‘I’m Done!’: Talk Host Storms Off Set After Heated Discussion Over Michael Sam’s Kiss With Boyfriend



A Texas talk show host stormed off set Tuesday after a heated discussion was ignited when she expressed disapproval of coverage showing Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend.

“Can we just agree that this was an opportunity to make news?” KTXD-TV’s “The Broadcast” host Amy Kushnir asked.

“He has every right to do what he wants, that’s not my issue,” she added. “I just don’t want it in my face.”


“Well, then maybe you don’t need to see romantic comedies or when people kiss on television,” one of the co-hosts shot back.

“Why does she not have the right to say what she means without being slandered?” another co-host countered.

Moments later, Kushnir gathered her belongings and stormed off the set.

“I’m done,” she said.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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