WATCH: Illegal Aliens Claim Billions in Fraudulent Tax Credits Every Year; IRS Knows and ALLOWS It

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Whew. You finally got your taxes done. Well consider this…

Illegal aliens across America are committing fraud by filing tax returns with an IRS “ITIN” number, and listing children as dependents who live in MEXICO — or who do not even exist at all.

This fraud is costing taxpayers an insane $4.2 BILLION every year. In addition, many of these are felony crimes.

Worst of all your Federal government knows all ab0ut it — yet does nothing  to stop it.

Once again it seems illegal aliens have more rights than you do.

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As you consider the insanity of this, you are probably wondering why the Congress has not immediately stopped this outrage once it came to light.

Some have tried. As recently as this past January, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) tried to restore  cuts to the pensions of wounded veterans that was disgracefully put in the 2014 budget — by eliminating this outrageous “loophole” for illegal aliens.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed the vote on Sessions’ amendment, and then worked out a deal with GOP leader Mitch McConnell to leave the veterans’ cuts — and the illegal aliens’ tax bonanza — in place.



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