Illegal Alien SUING First Responders Who Rescued Him From Drowning (Video)


“I need money”. Greedy illegal alien Roy Ortiz is suing those who saved his life.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Last year we profiled an illegal alien felon who had made nearly $200,000 by mass-filing frivolous lawsuits against L.A. restaurants.

But that was just about a creep trying to game the system. This is truly disgusting.

An illegal alien in Colorado is suing several first responders who took part in rescuing him last September, when he became trapped in his car during a flash flood.

They saved Roy Ortiz’ life — and to repay them he is suing them, for not getting him out fast enough.

The document, lists Boulder County sheriff’s deputies, a member of the Westminster dive team, Broomfield and the North Metro Fire Rescue District as potential defendants.

On Sept. 12, Ortiz’s vehicle was washed off the road, and the rushing waters flipped the car upside down. It took North Metro Fire Rescue about two hours to bring Ortiz to safety. Ortiz now claims that rescuers were negligent in their duty because they should have extracted him from his car faster.

It is disgraceful, and he’s doing it all for money. Said Ortiz:

Well, I’m happy. I’m really happy to be alive…But I’m looking for some help with my bills. I don’t have the money to pay.”

So an illegal alien, who is breaking our laws, who like millions of illegals may well have engaged in social security and document fraud to obtain unlawful employment….now wants MORE from us?

All he should get is deported.

His lawyer, Ed Ferszt, told 7 News Denver:

Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach?”

Ortiz, who claims he is still suffering from shoulder pain, is seeking $500,000 in damages.

We might never know that Ortiz was here illegally if not for the intrepid work of FoxNews’ Gretchen Carlson, who dramatically outed Ortiz on air after obtaining the information from Ortiz’ attorney before the broadcast:

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Restore him to the flooded car….

  • John R Willis


  • Rudd Miller

    What a ass hole what the F#$% is he doing the us ????

  • HogWild1964

    I wish I could be on the jury he would get nada! Then he should be deported immediately!

  • CalCin

    His lawyer is a real jewel.

  • Stan Bryars

    Sorry Roy, but SCOTUS has already ruled that they had no obligation to assist you at all

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    what a POS – may his fat -ss have a heart attack and the ambulance get lost on the way to the call

  • StopTheFlood

    E-Verify! If we had E-Verify in place he probably wouldn’t be here in the first place. Damn blood-sucking leach. He is probably getting free medical care somewhere.

  • Thomas Meadows

    The lawyer and the judge should have their licenses pulled

  • John

    Fight fire with fire.

    The illegal has to lay his head somewhere. Shame him at home. Shame his employer. Make his life a legal living hell.

    Same goes for the ambulance chaser. You can tie him up with hundreds of ethics complaints with the state bar.

  • Rob

    unbelievable. If this jack wad wins every illegal will also jump on the frivolous law suit bandwagon.

  • Nunya

    Want more of this BS ??? Vote Hillary in 2016 and you will get it.

  • Bonnie Witten

    Pos living her illegally send him back where he belongs. It’s not the first responders fault he was in the river it was the driver of the other car. I hope this greedy ass hole gets nothing. And it does matter if u are in this country illegally to us the us citizens. I hope the judge sets this looser straight

  • Charlie

    The sad thing is some lawyer will take the case!!!!

  • Rich Patino

    If he was not here, it would have never happened!
    Wrong place at the wrong time, thats his bad not the fire department! Ship him out of this country, already too much money spent on him for using the tax payers money to pay for his matter of “funk”!

  • Angi

    Can you even HAVE a valid driver’s license if you don’t belong here? If he was driving without one, is he facing charges for that, like I would be? Ship his money-grubbing ass back to where he came from! I had to finance…FINANCE…my daughter’s braces because I WORK, PAY TAXES, AND PAY FOR MY HEALTH COVERAGE! He wants money to pay his bills??? GO HOME YOU POS!! And to the lawyer who defends him…thanks for nothing…you’re a POS, too.

    • KiaOra

      It may surprise you but people drive cars in other countries. Most of those licenses are valid to use in the USA. Very similar if you visit another country from the USA – they will let you drive your rental.

    • skeptical1

      I think your comment should read more like this… Can you even have a ‘VALID’ driver’s license if you don’t belong here?

      • Darryl Lee
      • Bonnie

        It should read, should you be allowed to get a license if you can’t even take the written test without allowing another person in there with you to take the test and telling you the answers. They cannot even read their own language to take a written test. So I ask, how can they read our road signs that for now are still in English.

        • Bonnie

          and this guy is basically hanging his self because the next time he needs help do you think anyone that knows he’s sue happy is going to try to save him when they know they could be sued for doing it?

          • BarfromLV

            But he won’t have a sign on his car notifying others that he is sue happy.

    • ttuttle

      Certain states, California being one of them, have just made it legal for illegal aliens to get a driver’s license. I know it sounds crazy, but true.

    • Vance Freeman

      You’re kidding right? Several states allow licenses without legal status checks i including my own state of Washington. And here you can register to vote at the same time…. It sucks!

