You Won’t Believe What This Illegal Alien Mother of 7 Collected – For 20 YEARS (Video)


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

“Emperor Obama” (by his own definition), in his speech tonight selling his lawless executive amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens, assured Americans that every illegal “comes here to work” and “not for a handout.”

Then there is reality: the vast majority of illegal aliens are on welfare, and will be for life. And far from contributing to our society and economy, illegals depress wages, and the average illegal alien takes in $19,000 more in public benefits each year than they contribute in income, sales taxes and social security contributions combined.

Illegal immigration is literally bankrupting this nation. And this woman is Exhibit A.

Illegal alien and mother of seven, Florida resident Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, monthly medications, $700 in Social Security and a housing allowance. And she has been receiving government assistance for over 20 YEARS – ever since she illegally entered the U.S. by swimming the Rio Grande — which up to 290,000 illegals have done since January.

And even though she initially had a job, Nelson hasn’t worked a day in 17 years – but still collects her checks.

She celebrates it…and is on a crusade to get other illegals to sign up for as many programs as possible – which as you can see in the disgraceful video clip below, the Obama Administration is paying “recruiters” to sign up as many people as possible!

One more reminder of how you cannot believe anything Emperor Obama says about immigration.


Brian Hayes is a former crime reporter from Tampa, FL who currently blogs about immigration issues.

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  • James Birchfield

    Start exterminating these leeches on the butt of our once great nation and then hog tie the Dumocrats that are smuggling them in so they can illegally vote for them.

  • Michelle Maynor

    Illegals ALSO get welfare in many different states,….since they are illegal, there is no way to trace them and they use different names in other states…I know a illegal who travels from NY to Florida and collects food stamps in every state along the way..she is allowed to get away with it..the same illegal allows a family member who is here legally to claim her 8 kids who live in Mexico, but where born here….she lives better than I do and I work.

    • Cathy Cubelos

      Have you considered turning her in for fraud?

      • Michelle Maynor

        I have and so have several others…….they have done NOTHING to her…….she was caught using her sisters ID who is legal and still nothing was done to her,……you explain to me why the US allows her to get away with it…..

        • xmrax

          because Obama and company feel they are above the law period

          • Guest

            She’s been claiming benefits for 20 years…. Sooooo, it started when?

          • Leland D. Petty

            1994, President Clinton, you do the math.

          • Desiree Seifert

            Don’t think they can count that far……lol

          • Desiree Seifert

            cant you count or do research?!

          • Faryn Lynch

            She’s been claiming them for 20 years. Soooo, when did this start? :-/

          • keysrat

            I remember when it first started about 30 years ago. The Mexicans started replacing the blacks in the fields. Within 5 years they had completely taken over the agriculture industry in the southeaster USA. This is also when the increase in the male black population in prisons began. I personally attribute allowing illegals into this country as part of the downfall of the black families in America.

          • tampaguy

            ..and i thought i was the only other person that saw this coming…. i remember once saying to a group of African Americans that it was they that had to watch out for illegals for the very reason you stated …what’s most troublesome is how Americans keep letting this happen everyday for years now…

          • Twocats58

            and now the downfall of the whites

          • kmitchem4

            yes ur right

          • Necole Cook

            The Whites will be the new minority and then the blacks with the illegals/Latinos on top

          • Desiree Seifert

            Try Spanish first, Most blacks I know want to better them self, NOT the spicks! They want everything handed to them on a silver platter and I for one and fed up with it, I hate them with a passion and I let it be know how I feel about them! I tell them to there face they are a disgrace!

          • Bert Matos

            WTF? Dont said Spanish, I’m Spanish, and I served my country and fought for your freedom to speak here, I’m no spick. That is the problem with this country you bundle up everyone in category. Come to my face with this bull and I would let you know who you mexxing with. SEMPER FUNKING FI

          • Hope

            Thank you Bert for serving our country! I have the utmost respect for our Military. Thank you for fighting for our freedoms.
            Just because we have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean that we can say whatever we want at the expense of others. I feel that she is very narrow minded in her comments. I don’t feel that hate or racial slurs have any place in a constructive conversation. Hate yields hate, and there’s enough of that to go around, we don’t need any more.

          • Rboo

            I to want to thank u for your service. My twin brother is on his 5th tour right now. I don’t think her racial slurs were appriate either. Everyone is getting fet up with the illelals problem and forgetten we are a diverse country with many generations of hispanics thats came over the same way our ancestors did. The only thing that’s gonna fix it is to send back all illegals and get obama out of office. If your military you should like him either. Obama hates our military.

          • Patti Simon

            Sorry that happened Bert. Not all think like Desiree. Perhaps she could have used better phrasing? Maybe she was just talking about illegals? I would hope so. Thank you for your service Bert!

          • Omater

            Hate is a luxury. We should work together.

          • proud_native

            Actually I believe ALL Americans need to band together to rid this country of every single ILLEGAL. Why does anyone “protect” one just because they happen to share a skin color or a language?

            We are a proud nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!! The ILLEGALS are destroying it …. exterminate, deport, starve out … whatever it takes to reclaim our nation!

          • Hope

            Banding together is what this nation and it’s leaders – especially it’s leaders – needs. I think a mass deportation needs to take place. I’m not really for the extermination or starvation of human beings though. It sounds too much like the Holocaust. I pray that nothing like that ever happens anywhere, ever again.

          • Korakelhijodetarzan

            you are a moron , most economist agree that immigration creates more bussines oprtunities for the nation.

          • James Ogozaly

            Its not immigration when they come here without paperwork its called breaking the law and don’t know about your self but as an American I go to jail for such things

          • Linda

            Obama has an illegal aunt living in Baltimore in subsidized housing. I don’t know if she is still here.

          • I think that she moved to la jolla, better housing there.

          • Eagle View

            She is still here. He stopped her deportation.

          • Ed

            I think she is, I saw her on an episode of “The Wire” recently playing a heroin addict (i’m rewatching it, greatest TV ever!)

          • James Ogozaly

            not only subsidized house but welfare and any other assistance she can get her greedy illegal hands on

          • chopper

            Okay, that is sounding a bit like Hitler there, it makes me very uncomfortable. I agree that illegals need to be deported, and will happily pay the taxes it takes for the manpower needed to get the job done. BUT, I do not agree with that last paragraph of yours…not one bit!

          • b

            good luck asking obama to work together for he has divided us so much no one trust anyone anymore

          • Korakelhijodetarzan

            you f… racist

          • proud_native

            Whites ARE a minority … at least where I live.

          • Korakelhijodetarzan

            change your name you are not native or what tribe or nation do you belong to?

          • Ally Smith

            on top? Dear God have we really fallen backwards so far as to say that the majority is “on top” of other minority races? Would you feel the same way if we had a massive influx of illegal white immigration from Canada?

          • James Ogozaly

            whites are already a minority

          • Omater

            We’ll all be in a third world life boat, together.

          • Sgt. EZ

            Actually it was started in WWII and was called the Bracero program. Interesting history lesson

          • Desiree Seifert

            So true, Here in PA in my city alone the Spanish population is 86% and 99% are NON WORKING CLASS and NON ENGLISH SPEAKING ILLEGALS who have milked the system for decades! Makes me wanna puke, WE all need to flat out REFUSE to pay one more cent in taxes to pay for this BS!

          • Omater

            I retract my statement about working together. Here in the Midwest it looks like all of the illegal females are on food stamps but the men seem to work. Our illegals are from Mexico and El Salvadore. You must have gotten the worst of the gene pool..

          • James Ogozaly

            Of course they are and their claiming their working husbands are not here and they have 10 more kids then they really have its all a scam

          • Me

            So as long as we keep the blacks in the fields we should be fine?

          • keysrat

            I lived in an agriculture community and at the time I was referring to Blacks and Whites worked side by side in the fields. There were certain jobs the men did and others the women did. Children 12 and over had some kind of job and the little ones stay around the barn with their older siblings and Grandma’s. It was a good time. Everyone laughed and cut up in the fields ~ there was no black or white, we all just worked hard to get a job done. The junk you see in the movies about plantation farmers being cruel and abusive may have been true somewhere but not anywhere in our communities. I think they may have been the 1%!!

          • Linda

            Disney’s Song of the South was banned in America because according to the blacks it didn’t show what they claim slavery was about. The family in the movies was good to their slaves.i I had to buy the movie from somewhere in England.

          • Patricia Powers

            I never really gave that any thought @keysrat:disqus but you are exactly right!!

          • Omater

            By 1977 they had replaced minority American Indian construction workers and heavy equipment operators in New Mexico, I was told.The doiwnfall of the black family cam,e also, because of the loss of manufacturing jobs, government payments that incentivized fatherless babies and the drug trade; all of which could have been prevented..

          • proud_native

            interesting argument…

          • Amanda Adkins

            I believe you are right. Sad but true

          • Korakelhijodetarzan

            so now you want to pin blacks against LatinoAmericans. and what makes you be so sure these are all Mexican.

          • keysrat

            Because I worked in the fields with them. Tobacco fields and at the barns and also cucumber field and at the cucumber markets. They were all Mexicans. They all lived together and they all got paid cash under the table ~ never paid a dime of Social Security, Federal or State taxes. At that time the Western Union office was in the front of the BiLo Grocery Store and the Mexicans would stand in line and wire $100’s of dollars each back to Mexico. At the same time, a lot of the young black men who use to work in the fields with us would be seen hanging out at t

          • Linda

            And in California

          • Leland D. Petty

            President Clinton, 1994.

          • Twocats58

            it says it started when she swam across to America…20 years ago >:(

          • Desiree Seifert

            Shame she didn’t drown!

          • Hope

            Wow. I just read through your comments here and on your profile. Nasty, hate filled comments. I’m sure you are on someone’s watch list!

          • Lola

            20 years ago…

          • Carl Tim

            apparently more than 20 years ago….pssst, screw Lois Lerner and her whole crew! Take back YOUR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

          • Ann Rider McMains

            During the Clinton period!

          • Desiree Seifert

            Decades ago, do some research on The New World Order!

          • jericho40

            I think 20 years ago.1994

          • Emily Leivas

            Obama has NOT been President for 20 YEARS

          • xmrax

            you’re right he hasn’t he has just compounded the problem, by letting the illegals run rough shed over the American people.

          • Petra Carlisle

            And how many Presidents have we have the past 20 years? And remember it was Reagan that gave them amnesty.

          • Twocats58

            that was then this is now…Obama isn’t helping a damn bit!!

          • Necole Cook

            Kennedy did also back in the 60’s give Ammesty to millions

          • Twocats58

            Well we still had it so much better back then…

          • wayneinhuntingtonbeach

            What a typical cop out—never blame a Republican for anything wrong.

          • Desiree Seifert

            Get a clue you moron, EVERY poor city is run by demorats!

          • Twocats58

            So you think Obama has helped us American Citizen’s??…How may I ask has he helped us?

          • wayneinhuntingtonbeach

            I didn’t say anything about Obama. He is a moron but people like you two always think it’s only the Democrats who cause the problems. I have news for you—do the research and you will find it is idiots in both parties that screw things up. You are so locked into false ideology you can’t see the woods for the trees.

          • Bruce White

            As I remember it, and believe me, I do, the DemoncRats promised border security if Reagan would grant amnesty this “one” time. They “promised” to secure the border so the American people would never have this problem again. As usual, demoncRats lied, they lie all the time! Unfortunately Reagan took them at their word and America is paying the price! Look it up! You’re also right in blaming repubs, as the elitists in the party actually believe they can buy hispanic votes by granting them amnesty. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but try telling that to McCain or Grahmnesty or anyone in an entrenched position of leadership. Hell, look what they did in Missouri because they were in danger of losing one of their dinosaurs! They used demoncRat tactics to have voters commit a crime in order to save one of their own!

          • keysrat

            Bruce you are exactly right!! It was with great reluctance that Regan granted that amnesty but it was the only way he could get the democrats to go along with a Secure Border agreement!!! They LIED then and they are Lying now. They should not be given a dime until that border is locked down so tight, a lizard can’t get through it!!!! All illegals should be sent home unless they have already begun legal immigration processing.

          • Omater

            Things are worse than that. There is an intellectual invasion going on. In New York City 27,514 H1B visas were applied fo in 2014; mostly by the big banks.( see These are $70,000 a year jobs.

          • Desiree Seifert

            Ovomit has made it 1000% worse!

          • feawen

            Reagan was double-crossed. He signed it on the condition that the border would be secured.. it wasn’t.

          • Desiree Seifert

            AMEN TO THAT!

          • Twocats58

            No he hasn’t, but, he sure as hell isn’t helping anything either, only making things so much worse!!

          • Desiree Seifert

            No but he sure has stepped up the hand out the 6 yrs he has been in office, The useless LYING, FRAUD, POS he is!

          • feawen

            No he hasn’t, but he *has* been a faithful disciple of Saul Alinsky for that long, he was teaching ACORN how to fleece taxpayers for that long, and he’s doing everything within his power to accomplish Cloward & Piven’s Strategy into being. Do a bit of research… The goal is to overload the system, drive the country to bankruptcy, declare martial law, and then usher in the “new” progressive (i.e. socialist) society.. This has been in the works for more than 40 years… he’s just the one to finish the goals and take credit for making that “Change” a reality. He promised to fundamentally change this country.. I’d say he’s been working overtime to keep that promise..

          • Twocats58

            I agree and if the left think this won’t effect them they better get their heads out of the sand!

          • Desiree Seifert

            Obama would do the nation more good in a BODY BAG and the sooner he is in one the the better off for all of us!

          • adrianne vasquez

            Amen to that!!!

          • Patricia Powers

            So far according to what I’ve seen they are above the law….don’t see one person doing anything to hold any of these WH criminals accountable for anything they do….if Obama was a republican he would have been impeached already!!!!

        • Jeff Jennings

          A ramped sickness that’s gotta stop. It’s part of the redistribution scheme that will eventually break America’s back.. A planned attack from the inside, like an malignant cancer that actually could be cured with the proper treatment, It’s called enforcing the law.. Will we ?

          • Jim Weaver

            What is a ramped sickness?

          • Gail George

            look it up!!

          • Twocats58

            He is referring to all of the illegals here and still coming… that is the ramped sickness!

          • Amanda Adkins

            Ur right

          • Linda

            not only diseases, but crime and drugs.

          • Concerned American

            Send them to the white house

          • Carl Tim

            definition: libtard progressivism

          • druidana

            i think it’s supposed to be “rampant” sickness

          • Hope

            Yes, we are all human beings, that’s not the point. I think the point that Pasquale Fandango is making is that this constant stream of illegal aliens needs to end. It is putting a tremendous strain on all of our government agencies and cannot be sustained. Eventually something’s gotta give. If the proper corrections were made and enforced, maybe the system would work like it should. I don’t see evidence of that taking place or even an attempt to make it happen. Left unchecked, the government agencies will collapse and the US will quickly become a lawless nation. Let’s see how we all get a long then.

          • disqus_rC9x7dle3x

            then you let them stay at your house and you take care of them with your own money

          • growtheFup

            Then you give out your address and I am sure your fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS will gladly hand it out, so you can feel their pain. So step up or shut up. They need to be sent packing. So where do you live and I hope you make enough money to support the 1000s that are willing to take advantage of your stupidity

          • James Ogozaly

            No were not all human beings some of the people coming here are no better then animals

          • RWF

            because thieves need to be in prison

          • Musictchr

            I think he means a rampant sickness.

          • Ed

            I think its like a “rampant” sickness, only different

          • fanged1

            I think he means rampant

          • Desiree Seifert

            That is the plan hun, To turn America into a third world country!

          • Linda

            The state of Michigan pays welfare to illegal muslims.

          • Dina Hanson

            Just Muslims? C’mon! Really? I’m sure there are other illegals besides Muslims in Michigan.

          • Bluerskies

            There are, but I think the point he was trying to make is that Dearborn, MI is home to the largest population of Muslims outside of the middle east.

          • Dina Hanson

            She didn’t say Dearborn, she said Michigan. But whatever, illegal is illegal, doesn’t really matter.

          • b

            u are so right Pasquale for i wish others would realize that

          • Patti Simon

            Thanks you Pasquale. Couldn’t have said it any better.

