Indiana Pizzeria Targeted by Anti-Christian Hate Raises $300k – But One $20 Donation ‘Brought Owner to Tears’


Americans have rallied to the side of a humble Christian family from Indiana

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

They were tricked by a “gotcha” question by a dishonest reporter, then viciously forced into “hiding” by a national wave of hatred. But Americans in every state have shown they stand with one Indiana family pizzeria, raising more than $300,000 for them in less than 24 hours.

But in that sea of support was one $20 donation that meant the world to the owner of Memories Pizza — in fact it “brought her to tears.”

It was a “controversy” that co-owner Crystal O’Connor never wanted. After Indiana’s passage of a religious freedom law, when a reporter pressed her on her attitude towards gays, the Christian business owner said she would serve anyone, gays included, and always has. But it was when the unethical ABC reporter Alyssa Marino asked her what she would do if asked to cater a “gay wedding” (she never has, and who on Earth caters a wedding with pizza?) that O’Connor said they would have to draw the line, as their Christian beliefs did not recognize such a union.

Marino and her station quickly hit the web with the fake “news” — the “first Indiana business to refuse to serve gay people after passage of a religious rights law.” It was a complete lie. But then rabid leftist editors at Huffington Post and BuzzFeed made the non-news an avalanche of anger towards the tiny Indiana eatery.

Then came an explosion of hate from anti-Christian and LGBT bigots nationwide. They trashed the pizzeria on Yelp. They made hundreds of death threats via phone, email, and Facebook. One Lesbian high school coach even tried to incite people to burn down the pizza shop.

That’s when Crystal went on Dana Loesch’s show on The Blaze, to tragically announce they had not only closed their doors, but even “gone into hiding” out of fear for their safety. It was a scene out of Stalinist Russia, an ugly, un-American lynch mob.

But then an amazing thing happened. A GoFundMe page was set up by Lawrence Jones, a contributor for “Dana.” And in less than 24 hours, over 10,000 people have donated more than $300,000 for the embattled Christian owners.

A wonderful gesture of solidarity with the O’Conners’ fundamental civil rights that were under assault.

But in the throng of donations was a single $20 contribution that is being called one of the “greatest things I’ve seen in years” and the epitome of “real tolerance.” — and brought owner O’Connor “tears of gratitude.”

A woman, who identified herself as Courtney Hoffman, wrote:

“As a member of the gay community, I would like to apologize for the mean spirited attacks on you and your business. I know many gay individuals who fully support your right to stand up for your beliefs and run your business according to those beliefs. We are outraged at the level of hate and intolerance that has been directed at you and I sincerely hope that you are able to rebuild.”

The reaction to her donation was overwhelmingly positive:

We hope the Crystal O’Connor and her family will stand firm, and use the donations to keep their doors open for many years to come.



  • Kay

    Who cares, her comments were still offensive!

    • frgough

      Agreed. The reporter was a hate-filled bigot. Imagine if she had asked an even more outrageous question, like if the pizzeria would deliver pizzas to a hotel to celebrate an adulterous tryst.

    • David Schleinz

      Right, who cares, no one is forcing you to like it.

    • ThomasER916

      Who cares? You’re still stupid.

      • Edwrad D Salk

        And you still play a lame game Thomas. Now please feel free to empty a big bottle of bleach.

    • Winston Null

      I find it humorous that you call her comments offensive. Completely stupid………..

    • Remember before, when the often stated defense for allowing gay marriage at all was, “If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one.” Well, now people who oppose it on religious grounds are being forced to take part in them. THAT’S offensive.

  • Jonathan Chen

    This one is over your head, TRN. If you think of it, the Bible also condemns inter-racial marriage while endorses slavery. While some teachings of the Bible were no longer practical in modern world, why should the teachings about homosexuality remain? Rejecting service to a person merely because of his or her sexual orientation is like rejecting a person based on race – except the latter was banned since 60s. Rejecting offensive demands – such as inscribing “Fxxx Christianity” are perfectly acceptable, but rejecting people just because of who they are is not acceptable. People have freedom to religion – but being accepted as a human being of equal is a more fundamental right.

    • frgough

      No, the Bible condemns interfaith marriage, and recognizes that some societies practiced slavery, and allowed for indentured servitude.

      The teachings against homosexuality remain because sexual immorality has always been viewed as a sin. Also, it’s a biological absurdity when you get right down to it. If you don’t believe me, get a book on human anatomy and look at the pictures. Pay particular attention to the reproductive and waste elimination organs so you can understand what the various body parts you are talking about are intended for.

      • Jonathan Chen

        And what have you to say about divorce? Or women’s raising status in society? I thought the Bible did not welcome those changes as well. And when you say homosexuality is a sin – of course you have the right to think that way – but you cannot enforce that belief upon the functionality of society. Basic social law and human rights mandated that no one shall be discriminated / treated differently solely because who they are. Not everyone is a Christian, why should teachings of Christianity sins be exempted from public laws? A sin might not be a sin to others, and it should not be mandated to society merely because a group of people believe in it. And as for your words about “biological absurdity” – you do realize that homosexuality is not defined by sex, right? Many gay couples do not engage in sexual intercourse whatsoever.

        • William Robert Guerra

          so because you don’t believe it’s a sin, you think it’s ok to FORCE me to treat it as not a sin… are the typical hypocrite… don’t want me to impose my beliefs on you but you want to impose yours on me…..

        • Curtis Alan Hatridge

          But if we all have the right to think of homosexuality as a sin, what right does the government or any other entity have to force our acceptance of it? If your statement “but you cannot enforce that belief upon the functionality of society” is true, by what right does functional society force me to follow its belief?

        • Winston Null

          Your questions posed here are very valid and the centerpiece for the debate. I am far to right politically, however I am not a religious right thumper. The truth is these people from the gay community are doing this sort of crap on purpose, they thrive on causing a stir and become visible to the public with these stupid drama acts. Hell why would a gay couple want a bigot doing their work?

          But these questions you pose are spot on. Make no mistake These individuals above believe their belief overrides all others. They are as close minded as Muslims. I do not need someone here quoting scripture to inform me. People in this country need to allow others to their belief or non belief and truly practice freedom to develop and find a faith of our choosing Quit being so pigheaded that your God, your belief & your faith is above all others. It is time to live & let live. Good Lord it is just stupid. The gay/Lesbian community needs to stop their attempt to find a way to completely limit religion. If Christians in this country are given a chance they would elect to to start passing all kinds of laws based on their beliefs that infringe upon all others. Nope, keep religion out of politics and governing. I am sorry people of faith but you need to stop pushing your beliefs on everyone else while talking out of your a$$ about Islam.

        • Tryin To-Understand

          “Basic social law and human rights mandated that no one shall be discriminated / treated differently solely because who they are.”
          Few Things:
          1. Who decides what “social law” is? Society? Can social law change? Is it majority rules?
          2. Look up the word ‘mandate.’
          3. We ‘treat people differently solely because of who they are’ all the time, and rightfully so! We treat elderly people differently than teenagers, we treat murderers differently, too – because of who they are. We treat people who are ill differently, and celebrities are treated very differently by society than the average person on the street, do we not?

    • ThomasER916

      Typical Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism.

      Why don’t you fk off to China or posture enlightenment in North Korea? Because you’re a Useful Idiot.

      • Jonathan Chen

        No thanks Thomas. I came to this nation legally, with papers and through procedures. I’m a U.S. citizen and, as far as I’m concerned, understand grammar better than you.

        • Chris

          No No Jonathan, you cannot talk to Tommy as if he were an adult. You have to cuss and swear a lot at him in order to keep his attention. He is not very bright!!

    • Brenda Rapp Sabo

      The Bible is nothing more then a History Book PERIOD. Written by MAN. While I believe in Our Heavenly Father and his Son, our Lord & Savior dying for our sins. I DO NOT believe in thrusting any religious doctrine in anyone’s face or down their throats. While I do not think a Biz should have to go against their beliefs, they ARE a biz, serving the community does not mean they CONDONE it. Saying that…tolerance means, just walk ACROSS the street to a biz more acceptable. Looking for a fight?! The Reporter like the current POS in our WH was just stirring the pot with lies.