      • Darryl Lee
        • Kay Hall

          You do have to be a citizen to vote, but Colorado gave thousands out to the illegals a Colorado legal drivers license in error, but then said they are sure they will return them all voluntarily now. Right. It was in the papers and on the news and now has been forgotten and nothing more is being done before our elevtion. Sure smells to me. Wonder who is keeping track of this one? Check it out, Denver Post, about last month.

      • Dodging bullets in Salinas

        It is SO WRONG to be able to vote and be an illegal here, I don’t care what country you are from!

    • Lucinda Bentz Carlino

      Thanks to the Liberals of this country, they are trying to get the states to give illegals licenses, and I bet they don’t have to carry insurance……………..

      • Goofy1954

        And we will be left to pay for damages and called racist if we contest anything these jerks in DC say

      • adoremeorelse

        I bought a brand new car… and was rearended 10hrs later by an illegal. The woman had no license, registration, or insurance. The police allowed her to leave the scene in her car and told me I’d be allowed to ask for damages in court. Welcome to colorado! God knows if it were one of us our vehicles would be impounded and we’d have serious hell to pay.

        • Dylan

          back in 09 my dads 08 honda civic got the entire engine and front end ripped off the car from an illegal here in california running a red light while my dad was turning right on his green, with a camera on the intersection and multiple witnesses that stayed to give their report. she was aloud to call for a ride, her husband, presumably an illegal also with expired tags to pick her up and take her home, not even a ticket, now my dad still drives a 09 honda civic but now pays over $500 a month for it cause we didnt have any down payment, and lucky to even drive off the lot with it in the first place, here it is 2014, almost payed off and still not a single dime, mercury insurance says we dont have undocumented driver insurance or some bs and they disappeared as soon as they got a notice to show for court back in 2010. Some justice huh!

          • Darryl Lee
          • Ellen K

            State of Texas requires uninsured/underinsured driver riders on all policies.

          • Raymond Satterley

            In other words, a law abiding citizen is being forced to subsidize insurance for illegal immigrants who don’t have insurance.

          • Bonnie

            Yes, because you can’t make a person get insurance on a vehicle that is not in their name in the first place. Sellers beware, make sure your name is removed from any attachments to your vehicle before you sell it because you can be liable for what happens.

          • rrwagner

            Not if you only carry liability.

          • Bonnie

            So Dylan, Mercury did not cover for the damages? I would like to know because we have Mercury Insurance and if that is true, we will cancel them when we move.

          • rrwagner

            Same here in Texas – I was broadsided by an illegal with no license and no insurance; I only had liability because I owned the car. Not only did they let the illegal go, but when I husband arrived to pick me up since my car had to be towed to a junk lot, the cop gave him a ticket for his one month expired inspection sticker. *face palm*

          • Fawkes

            There are people out there that dont get UMI? Since i got my own policy that was the only thing i wanted, and its only like 3 dollars extra, its a no brainer

        • Darryl Lee
        • Ellen K

          We have a large resident alien population from the Middle East. My own students tell me that their fathers go out, buy cars and hand the keys over to their moms without instruction or license. When they get in a wreck, they either pay cash or they simply lawyer up. This is why Texas has an estimated 25% of drivers on the road that are unlicensed and uninsured costing legal drivers more in insurance and repair costs.

          • rickwalk

            I used to write the you know what out of tickets for no insurance when I worked traffic for Houston PD. I figured if I had to pay up for insurance so do they, or anyone else for all that matters……..

        • Pam

          I bet you won in court and received the judgement awarded too…. that was sarcasm…. my guess, you weren’t even able to find her to serve her for court

        • SniperRanger

          That’s why the Gov wants to everyone have some kind of ID or DL so they can be responsible DUH! …

          • Anthony Perruc

            How’s this for responsible>Stay in your own country until you can come here legally. End of story.

        • Bonnie

          I hear you Adoremeorelse, but if you had hit that person they would have taken your car and thrown you in jail.

      • Ferrari fan

        of course, if they have valid, state-issued ID’s then they can circumvent voter ID laws, It’s a win-win for the dems.

      • Darryl Lee
      • SniperRanger

        Are you a moron? BY LAW you must have insurance in your car!

        • Anthony Perruc

          Then why don’t they?

        • Joe Tokoph

          SniperRanger, you really should change your name, you have never been a sniper, nor have you certainly EVER been a Ranger. The way you express yourself here proves your way to young to be having big boy conversations, so why don’t you go find your Mommy ask for some Vanilla Wafers and play with your legos. By law the beaners are not suppose to be crossing the border, everything else beaners do after crossing the border illegally is a mute point, they should be rounded up and firing squad on television broadcast to all of Mexico, that will slow them from coming.
          The true born US Mexicans are being grouped into the whole pot even though they arent illegal, I feel bad for those people, NOT REALLY since those hunks of crap are stashing beaners in extra bedrooms.
          Just because Obama wants to blow you to gain your Dem vote doesn’t mean the rest of us agree with it, or support you in anyway. If given the chance I would always vote to separate you from your family and send you back to where you were born. Once illegal always illegal.