        • Esterina Levy-Tafrizi

          Go to your Congressman or rep. in your area..Enough of these vermin eating away at our hard earned tax $$$’s.

          • rosegirl7

            I have done just that and still nothing is done. They agree with me but that is the end of it. It’s all in “the plan”..

          • wayneinhuntingtonbeach

            Exactly right ! They don’t care. I tried to get my Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher to do something about the mega billions stolen from our Medicare each year to pay for the “free” healthcare, furnished each year to illegals
            by hospitals , because of Reagan’s EMTALA Act. He never responded to my numerous e-mails and phone calls. They only care about perpetuating themselves.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            We don’t have any Mexicans in our congressional district. Honestly. I have asked people and they said there used to be one family but they moved away.

          • xmrax

            bet there are a lot of people that will send you some.

          • Jos America

            Tell me where so I can move there!

          • Nadia

            Do you want some…we have more than enough to share in Texas!

          • feawen

            Right now everyone is focusing on the invasion coming across our southern border and completely ignoring the other monster hiding in the next room. Millions of Muslims have been allowed entry into the USA as refugees. They’ve all but taken over Dearborn, Michigan and are working on areas of Tennessee, Texas, and other States. Another thing to remember is that while White and Blacks are busy keeping Planned Parenthood in operation and killing their pre-born by the millions, Muslims do not. Quite the contrary.. they encourage large families. This is known as “Stealth Jihad”.. infiltrate our government, education, and finally.. outnumber us. They are 40% of the population in France, almost that much in Britain, and closing in fast in Canada… As bad as it seems with South Americans flooding the border, I consider this “jihad” a much greater threat to our nation and way of life!

          • Napolidon

            I wish going to my congressman would be effective, but, I live in Illinois, where the likes of Durbin, Guittierez, and Obama cover us like a disgusting, filthy carpet!

          • sherri palmer

            you described it very accurately

          • Cat Carillo

            Durbin is up this Nov vote against him

          • xmrax

            waste of time if they are democrats.

          • Maynard

            OK write to your congressman/congresswoman/senator etc and receive a form letter in return that has nothing to do with what you wrote them about. We need to weed out these representatives who, when they get to Washington forget why we sent them there. We need representatives who believe in a government of the people, for the people and by the people. We need to get that KING and his henchmen out of office, now!

        • Hannah Dougherty

          Funny…I used to live in NY state and my neighbor and I twice turned in someone for fraud (two different people) both times they were investigated and cut off in less than two months…

          • Michelle Maynor

            Where they ILLEGALS or american citizens?

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Good point. They were citizens. Also, wherein the you tube video did it say that she was illegal? I watched it and it said she came from Mexico but it didn’t say her status.

          • Michelle Maynor

            I know american citizens that have been arrested for welfare fraud but NEVER a illegal….the article says she is illegal

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Yes but the article did not site its source. The video that it has posted does not say she is in this country illegally (it doesn’t mean she is not illegal, I am just saying that I don’t trust this writer because I have seen false information on this website before). Also, I have seen articles that say “Full House” is coming back. There was one that claimed refugees were getting free housing and refugee pay which was also false so I take articles online with a grain of salt and ask for sources. Again, that doesn’t mean she is here legally, I am just saying I have seen a lot of false information on this site before. Also, why not call INS on this illegal that is committing welfare fraud. They can actually do something about it.

          • Michelle Maynor

            This country does NOTHING to illegals….for instance my brother had a neighbor who is illegally here. ..there is a pond behind the houses, the illegal pumped the sewage out of his house and into the pond behind the house that my brother fished in, raw sewage was floating in the pond and the smell was horrible…..My brother called EPA, INS and the Health Dept…when he told them what the guy had done and that he was illegal they never even came out to investigate anything…my brother moved…My family was fishing along the intercoastal waterway in NC…a game warden on a boat drove by and inspected all our ID’s and checked for fishing licenses and demanded to see what had been caught…my nephew said those hispanic guys down there have been fishing all day and they are not throwing anything back….the game warden said…does no good to check them…they usually dont have ID and usually give fake names…its not worth our time to write them tickets when odds are they wont even show up for court….My nephew was furious and said well make them leave then and dump their catch back. into the ocean…we watched as the game warden drove by them and NEVER stopped….Its a shame when this country looks the other way when it involves certain people who dont belong in this country in the first place.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            As a member of Lenape tribe I could not agree with your last sentence more. Shall I help you pack? 🙂

          • Michelle Maynor

            My family belongs to the Cohaire tribe…..I will be more than glad to help people who are in this country ILLEGALLY pack

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Did you have the blood test? You don’t look like you have any of the traits of that tribe. A lot of people claim to have Native American back grounds but they don’t. I had the blood test done to prove it and I got bad news for you, unless you are 100% which I doubt, someone in your family at some point came here illegally.

          • Michelle Maynor

            My family has had DNA testing and WE have tribal cards(they just dont give tribal cards to anyone without PROOF)..those first settlers were VERY different than the leeches that come here now…those first settlers made laws, spoke ENGLISH, flew their new flag, and did not willing give their money to the country they fled from… they formed the foundation that this country uses today and that YOU and I benefit from today,..they were PROUD to be americans and fought and died in wars FOR FREEDOM of this country….HUGE DIFFERENCE…yes native americans were and still are treated terrible….ILLEGALS get more benefits/rewards than our indian ancestors do now and that BS….and YOU of all people should be aware of that AND should be OUTRAGED!!

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Yes but like I said this website is notorious for posting false information and you don’t have any evidence to back up your claims either. I have personally seen immigrants get deported by calling INS if they did something that was criminal like welfare fraud or any other crime.

          • 6cheri6

            If this website is so dishonest….why do you still visit it?

          • Hannah Dougherty

            A friend shared the article with me and I wanted to check it out. I don’t trust CNN either,

          • Ursula Pine

            because she is shilling for believing in da gubbmint, that we should all continue to trust they have our best interests at heart Yeah right, they have THEIR best interests at heart.

          • ASolutionToAProblem

            I would like to see the evidence that you can produce showing people getting deported for welfare fraud. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. I do agree that this site has a tendency to blow things out of proportions sometimes, but this case it is 100% true about what it happening. If an illegal mother has a child here, it is almost impossible for her to be deported.

          • Jebus SUCKS

            I’ve always cracked up at those who have said.. I’m point such and tribe to which I’ve said, without a tribal affiliation card per Blood Quantum which proves you are a member of a tribe, without it your word as to well my Granny was Native American etc. doesn’t mean squat. 😉
            The United States needs to uphold and HONOR ALL the treaties with First Nation people as in land and monetary damage..

          • Michelle Maynor

            You are right Jebus..If you dont a tribal card, dont claim you are native american..I agree with you 100%

          • Hannah Dougherty

            But some of those cards are easy to obtain. Cherokee nation is known for giving them to almost anyone and Iroquois as well. I am not saying you are not Native American, I am just saying a card doesn’t prove it. Oh and fyi, I may family changed our name to assimilate more.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            If you don’t have an IQ higher than my fourth grade students, please stop talking.

          • Sound Advice

            You are quite self-righteous.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            Uh, Hannah there should be a bell shaped curve of IQ distribution in a class of fourth grade students.

          • Bill Mattingly

            Are you in your class ?? That must be difficult !!!

          • Emily Leivas

            You only have to be a certain percent to get a Indian. There are very few if any 100 percent Indian in this country.

          • Jos America

            Like Elizabeth Warren, for example.

          • Omater

            Watch out for Elizabeth “Mother Bloor” Warren. She is a crazy, high energy liberal..

          • xmrax

            like lizzy warren?

          • Hannah Dougherty

            I took the DNA test thank you, and could have received a tribal card but I did not feel that it would make me any more or any less who I am so I turned it down.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Also, I highly doubt she is telling the truth. I read through her posts and noticed she can’t keep her stories straight. I have a feeling that tribal card was printed up by the guy who does fake IDs.

          • HoneyNana

            Funny Hannah Dougherty, your name doesn’t sound American Indian and certainly your cartoon picture of a bear or dog doesn’t make you look like you’re American Indian either. I highly doubt you’re telling the truth. And your snotty attitude is not becoming of anyone let alone an American Indian. Shame on you and your upturned nose. How dare you question anyone else’s posts or opinions. I’ve read through your posts and all I can surmise is that you are about as loony as Daffy Duck.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            If you actually read through through the posts that are almost a month old you would see that other user started this but I have a strange feeling that is you with a different name.

          • rosegirl7

            I totally agree with you, Michelle!! Thank you for being frank and HONEST!

          • Shawna Crickett

            Michelle, although I agree with the sentiment of your post, I must disagree with one statement. “those first settlers were VERY different than the leeches that come here now…those first settlers made laws, spoke ENGLISH, …” In reality, many of them did not speak English; HOWEVER, the difference was that they were willing (and knew that they had to in order to participate in society). They still had their little parts of town (Polish, Norweigen, etc.) however, when shopping, etc. they learned and spoke English. These “immigrants” now, expect us to cater to them and that is part of what I have a HUGE problem with. My daughter’s school is LITERALLY 1/2 Hispanic and the school is virtually dual language (and we are in WI). If I knew I was going to another country to live and work, I would EXPECT that I would have to learn their language. The other problem that I have is that many do what they have to do to come here LEGALLY. Those who do not give all of those that do a bad name.

          • xmrax

            ahhhh aren’t the liberals wonderful adjust everything to fit the people that don’t belong here in the first place.

          • 6cheri6

            Hannah…you seem to have the mistaken idea that the original settlers broke laws that were not in place yet. Maybe I should accuse you of breaking a law that Congress will pass in 2016 AFTER we get the corruption out of office. We have immigration laws in place, and if anyone sneaks into the country illegally they are committing a felony…PERIOD If you are so proud of being Indian, you should also be proud of your country. If not…I’ll help YOU pack!

          • Hannah Dougherty

            I am proud of this country, my point which has been overlooked was that most people came from elsewhere. I have nothing against people who want a better life but people who scam the system, I do something about it. I report it to INS and get them deported.
            I didn’t mean to imply that European settlers were breaking any laws, I just meant that the early tribes were being faced with disease, starved, etc. due to the European settlers just come over here and doing what they please so in that sense, they are similar not identical to an illegal alien who comes over here and does not expect to learn the culture, customs, or obey our laws.

          • xmrax

            and where did the original tribes come from? there are theories that they came from asia.

          • Billy Bob

            MS. Hannah. Would you be so kind as to steer me in the right direction to look up the law that said the first settlers came here illegally. How do you break a law that does not exist at the time the law was supposedly broken? I realize the Native Americans were here first, but did they have a law saying no others could come to America? If not, then those who came thousands of years later broke no laws and were not illegal.

          • Robert Beaudreault

            I am 25 % Mashpee. At one point or another if you go back far enough every country has been invaded by somebody or another (including the Native Americans that originally came across the Bering Straight thousands of years ago). Except for Adam and Eve ( or whoever you believe to be the first couple) we are all from someplace else. Even among themselves, the Native American tribes each sought to expand their land, making them aliens to acquired lands. So give that story a break!
            OK, let the flames begin!!!!

          • Robert Beaudreault

            And please don’t get me wrong on that point. I am fully behind preserving whatever culture your ancestors had….. BUT, there comes a time where you have to stop crying about the injustice that was done to your great great great great great grandfather and get over it! That was 300 years ago! How many more hundreds of years do you plan on crying! You either get past it and go on or you waste a whole life crying about things that happened to relatives that “most” of the time you can’t even name their name…. You can’t move forward until you take your eyes off the rear view mirror. Where you have been is important, more important is where are you going?

          • Shawna Crickett

            Amen 🙂

          • xmrax

            right on

          • Guest

            If you had to have a blood test done to see if you’re “Native American,” (I believe the term is First Nations now), then really. REALLY?
            Man, if your family has been here for more than 100 years, chances are you have some FN blood. I’m a quarter Cherokee myself, on my mom’s side. I didn’t need a blood test to tell me that…

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Oh and ps…when you tell a lie..make sure you dot every “i” and cross every “t” and spell the name of your tribe correctly.

          • Michelle Maynor

            and FYI….spell check flipped the r and I…glad you are the spell check police…if thats what your basing you comments on…lol

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Actually, if you look through your posts, you have many incorrectly spelled words and poor use of grammar. Sorry, I am kind of strict with my students about grammar. You can take the teacher out of the classroom…

          • Darren Shevchuk

            Hannah, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I see many grammatical errors in your posts. Just stick to the story at hand and stop making yourself look stupid.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Sweetheart I don’t live in a glass house. I dish and I can take it.

          • HoneyNana

            Almost all of your posts are misspelled. You dear are one sick puppy or bear……whatever your picture is. What do you have against white? And why are you assuming Michelle is based on a name? You totally disgust me.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            So let me get this straight:
            You just made a comment about my name and you are getting upset with me for making a comment about someone’s name? And who said I was not white? I am European/Native American. And why do I get the feeling that you are Michelle using a fake name?

          • Mish A Moore

            You are kind of strict with your students about grammar and criticize those with whom you disagree with, yet you don’t check your own. You don’t begin a sentence with the word “but”. Also, you should check your sentences before posting them just to be sure your spelling, grammar, etc. are perfect if you’re going to play that card. “Oh and fyi, I may family changed our name to assimilate more.” That sentence of yours made no sense as written, but I’m sure it was a typo, just as others have innocently made. Get off of your high horse, Ms. Hannah and make real arguments using facts instead of debasing yourself with personal attacks. They only prove that you have lost the debate.

          • Michelle Maynor

            Go google our tribe, you will notice my family members are on the tribal council….with a name like Dougherty, good luck convincing anyone you belong to any tribe…looks can be deceiving.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Maynor is an English surname.
            Although I do some Hondurans with that last name as well.
            Of course Michelle would also suggest some European ancestry.
            So with a name like Michelle Maynor…it must be white!

          • rosegirl7

            I am of Cherokee descent and I too will gladly help illegals pack!!

          • VirtualCoach

            There were no immigration laws to be broken when Europeans settled here. There was a law of conquest, however, there was much more to it than that. Point being, Europeans did not illegally immigrate to America. Once we established immigration laws, those who do not enter legally are ILLEGAL. You have no more right to this land from your “tribe rights” than any other LEGAL citizen. Don’t like it? You’re free to pack your own bags.

          • Guest

            Too bad the land belongs to the living, and not to the dead…
            It’s a shame what our history holds, yes. But there are now laws in place, and regulations that are supposed to be protecting our citizens from people who come in and want to overload the system. Please get off your high horse, with a white name like Hannah Dougherty.

          • rosegirl7

            You’re right! Here where I live the application for food stamps say at the top in bold letters something like this: “You are eligible for emergency 24 hour food stamps whether you are legal or not”. (Not verbatim; can’t remember exact wording). I didn’t believe it when I heard about it so I went online and looked at the application; sure enough – there it was. When/if they say they are illegal why isn’t the police called??? I would bet my bottom dollar they were told “from the top” not to!!

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Really? I wonder if the laws were changed in the past few years. The one I tried to get food stamps was back in 2008 when I had gone 10 days without food and was still told I didn’t qualify but the application said you had to be a citizen. I guess the changed it or maybe the states set those laws. I know it sounds heartless but if you are not a citizen you shouldn’t take something funded by federal tax dollars.

          • Betty Bryant

            I don’t get that either. Illegals get this or that and everybody knows they are illegal but nobody calls INS. I guess they know it won’t do any good. This country is screwed.

          • Jos America

            Same happens when you get rear ended by an illegal. You get harassed by the cops and they let the illegal go. You end up paying for all the damages.

          • Arnold Layne

            That happened to me. I got rear ended by an illegal. Luckily my Jeep was fine. His”friends” car was not and when the police came they did nothing to the the illegal. No ticket. No INS call. No nothing but calling someone to get them to bring them back to their illegal home.

          • Martha Cortez

            So they want to turn our beautiful country into the filth they come from. They don’t stop to wonder why their country is in the condition it’s in.

          • Omater

            If a person is in something like a car accident and they don’t have valid ID their sh** should be towed and impounded till they pay their fines. Fishing violators? Take their poles.