      • Russell

        Brenda, with all due respect, the bible is much much more than a history book. The holy spirit inspired individuals to write these books in the bible. If you believe in Christ, you should also believe in his word, the bible. May God forgive us and bless this nation again.

        • Winston Null

          Russel that is your view, it does mean Your belief in God or the bible are relevant at all to her beliefs. Exactly what I have been talking about. Quit trying to push your belief upon others

      • Fred Moss

        That’s what the Problem is ,,, “They” want to destroy our Religion ! That’s our Point, maybe u can get the ACLU to take that out of the Constitution ,,, Too.
        Next it will be the Family ! U have been working pretty hard on that for awhile !

        Why don’t U get up Sunday ,, and go to a good ole Baptist Church Sunrise Service !
        Might do U some good. I doubt if they even ask U your Sexual Orientation ,,, unless U wanna carry a sign in with U ??? U wouldn’t do that would U ?

      • Winston Null

        Brenda it is so simple isn’t it? I am much like you. I am a Christian and have great belief & faith in my God but I do not have any desire to interject it or push my beliefs on my fellow man

    • guest01

      umm no. not even close on all points.

    • William Owen

      You obviously have not read the bible. The bible does not condemn anything you said. As far as marriage, it merely states that it is for a man and a woman only.

      • Winston Null

        It is not and should not be relevant to law my friend. It is not difficult to see clearly that of course marriage is a commitment between men & women. I mean it is just not hard to see it Rather than many Christian s opposing law or trying to create law based on your beliefs in what ever edition of the Bible, Koran,Torah and or any other belief trying to

        • William Owen

          Why is it so hard for gay couples to fight for legal unions instead? That way all gay people can have ALL the benefits of married couples without calling it marriage so it doesn’t disrupt religion. This is a win for both sides. Is it so hard to come to a middle ground? This is why this is such a big deal. Marriages did not occur until religion. The whole stink that gay couples have is that married couples have a lot of legal rights. The legal rights did not occur until the late 1800’s in the USA because of record keeping. Simply call it a legal union for legal rights instead of naming it “marriage”.

    • Jim Ferenzi

      How difficult is it, for you to understand,, that there are just SOME THINGS, that no person, christian or otherwise, might feel comfortable doing.

      I for one, would NOT enjoy being in a homosexual relationship, just like many Homosexuals, would NOT like being involved in a Heterosexual relationship.

      Since this is the way it is why is it SO HARD, for some in the Gay community to understand, that some people, just don’t feel comfortable serving you ?

      Why is it so difficult for you to understand ?
      Please, I dont care what two consenting adults do with or to each other, I really don’t, but PLEASE stop forcing me to be involved in your lives.

      I personally dont have a problem serving you, with the exception, of serving your needs, while you’re being “Flamboyant” about it.

      Why do you find it necessary, to act like an 8 year old looking for attention?
      I will help you in any way I can, so long as you don’t try to “Rub my face in it” and sadly, there are a LOT of Homosexuals out there, who can ONLY enjoy themselves, while they’re busy degrading “Breeders”

      • msjoeshmoe

        Take it easy with the commas.

      • Jonathan Chen

        I admit I cannot argue with you. Hard to argue with people who can’t distinguish logic and emotion.

        • Jim Ferenzi

          Even in science fiction, Mr. Spock, and his father, were unable to completely separate LOGIC, from emotion.

          It simply can NOT be done, regardless of whom is asking.

      • Winston Null

        After my quotes above I scroll down here and acknowledge your great points. How in the hell do these things always have to come up. And yes many many people do not like these interactions and so many times what you eluded to is why. Homosexual men are just horrible many times wanting remove any question of their orientation to those serving them. Just do whatever you want people but stop trying to make others choose “yourcorrect” way of looking at these issues. And Christian stop with your arrogant attempts to push others into your thoughts & beliefs. Fringe elements.

    • Gstephens

      Should government provide its approved version of the Bible? Should government determine which parts of the Bible are practical and accepted? Should government outlaw the King James and American Standard versions of the Bible?
      Perhaps the First Amendment should be repealed. When government establishes acceptable religious belief, then it has established a religion.

    • Tryin To-Understand

      I have completely forgotten where the Bible condemns inter-racial marriage. Could you refresh my memory with the book, chapter & verse?

  • LittleMac

    Those who once were the target of the mob have become the mob. Stop watching the news, and make yourself happy.

    • J Lopez

      Well said!

    • sherena111

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    • Lynda

      What an exageration.

  • Garth Häävelschlockë

    Is it just me or are “female” gays nicer than “male” gays? It seems from this story to be accurate.

    • ThomasER916

      It’s just you. You really don’t know a damn thing.

      • Chris

        But Thomas, you are a Genius right? IDIOT is more like it!

      • Wedge

        he ask a question, something wrong with that? talk about pricks

        • SophieCT

          And he got an answer. “Something wrong with that? talk about pricks”

      • Garth Häävelschlockë

        I know more than you think. 🙂

    • Corey Gray

      It’s just you.
      This coming from a straight man who has continuously had a number of gay or lesbian friends throughout his life, and raised his kids to be similarly tolerant (resulting in a similar social circle for them…people normally judged by others find it comforting to surround themselves with people who don’t give a damn about differences, and don’t try to make you fit some piegonholed identity–you’re not “my gay friend”, “my black friend”, you’re my friend. Or a potential one. Or a prick, regardless of whatever else you may or may not be.)

      People are people.Nice ones and nasty ones. You won’t find an unusual number of nice or nasty in any particular group, unless your behavior elicits that kind of response not because of who/what THEY are, but because of how YOU act.

      I can admit, though, that gays have a harder time of it socially than lesbians, so being a bit more sensitive to slights makes some sense (think about it…most straight men think about lesbianism as a porn fantasy, so they behave more acceptingly…or at least annoying without condemning, in their/our natively pervy way…but gay men are constantly treated as if they aren’t “really men”, or otherwise rejected by both sexes).

    • ShamanBlair

      Nope. They’re the same. Think of, oh, Rosie O’Donnel, for example. Snotty & mean, & extremely ignorant. I’ve met others….

    • jhk

      Actually, it was a Lesbian that tried to get people to burn their business down….

    • Larry K

      Well, it didn’t used to be that way. Back in the 80’s (I know. I’m ancient lol), most lesbians were, dare I say it, more in line with the stereotypical “butch” identity. At least the ones who were “out & proud” anyway. While some of us may be a little uncomfortable using a stereotype when discussing any particular group, it’s the vocal minority of a group that holds themselves out as the champion of said group so, whether fortunate or unfortunate, that is what the general public’s only image to go on. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, just like any other subset of society, you will find examples of every kind of personality from loud and obnoxious to quiet and demure. Sadly, it’s usually the loud, annoying type-A personalities who end up in front of the cameras. Don’t allow their behavior influence your opinion of the entire community.

      • Larry K

        Sorry about the bad grammar. I was using the voice command auto type feature and it has a habit of writing what it thinks you said. I should have proofread the comment before I hit “Post”.

      • SophieCT

        No, most of them were not butch, not even the one that were “out & proud.” The problem for you is the ones who were butch were the only ones YOU could recognize as gay.

    • SophieCT

      It’s just you. Really.

    • Garth Häävelschlockë

      Well alrighty then! Must be me!


  • Chris Mackenzie

    To Jonathan Chen… the business is not rejecting to serve a single person.. They will serve whoever walks in their door. The only time they won’t service “someone” is at the request of a “same sex marriage”. That is what the bible “condemns”. If a same-sex couple is being refused service for their same-sex wedding/event.. there is one simple and easy step for them to do. GO somewhere that will take on the wedding/event or don’t tell them it’s for a same sex event and just change the cake topper. lol

    • Jonathan Chen

      I apologize for any misunderstanding, Chris. I was indirectly referring to the recently passed Indiana law, which enables freedom of discrimination to a even greater stance.