        • Murff

          Dude, you gave up your right to say “duh” or any other comment regarding intelligence when you proved yourself to be an idiot, right of the bat.

        • paula

          Amazing. In your world where everyone MUST have insurance IN your car, do they still make drivers have insurance for uninsured motorists? Ever heard of that? It exists because (wait for it), people don’t always obey the law. If they had obeyed the law in the cases mentioned here, they would not have run red lights or failed to follow at a safe distance and then there would have been no accident. See how that happens in the real world?

      • Plchap

        YOU are so full of misinformation. Its not the “liberals” stupid!! Unless you consider Ronald Reagan a liberal. Know your history before you spout this garbage.

      • Bonnie

        They don’t even register the cars in their own names, so I highly doubt they are going to get car insurance. I was behind one at a light and he hit me in reverse when the light changed to go and I got out of my car to get his license and insurance information and he tried to run me over with his car. I immediately drove to the nearest police station to give my report, the make, model, color and yes even the license plate number of the vehicle that hit me and the officer told me I was basically wasting my time to even report it. He said more than likely the car isn’t registered in their name and they don’t have insurance. So, I had to use my insurance to pay for the damage to my car from someone else, that does not belong here.

        • Dodging bullets in Salinas

          Illegals are protected in many cities know as “sanctuary cities” they have more rights than citizens do and it’s disgusting!!

        • BarfromLV

          And that probably made your insurance premium go up! Right?

    • Ali Katla

      The morons in some states have allowed “undocumented” citizens the right to drive. New Jersey is now going to allow it. Let’s just keep allowing lawbreakers more privileges. Good idea. Why have laws any more? It’s disgusting that legal citizens have to play by the rules of this country or suffer the consequences, and those who break the law and are here ILLEGALLY are given all the breaks. This ridiculousness needs to stop.

      • Hoimaha Coin

        In fairness. .I lived there in Colorado when they passed for illegal asshats like this to get drivers license…it was never put to a vote by the people. was just passed in the night with no word until it was done with…should publicly flog these people and then deport them to another country we dont like

        • Darryl Lee
        • Carmela DonVito

          California has passed a law that illegals can actually practice law….Yeah, be a lawyer in Cali….smh….guess because there are sooooo many illegals there….we citizens are now the minority.

          • Deb La Vigne

            I remember growing up I thought California was the Golden State, so beautiful, so proud, & so strong financially. Sad to see the financial devastation & crime the high rate of illegals has caused there.

          • SniperRanger

            Yeah damn Illegals

          • rrwagner

            Your comment and your post don’t match. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are invaders…. like bugs.

          • Whoda


          • Dodging bullets in Salinas

            They aren’t “NATIVE AMERICANS, there IS a difference between the two. like the pic that is posted! Idiots need to stop referring to that. It’s lame!

          • dontdoitagain

            I used to live in Salinas. Salinas is a “sanctuary city” and white people aren’t wanted.

          • Independant Thinker

            Illegal means criminal and that is a crime. It chould be treated as such and criminals are not suppose to benefit from their crimes. This means NO REWARDS for their criminal activities including ID theft, stealing Social Security numbers, driving without a license, stealing our jobs, or being in an accident that was at least partly their fault. Gratitude apparently isn’t in this mans vocabulary but stealing is. The rule Do not pass go, Go direct to jail. seems to apply here.

          • Charles Morlan

            Do you want us handling the problem the way the the native american tribes did?

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Works for me . . .

          • dontdoitagain

            Yeah and that worked out so well for Natives that we should allow it now? What is your point?

          • got2breal

            Thank you, I am of partial indian descent (Apache (father) and Maya (mother). My father went his grave refusing to acknowledge his ancestry because of him being ostracized as a child. I was lucky I got my heritage information out of him the one time he was in a good mood.

          • Lucinda Bentz Carlino

            You are so ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am talking about the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not the legal and legit people. I come from a family of immigrants and married into one!!! The difference is that when you come here through the proper channels, I applaud all of those who come here and want to be REAL AMERICANS, IT HAS NOTHING DO WITH RACE!!! People like you (you have to be a liberal) are always crying RACE. Even the immigrants that came here the RIGHT WAY are even disgusted by what they are doing!!!!! People like you are what is RUINING THIS COUNTRY WITH THEIR IGNORANCE. By the way you are defending these CRIMINALS, you are probably one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • nmpher29

            What did she say that was ignorant? She was talking about illegals ruining the state of California. WTH???? Simmer down and re-read her post. Sheesh.

          • Plchap

            Did you say (you have to be a liberal)?? That remark negated any credibility you might have had Lucinda… You are here legally, but you sure don’t understand things.

          • Faylene Marie Gostanian-Whalin

            I went back and re-read all the posts and did not see anything about the race of the illegal. All I saw is that true American citizens are fed up with being kicked to the curb by our government while they kiss the ass of people of any color that feel they are to f’n special to follow the laws. Next time read slowly so you know what it is you are flipping out over.

          • Linda Lee

            Ok, well maybe no one did post the cucaracha’s race, but I will . He’s another lawless, grasping fat little Mexican who like most of the rest of them come here to exploit us for all we are worth. You can tell me I am biased and prejudiced, but not racist. Hispanic is NOT a race. Look it up.