          • Twocats58

            I know they could do something about it, but, they won’t look around you…illegals are getting everything and us U.S. Citizens are getting nothing to help us…I lost my job almost 5 months ago…past month no income coming in…used the last little bit of unemployment…because, I have no child living with me 18 or under I can only get food stamps $189.00 a month…can’t pay my bills and land lady is ready to evict me…what crap Obama has caused here in America!

          • Martha Cortez

            She swam across they Rio Grande. That means she’s illegal. If she was legal, she would’ve had appropriate transportation.

          • CharInOhio

            Hannah she SWAM THE RIVER TO GET HERE …….You don’t do that IF … are coming here LEGALLY …….. ??? AND she has been on assistance for twenty years …….so she likely has been on it the entire time after she swam that river !!!!!!!

          • gburkall

            Their are many illegals that have been caught, they don’t do anything to them, except for the 35 heroin dealers that were getting 900.00 a month a person (all 35) from our system, while selling millions of dollars worth of drugs. Sick of this crap!

          • mary

            Seriously? It said she swam the Rio Grande River to get here 20 years ago.

          • Les Williamson

            You don’t swim the Rio, it’s at most waste deep in the 10 feet across that it is, especially in Hell Paso!

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            It is deep enough to swim in many places. The border patrol has boats .

          • Gramarella

            She swam the Rio Grande to get here. That says she is ILLEGAL.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            No it doesn’t, when I was worked at Burger King while in high school we had a few mexicans that had swam across the Rio Grande and then applied to be documented immigrants and were (at that point) perm residents. You have to become a perm resident before you can apply for citizenship which they did. Ps. That doesn’t mean she is NOT an illegal alien, I am just saying that how she came into this country does not determine if she is a citizen.

          • xmrax

            if a person was coming into this country legally why the hell would they swim across the river. there are bridges and roads.

          • Arnold Layne

            I think that says she came here illegally. Is it not possible that for some reason she could have been granted a VISA after? Maybe some kind of asylum or she had children so then they allowed her to get a VISA. I have no idea how that works.

          • Lola

            Of course she didn’t get a visa. That would require her to have to work.

          • Nora E Amezola

            She is a liar!. Hahaa. Stop trying to reason with the empty headed hick.

          • Hannah Dougherty

            Are you calling me a liar or Gramarella?

          • Nora E Amezola

            No, I was not calling you a liar. look Im so done with these racist people. The arguing back and forth is pointless. i have better things to do.

          • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

            The numbers don’t add up. If all she gets is ss, unless it is because her husband died and she gets support for dependent children which she said one card was for child support, her food stamps would be a lot more than $247/mo. It would be $600 or so at least. She could have swam the Rio Grande and gotten married when she got here and been legalized along the way. I don’t think we know the whole story about her situation.

          • VirtualCoach

            Where they stated ‘SHE SWAM THE RIO GRANDE” to get here.

          • Shawna Crickett

            It said that she entered the US by SWIMMING ACROSS THE RIO GRANDE. This would mean that she entered ILLEGALLY.

          • Jos America

            She swam the river …… ILLEGAL. Listen you dummy. The funny part is DHS lets them in through the secured border checkpoint anyway, she did not have to swim for it.

          • Twocats58

            All you need to do is read the first part…it says illegal!

          • CharInOhio

            She SWAM THE RIO GRANDE to get here …..I would call that ILLEGAL LOL ? When you come here LEGALLY you don’t need to swim the river 🙂 There is a ANOTHER process for that 🙂 !!!!!!!

          • Nora E Amezola

            yes what “where” they??. HAHAA cant even write your OWN language! damn THIS IS WHY people come and take “your jobs”. SEE JOHN! a prime example of american kids these days!!. idiots…

          • smileytoo

            I turned in a farmer up by Lodi, WI for hiring and housing illegal aliens….absolutely nothing was done. The FBI told me that unless I could get their names and SS# (of the illegals), they could do nothing.

        • Anthony Quatroni

          Burn her house down in the middle of the night. It’ll be worth it.

        • AJ

          Burn them out !!! Problem solved!

        • Factual

          Put her name online and let us all report her.

        • uther9

          they don’t do anything, they don’t really care.

        • Sgt. EZ

          Start making life miserable for them. Think that’s a mean comment the take in a family into your home, feed them, give them money and your car.

        • Carl Tim

          Put some mota on her porch, THEN call the cops! 😉

        • Desiree Seifert

          Its all done by design to END America as well all know and love it!

        • deelberger

          Post her name and address and get a ton of people to turn her in for fraud!! They’ll get so sick of responding they may do something about it!!!

          This frustrates and angers me so much; I’ve worked since I was 12 years old, often times multiple jobs, even in high school I worked 2 jobs while attending school full time.

          Yet when I need help, as a citizen born in the United States of America, who has no kids (guess not being a baby factory was my ‘mistake’), it’s near impossible to get.

          I only recently was able to qualify for MassHealth (Commonwealth of MA health insurance) when they changed the laws in our state making it so everyone has to have health insurance coverage.

          The only thing I get is $180/month in SNAP benefits (food stamps). It’s a good thing I don’t eat 3 meals a day (although I’m supposed to with my recent diagnosis of diabetes).

          And try eating HEALTHY and it’s near impossible unless you have land or access to land and can grow your own fruits/veggies.

          Of course, I can’t buy toilet paper, soap, and the like with SNAP benefits…not sure what they expect citizens like myself to do. I’ve had some major health issues, have had more than 12 surgeries in a few years’ time and there’s nothing more my doc can do for me as far as pain…just have to deal with my chronic pain as best I can….which makes it very difficult to hold down a full time job, or even a part time job!

          Yet these illegals keep getting to take full advantage of all our government offers, especially those that are willing to work the system and lie their a$$es off to get those benefits!

        • Karen Redd

          Imagine one of us doing that.

      • B Dog

        it’s not fraud if the government doesn’t enforce our laws.

      • Dale

        The Feds are not pursuing fraud cases for illegals anymore. This administration has stoppedit.

        • rosegirl7

          I agree with you, Dale.

      • Factual

        I guess I should read the comments first. I just said the same thing.

      • Alan Teague

        No one cares! They encourage fraud. They want to create a society dependent on the government!

      • Desiree Seifert

        Good luck with that one!

      • Linda

        What’s the point? nothing will be done about it.

      • PatrioticMary

        Won’t do a bit if good. I’ve read things like this for YEARS. I read one story where someone working in a bank was fired by his hispanic boss when he turned in mexican illegals getting fraudulent IDs from the mexican consulate in their state and getting fraudulent home loans. So the hispanic boss fired the whistle blower!! This was before the meltdown but ties in with the fact that the states with the most foreclosures were the states with the most illegals.

    • Chelsea Sullivan

      Wow! That is disgusting! Why is this allowed??

    • James Paulitska

      Since you know her and do nothing about reporting her, YOU are just as guilty as she is!!!!

      • Michelle Maynor

        Read the above comments..she has been reported MANY TIMES!!

        • Hannah Dougherty

          But to whom? Did you call INS? Maybe they stop pursuing it but I know a few years ago they were deporting people like her.

        • James Paulitska

          I’m sorry Michelle. I didn’t read everything because the phone started ringing.. I WILL ask the local police and possibly FL State Troopers about it, along with a lawyer in NJ who I occasionally chat with.. I know it’s frustrating, but something can be done.. It just takes finding the ONE right person that will do the work and follow-up with the results..

        • jeffrow

          then i guess she isnt a illegal if they haven’t deported her and you are wrong about her being one . Because if she was they would have deported her. INS doesn’t put up with that stuff

          • Michelle Maynor

            She IS ILLEGAL….her sister who is LEGAL had a few of her relatives smuggled over ILLEGALLY(thats what they do) She brags about being illegal and can do whatever she wants….INS is a JOKE!..I sure hope you dont think INS deports them..there are illegals who have violated many laws and they have NOT been deported.

          • Lola

            ICE and INS do deport a lot of people on a daily basis. But it is much, much more difficult to deport someone with kids who were born here legally. She’s not getting the benefits illegally. Her kids are getting them legally. That’s how they do it. Have kids here, get benefits for THEM, and scam the system. I see it here often, and I do say something. I report whenever I can. I don’t take food stamps. I did for a very brief time, many years ago, when I hit a snag. But I work for my money, and I have no problem doing so. What I have a problem with, is my tax dollars being put to work for someone who has no desire to better themselves and work.

    • Cynthia Ogden Chappell

      Turn her in.

    • Marlo Miller Ricciardi

      Why would she need to travel? It all goes on a debit card now.

      • Michelle Maynor

        You have to apply in person…thats what she does….once she gets the card she is set….The fact remains she traveled from NY to Florida to get a Food Stamp card..she gets benfefits put on those cards monthly.

    • Factual

      Turn her in for fraud

    • Guest

      Then, your as bad as them for not reporting FRAUD!!! You know all of this, why you must be a relative.

    • Bo Treat


    • Bill Mattingly

      Maybe a HITMAN could solve your problem. Of course I would advise giving her a chance to leave the country before giving the GO AHEAD. And hiring a real good BLOOD SUCKER !!!!!

    • Carl Tim

      You should kick her in the face when you see her again.

    • Desiree Seifert

      The same thing happens here in PA and it is a disgrace!

    • Omater

      Her I have found that the average female illegal alien in my town carries 2-3 false ID’s. The average male carries 4-5. I am not sure what they carry them all for, specifically, but what could it be other than to deceive the authorities and get something they are not entitled to. Even the nice little old lady selling tortillas has her false ID’s. A false ID is a driver’s license with the photo of the holder but with a different name and a non existent address.

    • Some them are getting 25K + up tax returns this way. Yeah, they’re “here to work”..

    • sha44ss

      I want to know HOW ??????***ILLEGALS** get welfare when I know plenty of AMERICANS that CANT!!! IT IS DISGUSTING that OUR OWN PEOPLE ARE STARVING and we are GIVING AWAY THE STORE!!! Can you tell I am beyond frustrated….it is really time to RISE people…WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR???

    • James Ogozaly

      You should turn her in


  • 4MeNoRinos

    This is a invasion and nothing to do with immigration..
    Its one thing to give people a hand up, decades of hand outs have created this mess. It has to be stopped, we need conservative leaders to stop this.

    • sherri palmer

      we can give OUR people a hand up, not foreign invaders who are here illegally, we do not owe them a thing and they have no allegiance to our country

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      • Beavus B’head

        Thats why this executive order is very different from Reagans. In the 80s, Hispanics were some of the most dedicated workers out there and public assistance wasnt a rampant problem that was openly promoted by the government. Obama and his new Latino race hustlers are doing the same thing to them they did with blacks. Its beyond contemptible.

        • Raptormann

          I don’t agree with what Reagan did then, but I did agree with him on 85% of what he did. We are not looking for an impeccable leader, we just want one who obeys the law more often than not.
          The race hustlers even got Bush 41 to do a stupid thing like politically prosecuting men who had been acquitted of a crime to satisfy the hustlers. Were they placated? Heck No! You can’t get the house servants of the Democrat party to support you because we cannot we can can’t outbid the current plantation owners.

          • TERESAppotter

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          • sylvia v smith

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            -> RE­A­D H­E­R­E W­H­A­T I D­O <-

        • ThomasER916

          Reagan deserved to die of Alzheimer’s for granting Amnesty.

          • Dellburt

            Thomas you are a tool. I could say. That’s like saying Michael Wilson deserved to die from attacking a policeman, but I don’t believe anyone deserves to die. It really takes a genius to see what happened and spew crap like that out.

          • Betty Clouse

            Michael was a stupid thug who attracted a police officer and weighed a ton are you stupid or something yes u are da !

          • Jg Talented1

            Don’t speak ill of the dead. It will bring great evil upon you.

          • Thomas Moloian

            really, I’ve heard that even my wife sais that but Ronnie die give amnesty to about 3 million illegals

          • Vahlhalkarie3

            Hey tea party idiot you’re so faithful in you’re Christian political beliefs right? So why do you saintify a president that had 80% of his cab. Indited fir hanus criminality? Boys giwn,bohemian grove, crashing the economy like all Rep. Do because they give sicialist style tax breajs to the coroerations tgat control everything? The republucan party us the mist evil party ever devised none if them are christians! Bush skull n bones,literally have a ceremony like black mass firce masterbation in grouos in ciffins regan used occult,astrology and psychics to make every decision down to apointing cabinet posisions!?

          • Reddwine

            You are a horrible person. Karma will follow you for life.

          • ThomasER916

            Karma is destroying America for betraying Whites.

          • Jg Talented1

            don’t speak ill of the dead.

          • Mike Rodrick

            I was never a Reagan fan but that’s a bit over the top!

          • Thomas Moloian

            I do agree with that, he was too weak but the Donald is opposite, he’s sending them home

          • Thomas Moloian

            i agree with that, he was stupid

        • Alexandra Ormsby

          I love what you call them — “Latino Race Hustlers”!!! By the way, that includes all of the Mexican consulates in the U.S., over 30 or 40 of them (I’ll have to check). Mexico wants to get rid of their excess population, so they are doing all they can to ship it north. Mexico City at least allows birth control for women, but most of the country does not, so everybody has so many kids, they can’t take care of them. Mexican consulates are behind this push for driver’s licenses, work permits, Dream Act and AMNESTY! Mexicans and all other immigrants send home BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR! THAT is what Mexico is after!

        • Jg Talented1

          Reagan fined the companies that were hiring and harboring illegals that’s how he stemmed the tide. Its a myth that illegals are doing work Americans don’t want. Students, retirees, ex-offenders and working poor depend on low wage or hourly work. Many illegals are driving trucks, landscaping, working in hospitality, housing, cable and other industries all the work isn’t low wage. Reagan campaigned on putting Americans back to work. The sound bites have been edited to death. Reagan wasn’t pro illegal immigrant. Once the employers were fined for harboring illegals I was immediately hired at the newspaper in my student days. It helped me put myself through school without a ton of debt.

        • Mike Rodrick

          True..& Reagan did SO much for the middle class with “trickle down economics.” & he’s the God to the GOP? Shouldn’t be surprised I guess. Really no difference between then & now. Giveaways are always an issue unless it’s tax breaks to the wealthy. Seems to be a GOP policy passed down from generation to generation.

      • Thomas Moloian

        this is called libretard power, they play god and do shit

      • Daniel Blumenkron

        The big banks don’t give a fuck about your people? Where do your people come from anyways great britain? The big banks have been stealing resources with their wallstreets. Those suits don’t give a fuck about you.. but if it helps you feel better at night by all means be a dick. Spew negativity and only be part of the problem. I am gonna do my best to be part of the solution. Ignorant hate mongrel.

    • cuchieddie

      Lock & load cause no one’s going to help and I’m a Conservative

      • Desiree Seifert

        I am with you, WE should take matters into to our own hands and use these illegal SCUM BAGS as TARGET PRACTICE!!!!!!!

        • Brian

          Do you know how ignorant you sound? I have 2 years serving our country in the persian gulf and I welcome those who want a better life. Serve your country then post a better informed comment.

          • James DeWeese

            That’s all well and good as long as those seeking a better life work for it

          • Karl Dulle

            Than you know what it’s like to obey laws dont you? You also know how to be responsible for yourself, and your buddies… And your willing to give to get..

          • Ed

            hey brian, thanks for your sevice (i”m also a vet) but I don’t want to pay for illegals freebies, that ok with you brother?

          • cj

            Amen Ed, to Brian!

            I to call me from Military Family ROOTS from the beginning of our Nation.

            I have a number of family members serving still today!

            My sons JUST got out of USMC serving and way longer than u bud “Iraq & Afghanistan, etc…”

            Their father Marine as well Vietnam, my Uncles, cousins and so forth Civil War, American Revolution…need I continue?

            As well I don’t mind all that have followed the LAWS to be here but those that continue even to come in my store or to my other private businesses and yes really its begging for Jewelry, Cosmetics, free food etc….

            And they r ones getting FREE Christmas Gifts for themselves and children, free food, clothing, fuel, automobiles, homes, medical, FREE EDUCATIONS you know grade school thru college!!! and so on!