      • Chris Mackenzie

        No it doesn’t. Have you actually read the law? It’s VERY similar to the federal one signed by Clinton and about 20 other states versions.

        • SophieCT

          No it doesn’t. It is actually dissimilar from the federal law and is discrimination. READ THEM BOTH.
          Stop spreading lies and pretending your somehow a victim here.

          • jeanbean14

            It IS the same as the federal law. The federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act was written and passed by Democrats (sponsored by Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy) and signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. The reason that 20 states have passed laws that mimic the federal RFRA is that the Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that the federal law could not be applied to cases involving state or local governments. This makes sense because the law is only about what the GOVERNMENT can force an individual to do. It is a law that applies to an individual defendant who is being forced to violate their religious convictions (which they have to prove) in order to accommodate the government’s aims.
            The case of an individual suing a local business for discrimination is a completely different matter. RFRA law cannot be used in such cases because the government would never be the plaintiff; the individual who was denied service would be the plaintiff.
            There are other laws that apply to discrimination cases that involve individuals and/or private companies.
            The only reason the Indiana and other 19 states’ laws were needed is because individuals can be harassed by the federal government, the state government, or the local government, and the Supreme Court ruled that the federal law concerning the actions of the federal government cannot be applied to the state and local governments, so the states had to write their own laws in addition to the federal law.

          • SophieCT

            No. It is not. Maybe your disinformation tactics work on Teabillies. But here, you are out of your element. I am calling you out as a liar. Argue with facts.

          • jeanbean14

            How about you argue with facts? Show me how they are different. And try to do it without calling names.

      • Megan H.

        It does no such thing…what it says is that (like the pizza parlor owner) a business owner can and will serve whomever walks through their doors….right up the point when it goes against their personal convictions…for instance, a M us li m sign maker can decide not to print a sign that says M u sl im s are evil…same for a ho m ose x u al business owner (printing a sign saying all g a y s are evil)…it protects everyone, not just Christians….but the l ib er als have decided to spread false info about what the law really does. Most business owners are like the pizza parlor owner – they won’t deny everyday service…but they should have the right to refuse an ‘above and beyond’ service.

        • jeanbean14

          The law doesn’t apply to cases like this pizza parlor or a bakery or any case between INDIVIDUALS.
          It ONLY applies to cases where the State has an interest that conflicts with the deeply-held religious beliefs of an individual and is forcing that individual to violate his or her beliefs in order to comply with what the State wants done.
          The Indiana law ONLY instructs the court to CONSIDER the viewpoint of the individual defendant against the interests of the State.

  • Joel Rivera

    As one who may disagree with gays but yet don’t hate them, I believe people can have a difference of opinion and still get along and be civil. Ms Hoffman, although gay, is a stand up person who should be applauded as someone who is truly tolerant and should be seen as an example of how people should be. To disagree does not equate to hate and I’m glad there are people like her that are level headed and sensible. This is indeed a touching moment.

    • Donald Lane

      I agree. Hell I’m married and me and my wife have different opinions, The difference accept we disagree on certain things and don’t try to jam it down the others throat and force agreement.

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      • BarbaraZabadu

        Which is what the gays are asking the Christians to do. Stop forcing your beliefs on our laws.

        • Donald Lane

          Gays are doing the forcing sorry

          • Nonsense. They’re EXSISTING. So sorry that inconveniences you so. But they have rights, the same as you.

          • Donald Lane

            Difference is I don’t try to sue everytime someone disagrees with me also don’t try to get people fired for differing opinion. The lgbtqrstuvwxyz activist do this all the time.

          • Nonsense. They sue when their rights are violated and they are discriminated against. Not because of an “opinion”. And sure… The Right doesn’t “sue…” they pass laws allowing the use of their bigotry…. Sorry… “Religious beliefs” as legal justification for the aforementioned scumbaggery. That’s SO much better.

          • Donald Lane

            So what your saying is that the rights of gays are more important, that the rights of those business owners. Not one refused service based on sexual orientation they refused to cater a wedding, which means you would force someone into attending a wedding they morally objected to. Where are their rights. Where is the same outrage when gay ran businesses refused their service to religious individuals. I know it’s because one side deserves rights the other side does not. Talk about equal treatment under the law what you really mean is special treatment. If 1 side is allowed to refuse service and the other is not that is called special treatment. If you want equal treatment either both businesses are forced to violate their morals or neither side is. Let’s be honest it’s not about equal treatment it’s about special treatment. These activist scream about tolerance but they do not display tolerance themselves. Perhaps if they stopped venemously attacking people that disagreed it would be beneficial to their cause.


            Someone who puts flower arrangements together or bakes a wedding cake does NOT cater a wedding, rarely IF EVER do they even go to the event site… They do NOT attend the weddings!!! There is also a difference between arranging flowers and baking a wedding cake that says “Adam and Steve” and being asked to put anti-gay messages on a cake… If you cannot see this difference I feel sorry for you!

          • Donald Lane

            We will not agree on this. I see both sides have rights but apparently liberals do not feel both sides have equal rights. The gay couple seeking out Christian owned businesses just to force them to comply if wrong. Again if someone didn’t want my money I would go elsewhere. They both habe rights but only one side is being forced out of business for their beliefs. Those activist are doing more harm than good for their cause.


            Got it, now I am a liberal… You do not even know me alia… You do realize that in several of these cases the couples had been doing business with the entity prior to asking for the services right???

          • Donald Lane

            Yes I do. The issue was not their homosexuality as you so kindly pointed out, but with participating in the couples same sex wedding. The gaystapo are trying to violate one sides rights for the other. What is the issue with going to another location. Why force someone to participate if they don’t want to. The activist are doing more harm than good. In my case I use to support them had the belief I live my life the way I choose let them do the same. Even signed a petition for civil union in my state. Once they started bulling and trying to force gay marriage down everyone’s throat they lost my support and respect. I do not force my religion on others but do not want their lifestyle forced on me. I am sure I am not the only person that turned away from supporting their cause once they became the bully


            When a business gets a license/permit they agree to abide by specific city, county, state and/or federal laws… If they do not like these laws that are based on serving everyone equally then they should work to change, not break the laws… Equal treatment under the law is not special treatment. The issue is that people like you want special treatment by not treating all people equally… Civil union is not marriage, it does not afford equal rights, privileges and benefits! How is asking for EQUAL treatment forcing anything??? RELIGION is a choice, being gay is not…

          • Donald Lane

            You still wish to violate one groups rights for another. How about accepting the fact that not everyone is going to accept and like your choices. The argument about it being a choice is not the issue forcing others IS a choice trying to take away someone’s lively hood IS a choice. Both groups have a right to freedoms neither group should be forced on each other. If one establishment won’t take my money another will. Not every state labels sexual orientation as a protected class like race. These business owners were not refusing to allow gays into their business they were not willing to participate in their wedding I do not see this as violating anyone’s civil rights.


            A business has options if they wish to pick and choose who they serve… These businesses AGREED to follow the LAW and then BROKE that agreement! How is that so difficult for you to understand??? THEY BROKE THE LAW!!! Rather than BREAK the law if they do not like it they should FOLLOW it AND work to change it!!!
            IF they make cakes or flowers for OTHER PEOPLE then they MUST by LAW make them for ANYONE who wishes to order one…

          • Donald Lane

            The pizza parlor got bullied for answering a hypothetical question the never refused service to anyone.

          • jeanbean14

            You talk like a fascist.


            WOW! You do realize that a fascist would not have encouraged someone to change a law if they did not agree with it… Right?

          • trudat

            First of all its an openly christian business. We have the right to run our own businesses the way we see fit according to our own morals and beliefs. If you work for someone else and they try to make you participate in something you don’t agree with then of course by all means quit. However if its your business you decide what you do and don’t want to do in it. Kind of the point of having your own business. Second of all whether or not being gay is a choice is an opinion. You have your opinions. They have theirs. If you want to open and run a business based on your opinions go ahead. No one can stop you. But they get to run theirs based on their opinions. And even more importantly you want to call not participating in their marriage hate but what do you call the death threats they were given?? How can you possibly side with that???!!! & moreover they are a pizza place. They don’t cater anyone’s wedding! They were clearly being picked on for being christians.