          • Tammy Chesney

            seriously. lol

          • MarialBach

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          • sgb1

            I see nothing about race in that post. Illegals come from all over the world. Opposition can’t be racially based because all races comprise the illegal population. Remember that Ireland was wanting special treatment in that regard?

          • PTM123

            The real ignorant one would appear to be you, Lucinda. She was talking about illegals. You seem to be a bit out of control…consider getting help for your condition.

          • Kenneth Dreger

            BTW, they really are not Illegal Immigrants, legally they are called Illegal Aliens according to every law on the books (outside CA) !

          • Elizabeth Armijo

            you can thank the movie star washup Governor for most of that.

          • mogul264

            Gov. Moonbeam Brown was a movie star? Must have been a teensy part!

          • SniperRanger

            and what about American youngsters traveling to Learn Medicine in another universities ? we should say no and return them to your country? Dumbass

          • Kristopher Schroder

            There’s a diff if you have a Valid Visa. You Moron !!

          • Anthony Perruc

            That’s called having a STUDENT VISA moron. You do have to go back to your own country afterwards. I wish the foreign students here would do the same instead of skipping out on their expired visas.

          • Guest

            did they go there legally, or illegally? If they went to other countries to learn medicine in another university then by all means ship their asses home.

          • David Cope

            If they went to other countries illegally then by all means ship them home.

          • Murff

            What does that have to do with invading illegally?

          • mogul264

            Fine with me! The money stays here too, then!

          • Cathy Doyle Kelly


          • Patty Glass

            yes, if you want! We are Americans! We benefit the world more then the world benefits us at this point!

          • SniperRanger

            HA HA HA ! ‘We are the Americans’ LOL

          • Elizabeth Armijo


          • Linda Lee

            What’s next judges from a cracker jacks box?

          • Libralee

            Does that mean they can just start acting like a lawyer or does it mean they can actually go to school and get a law degree and THEN practicing law as an illegal?????? lol

          • Jeffery McDowell

            California is and has been for many years a “STATE OF DELUSION” they actually think they are a real state!. I left there because of asinine laws such as this. If you go to Mexico, or South America and attempt such a legal action, they would throw you out so fast you couldn’t even pack!

          • got2breal

            I would say “vote them out!”. It seems CO is a-lot like CA a blue state and unless a miracle happens, that won’t happen. SMH!!!

        • Kay Hall

          And now they mistakenly gave them real drivers licenses so they can drive and vote.

          • Carolyn Burton

            We have a real problem with car wrecks because illegals can’t read the road signs they end up going the wrong way. For illegals to have drivers licenses is ludicrous. As far as voting, I thought you had to be a citizen, although with all the perks these people are given (more than citizens), they may be able to vote in some places – if so, it stinks skunk spray (trying to keep it clean)

          • rrwagner

            You do have to be a citizen. My dad was always a legal resident alien, but could never vote.

          • Carolyn Burton

            Good for him – he came here the right way – we all immigrated from somewhere

          • sgb1

            I didn’t immigrate from somewhere. My great-great grandparents on both sides did come here but I didn’t. I’m tired of supporting these arrogant criminals.

          • Carolyn Burton

            I’m a few generations down myself

          • natural rights

            I didn’t immigrate from anywhere. I am a native American. I was born here and my ancestors built this country.

          • Dodging bullets in Salinas

            You can thank the illegal alien support group like LA RAZA (The Race) talk about a racist group!

        • Jay Snyder

          Under my bill outline for immigration reform, states that do not assist in enforcement and implement policies that encourage illegal immigration (like granting DL’s, granting gov. assistance, and instate tuition) would be penalized though the loss of federal funding. That is a key enforcement policy that must be included in any immigration reform.

          • Dodging bullets in Salinas

            If there is no incentive to come here illegally, as in free benefits, housing assistance, your kid becomes instant citizen if born here, etc, then you will see less of them climbing the wall to get here! Now we have thousands of illegal kids coming over the border, who knows what diseases they carry and who’s a MS-13 gang member! UGH!!

        • Linda Lee

          That’s what liberals do, pass things in the night like furtive burglars

        • Bettina Thompson

          vote em out!

        • Paul Rice

          Looks as though the US is really in decline , and the blame can be put squarely on the shoulders of ALL politicians , local or national

      • Darryl Lee
      • Frances Noyan

        California is one of them ! No surprise there, look who is our Governor !!

      • got2breal

        The reason they give the illegals a Drivers License (like they have done here in CA), is to have them vote in the 2016 Presidential race.

      • Paul Rice

        How can a non citizens have a driving license of a country this goes against all laws

    • Michael P Reed Sr.

      That lawyer is a money grubbing ambulance chaser, out to make a buck off this illegal alien who should be in jail and then sent home and a bill sent to his home country for saving him, jailing him, feeding him, and sent home. The home country can then make him work off the debt.