            I on the other hand pay taxes!
            I pay extra where I live into the school system and I dont even have any children at home or in school for over!!!

            Over 10 years!
            Yet my taxes and so called payment I have to make for the public schools as more than tripled in this time and in last 2 years again my personal taxes went from -$300.00 year to OVER $3000!!!
            Again all for illegals being in the said school system to hire new teachers for them and to build a new building for them! Is that fair?

            Hell no I was retiring and guess what I can’t because there went my income to live in per year for these scum bags!!!

            And yes they r scum!
            Its not just Mexicans its Columbians, its Muslims, its India people etc…all slithering in to destroy our country…

            Oh and the winter hearlting programs or summer air conditioning programs well Americans that got help this last year well this is second winter I know of they have dropped them!

            I’m not one of them but some of elderly neighbors were !!!!

            And these scum bags well Thry are pregnant or have half dozen little children and loafs of freaking men living with them and guess what the people told mt preacher who was trying to help elderly and some cancer patients !!!

            Well they are Americans so your churches can help them the government says illegals come first!!

            So no I’m not OK with any of it….
            And I know plenty of Military families that go without so these scumbags receive even Christmas Gifts!

            How would u feel being deployed and say you have a child cancer patient and all your extra goes to keep your child alive! So u have nothing for even a Bany doll for you children for Christmas yet the new year your children go back to school and the illegals well they got new clothes, tons of video games, new bedding, and had really nice Christmas dinner your wife was fortunate to have a host military family that said bring a dessert and hav dinner with us…dont get me wrong they and you were very thankful!!!

            But, is that right help a scumbag or your family?!? You chose!!!

          • David

            Well put!

          • Ettamae Johnson

            Please check to see the benefits your son is eligble for from the VA Benefits Office in your city/state. Pease do not let his benefits go unclaimed. There may be backpay, and a pension at stake. I found out my dad was entitled to benefits 2 months before he passed away. He applied for the backpay (discharged from the Army Air Corps in 1949) which there would have been a significant amount of money. Unfortunately he passed away before receiving the pay. My mom passed away 7 years ago. None of us kids are elgible to receive my dad’s benefits due to our income/non dependant status/too old already. Please look ino this.

          • illegalgarbagegohome

            So you welcome illegal border jumpers who steal from American taxpayers?

          • Bluerskies

            My husband has served 26 years, USMC. You wait until you have to deal with the VA when you need help. It is far more effective to be an illegal. You get more help and it’s 10 times faster. People who come here wanting citizenship is one thing. People who come here to hide out, not pay taxes and have criminal records are another

          • vince campos

            every one of THEM should be deported at once, along with king a-hole, march up the steps and arrest him & the rest of the cockroaches !!

          • Thomas Moloian

            trump is having the war of his life trying to deflect the gop elites and the libretards and the only way to white house is simple plain support for him

          • mary sharrock

            i am a 59 year old woman that has worked sence i was 16 years old i am sick now and cant work and i have been turned down twise now for my ssi disablity i have no health care and my dad and uncles and brothers were in world war 2 and the veitnam war no its not right at all they all need to be sent back to mexico and stop anymore from coming over .

          • Davis Emille

            Mary please go to http://www.benefits .gov and fill out the required forms and follow instructions from there. I waited from ’94 till 2008 to get help although I am disabled. Hope things work out for you.

          • Thomas Moloian

            hey david, is started in 1975 when I got out of airforce and and didn’t get my montly award until 1986, so what are you talking about! are you an onigger moron?

          • scarlettny

            Mary hire a Social Security lawyer. There is no charge to you. It will make things a lot easier for you. After waiting two years for help from SS, I hired a lawyer and in one month got my first check. It was a blessing, I was raising 3 kids by myself.

          • Adapt73

            You deserve the help. Not the invaders. Damn it! I’m steaming.

          • Thomas Moloian

            this is why we need trump in white house to stop all this bullshit

          • Thomas Moloian

            I’m a 62 yr old man who served in airforce in Vietnam era and have worked since I was 8 in my now late fathers companies and to have the va treat us vets like shit and give far better assistance to illegals is disgusting!
            TRUMP ALL THE WAY!

          • Tad Ghostal

            Nobody gives a fuck if you served in the military or how long you fucking worked. You old fuck, you should have died when you went to war. You are old and will die soon anyways haha. Fuck you and illegal immigrants.

          • NOZALOT

            Tad, you are a sorry un-patriotic bastard and you don’t deserve to live in this free country, bought and paid for by Veterans like Thomas and myself.

            So you need to move to Cuba, Russia or China

          • Ettamae Johnson

            If any of your relatives who were on active duty for *190 days during a war, and they are still alive they are entitled to a host of VA benefits. Your relatives would not have to be retired with 20 years in the service. They do not even have to had participated in the war. I just found this out about 2 months before my 90 year old father (WWII Veteran) passed away from cancer. All of the backpay pension he was entitled to from the VA now remains with the VA. There were other benefits he could have used sooner, if he only knew he was eligible for VA benefits. Call your local VA Benefits Office imediately. Your relatives are probably missing out on several VA benefits, including backpay VA pension. *Check the day count needed for certainty.

          • Laura Bauer

            And this is why I have such a problem with Obama’s EO move. No soldier who PAID for his/her VA services should be put on the back burner for these illegal felons. But Obama HATES the Vets, so this will keep happening until he is gone.

          • Amanda Jean

            We could easily use our absorbent military budget to take care of our veterans. We spend more on the military than every other country combined.

          • Reddwine

            Nope…not anymore. We should take care of our vets tho. I would pay more taxes for that.

          • Thomas Moloian

            onigger is making sure our tax dollars help illegals and radical muslims

          • NOZALOT

            Amanda, Russia and China have been building their military capabilities up
            for the past 8 years while obama has gutted ours down to pre 1941 level.
            Peace through strength is the only way to go. Our military was in bad shape
            when Japan attacked Dec 7, 1941, maybe that’s why they attacked.

          • Thomas Moloian

            this muslim faggot hates America and he’s doing all he can to destroy it and doesn’t give a shit about our constitution, he has his own called:
            i’m onigger and here’s examples of my constitution:
            give illegals amnesty and everything free
            let vets die
            allow radical muslims from Syria in usa to do jihad
            destroy social security for hard working tax payers so illegals get money
            fly all over globe and apologize to rest of world that America is great.
            hand over white house to killary so she can complete job:

          • Thomas Moloian

            and I served my near 4 yrs in airforce and illegals get better attention from onigger and company

          • David R Lindsay

            I call BS. I think your a damn liar. Shove it up your ass you troll little bitch.

          • Ally Smith

            anger management problem much? geez.

          • Patti Simon

            You don’t even make any sense, David!

          • David R Lindsay

            It makes perfect sense. Brian says ” I have 2 years serving our country in the persian gulf and I welcome those who want a better life.” I said he’s a damn liar. Comprehend much?

          • Kristine Kelley Bailey

            Speak for yourself buster…. plenty of men in my family have and are still serving and they want no part of illegals waltzing in for handouts.

          • sha44ss

            Hey Brian,…I support our Troops and I think our troops are **under paid** and should have the BEST health benefits in our WHOLE Country but I am an American WORKER who worked ALL my life and now CANT FIND A JOB>> CANT collect ANY “””subsidies”””” and am on my way to losing everything I worked for ALL my life!!…I am NOT about to put ”ILLEGALS” before the people who have been paying into the system like MY KIDS and/OR the LEGAL immigrants who have been standing in line!! WHAT is it about ILLEGAL you dont understand?….this whole ADMINISTRATION is CORRUPT to the CORE! WE HAVE NO RULE OF LAW! You must have been on a CRUISE in the persian gulf NOT to see how their rules of engagement are endangering our own!!

          • Ghassan jenainaty

            The war in Iraq was a terrible mistake. Can someone tell me please what benefit was made from this war?????????? At least Saddam Hussein was controlling the country and he was shutting up and silencing those bastards fanatics who later became ISIS

          • Jg Talented1

            The war in Iraq was not a mistake. The mistake was pulling out and leaving a vacum which is what the Obama Administration did. Especially with John Kerry over the bullhorn. I have not forgotten the attacks on the World Trade Center & the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Islam declared war on the U.S. How many Muslim nations condemned that act? Had the Bush Administration done nothing to go after the financiers and those nations who sponsored & harbored terrorists you’d be posting here your outrage with the cowardice of that administration. The bombing of the trade center was an open act of war upon U.S soil. Yet, Obama should’ve kept them at Gitmo. Obama, Kerry and Clinton have been disastrous. The only thing worse is the people who put them into office again, and again.

          • DannyB

            I think you’re a lying sack of crap, Brian. If you served our country, you would be for our country. How about a one way ticket back to the Persian Gulf where you can rot?

          • 23 yr vet

            Just because you served 2 whole years doesn’t mean your not ignorant!

          • James Ogozaly

            Yes well I spent over 20 years paying my taxes and shes getting more monies then I can on disability IF she an illegal then she has no right to collect Social securities monies

          • S. Potter

            That is BS. I agree with you !! No illegal should be able to collect SS. Apparently they’re allowing her to collect ssi the state form of SS for those who didn’t pay in which is about $720.00 per month. Probaby because she has all those kids. It’s wrong and backwards. If they come here to become citizens legally they should be self sufficient, the only thing they should be allowed for six months is food stamps, nothing more. And have sponsors that house them. No HUD, pregnancy welfare or anything else, NOT PAYABLE!
            And after that six months if they cannot sustain themselves they should go back to their country of origin! My opinion !

          • Jg Talented1

            The corrupt federal govt. is so determined to take a national worker’s pension and create a welfare program out of it. So that when pensioner’s are old they can watch them starve and die in the streets of America. That is the goal in Washington. The people who continually vote for career politicians are the problem. When you’re a politician for a living something is wrong. They get rich by holding office selling the people out with sinister deals. The men who wrote the U.S Constitution all of them, had other careers. Mandatory term limits are needed.

          • sha44ss

            I heard the other day that Social Security Disability Benefits will be BROKE by 2017! …..and we wonder WHY? We need to all MARCH on Washington and get all of these CROOKS OUT ….it is our DUTY it really is time people…….“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” — It is not only our right to throw off a single-authority, oppressive government, it is our DUTY. A duty is not optional. As Americans, it is our obligation to secure the means for a life of continued liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            It is getting WORSE by the day…..How about Boehner being voted back in even by our NEW FRESHMAN ike MIA LOVE>>TREY GOWDY>>JASON CHAVETTS…is never going to change as long as they can VOTE themselves into PROSPERITY!

          • Jg Talented1

            Buddy now you’re talking! I’m right behind you!

          • S. Potter

            Only if they come here LEGALLY! Those who take the proper route to become citizens like all those before are welcomed. We have Laws and a Constitution to abide by. This is the wrong time to allow anyone into America. We’re on the Verge of massive financial collapse. By collapse I mean ZERO, Nothing. No banks, stores , food, housing. FAR Worse then the great depression. ( read about it ) We can’t even give Americans and Veterans jobs,benefits and services that the Americans are entitled to and have paid , OR earned , for many years. And my deceased Husband Served, Medevac Vietnam 67-68-69. And if he were alive he would agree.
            Instead of coming here the USA Should help and teach the other ( their )Countries to become REPUBLICS and stimulate their own Countries as America has.!

          • PatrioticMary

            I agreed with you right up until that last sentence. I’m TIRED of giving our money to help other nations! It’s not much different than giving these people who don’t belong here food stamps, etc. It costs us money and hasn’t done a darn bit of good. We’ve been throwing too much money at too many nations for way too long. Charity begins at home. We need to take care of our own. Like someone said and I forget who, but I think it was a politician from long ago….They hate us anyway and they’ll hate us for free.

          • Jg Talented1

            Yet they give foreigners grant money to open businesses. Its called “The foreign assistance program.” If there is another collapse I’m crashing the homes of the ultra rich. The chickens will come home to roost.

          • 11B Guy

            Yeah, Im an infantry combat vet and I say that your an ignorant fool. “welcome those who want a better life”. These people are illegal, feeding off the system and are a cultural and economic threat. They do not want to assimilate and are a burden to the nation in many ways. We have enough people. Im all for very limited immigration of productive peoples who will come here and be AMERICAN. The rest of this stuff is hot garbage. Its like the formula of osmosis… keep letting these people in and we will eventually end up like where these people came from. Its really quite simplistic. “serve your country then post a better informed comment” You sound like a total douchebag. What branch were you in?

          • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

            It’s one thing to want a better life, but you have to work at it.

            Not sit on your ass and wait for other people to give it to you.

          • jim

            I welcome those who want a better life as well but they broke the law. They need to answer for that. If someone wants to immigrate to this country by legal means great but jumping the border is ignorant and should not be tolerated. When they are caught they should be turned over to Mexican authorities immediately.

          • David

            Wanting a better life is one thing. Illegally invading a country to live off their system is quite another.

          • You’re the one sounding ignorant. When that woman is getting benefits, some REALLY needy person in America is not.

          • efesgirl

            That illegal leech in the video lives a better life than many U.S. war veterans. Do you think that’s OK? I’m a USAF veteran who signed up for active duty during Vietnam. I also served in the Reserves and Guard. Do you know what my veteran status entitles me to from the US government? NOTHING, that’s what. When the GI Bill was amended, I lost any benefits I would have otherwise been entitled to – gee, thanks US government. I don’t object to people wanting a better life. I DO object to these people doing what that woman has done. She is a freeloader, and has got away with it for 20 years because the system failed to do anything about her. Does this lessen the crime because of the passage of time? NO. She has, more or less, STOLEN money from the citizens (yes, you, the taxpayer). Is that OK, too?

          • Dog

            Then let them move in with your ass!!!

          • gbp91

            hey brian I served 4 yrs in the USMC and I don’t want to pay for illegals. is that ok with you? there is a process to come legally and then seek employment and pay your way….you good with that?

          • Mike Kunze

            She does not. She is drunk.

          • lightspeed

            I served 22 Years does that count?
            As long as Vets are homeless and hungry its time to stop the pipeline of illegals. Or does taking care of a population that is already without food and shelter sound ignorant to you and your whole two years?

          • Chrissums

            I served my country as an Armor Crewman. I hate illegals, and will do ANYTHING to make them uncomfortable in this country.

          • nobody

            To bad you cant serve with yer yap shut brian

          • Jg Talented1

            Who’s going to sacrifice and suffer? There is a strain and drain of resources—the threshold tipping over. There’s not enough to go around. So to keep feeding, housing & employing illegals should you volunteer to give up your veterans benefits? Its also a fact that a lot of illegals are involved in or help to fuel, identity theft crimes & scams in some form or another.

        • Joe Vigliatura

          You make real conservatives cringe when you say stupid things like that!

          • Betty Clouse

            Nope lock & load stupid and get out of my way moron!

        • Stormin Mormon

          Illegal scum bags, you mean legislators, right?

        • Mike Kunze

          Please wait until this fergusen problem has run its course. There’ll be more civil unrest than you can shake a nitestick at.

        • Davis Emille

          I hope the Feds reads your response and comes looking for you like they are doing to others!

        • Diane

          At the Santa Barbara newspaper protest cause the paper used ILLEGALS describing illegal aliens
          the illegal had flyers stating
          “abolish whiteness” and “hey hey ho ho the U.S. must go!” This is a fact.

        • Thomas Moloian


      • Alexandra Ormsby

        Read “Camp of the Saints”!!!! Lock and Load is what they needed.

    • G_ougingO_therP_eople

      Need to start with not giving hand outs to conservatives and Liberals who dodge taxes at the corporate level first. Cant preach and not practice……

      • Stephen Zeigler

        harry Reid had six years to fix that….I suppose that bill slid over onto the floor….btw…you do realize Corps. run the internet, your software, your vehicle, your food and the heat in your home. Keep kicking the dog and your going to get bit. The corps..left America for more friendly country’s with realistic tax codes. Democrats went after their profits ( via taxes) so they moved out. I sure don’t blame them….I blame the greed of any politician which agree to higher taxes. Only computes to one thing…they think my money is better off in their hands. I don’t !

