Illegal Aliens Demand This Restaurant Change Its ‘Racist’ Name – Here’s the Owner’s Awesome Response


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Illegal aliens violate our borders, break our laws, commit identity theft, tax and social security fraud by the millions.

Yet they, and their leftist allies, have the gall to get offended when anyone calls them what they are: ILLEGAL.

La Raza activists even started a well-funded “Drop The I-Word” campaign in 2011 to get news organizations to stop using the term “illegal aliens” and “illegal immigrants.” And they’ve even gotten the left-leaning New York Times and Associated Press, among others, to comply.

This fall they targeted a popular Colorado restaurant chain called “Illegal Pete’s” – declaring that the name is “racist,” “offensive,” and “demeans immigrants and Hispanics.” This despite the fact that the owner, Pete Turner, chose the name to honor his father, who died of cancer shortly after the business started, and because it was the name of the bar in a novel he read in college. And he named it 20 years ago, long before the P.C. police began targeting the term “illegal.”

Above: “Illegal Pete” himself, owner Pete Turner (DailyMail)

And his restaurant is beloved in Colorado, popular with customers and employees alike. Pete’s employees love working for this company – so much so that their average tenure is nine years. Some original employees – the first store opened in 1995 – are still with the company.

Activists could not care less.  So in Fort Collins, where he’s attempting to open his seventh restaurant, they announced they would try and stop him and launched a statewide boycott. One Colorado State University assistant professor Antero Garcia absurdly declared that the name would “cause violence in the community.” Response on social media has erupted, with even one Latino celebrity joining the ridiculous effort:

Other came out in support:

Well Pete has given his answer to the illegal aliens and their radical activists: NO WAY.

Pete announced, in a blog post this week, that he will not bow to the PC pressure to change the name, and scoffed at activists’ attempts to boycott him.

Instead, he says:

“We welcome you, and all humans, to visit our restaurant; to get to know us, and to form your own opinion, and hopefully create a meaningful relationship with Illegal Pete’s.”

But illegals and their supporters are not backing down, as this ridiculously biased report makes clear:

We salute Pete for not backing down to La Raza haters. If you want to support “Illegal Pete’s” against these anti-American creeps, you can visit his restaurants, or support him on his official website. Or better yet, give him a great review (and counter bad leftist ones) on Yelp here.


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