    • Rob Paydon

      Yeah they can have liscensea in some states they’re called “magnet” states and I live in one too. It’s unreal the DMV is usually filled with 3x more illegals than Americans but just because they have a liscense doesn’t mean they have insurance so they drive our insurance up to pay for all the uninsured drivers around here. Just another one of the gifts of living in a liberal state

      • Darryl Lee
        • Rob Paydon

          Thanks I signed last week but that’s absolute bs that that kids still in there and can u think of any other president who wouldn’t at least pretend to be outraged but we get absolutely nothing from Obama not one word that he cares or that he even knows. He can speak out about Trayvon and every other event that he might be able to spin in a racial direction but nothing when it comes to a Marine needing our help in a country that owes this country it’s economic existence, I mean come on there’s no pressure we can apply to get him out of there?? Like I said absolute bs and this country should be ashamed for whats passing as leadership

      • Mike Souza

        people use to fly plane loads of illegals from other states to here in New Mexico long enough to get a drivers license then fly them back to the state they came from to be clear they weren’t only from Mexico
        or South America

    • Darryl Lee
    • Deb La Vigne

      A lot of states allow illegal aliens to have drivers licenses so they can vote for Democrats, who then give out more freebies to illegals to gain more voters, it’s a vicious cycle & we pay for it!

    • Jenn Komansky

      that’s the problem its because OBAMA is letting it happen

    • LlarryLLama

      Good point..he would be going to court with “dirty hands”, therefore the case couldn’t proceed.

    • Lovie McDonald

      Obama says to give them licenses.. so they can get welfare and whatever else they want.. much more than Americans can get!

    • NoTyme4BS

      If they are here with a stolen Identity, they can get whatever they want. These people are scum.

    • Herp Derpington

      Yes, you can. Many states allow undocumented immigrants to have licenses. CT and CA included/

  • Dennis Johnston

    You can hardly blame them. The corrupt lawyers and judges in concert with a corrupt administration is almost begging these bottom feeders to sue any and all Americans and American institutions. We are a blank check to the world. Where does the fault really lay? Any judge who would hear this case should be disbarred along with the scum sucking attorney who represents this pig!

  • Azumpire

    Box him up and ship him back to mexico. Not only that, ILLEGALs are not allowed to sue anyone in America, because they are not allowed the same civil rights as LEGALs in this country. He should be thrown into sheriff Joe’s jail for a few months for trying to abuse a legal system has has 0 rights to use, then ship his sorry ass back to mexico.

  • ShellzMacaroni

    He’s illegal, just send him back and shut him up .. SMH

  • damifinoone2

    I can’t believe we have a legal system that is so screwed up that a case like this even sees the light of day.

  • kenan0101

    Ungrateful, entitled future democrat, P.O.S. sues legal residents while he was operating criminally in this country.

  • heidisatwork

    yeah thats the way to thank the man who saved your life….truly disgusting

  • Walt

    Let them ALL die.

  • skeptical1

    What they SHOULD DO… BUT THEY WONT is ARREST him and charge him with risking a catastrophe for driving into the flood water in the first place.

    • Kris Lowell-Furman

      In Az we have the stupid driver law. If you try to cross a flooded road and get trapped you have to pay for the cost of rescuing you. It’s not the first responder’s fault that you are a dumb ass!

    • Ruth

      Yes, he risked the lives of the rescuers when they had to get him out. He should pay for that.

  • Eva Mcknight

    They should have left him in the car. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about bills. He is not a citizen so why is he allowed to have any rights. Deport him.

  • Leftbehind

    May I suggest shooting this POS ILLEGAL and his Atty ?

  • General_Z

    What a piece of $hit! “I need money”, so let me take some of yours?! A$$

  • Pat Conniff

    Selfish waste of human flesh

  • Adam L.

    We need a law that says if you want to participate in the legal system and enjoy the protection of the constitution you have to be a citizen. You can’t sue someone if you’re not a citizen. If you ask me, you’re just trespassing.

  • betty

    next time let him drown

  • Bobby

    WTF???? stupid ass!

  • theelviscerator

    I got his reward right here. in a magazine.

  • Guest

    if im not mistaken, you have to have an international stamp for other countries. since the signs and side of the roads are different

  • mary D

    good, next time ask what their citizenship status, and if they are illegal let them die!

    • Les Kimbler

      actually don’t even ask. If they look Hispanic, 95% chance they are illegal. Let them go.

      • Arianna

        Are you kidding me right now? “If they look Hispanic.” Hispanic can be brown, black, or white… And many Hispanic people are here legally or were, you know, born here. Illegals can be all colors and come from more than just Hispanic countries. Be angry that he is illegal but keep race out of it. Kthnx

        • Les Kimbler

          WOW, 1 comment? And I’m to take you seriously? ROFL.

          Why don’t you go back to watching TV and let the adults talk. Kthnx, bye bye.

          • TalesOtaku21

            LOL you sound so smart Les! Illogical responses are the best!

            Dur hur yeah keep up the racism it makes you sound so intele-…intel…smart!

  • Susan Evans Deming

    He should not only get nothing, he should have to pay legal costs for the people he tried to sue. Then deport him.

  • Linda

    Our government needs to grow a pair!