    • Logic

      It is not an invasion. Most undocumented people I have met have college degrees and are wasting away their lives at grocery stores and labor work. How can you senselessly justify the whole situation based on one evidence. I mean sure she lives off of welfare, but most undocumented people contribute back through their individual taxpayer ID. Also, the majority of labor jobs are paid under the table and no one gets taxed. This could be easily solved. But the rich white people don’t want to be taxed by the government! This is a broken system, and rather than you call it hand outs, how about you try to fix it like having harsher regulations on people and making sure they get back on their feet after a year.

      • David R Lindsay

        Are you seriously claiming that most illegals are college educated? You delusions go far beyond the norm. Wow.

    • Alvaro Bonilla

      and immagrant too get social sucurity

    • Daniel Blumenkron

      But some unproductive politician makes $300,000 a year for doing absolutely nothing and those politicians don’t even get drug tested.. But 1 bitch takes advantage and you throw us under the bus. But if it helps ypu sleep better at night by all means. You created the to big to fail banks that have been stealing resources from almost every land for the last 80 years. No wonder why everyone goes to the melting pot. Latin people have been shaping the western united states for the last two hundred years. I feel bad for you have to have those negative hissy fits.. It must be exhausting..

  • KansasGirl

    This is disheartening.
    Our own government has turned their backs on us.

  • ThomasER916

    This is how whites are being displaced and Western civilization is being destroyed. The people you think are your friends are really your enemies. Israel is shipping Muslims, Africans and Arabs to every white, Christian nation to displace us. None of this is an accident. This is by design.

    Of course, the cheerleaders for Israel will attack me like rabid dogs but do NOTHING about the illegals or Muslims in our nations.

  • chuckles

    I knew for a fact that illegals were working at a restaurant in my town. I knew for a fact that the owner paid them less than minimum wage in cash. I knew for a fact that they were paid with 2 social security numbers and ID’s to get around working them 80 hours a week for $5 an hour. I knew for a fact that they ALL applied for Earned Income Credit for children they didn’t have back in Mexico. I called the IRS, the INS, and Labor board. …………………….Nothing!,………Nada! Not even a visit.

  • curious

    How is Israel specifically, sending Muslims, Africans and Arabians to every white Christian nation? Get off your soap box and explain your view to me. I really want to understand your point of view here.

  • The Heff


  • Concerned

    Imagine that, you nor I don’t get to phuque her once and shes been phuqing us for 20 years.

  • OnlyLoveKeepsUsTogether

    I am so sick of this and have been e-mailing our government for years complaining of this and asking them to stop immigration. We are overflowing from them ILLEGALS !! I know hard working American citizens who cannot get the benefits from our government they deserve, while our tax dollars are being given to illegals, enticing them to keep coming in droves.. and to countries who hate us.
    I feel like our government went crazy decades, or Satan infiltrated it to destroy us, as it appears for so long ago and it has no clue how to RUN an effective, fair, balanced budgeted
    government FOR the PEOPLE ( US CITIZENS) .

  • ron44

    I have been telling thee lame brained libs for years and any one else who would listen, that a good share of these scabs will not want to be come citizens because they would have too go straight and get off the freebee wagon. Many of them did not come out of the shadows after the last go around in the nineties..this is one of them.

  • Duke Williams

    There`s a place in hell for these kind of people!!!!!

  • Connie Burns Tamburin

    Hey illegal lady talking on the interview, you said it yourself, they are there if you need help, NOT to live your entire life off the back of others. I am so flippin pissed!!! Get them out!!!! If they have children born here in the United States, they can have the choice of either leaving them here in this country for some other family member to raise or take them back with you to where you belong. Plain and simple!!!

  • Bill Harbaugh

    some needs to be held accountable for this bull crap!

  • destens

    Well this is apparently normal across the whole world… its a shame to read this over and over again, wile our own people live on the edge of becoming homeless. And even our own homeless people dont get such support as illegals. Here at belgium we give illegals a normal income + child support (even when those kids dont live in belgium and their is no official way to track this) + free school and offcourse a free house for each illegal family…. And still we get the stamp of racist, because each time when they call thos word out loud another door for them goes open. They have even tricks when they deliver a baby in belgium, they register it (for child support offcourse) and then they give it to their friends (and they also register it for child support and so on and on.) How is this possible? Well if our own woman delivers a baby their is always someone of medical care(dont know the right name in english sorry) and helps during labor, when the baby is born, it becomes registered. Illegal people say they dont want/need someone like that and its “against their believe/culture”, so their is no control over this. They have also the biggest cars most of the time, expensive clothes, and are one of the biggest problems when it comes on drugs import…. the list i can tell you goes on and on and on… i can write phone books about it, and yet no one that does something about it. And still we are racists, and according to england we dont give enough support to illegals..?!?

    illegal thiefs, scumbags and so on, are faster out the police station then you, when you are making a report of them.. how is this possible?

    Belgium has so many workless people, and yet we invite people from other countrys to work more hours for less money (but still they earn more then in their own country) but dont need to pay taxes on it?! And meanwhile those people see how belgium people lives, so their buddys come to here, and rob constantly our homes and then go back to their own countrys.. pff when you think all about this, you become realy sick of it! it has no words.

    Every country across the whole world should see first if their own people live in perfect wellfare, BEFORE we help other countrys and illegals and immigrants or whatever. We all live in an upside down world!

    • rosegirl7

      You are so right, Destens..

    • Dave Wukusick

      And see what it has doe to the UK? There economy is a mess, also.

  • Les Williamson

    Here’s the thing, she didn’t get it, her legal kids got it along with all the other benefits, but of course those parents don’t use any of the food or the housing, they sleep on the front porch to make sure their kids are ok, what dumbfucks we have running this Country!

  • Les Williamson

    Bad thing is our Government keeps the Legal kids Parent and we pay for all of them, the legal kid gets SNAP, which of course the parent doesn’t use, the legal kid gets section 8 housing, which of course the parent doesn’t use, the kids get utility subsidies which of course the parent doesn’t use, because the parent is illegal, right?

    • mary

      You are forgetting the Social Security. Her children are treated as orphans by the govt., just like a child whose parent died, because they have no US citizen to support them. So, her 7 children get money from a fund SHE never paid into for their support yet our seniors are barely making it. Disgusting! And she probably has several family members on our dole too.

      • Nora E Amezola

        Oh wow that’s total bs. U are lying

        • mary

          Really? Then please explain, without a Social Security card because she is illegal, how she gets Social Security benefits from a fund she never paid into? Check it out before you call someone a liar.

          • Nora E Amezola

            look i am not doing your homework for u, check out your own history on how she got hers. There are ways to get money without being a legal resident and if its there people are gonna get it. simple.

        • mary

          Miss Nora, your comment on twitter: “These programs are Privately founded. So it’s really none of your business. She said her other pay is from child support Also none of your business. Don’t be upset because she gets hers !!” – shows your absolute ignorance of Social Security, food stamps, education, etc., and how they are funded. FYI – they are funded with tax dollars withheld from legally employed American citizen’s paychecks. The United States government takes money from those who work and gives it to these people who don’t belong here and have a ridiculous amount of children they can’t support. You might also want to watch the report again. I never heard mention of any child support. If she was getting legal support, she wouldn’t be getting Social Security. SMH

          • Nora E Amezola

            yes she does say child support but she says “chil supporth” I understood her. and look i know how they get money ok. i know how they get here how much they pay etc. dont try and tell me how things work MISS MARY,

          • Nora E Amezola

            yes she says “i geth chil supporth” i understood her and i know how they get the government to give her all these things and how much they pay to get here etc, dont think u are telling me anything new MISS MARY. i am simply saying if its there shes gona use it ok.

          • Nora E Amezola

            yes she does say child support but she says “chil supporth” at 18 seconds. I understood her. and look i know how they get money ok. i know how they get here how much they pay etc. dont try and tell me how things work MISS MARY. and im so done with this video comment ok.

        • rosegirl7

          Mary is telling the truth. It is you who is lying by saying she’s lying because she is not! She is stating the facts! And what this government is doing to the generational US citizens and the legal immigrants of this country is so wrong in so many ways!! I’ll tell you what is “bs” – amnesty is! And it STINKS!

  • Bill Mattingly

    The system is designed for cheating. But the very IDEA of RECRUITING people to take welfare is UN-AMERICAN… I gave four years of my life to this country and I did it for welfare to help through tight spots and then get back on your feet. I didn’t do it some fifth & Sixth generation recipients never get to experience the JOY OF PAYING TAXES.

  • Ashley

    I’d like to know how she qualifies for Social Security when she never paid in. I know people who should get it due to disability and can’t and here the dems are paying out our hard earned tax dollars to criminals. They all should be shipped back and the dems along with them. Criminals all!!!

    • Rebecca Carmack

      I thought the same thing about S.S. but the video doesn’t provide information to know if she worked during her twenty years since arriving in the U.S. I fully agree that the influx of immigrants is financially harmful to U.S. born citizens!
      Our “laws” have little, or no, meaning whatsoever!

      • rosegirl7

        Well, maybe our laws apply only to US Citizens! Or so it certainly seems!!

    • kal98

      ssi which is run by ss but supplemental income, sickening I have worked forever and still struggle! this is planned read the communist manifesto!

  • Paul Hoffmann

    The govt hasn’t just turned its back on us. It’s turned against us. And it’s been going on for decades. Did you know that illegals are also exempt from Obamacare? Nice.

  • Richard

    Which planet is she from?

  • Artie Appling

    How do all of us file for federal aide? Inquiring minds want to know. We’re as poor as her, yet she supports 7 on my money? Why?

  • Scott Chichelli

    and as usual its spin is not telling the FACTS.
    sometimes I really hate my party, (repubs) leaning more toward libertarian now.. but the dems are even worse with the spin.

    what they are NOT telling you is all these kids (7) she has were born in the US. so they qualify for assistance under the (anchor baby law) which needs changing but thats another story.

    so all 7 of her children are US citizens NOT illegals got it?
    She herself does not get anything, all the money she gets it for her legal us citizen children..
    no different than the rest of welfare peeps.

    so to keep the FACTS straight there is no money going to an illegal..
    now as thier mom obviously she is benefiting.

  • Ona69

    What I want to know has DFAC’s stopped all her support and charged her with criminal intent to defraud the government?

  • Shark

    Welcome to the NEW Obama’s AMERICA . Screw the citizenry and bring in the Illegals , votes are needed for the DEMORATS.

  • Rhonda Yanez

    They are not eligible for welfare programs… But their legal children are… This is why this biatch gets your tax dollars. It is basically not her assistance it’s her 7 children that get it. I would round this biatch up and send her back with her kids. They are still under age. She is here ILLEGALY and so for that she is breaking the law. BREAKING THE LAW what part of BREAKING THE LAW do they not understand?? The POTUS and his counter parts. Maybe they need to be sent back to where they came from. With the power of the people anything is possible.

    • Untrue. They get benefits even without children from coast-to-coast…because in many, many cases no immigration status or even ID is checked.

  • J to the L

    Hola, yo soy illegal! Por favor, andate a cagar Republicanos. You guys are a bunch of greedy, money grabbing, profiteering, captialist pigs. That is all. Thanks.

  • David Michael

    How the hell does this woman get Social Security when she’s never paid a cent into it?

    • mary

      Because her children do not have a US citizen able to support them, they are treated like orphans, as if their parents have died, and get that check every month. Disgusting and what the social workers who show up in their hospital rooms after they drop their babies (also free) tell them along with informing them of all the other programs they are eligible for.

  • James V.


  • Jose Hernandez

    and the most amazing part of this is to know that all of them hate USA,all of them are revolutionaries,communists and over all it is very difficult for american citizens to apply for social benefits

    • Bullrhider

      So who are the stupid ones? Them… or us?

  • bigdgal

    My brother goes hungry, so his wife and children can eat. He refuses to accept assistance, saying others need it more. He can’t afford medicine for himself. So 35 years of working and paying income tax and that social security tax, his health has gotten so bad from lack of medical care and nutrition – he won’t last much longer. Sorry, but there will soon be one less person to keep this woman, and the others liker her, with their undeserved checks.

    • BOStinks2

      So sad and not fair.

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    the reporter who covered this and the camera man should be reporting her ass to border patrol so she and her kids can be deported out and back to where she came from.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Obama wants these disgusting animals in this country so they can have more Democrat voters when they are made legal. His administration is selling out this country for people that don’t work and don’t care.

    • BOStinks2

      He still gets their votes illegally

  • Barth Massey

    Yes and our Veterans lose benefits and a reduction in their pensions.

  • Danielle Jewell

    This disgusts me! I work my butt off and can barely afford to live but make to much for any assistance. Yet I’m forced to live paycheck to paycheck because I’m trying to do something with my life. Deport her! I wish I had free food and health insurance! Get for real.

  • Brian Parent

    That is because we have tyrants running our nation! Message by the[]tea[]party[]truther[]dot[]com Oh, still believe Sandy Hook was real? Type out ”
    CNN crisis actor revealed” on Google! or try the following link!
    examiner….dot….com/ article/cnn-stages-fake-interviews

  • Aileen Perna

    It isn’t only illegals bilking the government I personally know an entire family of US citizens (a grandmother, her adult daughter, her adult son and 3 adult granddaughters) all living in the same house getting section 8, each gets food stamps, medicaid, fuel assistance and have the audacity to utilize food pantries as well. The kicker is…she also as converted her single family home and pool cabana into 6 apartments and collects section 8 for all of them..

  • Melissa Gauld

    This is a load of crap. I was declared permanently disabled back in 2001 and was on disability until 2006 when the state took me off because I was baby sitting. But while I was on it. I was only bringing in a little over 600.00 and all I could draw on food stamps was 10.00 a month so how come it is fair that illegals can get all the help and citizens of the United States gets shoved over thw rug?

  • Eric Mcclintock

    these people are leeches on society . they have no business being on government assistance for over 20 years. every person who let this happen needs fired including those who help perpetuate it .

  • BOStinks2

    Take away from our veterans and give to the illegals…the democratic way

  • Austin

    You are the true scumbag. She wanted a better life for herself. SO SHE DID SOMETHING. On the other hand, when you want something, YOU JUST WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT.

    • mary

      What did she do but swim across a river and drop seven kids that American taxpayers have to feed, clothe, educate, house and provide healthcare for? She is a leech and breaking the laws of this country. Is she your mama too?

      • Austin

        How did she break the law? Her children are rightfully american citizens, because they were born here. Although SHE illegally crossed the border, her children didn’t. They deserve to have a life just as much as you do. What if you were her and tried to give your children a better life by allowing them to be citizens? I’m pretty sure your view would be different. We should be grateful for all we have. America has so much excess, and we have debt. You are saying the life of a mexican is less valuable than an American’s. You sicken me.

        • mary

          How did she break the law? You are truly ignorant! She shouldn’t be here period much less having seven children she has no means to support. You are obviously a child so, when you are older, working and paying increasing taxes that help support an irresponsible woman who gives birth to seven children and expects YOU as an American taxpayer to take care of them, you will understand. I am grateful for what I have because I worked for it. I didn’t sneak into another country and expect a hand-out. Free-loaders and those that break our laws sicken me.

  • Nora E Amezola

    These programs are Privately founded. So it’s really none of your business. She said her other pay is from child support Also none of your business. Don’t be upset because she gets hers !!

    • mary

      You really need to educate yourself on how these programs are funded. It is my business when my tax dollars are paying for her 7 children’s food, clothing, housing, medical care, etc. No child support is ever mentioned. Are they talking about your mama?

  • kal98

    wow why did I work so hard, pay all those taxes and not have children out of wedlock?

  • James Paulitska

    Throw her ass in prison and fire the ass hole that approved the benefits….

  • Karen Sue McAnney

    This makes me sick!

  • Russell Holding

    she should be made to pay back all of it .

  • Nora E Amezola

    Augh I am so done with this conversation. Having to teach michelle how to write in her own language and showing John whats Really going on in America, its exhausting 😛 BYE!! and REMEMBER white racist Americans.. go learn a new language ok and if you cant do the hard work dont be shocked when the boss gives it to the Other person.. K 😉 BESOS!!