            You have a responsibility to run your business according to the laws in effect… What do you call the death threats, vandalism to their home, being followed to work and harassed, having your children threatened and all the other things that happened to the gay couple in Oregon because the bakers posted the couples PRIVATE phone numbers and home address on Facebook??? Had the pizza place said “we don’t cater anyones wedding” they would have been fine…

          • trudat

            Who cares! There is a difference in providing a service to someone and being forced to play a part in something you don’t believe in! I think everyone knows that inside. The fighting and bickering about it is just because they want everyoneto have to succomb to their beliefs.

          • Donald Lane

            The cake decorator for my wedding , my aunts both cousins and both sisters attended the event to touch up the cake. Was not the same bakery either. Does it always occur no but it does occur depends on the decorator.


            Please note I said rarely and even if they do it is a consequence of doing business as an open door entity…

          • trudat

            All I can say is you’re crazy. Death threats and all of that crao is unacceptible. Plus not doing their wedding does not ruin their life. & they can get married somewhere else. Ruining their business and causing them to have to go into hiding does ruin their life. You are arguing about your opinion not anyone’s rights. There’s no law that says a pizza place or any other self owned business has to participate in a gay wedding! We do have religeous freedom. And most restaraunts even have signs that say we have the right to refuse service to anyone. This country was founded as a place where we could all practice our own religeons. I think we all need to remember there is no longer a huge uninhabited continent left on the earth to run to before we start destroying our own freedoms!


            Indeed, they are unacceptable from BOTH sides of this issue which means that you must feel the same way about what happened to the gay couple in Oregon… There are anti-discrimination laws that these businesses agreed to abide by when they received their license/permit to operate a business… A business is not a religion and must abide by public accommodations laws. Would you agree with not serving someone because of their race, their color, their religion, their gender, their disability????? As for being a country founded so everyone could practice their own religions… Try telling that to the Native Americans who were forced to convert!

          • trudat

            Exactly!! Such a good point!

          • trudat

            Did you not read the story or what??

          • Donald Lane

            Actually they want more rights. Don’t accepty business I’ll sue for discrimination they want to take the rights away from christians. I look at sexual orientation like a penis. Don’t whip it out in public and don’t jam it down others throats. That is not polite behavior. I don’t go making out with my wife in public and yes it makes me nauseous th be out with my family and see 2 guys making out. Respect other people.


            You do realize you are being irrational??? All they are doing is asking the businesses to follow the laws that they are breaking… You do realize that if the businesses had been smart enough to simply say they were unavailable RATHER then saying oops, sorry your gay that there would have been no issue right??? If you had said that it makes you nauseous to see anyone else making out in public I would have respected your comment much more but you had to do the typical and specifically gay comment… Respect their rights to hold hands, kiss or put their head on each others shoulders just as they should and likely do respect yours…

          • Donald Lane

            I’m not the one targeting businesses, then sue ing when I don’t get my way. I’m not being irrational. I really don’t care about anyone else’s life choices none of my business. The Christian owned businesses being targeted riles me up because I don’t like bullies regardless of who the bully is. These activist have become the bully. Let’s force someone to accept this or else. I could care less that’s people are gay once they started acting like bullies to stuff their agenda down other people’s throats I care. Who you sleep with should be a private matter.

          • ShamanBlair

            So, your solution is to have the baker or florist or wedding photographer (who MUST attend the wedding!) LIE? You need a course in ETHICS.


            A baker does not have to attend the marriage… A florist does not have to attend the marriage… A photographer yes… Now here is the KEY to all of this… IF the businesses had been INTELLIGENT they would have simply said “I’m unavailable”… When they decided to tell the couples WHY they were refusing service to them THAT is when they BROKE the LAW…

            The fact that you cannot see this speaks volumes about you…

          • trudat

            I reallHink you need to reread the article. They weren’t asked if they were available. They were asked if they would do a gay wedding. Saying they weren’t available wouldn’t even have made sense. & you think they should be allowed to publicly show they are gay but the shopowners shouldve had to give a fake answer to hide their christianity?? Now who’s being irrational??!! Even the gay woman could see that is a double standard!


            What they should have said is we don’t do weddings so we would say no… That would have been the intelligent thing to do.

          • Yeah, because that’s SO actually happening. Anywhere. Ever. You’r not being a Christian. You’re being an asshole and trying to use religion to rationalize it.

          • Donald Lane

            I’m not using anything to be an asshole I do that naturally. I am simply pointing out the ones crying evil religious people are bulking me have become the bullies.

        • Donald Lane

          Gays are forcing their beliefs on christians. Accept my wedding g or else. Let’s ask that Christian baker or florist how accepting and tolerant gays are. Who did the forcing there.


            Christians and their religion do not not outrank EVERY other religion in the United States… MY religion says that gay marriage is perfectly normal and acceptable… So tell me, why should YOUR religion be able to NOT allow gay marriages??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

          • yelloturd

            So your beliefs trump everyone else’s due to your peyote induced ranting of a medicine man. Since you are gay and agree with gay marriage, you make the damn cake. You and your ilk just can not leave others alone who do not agree with your views.


            You sincerely are an idiot! Nowhere did I say my

            beliefs trump anyone else’, this is why marriage is a CIVIL contract so that religion has no bearing on it… I have told you multiple times that I am not gay, I am a woman who is married to a man and has given birth to seven children… AND finally… I don’t see you leaving gay people alone, I see you being a denigrating and asinine jerk!

          • yelloturd

            Sure you are .
            BTW, the home state of your tribe is getting ready to get the gov out of marriage where it belongs. Funny that someone who was mistreated by the gov so much would want them more involved in peoples lives. Stockholm syndrome comes to mind.

          • ShamanBlair

            Okay…it’s having a widdle temper tantrum. No point in talking to this troll. Blocking.

          • ShamanBlair

            It’s called freedom of religion. If your religion has a belief, fine, but it is NOT allowed to override anyone ELSE’S beliefs. What part of that is impossible for you to grasp?


            Just as your belief is not allowed to override mine… “What part of that is impossible for you to grasp”? My belief states that it is allowed for SSM… Marriage is a civil contract, matrimony is a religious contract… Something else that seems to be difficult for you to grasp…

          • trudat

            Because its their religion & they are only practicing it for themself. They didn’t tell them they couldn’t get married. They just told them they weren’t going to be part of it. Why should your religion outrank theirs? They never said it wasn’t allowed or that their religion outranked anyone else. They just said they were going to practice their religion while other people practiced their own.


            A business is not a place of religion, if you wish it to be a place of religion then become and ordained whatever and make it a religious entity… Businesses must ALL follow the same set of laws!!!


            OH! You mean the people who BROKE THE LAW?!?!?!?!

          • ShamanBlair

            The law is unconstitutional. We have the right of association with whom we choose. Forcing business owners/staff to associate with you is ILLEGAL to begin with.


            Then you work to change the law, you do not break it…


            When a business gets its license and opens its doors as a public business they agree to abide by specific laws… They are called public accommodation laws…

            If we go by what you feel is their right then they could turn away people of color, the disabled, women, people of a religion that is different from them… Is that REALLY what you believe?????

    • Ed Stallard

      You sir are a true American and I appreciate what you said. I don’t agree with gay marriage but support it none the less because the way I look at it is no matter how hard I try I could not be attracted to men and feel that maybe people are born that way and could not change it if they tried. I do not hate gays even though I don’t agree with their lifestyle. This is a recent change in my thinking and feel that individuals as well well as businesses should be able to refuse services to people when it interferes with their religious beliefs.

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      • Joel Rivera

        Thank you, sir! I appreciate it.

        • rtyrtfghffg


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      • Robert Eckert

        You don’t “hate” us but still want us to be singled out for acts of petty spite. I suppose that is an improvement over when good Christians thought we should be singled out for assaults and murders.