  • Stan47

    Who is the schmuck who agreed to be his lawyer?

    • Dan

      The lawyer is another Woody Allen worshipping member of the “chosen” tribe. The ultimate enablers of the bottom feeders. Oy vey.

  • Mike Weingartner

    “That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made.” says the lawyer……well yeah, technically, you’re right. That dumb ass illegal schmuck shouldn’t have driven his car over a flooded roadway! This is just about as absurd as that spoiled bitch in NJ suing her parents for tuition and living expenses after SHE chose to move out. Deport this POS and make an example out of him!!!

  • Benjamin Stein

    I love you Gretchen Carlson for bringing the truth forward. All this man should get is deported along with his money greedy scum of the earth lawyer.

  • Rhonda Sue

    Sorry SOB needs to be hung and his lawyer too!

  • shepheml

    I actually kinda hope he wins and the Peoples Republic of Boulder have to use their tax dollars to pay the guy. It is they who helped elect all of the people in Colorado’s government that even allowed this guy to be here in the first place. You reap what you sow.

  • flicker66

    Personally as an American I would not put any one of my brethren at risk trying to save an illegal Mexican invader. It didn’t take this low life long to figure out all you need is a lawyer shark and the money will come pouring in. I thought you had to be a citizen to file a law suit. He had no business being in my country so knowingly committing an illegal act he does not have any rights!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BILL


  • A citizen

    If this was in California he would probably win. Make him buy a one way ticket to Mexico with his own money, seize the rest, and send him on his way.

  • A citizen

    You said California. Enough said.

  • Ray Watters

    I still can’t believe this. This Ortiz, along with his ambulance chasing lawyer, are both pieces of garbage.

  • Ray Rittenhouse

    Another POS Illegal that Obama wants to let in for good…Deport the Moron


    No way this guy is thankful for having his life saved! Not only that, he makes it more dangerous for future accident victims and first responders. Next time there is an accident where a life is in danger, the first responders will either rush their efforts and endanger themselves or proceed with indifference and worry first about their own safety. It is not a good idea for this illegal alien to start trouble like this. He is only thinking of himself. Would he compensate the family if a rescuer died trying to save him? I think not! Shame on the lawyer!

    • TalesOtaku21

      It is really selfish. Although the rescuer is assuming the risk so it’s really not fair to put that burden on the victim either. If the rescuer died, it’s not the victim’s fault. So you aren’t using very good logic. The guy just doesn’t have a case for wanting half a million dollars because ‘his shoulder hurts’. Likewise, why is everyone attacking the lawyer? He’s an ambulance chaser, sure, but he’s just doing his job. Iunno why people think that lawyers, and many professions, put dignity before earning money, considering our entire economy is completely dependent now on the green.

  • Phoenix Rising

    They should have never got to him at all. He doesn’t pay taxes, therefore doesn’t pay the sheriff or fire dept for their jobs, so they shouldn’t have rescued him – just like the fire department will let a house burn that hasn’t paid taxes for them to protect their homes. As a matter of fact, they should be suing HIM for the rescue since he doesn’t pay taxes for their services. If he was in AZ he would get hit with the “stupid motorist law” for driving in a flooded area. In reality, he would have been kicked out of AZ before the flood happened for being in this country illegally – which is what the government should be doing NOW!

    • TalesOtaku21

      What? What the hell is wrong with you? I agree that this case is really stupid and he’s obviously trying to steal money from people who he should be grateful to. But, firefighters not rescuing people who don’t pay taxes? Exactly how sick do you think the general community is? Taxes are so the firehouse can continue operating, not as blackmail.

      Illegal immigrants are actually beneficial to our economy mainly due to low labor fees, which is one of the biggest reasons why the government isn’t ‘kicking them out’ (and because they aren’t total monsters as people generalize them as). So yeah sure. Let a man drown to death without even being able to tell his identity as an illegal immigrant at the time of the flood. Because he doesn’t pay taxes. Really shows what kind of evil person you are.

      • Jeanne Wilson

        Not evil, just SO tired of these illegal parasites taking all of our money! And it was not because he doesn’t pay taxes, it was because he is stealing OUR taxes and conniving to steal more. He definitely should be charged for the expense of all the rescue equipment and man hours it took to get him out of the wash. He is a criminal trespasser, he has no rights to these services for free. Illegal immigrants are of absolutely NO benefit to our economy – If they have green cards, they are not illegal immigrants, and they are welcome here. Illegals who come here to work DO take jobs from out of work citizens who have to pay taxes and cannot work as cheaply as they do. Illegal means illegal, and should not be rewarded for sneaking across our border to steal whatever they can from us. He probably had several ‘identities’ in his possession, so he couldn’t be too concerned about which identity he was known as.
        Don’t deport – he will just come back across the next evening – charge him with the expenses he caused – He should not have been driving in our country and without a valid drivers license. Crime has consequences and these illegal trespassers need to learn that.