  • Rachel

    Sure, her brood is OUR responsibility. We should have sterlized her after her first 2 kids and first 2 yrs on Welfare.

  • Leftbehind

    Everyone in this Mess needs to Be tried and executed for Treason .

  • Debra Vanata

    20 YEARS!!!!GEEZ-and kept having kids!!UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

    • faithandhonor

      Squirts ’em out year by year.

  • Bo Treat

    the wealthy one percent won’t support any lower classes, but the lower classes are supposed to support the non existent classes?

  • Dave Wukusick

    In 20 years, you couldn’t find a job?????

    • toma kay

      lol, good one

    • Mary Caldas

      No she was too busy doing the bump and grind, making more anchor babies so she could get more of our taxpayer money.

    • P*ssPrincess

      She didn’t come here to work just to STEAL.

    • ollieallears

      Being illegal she is not allowed to work.

  • Doug

    tattoo their foreheads that say they stole from the USA and send them to Obama’s House

  • Barbara Fuquay


  • pagostoy .

    And the POTUS and crew want to give 12 million (at a minimum) the same treatment. WHY? We have given this illegal a MINIMUM of $250,000.00 in “assistance” when she is NOT paying into our system! Folks wake up! If we give these illegal immigrants $700.00 each, that alone is over 1 trillion dollars a year. Where is this money going to come from? Illegal is ILLEGAL, not UNDOCUMENTED!

  • the game

    Deport her ass! If she comes back & gets caught send her to prison in Arizona with sheriff Joe Arpaio!

  • Sam Snead

    Just think she made 7 men very happy for 5 min.

  • David Hamm


  • toma kay

    Now multiply that times 2 million

  • Maryanne Donohue

    She has 7 kids drop it she has my blessing, she seems like a great mother…

  • why do we put up with this?

  • Frank Morris

    Deport the bitch and her munchkins; I don’t give a rats ass where they came from or their “legal” status.

  • Jennifer Eichelberger

    Daniel Montalvo 11840 w Hampton Ave milwauke wi . Is a wife beater and rapist and illegal immigrant

    • mary

      Good for you, honey! You fight back however you can!

  • Leland D. Petty

    How the hell did she qualify for Social Security? I thought you had to be a citizen to get that and in this video it does NOT say she is illegal NOW. She was 20 years ago.

    • mary

      Her kids are citizens. Because she can’t work, her kids are treated as being without American parents, like orphans, and she gets SS for them like their parent has died. Great system we have, isn’t it? Veterans benefits and healthcare cut, citizens can’t get help when they need it, no jobs but we support this woman and her litter of kids.

  • betty

    This pisses me off my mother is one credit short for receiving SS CANT GET IT AND THIS ILLEGAL gets 700 this is pathitic

    • mary

      That is per child, Betty. They are treated as having no parents, like an orphan, and get supported by our govt.

  • Terri Hanks

    I’m full blooded MEXICAN…. My people make me sick….They literally take the statement “Land of the Free” personally. IF I was able to make rules, before crossing to USA, it kind of would read like this : If your going to come to our country, then be prepared to fight for our country, man OR woman, you must serve our country in an armed service of your choice for 3 yrs. You must take English c…lasses and be fully prepared for any question asked of you IN English. You will be educated in classes of parenting skills, also to included, birth control. Break the chain of how Men treat their woman.
    I am sure that there a umpteen more rules, but this is a start…… HEY GAR, THANKS FOR LETTING ME VENT. Good luck with your new job. OH and please make sure you work EXTRA hours, so the Government will be able to tax you more, SO you can NOW join the working force supporting the illegal Alien with 7 kids!! { cause we Both know that the above will never happen}.

  • ‘Kathy Bruno

    How the hell is it possible for her to slip through the cracks for that long. Dam I cant get assistance and I have a tear in my spine and all kinds of proof yet this woman spits out anchor babies left and right and gets all kinds of help. Thats part of the problem with this world no one is held accountable anymore . Starting with our government and White house the illegals need to go back to where they came from.

  • Gary Pifer

    And she votes, Vota Clinton-Davis 2016. ” A Welfare Mother in every pot “.

  • Jos America

    Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport



  • 4dees

    If the govt. would enforce our borders and the current laws we have, we wouldn’t have these illegals draining our country dry.

  • candice

    My husband works his ass off for what we have 7 days a week and 12 hrs a day. I have no problem with n e one checking that. We have falling on hard times bf but was denied help bc his unemployment checks was to much . They didnt cover r bills at all let along food . But we had to make changes and thank the lord we r back on track . Im a lil confused 240 dollars in food stamps for a family of 7 isnt alot ? Not taken up for this woman just saying it really isnt. I really feel like we Americans should come first and thats the end of that and what hapoened to making people get a job. We as Americans should be first . I have kids of my own and and dont want n e child to go hungry but if my husband and I got denied over 20 dollars I dont understand why one that does nothing to help better themselves still gets everything . We still had to pay school lunches bc I was honest a boutt the unemployment check amount . I dont give a d amn where u came from if u really r trying to do your best and still need help that’s one thing but to sit on your ass all day and do nothing is wrong . This country wasn’t always like this . I hope and pray things change and do so soon . Again im not bashing people that really do need the help and do all they can to make things better for their family’s . I have been there . And we did all we could . God bless sorry for the jumbled message .and none correct spelling im on a phone and typing fast . Everyone have a blessed day .

  • Sandy Pfaff

    How does she get social security??? I can see the food stamps but social security?????reallY????how?????

    • My Name 2

      How can you see the food stamps? How can you understand how an ILLEGAL person who is here ILLEGALLY gets any assistance from a program funded for and created to support the LEGAL who need it?

  • impulsive57

    What is it that our screwed up country allows this? I think there is a good reason and I am thinking money is behind it, for the government. If an American did this I would bet they would get in trouble. This woman should be shipped back to her country..Also a lot of foreigner’s even get cash when they move here and that is a fact. We are the Minority.

  • Bo Treat


  • kelsy

    its a cultural problem, they are only coming for the welfare benefits and don’t want to be americans, and will never be Americans speaking English, way to many here, yet they let them stay and keep having more babies, time to everify

  • kelsy

    Obama letting illegals sing up on the health care bill and giving them IDs to vote!

  • disqus_0Po3VcyKr5

    So we work our legal asses off to support her and many many other illegals! Many Americans cant even afford health insurance but if you are illegal here in the USA, you get to see doctors, have surgery, get meds, etc courtesy of us LEGAL working Americans. What happened to government funded work training programs? If we lose our job, we have to have retraining and are not expected to sit home and collect . Does someone want to explain this BS of illegals getting away with this to me?!!!

  • disqus_0Po3VcyKr5

    Brian Hayes is a former crime reporter from Tampa, FL who currently blogs about immigration issues. Maybe he ought to go back to reporting crimes!!! He has one here!! Wonder who paid him off to keep the illegals out of jail for fraud!

  • katmazdo

    This is upsetting but not surprising.

  • katmazdo

    I love the arrogance of supposed “natives”. I don’t have a card, but my great-great grandfather was native. And what? He left the Indian world and assimilated. That is what we need in America….more entitled people.

  • Frank Huwer

    Why don’t they just throw her back into the river. Now theirs groups that help illegals get free food stamp and housing. Like WTF ???

  • Chuck Seese

    And corporations who pour chemicals in our lakes, rivers, and oceans, get tax breaks by the Billions…You tell me who you’d support, a person, or a corporation…

  • Diane Bruno

    I starting working at 12 years old, selling water ice and ice I got older, my jobs were, receptionist, accts. receivable, legal secretary to owing my own cleaning business..,my present age is 48..I had to retire last year due to pains and fatigue from Fibromyalgia…I can’t collect disability for it, I’m on my husbands benefits, but have no dental plan..I went to the dentist last week, and need 8k worth of work….these ILLEGAL immigrants AND, welfare scavengers, get FULL benefits, free food, and free shelter! I still can’t wrap my head around this!! Don’t work your whole life, and live for free, work your whole life and get screwed?? What is wrong with this picture??

  • Tallfritz

    Do they also have them register to vote Democrat at the same time? Like the Arizona Motor-Voter Law… Only it’s a Welfare-Voter Law… I’m certain the Democrats don’t want to lose that vote – whether or not the person is a citizen…

  • Aron Jones

    there needs to be a new civil war. only us as americans growing up for generations on this land can lift a finger to stop it. until we arm ourselves and say stop and leave, it’ll get worse till the country collapse. but i see the country collapsing before we take action so i may join the illegals and go to another country same way they did comeing here.

  • Daniel Bonacum

    You people need to stop complaining. I’m sure she did her civic duty and voted. For obama. 7 times. In one election.

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      I know this is sarcasm, but liberals would LOVE for us to stop complaining and just let them do whatever they want. That would make them very happy. I’ve said it before, please don’t let me die, because evidently I will become and vote Democratic. Several times per election.

      • Daniel Bonacum

        Oh yes Keli – It was indeed sarcasm and I totally agree with you.

  • sherri palmer

    I am pissed about all of this, and I always knew illegals were collecting our social security…4MeNoRinos, I agree this is such a huge invasion and our country is feeling this from every state…we are not getting any relief or support from our politicians, who are in a position to stop this assault on our country…

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  • Charlie Rock Collins

    time to start putting them underground

  • Gaming Elitist

    Yet, when I’m in need of assistance because I was fired for 3 illegals, I can’t get ANY help from the government. How does this work? Can someone enlighten me? Should I go to renounce my citizenship and go to another country and come back here illegally? Seems like they have life on a silver plate when they get here illegally.

  • redeemed357


    • ollieallears

      Do I really need to tell you where children come from ? (only joking).
      The kid were born on US soil and thus are US citizens. That why there are entitlements to food stamps etc.

  • Donna Baker Sharlofsky

    I worked for the Navy for 25 yrs. Developed a heart condition and have waited 3 yrs for my retirement and for social security, to date I have received nothing. I have lost everything I worked for. I can’t get housing, or food or the heart meds that I need to stay alive, yet these people are getting everything handed to them. Our people, like me, are dying for they getting assistance.

    • ollieallears

      Blame your government for not having poper regulation in place. Blame the government for saying how grateful it is towards vets but not putting the money where the mouth is.


    Take a look at the RICO act. Our politicians and government organizations fleecing the US taxpayers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  • bobinms

    The small hospital in my home town just closed it’s emergency room due to losses. We all know why these losses occur and now the people won’t have emergency room services. There are many ways these illegals cost the American citizen.

  • adrianne vasquez

    This is beyond sickening. I wish I was illegal. I would have it so much better. I wish I knew how to speak fluent Spanish. Then I can claim I’m illegal and have everything handed to me

    • ollieallears

      She is not getting the benefits. Sh certainly is not getting them because she speaks Spanish or because she is illegal.
      If you have no income and 7 US citizen children you would get the same benefits.

      • adrianne vasquez

        She is getting the benefits. Who else? A responsible person doesn’t keep cranking out kids when you can’t provide for them. There are not enough financial resources to help Americans down on their luck. Americans have enough of their own homelessness and hungry. An ILLEGAL is NOT entitled to any benefits. Let them go back where they came from. Isn’t that’s why our gov’t gives billions in aid to these Spanish speaking countries and others.

        • ollieallears

          Those kids are US citizens. They have rights because of that.
          The US can deport the mother. The 7 kids will then go into the foster care system. That will probably cost more than the current situation.

          • adrianne vasquez

            Let them all get the hell out. None of them should be here. No rights just cause they’re ANCHORS. Notice the term, they weigh us down. They probably don’t even like the U.S.A.. They just like the freebies.

          • ollieallears

            The 14th Amendment to the Constitution gives these kids the right to be in the US, live in the US.
            These kids could also have been born to a US citizen mother or to a legal resident. The end result – moneywise – would be the same.

            Why would those kids not like the US. They can grow up to become responosible productive citizens.
            Unless you continue to fill their lives with your hate.

            Most illegal immigrants and their families share your belief system and your values. In Europe many illegal immigrants do not want to integrate and their kids are now more and more a threat to the countries that invited them in.

  • Angie Davidson

    Yet my husband is a disabled vet who can’t seem to get help from the government who sent him into war. This is ridiculous and a huge waste of taxpayer money, not to mention illegal. Disgusting.

  • Scooter Tramp

    who says crime doesn’t pay?
    there is a little federal law called 8 USC 1325:

    §1325 . Improper entry by alien

    (a) Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection; misrepresentation and concealment of facts

    Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both. …….

    How about ENFORCING it???????

  • Jowanda Moore

    Does anyone recall that even the President has illegal family members in our country who have even committed crime and nothing has been done to deport them?

  • aseibt

    Lots of good comments today. Here in Portland, we have a place downtown called little Saigon. Portland sold most of the parking lots because they are unfriendly to cars here. The lots were filled from people from all over the world selling food from their carts. Someone found out that some of them use SNAP cards. They use these food cards with money on them to buy food for their carts and then sell it off to lunch time crowds for pure profit. No indepth investigations, nothing.

  • timej31

    Wow we could cut our taxes by half if we would just insist on putting an end to all this crap

  • Mary Caldas

    The government sure is spending a lot of our money for some Democratic votes. Is it worth destroying our Country so they can keep winning elections?

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      I wonder the same thing. Evidently, it is. I guess they just like to win, no matter what the cost.

    • ollieallears

      She has no right to vote so your remark is meaningless.

      • Debi B

        You do realize that when registering to vote we can not ask for Identification to prove they are legal citizens of the United Sates of America.

        • ollieallears

          I am a legal permanent resident. I always understood that pretending to be a US citizen and/or trying to vote in any US election, can make me deportable. So you are saying rules only apply to LEGAL immigrants ?

          • Debi B

            How did you come to that conclusion with my post. I stated that we could not ask for identification when registering new voters. So if somebody who was illegal or even a felon we would not know it and they would register. Rules as supposed to apply to everybody but we have a lot of people that don’t care and do things illegally like crossing a border without permission.

      • Mary Caldas

        I don’t know where you live but I live in Mexifornia. Illegals have no ” right ” to vote, but do vote.

        • ollieallears

          How do you know this ? I am not saying I do not believe you but I would like to know more about this issue.

  • Desiree Seifert

    What a disgrace, Send this wet back BACK to her home land, make her WORK to pay back what she has STOLEN from American tax payers!!

  • Albert Cruz

    This is what is WRONG with our system, people like this STEALING from us while our Vets suffer!

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    I think we need some patriots to go down to the everglades, capture a whole shitload of alligators and then dump them in the Rio Grande.

  • Janet Alex

    How the HECK does she get social security when she has not payed into it?????????

    • ollieallears

      Many people pay into SS but do not get anything at all.

      Rgarding the woman in the vid: her children are US citizens and they are entitled to the foodstamps, aid.
      The reporting is again terribly inaccurate by suggesting it is the illegal immigrant who gets the benefits and subsidies.

      States are now trying to get as much money as possible from the Fed. government.
      That’s why they try to sign up everyone in the state for all the programs prople are entitled to.

      This does not mean I condone what is going on – but I would prefer the facts given properly.

    • LuluB

      She’s a brazen scam artist. You commit the same crimes over two decades, no one ever does anything about it, you become bolder by the year. She is a bad person.

      Just think, this terrible woman has passed down her worthless value system, to seven, other human beings and they are living their lives, here, in The USA.

      And people wonder how The French could have ever condoned The Guillotine.

  • Nadia

    I imagine the federal aide will continue with her 7 grown children as well…God Bless America!

  • constitutionalsoldier

    Let’s get our asses down to the border and put a stop to this! Can’t catch and turn over to the Border Patrol. That achieves nothing. We need to “persuade” into not coming across the border. Either that or a rush of “US Citizens of Anglo and Mexican Descent” should cross the border by the hundreds to get the attention of the Mexican and US governments. It the governments don’t put a stop to it, we should occupy a twenty mile wide buffer zone and declare it to be an independent and free state with the defense of its borders to be the responsibility of the men and women occupying the buffer zone state. What will the US do? Probably nothing. What will Mexico do? Invade the US. They have done that more than once and nothing was done.

  • Jason Moffit

    This is getting really old, really fast. It needs to stop, and stop now. We need to ship ALL illegal immigrants AND their anchor babies BACK to where they came from. End of discussion, it’s over with.