      • ShamanBlair

        I know from personal experience that (A) one is born neither hetero NOR homosexual, simply a sexual being, & that (B) it can be, & has been, changed. If you have certain environmental factors, such as a domineering mother &/or a weak or even missing father figure, among other researched factors, males will be more likely to turn to men than women. Some get so screwed up they commit bestiality or even turn to inanimate objects to satisfy sexual urges. Others simply suppress their urges, & wind up too messed up to sanely deal with ANY social mixing. But those whose family is a close, strongly-knit father & mother, & who has no-one recruiting them into the intensity of homosexual sex rarely choose homosexuality. This has been known for a VERY long time, & it was only changed when a PC crowd of psychiatrists VOTED to say it wasn’t an aberration that there was a push to “normalize” homosexuality. The same thing is now going on with pedophilia & bestiality. Time will prove the truth of all this (again)…but people already KNOW from lifetimes of experience with “gay” people, & how misguided they are. Already public “schools” encourage pupils to “experiment” with sex in every perverted way possible. Still another reason parents are getting their kids OUT.

    • Guest

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    • Denise Hubbard

      It is easier to be agreeable when everyone has the same rights. We cant agree to disagree when we (strait persons) have more rights than our LGBT community, when we are equal THEN we can have some good old fashioned disagreements.

      • Donald Lane

        I can go into a business and they can refuse service to me. I would just go else where I would not try to win a pay day. I also have common sense I would not go to an atheist and try to get them to participate in anti atheist stuff. I wouldn’t go to Jewis baker and ask for a swastika I wouldn’t go to a black man for kkk or a gay baker for anti gay t hings. Not all but some in the gay community are targeting Christian business owners just to whine and sue

        • Bish Chan

          The examples you give are not protected classes in public accommodations laws so you they would be free to refuse.

          Would your feelings be different if you repeatedly saw inter-racial couples being refused service? Just wondering. I’ve seen that due to marriages in my own family and the reactions from by standers who were outraged was downright visceral. We had to calm them down and we were just going to leave as we didn’t want a scene. We could have sued but we really weren’t in the mood.

          • Donald Lane

            My opinion would not change, if someone refused my order I would take my money and go elsewhere.

          • Bish Chan

            That is consistent of you but most of society consider refusal of service based on race to be wrong and support laws against it. The market forces argument works now because that battle has been won and society changed. But back in the day it took nearly a century of fighting for blacks to win those protections.

            The market forces argument back then didn’t work because the target was a minority and the logic is that economics will persuade most to not discriminate but clearly it didn’t. Going elsewhere was not always possible due to critical mass of businesses refusing them. In some situations it simply meant they had to move if they could not easily obtain what they needed in daily life or the burden was too great.

          • Donald Lane

            Gay people are not protected classes in every state either.

          • Bish Chan

            That is correct. Which means that in Indiana, gay people could not sue even if refused service. The only way would be perhaps in some cities or counties that added sexual orientation into the local public accomodation laws. But the RFRA law that Indiana passed could potentially trump those.

    • Harald

      I’m curious how you disagree with gays? I mean, sexuality is just about what turns you on. As long as your partner is a rational adult, what’s there to disagree with? I like girls. Can this be disagreed with? Can you disagree with straigh people? I just don’t see the logic in disagreeing with anyone’s sexuality unless they are hurting someone. All love to you:)

      • auggie

        He means that he disagrees with the lifestyle and/or the concept of “gay marriage.” For that matter, many same-sex-attracted people also disagree with acting out on their urges in this way, and many do not support same-sex marriage. Likewise, many people also disagree with any number of lifestyles or behaviors of straight people, like pornography, incest, adultery, and so forth. They can all be consensual and they are natural impulses, but nonetheless are frequently considered immoral. There are hurtful personal and social consequences as well, even if superficially it seems harmless. Businesses should not feel compelled to support practices like that with positive messages if they are morally opposed; this is not a same-sex-only issue.

        • Donald Lane

          Thank you, personally I could care less what peoe do in their personal life until it’s forced on me. I do not like bullies and I see these lgbtqxyz people as bulking business owners into complying and it’s not right. They both have rights. They both have obligations to live by their morals and are not harming anyone by doing so. I do not see refusing to make a cake as harming.

        • ShamanBlair

          Just one quibble. That behavior isn’t limited to straight people. The amount of same sex couples who use pornography, commit to someone yet play around with others — ALL that stuff, is at least as high in homosexual relationships. I’ve known LOTS of gays, & seen this over & over…fighting, betrayal, etc. Just so you know.

  • ShamanBlair

    It’s the “gaystapo” which embarrasses the rest of the “gay” people. They largely stay silent, as the kind of hate shown by those who make sincere THREATS toward businesses are vocal & vicious. But I think you may see more of them step forward, if for no other reason than because it’s the right thing to do, & because they’re sick of being painted with the same broad brush because of the militant homosexuals. In another time, I knew a man who had early on decided he was an atheist, but he =never= bullied anyone to accept HIS life. As it happens, he did start to accept Christ when he realized he was dying, God grades on a curve, & He is the SOURCE of love itself, so while the man might have less than stellar reasons, I think God accepted him. Just a hunch. I mean, NONE of us “deserve” God; we’re all sinners, but He loves us anyway. Let’s pray more people with the caliber of this young woman step forward & teach what REAL tolerance is all about! <3

    • SophieCT

      Attempting to divide and conquer? Pfffffft

    • Donald Lane

      Your either object or silently accept. Same feelings I have toward moderate muslims. If you don’t speak out on a group of exteamist that you are linked to you are condoning their actions.

  • Dennis Cossiboon

    Thank you, someone with good sense, and reason.

  • Budreaux

    In our town, there is a Photographer, a female, who will photograph only Gay weddings. She has been approached by several people and has refused to be their wedding Photographer.

    So far, none of them have filed a legal challenge to her refusal. I just wonder how the courts will rule when it does happen. And, it will.

    The couples, whom she refused, just simply found another Photographer.

    • Ed Stallard

      As it should be.

    • redeemed357

      tell those folks who are turned away to contact me…I’ll do it free of charge…for heterosexual couples who have been turned away from this photographer. She is a MORON!

      • Debra Moore

        Agreed. Not the point, not at all.

    • jeanbean14

      I doubt it will. Most people don’t have an agenda that includes ruining the livelihoods and lives of people who disagree with them. When they get a “no” from one business or artist, they move on like normal adults living in a free society. This photographer you mentioned has every right to say “no” to whoever she wants, as does every other business owner.

      • jeanbean14

        This will probably get me flamed, but I don’t even believe in making it illegal to put up “whites only” signs on businesses. That sounds racist, I know. But here are my reasons: (1) I want to know if a business owner is racist so that I can avoid giving them any of my money; (2) Potential customers voting with their feet is much more effective and efficient than the bungling efforts of government; (3) We give up the power to decide when we enlist the government to make these decisions for us; (4) I’ve recently learned that the main problem in the Jim Crow era wasn’t the racist business owners, but the racist politicians who forced separation of people by race in public facilities, and the racist voters who put those politicians in office. If the laws had not been there, the restaurants would have gone out of business when the culture changed. And that culture change came from exposing the racism of a geographic region to the rest of the country, and to itself. Our collective American conscience could not tolerate the racism, especially in light of our founding principle that all men are created equal; (5) The danger of government having the power to decide which businesses succeed and which fail, through the power of their own limited knowledge and often corrupt motives, is too great to justify handing our power over to them. We are much better off keeping the decision-making in our own individual hands, especially since the decisions affect our own lives and the lives of our fellow citizens.

        • Bish Chan

          In the old days, relying on market forces would have meant certain unpopular groups would either have to move, starve or experience significant burden in obtaining goods and services in certain areas.

          We might be more ballsy and challenge racist businesses to make themselves know now because culture has changed but part of the momentum for the change was due to public accomodations laws. I mean a majority of Americans did not support inter-racial marriage till 2000. Alabama formally repealed her anti-miscegenation law by popular ballot around then and it only passed by a margin of 10%. Had only the white population voted, the bill would not have been repealed. That was after 3 decades of inter-racial marriage and all the other movements and laws to break down racism. Imagine if there had been no court rulings and Alabama was left to perpetuate their racism all that time.