      • Phoenix Rising

        As evil as you seem to believe I am, you are certainly as much an idiot. Illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy and every single one is a criminal. Put aside the fact that they’ve broken the law by entering our country illegally, (spitting on the grave of every soldier who’s fought to protect the borders of our county), they’ve also worked illegally, stolen identities (which takes YEARS of Hell for the American to straighten out. But you don’t care about them, do you) stolen jobs (they’re not staying in the farming jobs), sent their kids to school on American taxpayer money, committed tax evasion, driven without a drivers license or insurance . . . There’s so many more but so little room. You want everyone to feel sorry for them but truth is, they’re INVADING this country. You feel so sorry for them and want to give everything away to them, be the first to open your home, give it to them along with all your possessions, car and job and go live under a bridge like a troll. Step up. Until you do that, don’t tell me what everyone else needs to do.

        And get a little more educated – there’s been numerous instances where fire departments have refused to fight house fires because the property owners haven’t paid their taxes. Their services weren’t paid for so they didn’t provide them, regardless of the consequences to the homeowner.


    What “bills” does he need to pay? Being illegal, he gets everything for what’s the mula for?

  • Assassino

    Deport HIM, and disbar the LAWYER for taking the case!

    • Darryl Lee


    • Darryl Lee
  • Porphyry

    Should gotten out on your own, then! A curse on your money-grubbing lawyer$, whose names you should not want publicized. (I don’t drive, so I leave you & them to others… >:O

  • Tom Belshe

    says a lot about our court system by letting him file, and a lot about the shyster lawyers who don’t care who is right just want money

  • Carlos

    I’m Mexican, and i agree with all of you, he should get NADA, and get deported.

    • Mikerrr

      Most of us have nothing against Mexicans. It’s the illegals who come here from Mexico we have a problem with – along with illegals from any other country. (Of course, geography sort of results in the obvious majority of illegals in our country coming from Mexico. . . )

    • Darryl Lee

      Don’t Forget about our Marine in Prision I think we should give him the same treatment… The sg made a wrong turn..and mexico put him in prison I think…WE should throw his hass in prision until such a time Mexico decideds to let our marine out…Besides they are starving him..and they have him handcuffed to the wall….. Has the people in authority lost their mind??? I want to know….. HOW DARE THEM TO LEAVE A MAN OF THE MILITARY BEHIND BARS…WHILE THIS CLOWN GETS ROYAL TREATMENT…HOW DARE THEY DO THAT….. HOW QUICKLY YOU FORGET ABOUT OUR OWN AMERICAN MARIEN THAT DID NOTHING WRONG BUT MAKE A WRONG TURN……aND THEN THIS MEXICAN CROSSES OUR BOARDER WITH NOT SO MUCH AS A SCRAPE???? COME ON….FAIR IS FAIR… PUT HIM IN PRISION NOW!!!!

    • Darryl Lee
  • Berry J Griffin

    Note to first responders…don’t. But seriously, who does this guy think he is? Deport his butt.

  • Kevin Mathews

    THAT! Is the reason we need to deport all of these f’n maggots! They are NOTHING but parasite,and as we have found the more we give the more they’ll take!(and laugh at us “stupid gringos”)

  • uglyamerican

    And people like this say they want us to forgive their breaking our laws and make them citizens?! Run them ALL out ASAP!

  • Terr Hoffman

    Tie a cement block to his ankle and throw his ass back in!!

  • tomp93


  • Clint Lien

    I do not care for that woman but she nailed that one spot on. Good work.

  • Ellen K

    I hope all you folks in Colorado are happy with the California transplants that are implementing the same failed policies that have essentially destroyed California. This is just one symptom. There are others. Vote accordingly.

    • adoremeorelse

      I’m in Colorado and am sick of Californians screwing up their state, selling their ridiculously overpriced homes and using the cash to buy “cheap” properties here and driving up the cost in the housing market, so they can moan about how this isn’t like home… and then do everything in their power to make this another California. They’ve screwed up one state already. Leave mine alone!

    • Darryl Lee
      • Ellen K

        Being in Texas, I can’t vote in Colorado. Maybe if I declared myself there illegally they would let me vote.

  • Susan Fuchs

    throw him in jail for trying to steal from the people!

  • Bruce Albert

    What ever happened to “water boarding” with “extreme prejudice”?

  • Rob Kolakowski

    Too bad he lived.

  • Fat Cat

    this son of a bitch better be deported

  • Tom Lance

    This makes me sick!

  • cam_s

    Don’t worry! Holder and Obummer have his back.

  • Julia Hobert

    Let us recreate the incident and see how long it takes the first responders to leave his ass right where he is, ingrate. And if by some miracle he survives deport his fat ass back to where ever he comes from.

  • iaapcapoi

    Deport the lawyer too! They are both sleaze bags.

  • ted

    On the bright side if he does get some money he might be murdered by one of his amigos trying to get some.

  • Karen Braun

    go to hell shitface

  • Margaret

    He needs to grow a pair. Guess what asshole you get in a wreck and YES you will suffer nightmares.

    If you have insurance WHICH YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO CARRY it might cover some mental care if you have serious PTSD.

    Asshole just go home. You’re here illegally live with it.