  • Carl Tim

    Seriously, I hope she gets hit by a bus or MS-13’d….SOON!!!

  • ki-lee

    How are we going to stop this ?????

  • Codgewife2

    This country will become a third world country before our eyes within 5 years if this madness is not stopped. This woman should be in jail. Talk about shoving it down our throats…

  • Janette Miller

    Stop 0bummer and stop the Criminal invaders. Send them back to Mexico.

  • Brenda C Plourde

    this is 20 years long who was in office then ???…an why was it allowed?????..can’t blame obama for these long term ppl it isn’t fair to him at all…..he is only accountable for his years in office ..stop trying to blame ……. years of problems on him

  • Try winning the argument

    We are not going to cripple our country cause we feed and treat the poor!

    • marktomark

      OK YOU !!! PAY FOR THEM !!!

      • Try winning the argument

        Done! I pay my taxes!


    She should have got some education on birth control .

  • Guest

    i’m so sick of paying my taxes for illedals that have no right to it and have never paid anything in..let them become legal then if they need help for a short time!! not 20 years

  • Linda Fulkerson

    this is not fair to the american people who work their asses off and still have nothing and no help or any help for our own homeless

  • Rosalynda

    I thought you had to work at least 10 years to qualify for Social Security! or is it that illegals are exempt?

  • Vicki

    So she has been doing this for 20 YEARS??? Obama was not president then.

  • shitstain

    inflict strain upon the structure, collapsing below our pressure….

  • Kapil

    Remember, politicians who are for illegals, are there for VOTES and MONEY, not Americans.There is no excuse to give any politician from a party supporting illegals, at any level, any time of day.
    Finally, truth be told: This is what America gets for disregarding patriot Tom Tancredo, R-CO, for the fraud, if you know who I mean.

  • Ursula Pine

    the way they BS about how illegals dont get the welfare is not stating that their huge amounts of children DO get it, hence the illegal breeders still do benefit. Obviously the people in charge like it the way it is , they can wage war in the middle east for over 10 years since 911 at a cost of ??? but they cant fix the border and ship them back? sure they could, neither side wants to.

  • Lion Heart

    I’m not a conservative and this story infuriates me.

  • dallface

    GET A DAMN JOB!!! I’m tired of paying for the likes of YOU!!!

  • Tread7

    If this don’t piss you off nothing will !!!

  • Desiree Seifert

    What a disgrace, This woman should be DEPORTED along with her rugs rats and be forced to work till she pays EVERY penny back to the American tax payer she have STOLEN from!

  • feawen

    Who are the “private” investors for this “advocacy group?” You can bet your last nickle that the money to support that “private” investor is coming from government allocations and grants. It’s just a way for the feds to look clean and not “complicit.” The whole thing is disgusting!

  • Johnny McLaughlin

    why can’t INS show up with the mailman and deport this trash.

  • Tami Moneymaker

    If more people get welfare than the ones who work to pay for it, or stop working because we are tired of paying for freeloaders, then what will they do? where will they go then?

  • fuenfer

    We have more white trash ‘mericans on food stamps living in trailer parks than actual immigrants who put in hard work.

  • Serrecko

    How do I get a “navigator” to let me simply retire from working? My house is paid off, I have no debt, and I am just tired of paying $50,000 a year in taxes. Where do I sign up? And do I have to learn Spanish first?

  • verbusen

    Obama campaigned on this. The press just did not point it out to you.

  • jericho40

    she should be put in a working chain gang to make money to pay back until all debt is paid 20 years or more.

  • I hope the package of goodies included instructions on how to keep your legs closed.

  • Liz Vanderhoef Crane

    This is OBNOXIOUS!!! What this women and others are doing is STEALING from and KILLING AMERICAS and our government is letting happen. We have American Veterans and Citizens that NEED these services and monies, who are living on the streets I am so tired of the United States Government giving OUR Social Security Monies and Tax Monies to illegal immigrants and others. It’s OUR MONEY NOT YOURS(U.S. government), WE AMERICAN CITIZENS put our hard earned BLOOD, SWEAT and Hard Earned Monies into these programs for OUR FUTURE!!! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and OTHERS haven’t done a dam thing but TAKE EVERYTHING we have worked for and EARNED!!! WE OWE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

  • Judy Saakes

    The only reason people are now speaking up is because they thought illegals couldn’t collect any assistance without id and a social security # and finally know the truth. The government was lying to everyone for years and years and years. I kept telling people what was really going on at a time when it was politically incorrect and if they knew the truth then they would have taken a stance then and I don’t think this problem would have gotten so out of hand.

  • Gayle Hammen

    How can she get $700 in SS when SS is going broke???????? She never paid in a dime!!!! How come welfare never runs out?????

  • proud_native

    LOCK the CRIMINAL up … along with the 7 leeches she fed on our dime. Keep them locked up and working until they pay every single penny back …. THEN deport them and bar anyone related to them from EVER … EVER even visiting this country.

  • Ann Parmenter

    this is every where in the usa. one doctors clinic, that i know of, has tables set up with people so they can tell them of all the benfits they can get free. free dr, free meds, free housing, free food stamps, free clothes and shoes. and the people helping dont speak with the english people just the hispanics

  • MindFury

    20 years? getting Social security having never worked a fuckign day in this country. Throw her lazy non contributing ass back in the Rio grande, theres actually water in it right now…

  • Selene Jaramillo

    Hello everyone,

    Its really sad and somewhat frustating that most of the comments I read here are racist and also very hateful.

    I am also ashamed that some latinos want to live on welfare is it obviously hard for me because I know lots and lots of people that enter the United States Illegally and work there butt off to give a better life to their families.

    I completly understand that you may be angry and also offended that your country is spending your taxes on this people. But I am sure there are lots of undocumented people that are also paying taxes and are not getting any type of benefits from anybody.

    Now my point here is that you should not generalize. Just because this women is taking advantage of welfare doesn’t mean that all latinos or illegal immigrants enter the country with that purpose.

    I think depletion of resources happens everywhere, unfortunately. But again you cannot say that all Mexicans, Peruvians, Guatemalans, Cubans, etc are like this person.

    That’s like me saying everyone in the US is a pothead, or all Mexicans are drug traffickers, is just a stereotype and we cannot blame a whole group of people for what a few of them are doing.

    That’s just my point of view and I don’t mean to offend anybody.


  • Selene Jaramillo

    I think all the comments here are very racist. Stop stereotypes! Not all latinos ask for welfare!

    You should watch her…

  • ItchyTheClone

    Pay it back or go to jail. Those are the options that an American citizen faces when they steal from the government.

  • Ravenhawk Remington

    why do we continue to cater to theses illegal scum

  • Byron Shutt

    Cloward Piven Plan in action.

  • kim

    doport her illegal ass now. no wonder i go hungey nearly every day this is a disgrace

  • tom

    back there bags and get them out of here

  • Dr Moon

    It’s time for a real Revolution to rid our Nation of Left-wing Communists, they all deserve to be hung. Obama, Gutierrez, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Pelosi, Reid, The entire Congressional Black Caucus, and many, many more. We should then make Islam illegal and kick La Raza out of the Country. Let’s really take our Country back.

  • Linda

    This is disgusting I live on social Security only I applied for food stamps and was denied. I thought people had to citizens to collect Social Security.

  • Dan Reilly

    I am 62 years old , born and raised in the U.S.A, working since I was 14 and she gets $200.00 a month in social security money than I do on permanent disability! Maybe I should go swim the Rio Grande

  • I feel sorry for her, she should collect her welfare checks, get free housing, food stamps, Obama phone, free medical etc. she earned it by having 7 children, probably by 7 different fathers. Poor woman. Obamas poster child.

  • William Stearns

    I am amazed that anyone is surprised by this. Stolen identities, mismanaged public aid systems, This has been going on for decades and it is only now that the economy is bad enought that the haves are actually having to pony up the Money to cover it because the little guys in the 99% are tured if struggling on meger minimum wage salaries hile having the largest portion of their incomes taxed. I know they are in the lowest brackets but $70 is a lot of money to someone who only makes $800 a month. If you think my math is wrong but calculate it out yourself using the posted minimum wage numbers.

  • pghsheep

    Talk to them. You will know the truth.

  • Rizzan

    Scumbags… using ANYONE as target practice is dumb. Maybe I should use your kids as target practice, being as their so slow and dumb…

  • maintmech2

    I know veterans who can’t get the benefits they’ve earned. Just saying.

  • Chitcago

    It makes me sick.

  • Tinaw1969

    She is sickening! I want her ass thrown out of this country and she should be forced to pay back all the money she has stolen from us! We should send her to live with Obama and his family!

  • Jackie

    Sad thing is after my sick mother in law pays all her bills she has bout 15 bucks left for food and doesn’t qualify for food stamps cause she makes 25 dollars more than asking amount … Oh and we are AMERICAN ! Go figure right .

  • Carolyn Foster

    This just makes me fighting mad…..Even our own citizens aren’t treated this well & most of them have worked 50 years or more…. So unfair!!

  • Marc McKinley

    And our son who was born with Cerebral Palsy, is now 18 years old and trying to make it, which no one will hire him, gets turned down by Social Security for any type of help at all until he can find a job willing to accept his legitimate disability work to save and get off assistance! My son who was born in this country as were we and whose father has been serving in the military active duty for 24 years now can’t get help and this illegal law breaking invader can!!!!

  • Ed

    hey, on a positive note, she does speak English! lol

  • Ed

    P.S. – reading the comment section is always WAY more interesting than the articles!

  • Jill Kennard

    It pisses me off to have people that are here illegally getting all kinds of help when our vets,elderly,people who suffer from mental illness,homeless people all of whom are Americans either can’t get help or their help is delayed because of illegals.

  • Kristine Kelley Bailey

    Meanwhile my nephew with cerebral palsy, his wife and daughter get 49.00 per week for food. He is a legal US citizen that worked two jobs until he finally had to go on disability and he cannot get help. SICK of these illegals! Locally, a 33 year old illegal murdered a 19 year old college football player last Saturday. Walked into a 7-11 and started stabbing that 19 year old in the chest for no reason. WHEN will we stand up to our own government and politicians and say ENOUGH?

  • OHHH, but I thought they were “here to work & start businesses and create jobs ” ? I hope Obama has a big fat wallet to go with the phone & the pen.

  • Jim Hall

    Why dont they help the get real citizenship so they can get a job instead of being a leech on society

  • Jerald Mason

    get use to it.

  • Angela

    There’s a plan; there’s always a plan. Nothing EVER happens in politics by accident.

  • David Michael

    Cloward-Piven strategy at work. This is what B.Hussein Obama is truly after.

  • Vaughn Monti

    Put Pirahnah in the Rio Grande,,,

  • Tom Webster

    Over 20 years? This must be George seniors fault. Why are you blaming Obama?

  • Guest

    The majority swim the river? what a stupid comment…you’re article is just chock full of hatred and xenophobia…do some real research and some real reporting…

    • BuddyLuv

      Go on, I’ve had enough, dump my blues down in the gulf
      She loves you, Big River, more than me

  • Yolanda Estrada Muñoz

    This “article” and those responding are nothing but a bunch of xenophobes and ignorant ones at that…haaaaaa!

    • LibertarianUSA

      We’re American people tired of being taken advantage of, taxed to death, lied to and watching our beloved country drown.

    • BuddyLuv

      Did they teach you the word ‘xenophobe’ at UT? Apparently they didn’t teach you to think for yourself. See: LibertarianUSA below.

  • Vision Rider

    Welfare is an job creation racket for the folks handing out the checks. It is a failure of the system if anyone gets off welfare and becomes self sustaining without government (read taxpayer) money.

  • James Ogozaly

    She needs to be in jail for fraud

  • Mark Wade

    She entered this country illegally. She is guilty of “breaking and entering” our country. o different than if it was your house. She has been stealing our money (with monthly assistance, medications, etc.). And she has no conscience, believing that WE OWE it to her. Now, tell me how we-the-people allow this gross theft to continue with her and others like her who steal money, goods and services. Can you see an American entering another country and having this jackpot befall us? We would be thrown in the brig and the key be lost like Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi.

  • Rudd Miller

    that what Wrong I work

  • Courtney Harris

    ‘Get rid of all these illegals!’ cries the white people whose ancestors illegally immigrated here to commit genocide against the natives.

    • Bluerskies

      My ancestors arrived in the 1900’s. They had to wait 3 YEARS before they were allowed to come over, because you had to have a SPONSOR who would ensure you had a roof over your head and food to eat until you found employment.

    • common-sense-needed

      Do you mean the ‘natives’ that came over from China ..??

    • LibertarianUSA

      What a brainwashed liberal you are. 80% of white America residing here today are not descendants of the colonialists. They came over through legal emigration and went through this place called ELLIS ISLAND. Ever heard of it?

      We don’t deserve to lose this great country because if ignorant liberals and illegal moochers.

  • Philip Lowe

    Well our Government has been giving away sell off this country for years congress should have fixed these problem back in the 1945 but turned a blind eye to the problem they need to fix the loophole inn the 14th amendment and closed are open border

  • AntiObama

    Disgusting, sickening, the end or our country as we know it. And Obama is somehow making it even worse. Our country is now doomed, thanks to Obama.


    God. This pisses me off. I have payed taxes since I was 16. I lived below the poverty level as a United States Marine. And somehow they feel entitled? SMDH.

  • Harleco

    Her kids are American. As christians we should have a spirit of hospitality.

  • Just do it right

    The system is broken and she is just taking advantage of it. There are plenty of lazy, legal citizens, who have contributed nothing to this country, doing the same thing. Fix the system and most of them will go back home. Arrest the ones who employ them, dry up those jobs and they to will go back home.

  • Josh Gilman

    This HAS to stop. The other Americans who say “there’s enough for everyone” dont’ have a damn clue about what the’re doing to their own country and childrens’ future. ZERO CLUE.

  • lglnurse

    This just angers me beyond measure. I am a compassionate person. I would never have gone into the nursing profession if I wasn’t. However, I have to pay for my medications! Even with insurance I still had to shell out almost $500 for just part of what I have to take. There is nothing I did to get my kidney disease. My diabetes came later, and it is my job to manage it and do what I can to minimize or eliminate the necessary medications that keep me alive. These illegals traditionally have extremely poor health with higher hypertension high cholesterol and diabetes rates than the average. They will need more of our precious healthcare resources and will get them essentially free of charge because good ‘ole Obama will make it possible. If you are not utterly disgusted then there is something wrong with you. These people are stealing from your children’s future.

  • Sarah Mahala

    She draws almost as much in Social Security, which she has no right to, as I do at age 69 and a half and I worked hard for 33+ years, and that doesn’t even count the babysitting I did to earn money, to get the small SS I get and here she has had everything handed to her and has done nothing to deserve it. Is it any wonder that so many hard working Americans and those who came here and worked and got their citizenship so against Obama and amnesty and the illegal population??

  • capn-gary

    Nothing has changed in decades. When I worked at LA County/USC Women’s Hospital, we had 25,000 live births a year, on average. Over 98% of our patients were illegal aliens, mostly Mexican. Of that 98%, I’d guess that 99% of them were carried as ‘Not insured–no visible means of support.’ In other words, they showed up, usually already in labor, without a penny. Their ID was almost always a fake driver’s license. Do you have any idea how many ‘Maria Gonzales’s’ there are in Los Angeles? It’s in the thousands, at least, all with the same driver’s licence number but a different picture. Most of them with the same date of birth. (Which was usually not even CLOSE to the apparent age of the patient.)

    The gravita/para number (number of pregnancies/number of live births) averaged 7/6, with some as high as 19/18 or more.) Think about that: that’s 18 illegal aliens born to ONE mother–none by the same father, supposedly. No way of telling. Papa was usually nowhere to be found. His name was universally Juan Hernandez. Right.