          • yelloturd

            You mean that people moved to an area of the country they found more appealing to their lifestyle ? Imagine that, just like the founders intended with states rights.

          • Bish Chan

            At the time of the founders there was still slavery and blacks were not considered fully human. Appeal to false authority.

            How about you send me replies by snail mail instead of via the internet, just as the founders intended.

            Even the founders would readily give way to modern laws and expectations of the populace to be free from discrimination.

            Public accomodation laws actually existed in the times of the founders and they supported them. Those were common carrier laws from english common law, they just weren’t as broad as the modern laws which later developed from them. so your statement is not even factual.

          • yelloturd

            Aww, the common tactic of the lib. Try to bring slavery into it.
            You should also research a bit into the founders view on slavery since you are wrong.

          • Bish Chan

            It is a valid point i bring up. If you want to use the founders as a shield then what is your basis for cherry picking? Some did not like slavery but many of them even owned slaves. But it was controversial enough of an issue that it would have been a non-starter to abolish it.

            Now how about you deal with the rest of my post?

          • yelloturd

            because it is idiotic . HOMOS are not a protected class and there is nothing in the law that dictates that someone must do a custom order or service for them. Laws of accommodation have nothing to do with catering or renting a private venue. You want a cookie from a bakery, go in and get it from what is in stock. You want to contract with a baker for a custom cake and catering, that is a contract where both parties must come to agreement. You don’t like his terms, hit the road and find someone who wants your business.
            If you want the slippery slope of claiming the constitution is a living document, don’t cry when the changes go against you.

          • Bish Chan

            Actually, in some states gay people are a protected class and that is consistent with the states right argument you articulate.

            Public accomodation laws do tend to cover wedding cakes and catering and bans refusal based on the classes articulated in the law. Trying to use the contract shield has tended to fail in case law.

            People trying to change the laws is exactly what the founders wanted. So this nonsense that people should move instead is BS.

          • yelloturd

            no, it is not. it was to be left to the states.

          • yelloturd

            You and your rump ranger only think your special. Everyone knows your just a freak of nature that needs to be culled.

          • Luong the Viet

            Ohh wait, didn’t you say that in order to be an American, we have to “accept everyone” you lying hypocritical white trash? So why are you attacking your homo-fascist friends? Shouldn’t you be joining them doing your famous rump ranging that you americans are known for? LOL!!!

          • Luong the Viet

            What the Hell are you shooting your stupid white trash out about now? You’re a typical white american, aren’t you? You should be proud of the sad fact that america is now the world’s champion of not just homo-fascism but perversions of all sorts. Evil america is pushing her dirty disgusting homo-fascism into the faces of all decent people in the world.

            SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME!!!

          • Luong the Viet

            And you forced me to accept this homo-fascists but you don’t? LOL!!!

            You see how STUPID you are, my 350-lb overweight white trash friend from McDonald? HAHAHHAHAHHAA!!!

        • ShamanBlair

          I agree, except for the misconception that only “a geographic region” of the country housed racists. The Northern states also treated blacks as badly. Check out what it was like in parts of NYC, for example. They had no right to claim that they treated blacks better than the South. They were just quieter about it.

  • Anja J

    I think a lot of gays feel like Ms Hoffman, unfortunately, the far far wacko leftist lunatics have taken up the cause and are threatening people’s lives, lying on places like Yelp, trying to ruin businesses etc. And, it eventually comes back to be blamed on gays. They really need to stand up for their own identities and do NOT let the hateful, threatening, lunatics speak for you!

  • Mark Wurz

    Diversity of outlook is very narrow in the left’s scope. These people do not refuse service to anyone,they just want to live their lives

  • Half of America is unfortunately in decline steeped in liberal logic and political correctness. Nice to see all gays don’t feel a need to force themselves on the public.

    • Gregg Macklin

      Liberal logic? Is that a form of Newspeak, like Slavery is Freedom?

      • Roger Coke

        It’s an oxymoron!!! Only morons deprived of oxygen believe in it!!!

    • Nelson

      Force themselves? You mean – the way you do every single day without having to think about whether someone might beat you up for touching your spouse?

    • Fawkes

      Don’t be so quick to judge a whole group based on the few radicals that make news headlines, the majority of the LGBT community are tolerant, accepting and reasonable, but with any fringe group, its always the free radicals that give the group as a whole a bad reputation, ive dealt with it as a LGBT member, ive dealt with it as a furry, the stereotypes in my communities couldnt be farther from the truth (obviously excluding the idiots that give people a reason to believe or create these stereotypes)

  • Ron Joy

    As a tractor trailer long haul driver for over 30 years (retire now) I have never held anything against gays or lesbians. In fact, a lot of my friends that I have met on the road are gay. I once had a guy ask me while drinking coffee at a truck stop,(met him on the cb radio looking for directions) if I would hate or hold anything against him if he told me he was gay. my answer to him was No. I have nothing against them as long as they do not try to push it off on me or suggest that ‘I am missing out on some good things in life.’ My wife’s girlfriend that worked with her, her one some was gay and I met him and his lover at her house. Super Kewl guys! Granted, I am Catholic as of 2000 when I became of the religion just before my triple bypass. Some of these people regardless of what you believe in, they will give their best to help you when you need it. These guys that are going out and beating gay guys and raping lesbians are only doing this because (1. they want to look masculine to their friends, and (2. They are not secure with their own manhood and fear that they too may like the gay life. Myself? I am 66 years old, have been married for 47 years and I don’t need another lover. lol What a person does with their life and how they believe in what they are, is their own business and other people need to leave them alone. Hey! there are guys who are too much of a male chauvinist to admit that their daughters WILL NOT marry a black guy. I say Let them Go Dads! You say no, they will do it to spite you, and believe me when ‘daddy’s little girl’ turns her back on you, it will hurt more than a punch in the nuts. I know from experience because I buried my 46 year old daughter a year ago February, because of a 2nd.stroke. People need to learn to live together, work together and pray together. Stop the bullshit of race and ethic discrimination and learn to accept others for who they are. The one thing this country needs right now is Love and not others like the Muslims and Islamist trying to make everyone what they are. PEACE

    • Ed Stallard

      Well said!

    • chuck

      You had me up to your last sentence, had you inserted some Muslims and lslamist….. I would have agreed wholeheartedly, thanks for your thoughts from another 67 year old dinosaur

  • Not Anonymous

    Say what you want about Christians- when someones in trouble they ban together. Don’t hate gays. Can you imagine how hard it must be to live that life. Most of them are pretty nice. Our government just happens to like to use them to push agendas.

    • jhk

      You could not be more right! I am a Christian and I believe that being a Christian it is not my place to judge anyone.. that is God’s job. I have no problem with anyone living their life as they see fit, as long as it does not hurt me or mine. Love is what being a Christian is all about, not hate and some of the people that spew the hate and claim to be Christians will have to answer to God when the time comes.

      • David Christie

        Actually it is your place to judge……actions. God’s judgement refers to each person’s eternal salvation. You have a shallow view of “love” if the only criteria is whether “it does not hurt me or mine”. That view allows people to wallow in sin and that is not what Jesus’ view of love means. Love is more than feeling warm and fuzzy. Love is hard work that means you have to get down where people are and help lift them out of the muck. If you don’t do that, what good are you to God and his purposes?

        We are all stuck in the muck, that’s why we need a Savior. We are made to be in community so that we can all help each other out. This article is about same-sex relationships but my point applies to all sins. If you are not sharing the Good News with those that are snared by any sin and helping them to repent, would you not be an accessory to their eternal judgement? You don’t have to be hateful or anything to do it. Speak the Truth in Love from a place of selfless caring. If you are trying to score points on the righteousness scale, you are doing it wrong. And there may be a point where you will have to agree to disagree. But at least you tried.

