Illegal Aliens Collect WIC Vouchers in Georgia County — Then Sell Them for Cash (Video)


Once again we see how our open borders and failure to enforce immigration laws are bankrupting the nation.

Our welfare system is a complete failure, doing nothing to prevent fraud – and even encouraging it, as in the video below, and bilking taxpayers for billions every year. This despite politicians’ claims that we can’t cut a single penny, or families will “starve”.

This video shows an expose from DeKalb County, GA, as illegal aliens in luxury SUVs can walk into the WIC (‘Women Infants and Children’) office with expired or even FOREIGN IDs and walk out with hundreds of dollars in WIC vouchers – and often sell them for cash right down the block.

All against the law. Yet what does the “law” mean when workers in this WIC office do not bother to verify anything?And this is in a relatively conservative state like Georgia. One can imagine how workers in illegal alien-friendly states like California behave. Billions down the drain.

It is a disgrace that illegal aliens are milking the welfare system while so many American citizens go without. These WIC officals belong in prison for this outrage, and Republicans who oppose amnesty should immediately introduce national legislation to mandate citizenship checks for welfare recipients.


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