the step in the right direction.
          Calling people names and down grading them because of what they believe only puts you in that negative category with all that past wrong doing that was done.
          To really think that anyone living today is truly responsible for what happened over 200 yrs ago or even thinking that they need to accept and acknowledge those wrong doings that they had no control over is insane – Truly Asnine !
          Dwelling in the past is Not moving forward and it helps no one, especially not you !

          • sj

            except there are still people alive today who were alive during segregation. except there are still issues within minority communities that are a direct effect of racism 50 years ago (a.k.a the crips were founded by boy scouts rejects just to name one of them) of course there are people alive today that are responsible for racism in america. it wasnt that long ago.

            i’m not just talking about slavery here mind you, and the biggest problem is that we have not moved forward enough. the first step to fixing a problem is understanding that we still have one.

          • sj

            there is only so much i can say without being censored by top right news, about half of my comments have been censored. which says a lot about this website.

          • hate doesn’t help

            Yes. It really does say a lot about this website. Overall I find that the material chosen and generally biased articles speak volumes. Journalism is supposed to be fact without personal opinion. For that reason, I find their decision to censor comments very telling.

            Every article feels as though it is written simply to be provocative and within each article the comments really reflect that. There is a lot of hate here and that is definitely not the answer to anything.

          • hate doesn’t help

            Yes! That is refreshing to hear. Thank you.

    • Marv Ack

      The expression is “raise the question”, not “beg the question”.

      “Begging the question” is a term used in Logic. It has nothing to do with begging or with questions.

    • Truthsayer

      So now that gives them the right to go around killing people? WTF? MLK and many others fought to make it so that blacks and whites were equal in the country. He would completely disagree with the thug lifestyle and would reject any notion that blacks should continue to have a victim mentality. Slavery was wrong. Got it. It has been over for 150 years. Opportunities are there to advance yourself. Lot’s of other people have done it. Some of my most successful, moral and ethical friends are black. It is an insult to all of them to blame something from the past as an excuse for why blacks should be different.


      ….and enters the pathetic white apologist. We are individuals capable of individual thought and reasoning. Sadly, not everyone uses these capabilities.
      I’m not white. MY family was not wealthy, but we were never enslaved. I’ve been able to get a loan, buy a house, buy many cars and do ANYTHING white people have been able to do. Sure, I’ve been denied a loan for a car or refused service in a restaurant. Know what I did? I went to another business and got that loan and ate at another restaurant. People are racist and there will always be racism. It’s up to the individual to prove they can become more than what someone else chooses for them. I chose to tell white liberal racists to go F themselves. That’s right. It’s the white liberal racist apologists that make things harder for us minorities. How? Because you think because I’m a “minority” that I need your help. That I need the help of the “white man” to help lift me up. I don’t need you or your pathetic sympathy to stand on my own two feet. I just need you to stay the F out of my way. Freedom isn’t freedom if you, the white apologist liberal SOS, thinks you need dictate how I will be successful.
      Oh, and if you’re not white, you’re basically an Uncle Tom.

    • TheWarIsHere

      So, are you saying the way blacks were treated in the past in the West is God’s payback for black and Arab muslims enslaving white Europeans between the 12th and 17th century?

      • sj

        you really don’t know how social hierarchies work do you. if black and arab muslims were still the people in power and white europeans were oppressed, then white europeans would be the cause of more crime.

        a.k.a who were the ones who were seen as violent toward society in ancient rome?

        oh yeah. the barbarians. who were the barbarians? white people who weren’t roman citizens.

        do you get it now?

    • M

      I keep hearing white American but the history I learned shows blacks enslaved and sold other black people as well as other races in Africa and that wasnt the only continent slaves were bought from.
      Asians made up nearly 40% of the slave population but yet we never hear of this, Why?
      All nationalities owned slaves back then, all of the native American tribes owned slaves and even after slavery was abolished the Native American tribes refused to comply with releasing the slaves they possessed – it took years for that to happen! Why don’t we hear about that??
      Blacks owned black slaves along with white slaves, same time period, Why don’t we hear of that?
      If we are going to continue to dig up the ancient past in an attempt to hurt people and dwell on all the negative of what happen so many years ago, Lets make damn sure the WHOLE truth of that history is told and not just the parts we chose to pick out of it !
      We can not change our past or anything that might of happened then, we can choose to make that step towards a positive tomorrow.

      “Those who forget History are doomed to repeating it!”

  • Smarter than u


    • sj

      in other words if someone stabs you in both eyes, and then apologizes for it, you should check your privilege whenever your attacker tries to help you cross the street.

      • Smarter than u


        • sj

          agreed. it sounds sociopathic doesn’t it

      • Mystique Ulh

        This is fucked upp doesnt even make sense.

        • sj

          i know right? it’s an analogy try to think about it for more than 5 seconds

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  • sj

    “for our first statistic we will use numbers , for our second forget numbers we will stick to ratios”

    all “statistical evidence” is twisted in this manner to fit political agendas. i cant believe both sides of the political spectrum fall for this crap.

    imo both races SUCK when it comes to obeying the law. just be asian.

    • Tom Bob

      I’m white but identify with being Asian. This makes me transasian I suppose.

      • sj

        haha how does a non-asian identify with being asian?? and what culture specifically?

  • Truthsayer

    None of this is surprising. No idea what to do to fix this issue. One thing for sure, creating more laws and restricting gun ownership is not a fix for this issue.

    • sj

      of course not. every country in the world has a violent lower class. every nation in HISTORY does. so obviously race isn’t the issue. poverty is. how do we fix poverty? i’m not totally sure it’s possible in america, too many people want to ignore the fact that it exists for there to be any kind of reform. too many people want to ignore education or place education in the backseat for there to be reform. it’s not going to happen. but there are individuals trying to change that, there’s a school in detroit that has a near 100 percent graduation rate, teaching black kids that they CAN take life by the reins even if they arent a rapper or an athlete. it’s too bad that no one else follows suit

      • Tom Bob

        Well, basically, there are two factors that play into poverty. One, economics, a thriving economy has pulled more people out of poverty than any government program. We do this by abolishing most of the IRS and simply doing away with income tax and convert to a consumption tax, similar to the FairTax. With this you also reduce or abolish the corporate tax. These two items would create such a “boom” for the U.S. economy. Second, education, reduce federal power from the education system to just over site and restore control of education back to the states. This will create state to state competition which, over time, will greatly improve education. By simply implementing these two items, poverty would drop tremendously in addition to increasing the government’s coffers from tax collection.

  • Reader

    Never let the facts get in the way of your agenda.

  • Mystique Ulh

    Yep these ogres need to go back to where they came from

    • sj

      yeah white people need to go back to europe and take their slaves with them. asians should stay because they honestly have the lowest crime rate in america.

      • sj

        white people make up nearly 50 percent of all of crime in america. asians? not more than 8 percent. if you are of irish, russian, or italian descent your ancestors are directly responsible for the rise in impovershed communities and gang violence in america and should definitely go back to where you came from.

  • Kerri_D. Williamson

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  • Tom Bob

    Do not judge by the color of skin but by the content of one’s character. MLK, Jr.


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