        • TittieTwister

          In other words…

          • David Christie


        • Karen

          very well said..David..some Christians will make it to heaven, but will have to answer to God and will have blood on their hands when they stand before him on judgement day for not helping someone that they met and could have possibly saved them from hell by just telling them the true truth..that is not judging, but is true love..if you truly care about someone, you will testify to that person, but in a loving way, not in a judgmental way,,that is what God expects from us and what Jesus taught..I have a quote hanging in my office that states..” Silence in the face of evil is itself evil..God will not hold us guiltless..Not to speak is to speak..Not to act is to act.

  • Mark Muylaert

    I can’t decide if the intolerant left in this instance is acting like the brown shirts of the mafia? Probably the brown shirts since some want to burn down the business.

    • SophieCT

      The intolerant left? Ha! The right–twisting religion and using God to justify bigotry. Hmmmm.

  • jalina susan stutte

    I have gays friends who think this Gestapo crap is crazy! And is being led by the communist parties to take down the country.

  • Vincent Smith

    One thing about the mob mentality it swings both ways. The LGBT community should keep that in mind.

    • Corey Gray

      Yup, and when things turn, they usually turn HARD, and reactions are almost always worse than the triggering actions…

      Or, to put it more plainly…when someone hits someone else with a fist, chances are that they’ll be hit with a blunt object soon thereafter (these days), and after being hit by the blunt object, they’re likely to return with a gun…

      Our current social issues are a reaction to the unequal and unjust (if well-intention-ed) establishment of affirmative action laws giving “unfair” advantage due to race, religion, orientation, gender, or whatever other minority you can dream up….of course people will react negatively, and it will get worse over time, if they see promotions or hirings going to people they know to be less qualified or suited for the position, based on a fear of being sued if the company doesn’t have “a proper balance of diversity”, or same for high-competition slots in good schools.

      We’ve now given that issue 40 years to percolate and set in, and two generations of kids being taught about this, whether the parents/grandparents used it as a pro or a con example, for whatever reason….there’s going to be backlash…and it will result in worse enmity than originally caused the need for a civil rights movement to begin with.

      I’m NOT saying the movement wasn’t justified, or needed…or that the goals of it weren’t just and right….but the extent it was taken to, and the further reaches made in its name since then are alienating just about everyone of positive social value (as in someone who is a benefit to society at large, even if just as a taxpayer and law abiding citizen) in some way or form…and THOSE are the people a society absolutely cannot do without.

      Alienate the ones you HAVE to have, it doesn’t matter what the rest think or say, the system’s going to collapse in some way, shape, or form.

  • Fred Clay

    It only takes one lie and the haters calmer on, That pizza Shop should have a full page retraction in that news paper and the reporter fired…

  • Nancy Robbins

    Huffington Post is one of the worse media papers in the country. They are very liberal and every day they are trying to trash someone’s reputation, some one work ethics or someone’s religion. yellow journalism at its worse. I am so glad people have come together to help out this business. they did nothing wrong whatsoever.

    • FedUpLibBS

      The Law is for people like The Pizza place, who find themselves in situations Like this. Such FRAUD by the ObamaMedia, I hope they take some of that money, and Sue the panyhose off that reporter for slander and/or LIBEL!!!

      “Meet the new BOSS, Same as the Old BOSS – the WHO – We Won’t Be Fooled Again”

  • Josh Gilman

    Again – Jesus ate with thieves and prostitutes. But she can’t serve a pizza or others can’t bake a cake. There’s nothing ‘rabid’ about calling out hypocrisy.

    • SILVER

      Jesus never did anything to condone, support, endorse, or legitimize a sinful lifestyle. To the contrary He said, “go and sin no more.”

      • TittieTwister

        Sin doesn’t exist. Genetics has proven that there was no Adam and Even and therefore there was no garden, no talking snake and no sin. No sin = no need for a savior. Stop using your myths as an excuse to hate. Start living in reality…there is no afterlife. Love people while you’re alive and you can do it.

        • SILVER

          If I may, with respect:
          “Genetics has proven that there was no Adam and Even and therefore there was no garden, no talking snake and no sin. No sin = no need for a savior.”
          Genetics have proven that we are one race: the human race (see: human genome project). Observations of natural selection and mutations make clear that over time the gene pool diminishes. New genes do not “magically” come about. Current genetics are lost, by not being passed on or by deformation via mutations. Adam and Eve makes sense of these observations as the human race would have then had a far greater degree of genetic variance.

          “Stop using your myths as an excuse to hate.”
          If there is no such thing as sin, then there is no rational, objective reason why hate is wrong. By what authority do you think to declare what is right and wrong? You are being arbitrary and therefor irrational. Your standard is your own and thus subjective.

          “Start living in reality…”
          I live in reality and can account for how we can know things in reality, including why our senses are basically reliable and work together, as well as what makes science possible. Because without uniformity in nature, which a naturalistic universe cant account for, science would not be possible, as repeatable results of experimentation would be impossible and all predictability is lost. I can even account for the laws of logic. After all, you cant touch or taste a law of logic. You cant stub your toe on a law of logic.

          “there is no afterlife.”
          That is a presupposition.

          “Love people while you’re alive and you can do it.”
          Why does love have any intrinsic value to you? Emotions are subjective. You’re, once again, imposing an arbitrary standard of right and wrong, good and bad. You are being inconsistent to say there is no sin, yet think to dictate that loving others is good or hating others is bad. My worldview can account for why that is.

    • Before you bear false witness investigate what was actually said.

  • Dellburt

    Liberalism is a disease.

  • Dellburt

    In America you have the right to your own opinion. No one said you have to agree. It is the lawyers that are the ones screwing it up for everyone.

  • Benny Mamamelo

    I still see the “Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone” signs. And why would you want to do business with someone that doesn’t want your money? I don’t get it. Go somewhere that you will get your money’s worth.

  • Its not that we won’t serve sinners, its just that we cannot be representative of their sin!

    • TittieTwister

      Except that…

  • Bo Treat

    maybe if the gay community didn’t set themselves apart, the world wouldn’t judge them as much…labels in general, i’m talking about, setting people apart, claiming our differences before you can introduce yourself…gay community? or another way to separate humanity? love is supposed to be a universal language, if the gays took it so seriously then why aren’t they using my argument? love is love not a community people…to see racism, you your self must be racist in the same regard whether it be perceived as the opinion of evil or just deeds…

  • adobong_paksiw

    If the rabid gays and lesbians would just stop and think about it, ANY Christian business will cater and do business with them for PERSONAL events like birthdays or get-wells and the like. Just like any Christian church worth its salt will welcome their doors to them and even sit with them at lunch which is customary to most churches after services. HOWEVER, where the event runs counter to their deeply held personal and/or church convictions, is where the line stops. A practicing gay cannot and will not be baptized in an uncompromising church, no matter how much they may love the person. One cannot have his cake, and eat it, too, is just as true in these cases as in many.
    Just like a business who refuses to cater to events contrary to their held convictions, all the gay has to do is move on, to the next church, or business.

  • ltc444

    The peaceful tolerance crowds views have always been a thin veneer covering a violent and intolerant nature.

    These stories remind me of an incident were I questioned one of the Foreign Anti war agitators during a midnight mass conducted at the Sacred Heart church Warrensburg, Mo.

    The mass was conducted by a defrocked Irish priest. During the Q & A I asked a question. It went something like this.

    In the last 24 hours some 200 bombs have gone off in Belfast Northern Ireland. What gives you the right to question my countries policies when you cannot solve your Nations violence?

    The stunned silence gave me the opportunity to exit the chapel and sufficient space to outrun the mob that followed howling for my death.

  • Martin Ruiz

    I like “… it was when the unethical ABC reporter Alyssa Marino asked her what she would do if asked to cater a “gay wedding” (she never has, and who on Earth caters a wedding with pizza?)”. That unethical ABC reporter is one more black spot on polk-a-dot print on ABC’s uniform way of “uncovering the news”… so to speak.

  • madalon baum

    Kudos to Ms. Hoffman….she shows the kind of tolerance gays (and all other groups fighting for equality) have wanted all along.

