Illegal Aliens in North Carolina Demand In-State Tuition Rates


From coast-to-coast, arrogant illegal aliens emboldened by Barack Obama’s lawless actions on immigration are making demands on America like never before.

Last week, we profiled illegal students in California who weren’t satisfied with millions in financial aid the University of California system was handing them — they demanded grants instead.

This past weekend, illegal aliens in North Carolina marched from Chapel Hill to Raleigh, to demand that in-state tuition rates be given to students here illegally who have received a temporary federal reprieve from deportation.

Around 40 activists ended the “March of Broken Dreams” with a mock funeral outside the office of (Democrat) Attorney General Roy Cooper. The protesters charge that Cooper has been silent about whether students in the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are entitled to the lower college tuition rates offered to in-state residents.

“Every day that passes, someone’s dream dies,” said Oliva Prezas, 19, of Oxford, one of the students who spoke at the “funeral,” which was organized by the N.C. Dream Team. “Attorney General Cooper needs to speak out.”

The DACA program began in 2012 by President Barack Obama to award “temporary protected status” to illegal aliens who may have been brought into the country as children when their parents arrived illegally. Those whose DACA applications are approved receive two-year deferrals from deportation — which Obama has promised to extend this year.

The program has been a magnet for fraud — with almost no verification of the sparse documentation required to apply — which is likely a major reason why a breathtaking 99.5% of illegal alien applicants for DACA have been approved by DHS — “raising major concerns about fraud”, according to the Washington Times.

A September report apparently shows that 15,989 North Carolinians have been approved for the DACA program.

17 states have handed illegal aliens in-state tuition — the most recent New Jersey’s Chris Christie. This despite the fact that a Federal judge last August ruled that the entire program was likely unconstitutional, and might be overturned on a future appeal by ICE agents.

Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer  has shown how it should be done — steadfastly refusing to give in-state tuition — or ANY state services whatsoever — to illegal aliens granted “DACA” status, despite mega lawsuits against her by the ACLU and others.

Brewer correctly argued that Obama’s policy is not federal law and the state  has the sole authority to distinguish between illegals with work permits who are on  the path toward permanent residency and those benefiting from Obama’s  policy.

Too bad other governors don’t stand for the rule of law as does Jan Brewer.

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