    Of those 25,000 births, probably 10% of them were ‘difficult’ births requiring C-sections. Another 15-20% were premature and the babies ended up in the neonatal ICU for anywhere from a few days to weeks, or months. At around 15-20,000 dollars per kid, per day. We had two 25 incubator ICUs, and they were always full. You do the math. And that was in 1976-80 when I worked there. Those numbers have probably doubled or tripled by now. And that was just one of the four major LA County hospitals. LA County/Harbor General, LA County Martin Luther King, and the other one that slips my mind, PLUS Orange, Riverside, and San Bernadino County hospitals all had the same problem. So did USCD.

    So that’s what Obama is letting us in for–more of this–costing millions upon millions of YOUR tax dollars to support an illegal influx of Democratic voters.

  • LoboVeritas

    Not to forgive obama on this stupid stunt but this has been going for years aided and abetted by both parties. When the chance to cut this both parties objected and it is criminal.

  • Jose Marquez

    As you probably know by now this president DOES NOT care what you or I think about the illegals. This is the fault of two types of people. The people that gives them work and the politicians that don’t implement some harsh penalties for the people that gives them jobs. THIS problem will never end because the politicians make it easy for the illegals to be here. Also we must not only think that Mexicans are the only illegals coming into this country. SEND ALL OF THEM HOME.

  • Julia Brown

    I do not resent helping Americans who need help, but to come in and milk our system when we are going broke? Who will help these people when no one is working so they can get their “government money”?

  • Curt Harris

    Obama should be tried and hung for treason. He is weakened this country and is empowering outside groups to enter and take from this nation. Our leadership, both parties, are also allowing this to happen. Time to clean house people!

  • gbp91

    WTH is wrong with out system. listen people well over 2/3rds of the people on assistance do not need it. they are scamming the system which in turn means the workers in America are supporting the non workers….shameful libs who have done this

  • Ron Solberg

    this I one of how many?lets say there is 25 of these in every county in the us. 100 times as many in big populated countys, twice that many we forget about, figure all the countys in 50 states and you come up with a lot of money. this is figured very light.for every dollar we give to them we take from something else,vets are easy there time is over and served and lots are in no condition to complain so this goes on and on, next it will be taking from the defence dept and right down the line.
    its just getting to the point where it f— the American.

    • Beavus B’head

      I agree, palatially. But I believe most of this is part of everything he has done over the past 6 years – help create a permanent one-party system.

  • Larry Bobbitt

    Send all these illegals back where they came from. If the government wont take care of immigration maybe the citizens should.

  • James Rigney

    Stop spitting out kids and get a job.this is out of control. Send them back. Just think what would happen to us if we did this stuff if we went to there countrys and tryed to pull this crap……. firing squad for sure.

  • Donald J. Powell

    Any ILLEGAL who has COMMITTED a FELONY and their entire family should be DEPORTED. That means any ILLEGAL who has worked for cash under the table or used a Fake or Stolen SS Number should be IMMEDIATELY Deported.



  • bonnie

    I applied for assistance one time, and I wasn’t able to show up to workforce one day and i was stripped of my $33 of FS indefinably. I am hispanic (Mexican blood in my DNA) , every great grandparent of mine was born here, I live two miles from the border, Hispanics feel the pain especially because we are being over powered by illegal crossers and starting small businesses, if we leave up north we’ll be looked at like we are the illegals 🙁 its a sad situation in South Texas.

  • white38yieldmale

    I lost my job in June where I was making $120,000 per year, paying my share of taxes and because I was smart and banked my money I wasn’t eligible for anything. They told me that if I was late on my bills I could qualify for some type of assistance. All I was looking for was medical for my son!! It’s bad enough that FL only pays a max of $275/week in unemployment, but because I didn’t piss away my money I get no help. I am not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me because I was truly blessed with a good job that allowed me to save money, but I wanted to illustrate the reverse discrimination that is present today.

  • pelon

    If she has been here for over 20 years why didn’t prior presidents deport her.

  • dasouf101

    Wait wait wait! This has been goin on for 20 years, Obama has been in office for 5 years and Florida has been Republican led for how long and this has finally surfaced?

  • pelon

    If Republicans were so worried about IMMIGRATION why did they not pas legislation so President Obama did not have to use his executive power. Congress is like the man calling wolf, they complain about what President Obama does, but they do nothing before he does it. Immigration has on the table for years and The Speaker did not bring immigration to a vote.

  • Smartypants

    You guys are so ignorant and gullible. The author of this should be sued for lying. You cannot get any kind of government assistance without a legal status (usually permanent residence or citizenship) the process is long and costly. If this lady was able to get government assistance it is because she either became a legal resident or she provided fake information which is ID theft and she would be liable to pay money back.

  • justavenger

    Put a reformer in the White House. Stop all welfare, give the jobs to only American born

  • Crystal Lyn Strong-b

    She needs to pay all of that back .

  • norma

    This is a dam shame. 20 years. I get 530 a month, and NO food stamps, cause i make to much. She can clean a house or something. I never got nothing free, but these bastards can.

  • Rob Armstrong

    There is no such thing as illegal immigration. By definition , immigration is a process of legally moving to another country. These aliens need to get the f**k out. Now. There nothing more than parasites.

  • Jay Tysver

    now we work for mexico,,, good job obumer voters,, maybe just maybe next time you vote the person in by merits,, not by a slogan

  • Mike Kunze

    This make me wanna PUKE on her and anyone like her. To flaunt it and our gov doesn’t even know it.

  • My 2 cents or sense.

    Is there any way articles and conversations like this could go directly to each and every states congress person? They should hear just how the 99% of the country feels. I know there are protest and signs held up, but they need to just read things like this. Enough is enough. I’m on disability and have worked since I was 16, now am 64, and I can barely make ends meet. But, the illegals live better than I do. I’ve paid in so much over the years, and then they take it. Sad Day In America.

  • robert kelly

    Stop all aid to immigrants that are not legal , if any handouts they should start with American citizens first, then if anything is left maybe the illegals.

  • geof

    How about, we give them a green card TO WORK but NO BENEFITS?. Many people who come over from impoverished countries and get these benefits are so much better off than their brethren that many do not even think of working.They see themselves as being in fat city. Rather than work they have large families for which they receive greater benefits. Unfortunately., after a while even with these benefits they see others around them who are working hard and getting ahead and who have more stuff ,so what happens then? Answer, they listen to a POS like Obama who tells them that they are in “poverty, poor, not getting their “Fair Share” and that they need to go vote Democrat who will give them more for their vote. Folks, nearly half the people in this country do not work. If a person truly can’t work but has tried to help himself then I’m all for giving some help but if they do things which impede their own ability to work then I say “Good luck , God bless you, bye bye. but this boy don’t walk that road anymore.” Since I don’t discriminate I would apply this to those born and raised in the U S as well.

  • barry1817

    and while this is happening we are told that we have to cut funds to the military something about we are running out of money for the miltiary, but we never seem to run out of money for welfare, and I guess it Gruber’s people, those Stupid Americans that think we can afford this, and that money just comes from the government money fairy.

  • barry1817

    and it the economic illiterates that Gruber speaks of that want fairness for those that break the law, but fairness for them is doing severe harm to those that are having their time/energy and money taken from them to promote this “fairness”

    And what is fair about forcing people to pay for the welfare of those that are here ILLEGALLY>

  • Liza Bustamante

    Legal Americans do it too!

  • Yaelle G

    I don’t know what is going on here, but I just discovered this site about half an hour ago & already I have read several outright LIES.
    I’m shocked.
    Some background here: I am a staunch conservative, registered Republican & a veteran. (Female, 38 years old, disabled & mom of 2) .
    I have read such … suspicious claims in just the 3 articles I’ve seen that I am starting to wonder if this is either satire or outright racist propaganda!!
    I’ve been accused of being prejudiced on more than one occasion & although I don’t belive I really am (THAT much), I’d say if I am calling this site racist as hell, its out there…. big time.

    WTF?? People BELIEVE this shiz. Irresponsible at best.

    • BuddyLuv

      Did you know the day before Turkey Day is called Troll Day? Happy Troll Day!

  • BuddyLuv

    Wow! She speaks English.

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, “Improper Entry by Alien,” any citizen of any country other than the United States who:
    * Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or
    * Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or
    * Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;

    has committed a federal crime.

    Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.

    So if I am understanding this law written above ALL illegal aliens have criminal records for breaking the law to get to this country so it looks like none of them can stay and need to be deported!

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Free handouts to illegals is not why we pay taxes – including the illegal in our WH.

  • txguy1

    When you learn of illegals collecting welfare, gather as much information about them as you can get and turn them in. When calculating the amount of welfare a family can get in the state of Texas all income in the household must be reported. When all the income is reported, many people who are receiving welfare will be cut off.

  • Linda

    She needs to be deported not only is guilty of being here illegally, but she is guilty of fraud.

  • Randy

    Those slime balls who are nothing more than enablers of scam artists will one day wake up to no “job” because of all the illegal aliens that they have signed up for all of these freebies!! And THEN what will they do? Sit on their ass and wonder what went wrong?


  • Laurel


  • Tammy

    All this while 1 out of 30 children that are here Legally dont even have a home . SAD Very sad .

  • datadon

    Throw the bitch and her 7 SOB’s back in Mexico.

  • Raven Harris

    Literally this is ridicoulous!! Obama won’t pay for the legal poor or homeless americans, but he’ll pay for the illegal aliens??

  • scarlettny

    Well Governor what are you going to do about this crime. Because it is a crime to the American people who pay into SS. These people are sucking us dry. We need a hero, to come forward and say THIS IS ENOUGH NO MORE.

  • Chrissums

    And they wonder why hardworking people are trying to find any way possible to avoid taxes. We are done paying for these scumbags. CASH is king, and I it is the way I prefer to get paid anymore.

  • Guest

    Stories like this are why I no longer respect the authority of this government anymore.

  • Alexandra Ormsby

    This is absolutely NO surprise! I see Hispanic (it’s politically incorrect to call them Mexicans) women with baby strollers all over L.A. in the middle of the day, when I’m walking around downtown on my lunch hour. Come to T.J.L.A. and walk down Broadway from 1st to 10th, and you will see for yourself. Who is supporting these people? Well — you guessed it — YOU and ME!!

  • Alexandra Ormsby

    The bottom line is: We cannot take care of all 7 billion people on Earth, about 5 billion of which are living in dire poverty. There is NO WAY we can take them all in nor send them money. Get over your infantile ‘rescue’ mentality. Take care of yourself and your family, and expect others to do the same. If they don’t, tough luck!









  • Mellow Yellow

    She doesn’t get Social Security. She gets SSI (Supplemental Security Income) which is a needs-based program (welfare) that she got by filing a disability claim in all probability. SSI is (usually) paid out by both Federal AND State contributions.

  • deanrd

    It’s illegal for illegals to get food stamps or welfare. Come on people. Don’t be stupid. It’s embarrassing you call yourselves American.

    • Bunny

      Don’;t be stupid their ANCHOR BABIES have can get all the entitlements they want. You think the welfare check goes to the babies to spend? DUH!

  • Diane

    Obama seems to want to enslave the American people! Why isn’t this Kenya native IMPEACHED?

    • M.A.Rue

      You can’t impeach a non-citizen President.

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  • Jerry

    Trash like this are welcome with open arms by democrats. All to get votes. This madman you call the president is aware of this and is willing to sacrifice our treasury and our future to get Mexican votes. I spit on democrats that are ruining america and our kids future with debt that can never be repaid!

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  • xnerd

    illegals cant get assistance, sorry to tell you but the computer system wont even process a claim without a ss number non of the dhs software will and there is no way to bypass that. i have worked in michigan and texas and its the same deal

    • M.A.Rue

      They are given the information on who & how to do this when they cross the border. But you just keep up the good work denying what is REALLY happening.

    • Bunny

      Hey dummy, their ANCHOR BABIES have Social Security cards. DUH!!!!!!!

  • xnerd

    its beyond breathtaking hoewstupid your readers are. even documented immigrants have a 5 year waiting period for any type of assistance

    • Bunny

      Hey dummy, their ANCHOR BABIES have Social Security cards. DUH!!!!!!! Before you call others stupid, you should look in the mirror.

  • xnerd

    this is bogus. You can not get snap tanf or any other assistance program as an undocumented alien What unmittigated nonsense. I see about 50 right wing blogs running this bullshit story. You people will believe anything.

    The program that we run at DHS will not allow a case to even begin to be processed without a SS number. there is no way to bypass that requirement in any way shape or form NO EXCEPTIONS

    This would be hilarious if it were not so breathtaking that so many people can be this stupid
    I have worked in Michigan and Texas and its the same deal.

    Illegals can NOT even apply for assistance.

    • M.A.Rue

      If you think ILLEGALS can’t get food stamps, you need to stand in line behind them at the local grocery. And they can’t even apply for assistance? Really? What fantasy world do you live in?

    • Bunny

      Their US Citizen Anchor babies sure can get assistance!

  • xnerd

    lol this is from a chaim email that was debunked in 2010 lololol!!!

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  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    This is sad cause my grand daughter has a little boy and she works and she can’t even get help and these people come in to our country and take from us. I’m sick of this we need a president and a congress to stop this now not last year.

  • Kostadin Daskalov

    A person can be undocumented, not illegal. It is the action that can be illegal.

    • Bunny

      They are here illegally, they are illegal. No need for PC BS!

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  • M.A.Rue

    Why do the few remaining taxpayers even bother to work?

  • M.A.Rue

    Try 35 million, & since that’s a Fed figure, you know it’s at least twice that number.

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  • bassmanlike

    i see it every day no onder the country is broke

  • Dee Myers

    as soon as they pop a american citizen .they start getting help.first wic then medicaid and so on.
    go to the grocery stores and i see one with a new baby and pregnant again.cashing wic vouchers.
    and using a EBT card. and cant understand what the cashier is telling her.about she cant get what she is buying with her wic vouchers. what a joke!

  • Ctaj

    “ever since she illegally entered the U.S. by swimming the Rio Grande”

    It takes a pretty small person to swim in ankle-deep water.

    “the average illegal alien takes in $19,000 more in public benefits each year than they contribute in income, sales taxes and social security contributions combined.”

    Documentation, please.

  • Mary Rimmer

    I agree . Everywhere now , in CA you see people who will not speak English ,
    have zero allegiance to this Country and push to take advantage of everything they can
    Trump is right about this one . The stupid politicians are responsible for this .

  • Jg Talented1

    Then they turn down Americans citizens for aid. Many Americans who pay into the system become disabled get nothing. Nothing for the vets who fought wars. The working class who are left out & never given that hand up. Then their situations worsen(like the Ohio couple who committed suicide) they are left to rot. The govt. takes great pleasure in destroying the lives of the native born. Illegals need to be booted out. Pay citizen patrols to round them up it will also create jobs. The drones are useful and there’s plenty of work to do in kicking out these parasites. They contribute nothing and get everything. The govt. is taking social security away from the boomer generation of workers and plans to economically rape the generations behind them. If you don’t pay in how in the hell do you get other’s money? Dock the money of the govt. workers who are so happy to assist this fresh evil and deny real Americans what they’ve worked for.

  • Jg Talented1

    I find it amazing, that the federal govt. can invade your personal info, spy on U.S citizens with the NSA tapping their phones, the IRS used to harass conservatives and drones used for spying. Yet the fed claims it can’t monitor a bunch of conspicuous, non-English speaking illegal immigrants? Really?

  • mike myers

    why can`t i receive housing assistence i am disable receive ss and medicare

  • Gary Riddle

    And Pelosi and the other democrats told me the illegals would help our economy and help pay my social security. Who knew!

  • Linda Lewis


  • Linda Lewis

    now he is bringing in Syrian refugees, he calls them!! no not even, most are terrorist, and we will be paying for them!!

  • Sean T Gallagher 3/7

    if her children are born here they will be eligible ..They are the american citizens ..don’t like it ,well change the constitution but no matter what this post says it is legal if her children were born here ..sorry folks But do any of you KNOW how to suspend a constitutional amendment

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  • beccababy73

    Wasn’t their a time limit on how long people could be on benefits? A Two year limit unless you disabled and can’t work, right? why is that not being enforced?

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  • Thomas Moloian

    to the fucking ugly Mexican bitch at top of page who’s been collecting assistance from us taxpayers, your days are #’d and when the Donald is president you better run back to mexico you ugly leaching bitch!

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