  • another_engineer

    The radical “gaystapo” think they are snubbing those that find their proclivities repulsive, when in fact what they are doing is tightening the noose around their own neck.

  • iChen

    Why does this site censor so stringently?……

  • Mannly

    IDRIVE BACK UP rips people off and nothing is done or said…. $149.50 doesn’t seem like much but when you get paid every 2 weeks and are living pay check to pay check and IDRIVE takes food out of your mouth… wow… doesn’t say much for the companies ethics

  • Fawkes

    It baffles and embarrasses me to be affiliated with the LGBT community because of people like this *SMH* The actions of these few label us all, in a community built on acceptance and tolerance, as unwavering bigots, thankfully Courtany stepped up and did the right thing making an apology, its a small step but a step none the less

  • passn8ldy

    Can Americans not see what is happening. ALL countries which are destroyed are first attacked from within – from their own people. The media and a few hate mongers – and yes – that’s exactly what the people who caused this firestorm are – added fuel to a fire which never should have been started. This pizza restaurant served EVERYONE who came there wanting to get a pizza. They turned no one away and from what I am reading they even stepped up and helped in times of crisis in their neighborhood. This is a small community of less than 3000 people. These people all knew each other and lived in harmony until outsiders caused so much pain and suffering. I pray these people – both the owners of the pizzeria and the community will heal from the atrocities forced upon them by the media and others who are biased against anyone else who doesn’t believe as they do. And FYI – I am NOT a homophobe. I voted FOR same sex marriages in my state. I believe in equal rights for everyone and that includes giving the owner of an establishment the right to say no to participating in an event they felt was against their religion. How about if I went to a local bakery and asked for a phallic cake to be made for me as a joke for my husband. If they refused am I supposed to cause this kind of pain and suffering? No! I would go to a store which MAKES these kinds of cakes. And NO! I am NOT comparing gays to porn cakes – I’m just trying to make a point. Leave them alone and let them heal!!!!

  • Arthur Morse

    The left has tried to equate disagreement with hate for years now and we ain’t buying.

    • baychain

      “Going to the vegetarian restaurant and ordering a steak” is such a strawman argument. The right analogy would be going to a vegetarian restaurant for a vegetarian meal and getting refused because you are left-handed, and the restaurant person believes that all left-handed people are evil,unnatural and if they just tried, they could be right handed just like the others.

  • Kevin Hoyes

    True class Ms. Courtney Hoffman.

  • Aarons Dad
    • Aarons Dad

      My son who never discriminated against anyone needs money to Live while they try and treat his Inoperable cancerous tumor! not to mention that he cant walk anywhere unassisted and has tumors throughout his body. He is in pain everyday even with the meds, So if you really wanna help someone go to his link and read!!

  • Tomy Kay

    Which is why most don’t regard mainstream media news worthy. Ms. Milano got her fifteen minutes. Kudos to this young lady. Kudos to the donators. Americans step up, always.

  • T Russell Morris

    vomit, making a martyr out of a bigot with enough business sense to get rich quick (Which I do give them credit….hope the Klan is watching, one sure way to bring in some much needed funds to their Christian organization..lmao

  • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

    Well if you look at the past history, there were many gays through out history. If people would take the mindset that Jesus hated no one and loved each and everyone of us as he would expect from us to be more tolerant of the all people in our society !! Doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, just drop the hatred!

  • SophieCT

    Figures the whole gofundme thing was a scam set up by professional hater Dana Loesche.
    Still don’t understand how that was a trick question though. Is the author saying the pizza shop owner is mentally incompetent?

  • Mike

    There are some segments of the LBGT community and their supporters that are the equivalent of ISIS when it comes to someone who doesn’t accept that life styles. They demand people accept them, but they refuse to accept those who disagree with them and engage
    in activities which can be considered terrorist in nature. And in some cases, such as Washington, New Mexico, and Oregon, its state sponsored terrorism. Death threats, threats to burn your business,or destroy your business and the like are designed to do nothing more than terrorize people. When someone has to go into hiding because of death threats, that’s terrorism at work. We have laws against such activity and yet the law is silent when it comes to LBGT terrorism. Do you think anything will be done to the lesbian coach who publicly stated she wanted to burn the O’Conner’s business down?
    Forcing someone to lose their livelihood just to prove your bigger and badder just plain out wrong. If someone doesn’t want your business go elsewhere, their lost is someone else’s financial gain but don’t force them out of business. And one other thing where is Obama and Holder on this issue? They are so quick to jump in when black people scream racism but here they are keeping their mouths shut.

  • Lynda

    I thought I was reading something in The Onion. Man, are people in this country screwed up.

  • Jade Basinger

    This just goes to show that even gay people can be more christ like than the bigoted store owners

  • Debra Moore

    No one said anything about hating these folks. It is unfortunate that the term is used indiscriminately by the media when in fact, it has nothing to do with hatred. It has EVERYTHING to do with serving the public, ALL of the public. Whether you like it or not.

  • noah vail

    it’s great to see things like this….do you think a right wing “christian” would have done the same if it had been a gay business that was attacked like that? huh, do ya?

    • Guest

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  • john649

    This is such a FARCE!!! They blatantly discriminate against gays! The bible condems lots of other behaviors whom they still serve like liars, cheaters, the proud, the arrogant, divorcees, adulters. BTW – don’t christians believe EVERY human is a sinner? Therefore they have selectively chosen gays from this list to discriminate.

  • BarbaraZabadu

    “It was a scene out of Stalinist Russia, an ugly, un-American lynch mob.” You mean like all the people who are trying to enact laws against gay people? That discriminate because you aren’t of the religion they are? That you do something that is cherry-picked from the Bible? Because the Bible has a whole bunch of things in it that Christians don’t seem to follow, but this one….boy do they. You speak of “tolerance’, yet I don’t believe you understand the word. It’s a two-way thing. If you are intolerant of gays enough to make laws against them, you can’t be surprised if there is a backlash. You can disagree with their lifestyle all you want, but you can’t shut them out of your business because you believe differently, period.

    Do I think this business deserved what they got? No. But I also believe that you should think before you say anything to a reporter. The reporter got what she wanted because it was handed to her.

  • David L

    The real blame here is the media yelling “fire” in a crowded theater! Don’t we have laws against inflamatory speech? When will people wake up to the extreme biased agenda of the left dominated media? People are fighting back in many venues,but it is up to us to spread the word. Talk to family and so called friends. Stop avoiding the issues and speak the truth! We outnumber the liberal prrogressives and its high time we act like it. Look for a conservative landslide in 2016. We’ve had enough!

  • Love how the only legitimate opinion from the lgbt community is the one that agrees with you. Yeah, real open minded of you. This was news. And the question was legit. No place for bigoted discrimination any more in this country. And thank God for that!

  • Josh Weinstein

    This whole thing was a SCAM! We now know that these people CONTACTED the TV station to volunteer to be interviewed. And one of their neighbors said they were losing money for a while now and were talking about doing something like this so they could get out from under. These are FACTS, something that the right-wing just cannot stand, since it undermines their story of the innocent little business owner who got beat up by those terrible gays.

    • Donald Lane

      They still got bullied no matter how you try to spin it. The most humorous part they got bullied over a hypothetical question. Who caters pizza for a wedding

  • Guest

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  • Nicky

    I’m gay and being perfectly honest, why should gay marriage be forced upon people who disagree with it? The resturant owners did nothing wrong here at all, i’m embarrased to be a part of LGBT community at times because all they seem to do is pick a new bone of contention every week. It’s hardly homophobic to disagree with gay marriage. Although it is sad to see the amount of bigoted opinions on this site against gays.

    • Donald Lane

      Nicky, I have nothing against gay I have something against bullies. I don’t want someone else’s choices forced on me. I say let me follow morals and let others follow theirs unless innocent people are being hurt. I’m sorry I do not see not making a cake as hurting someone. Don’t force your choices on me and I won’t force mine on you.

  • Luciano Mezzetta

    Now this act by Courtney Hoffman is just so righteous that it fills me with joy. And I am pleased that the stirrers of strife often fail and that their hate is exposed.


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