Border Patrol in Texas ‘On The Verge of Total Collapse’ As Record Number of Illegals Flood the Border (Video)


Operation Import The Vote – Obama to illegal aliens: Come on in, amnesty is on the way!

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Lawlessness breeds more lawlessness. Such is the case with Obama’s America, and illegal immigration.

Obama, Democrats and even GOP leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor have telegraphed to the entire world that the United States will be passing amnesty any day now — via “Executive Order” treason or backstabbing Congressional betrayal once conservative primary opponents have been defeated.

As a result, massive numbers of illegal aliens are flooding the Texas border — the least defended section of our entire border is the Rio Grande Valley — so they can get here before amnesty is passed.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch has chronicled the problems along the Mexican border in his documentaries, including his latest: They Come to America II. Lynch sat down with Megyn Kelly to reveal some new information about just how bad things are getting at the Texas border.


Lynch said his information, which comes from “the guys who are down there” on the border, indicates that the Border Patrol there is nearing the point of collapse.

“What they told me is worse than I’ve ever been told before,” said Lynch, adding that he is being told there are a stunning 2,000 arrests of illegal immigrants a day in the Rio Grande Valley.

Lynch said the influx of immigrants from Central America, not Mexico, is becoming more than the Border Patrol in Texas can handle.

“The big driver of it all is the promise of amnesty. That’s what they’re all being told. We’re at the point right now where people are coming across and they’re just handing themselves in because they know they’re not going to be sent back,” said Lynch. “It’s so bad I don’t even know what to say anymore.”

As with the Benghazi Betrayal, and the POW Raw Deal, this Administration has shown there is no limit to their contempt for the rule of law.


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