  • Donna Marie Hamilton


  • Bo Treat

    does anywhere in our rescue squad, in their manual?, code of ethics, state they are required to save mexicans first? it should be citizens then illegals.

  • coastx

    Criminalization of the assist. Confirmation of the frivolous/fraud lawsuit. NORTH RULE. Radicalization will set legal precedence for lawsuits which control the performance standards of a rescue holding rescue workers accountable for the self willing imperilment of those rescued. TAU 3 SIM.

  • David J Winters

    Now that he’s on our radar ship his ass back.

  • Sandy Carrico

    This is disgusting!! Why would anyone even think to sue the people that saved their life. DEPORTATION is all I have to say. Get your medical care in Mexico.

  • Joel Rivera

    The bastard doesn’t deserve not one penny except for a good beat down.

  • Terri

    He is just lucky they were even able to save his greedy ass. Its stupid lawsuits like this that are breaking America and the judges are just as bad if they even give credence to any of it. Deport him take his false documents, and fine or take the business license of his employer for hiring an illegal

  • Lucinda Bentz Carlino

    Deport him and give the rescuers a medal for saving his ungrateful ass!!! This is why we should not let ANYONE walk in and be a citizen. This man is using the taxpayer money to sue and knowing the liberals, they will give him disability and food stamps. Oh and don’t forget the Obama phone that he can call his family in Mexico and tell them how to get here and get stupid
    Americans to pay for everything because of Liberal idiots. If any of these illegals have a Police record in either country, they should not be allowed amnesty and deported or jailed immediately!!!!

  • MutantX

    He’s not “illegal” if he has a visa.

  • Cate Porter

    Why was he driving through rushing waters? First, that was a stupid thing to do. Second, he should be grateful that there was skilled crew to save his life.

  • akatom3565

    If he is an illegal alien than he should get a trip for his prize, first class bus ride to the Border.

  • Bob Schisler

    Like the illegal girl that lives across the street from me. Early one morning, she ( or her illegal alien husband) backed their car out of their driveway and into my car. He was ticketed for no insurance. She tells me that she will pay me cash, but will have her “friend” do the $1600 repair for $500. No. She will pay $1600 for a legal car repair shop to do the work right.
    My wife and daughter went through the legal way to come her to get citizenship from Russia. So far I have spent over $8000 for my wife’s citizenship, and still going through hoops to get the daughter her legally. To hell with this. Kick all illegal aliens out, including the kids they had while in the country illegally. I don’t care what country the are from. If they are illegal, kick them and all their kids OUT. Where is any intelligence from the President and ALL members of Congress that are not doing this ?
    Now, the illegals are allowed to file to get income tax refunds on kids that are still living in other countries, to the tune of $4 BILLION per year.
    Why should American citizens pay taxes to support this ?

    • W Dawes

      No they get refunds for kids that MAY be in another country, if they exist at all. IRS does not confirm or verify the existence of any foreign dependents. Many illegals go to the tax preparer with the SAME LIST OF DEPENDENTS. IT’s a fact!!!

  • Nordey

    If I were the county administrator, I would send this clown a bill for $500,000 for the removal of his auto from the city street and supporting activities performed by county employees!

  • David Johnson

    Unreal, bring him down to the Rio Grande and throw him in it!!!

  • billpayor

    Throw him back in the river!!

  • Talal

    @3:40 u can now have my permission to go deport him

  • Jayne Hamilton Hall

    Send him back to where he came from. Why is ICE even letting him stay in the country? This makes no sense to me whatsoever!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie Lane

    Give this POS his $500.000 dollars in counterfeit bills and DEPORT his fat ungrateful ass back to Mexico after he is busted with counterfeit money ! That Lawyer should also be debarred for tying up the court system with a frivolous lawsuit & pay out of his pocket all costs. ..Both are slug slime!!!!!

  • disqus_VNcYWPWJrf

    Send the POS back and don’t ever allow him back!!!!!

  • Andrew Kaci Hili

    Bastard…..they should have left him drown and if possible throw in his lawyer as well….deceiving bastard that he is!!!! 🙁

  • Kevin Blankenship

    What is this P.O.S. still doing in the U.S.A.? This is the insanity of weak corrupt leaders! They are using stupidity to destroy this Nation! He should be tried for criminal trespass and for putting first responders in harms way saving his illegal ass. He commits a crime invading our nation then has the gall to sue his rescuers. No convict him then deport if he comes back chain gang him!!

  • Sidney Gomez

    Unbelievable, if you are living in USA you should think like an American………ops. Sue for any reason is AMERICAN. Too many rights …….

  • Di Marshall

    I guess this doesn’t fall under the “Good Samaritan” act. The judge should throw this right out of the courts! There are REAL crimes happening here Roy Ortiz.

  • Mnorris

    Perhaps the first responders should sue him for endangering their lives. If one single circumstance were different, there might have been a different outcome. For example, if he were not ILLEGALLY in the United States or ILLEGALLY operating a motor vehicle, they would not have had to save his sorry self. And… Don’t bother mentioning to me that his foreign operators license is good here, it may be valid, however, most insurance companies require you to be licensed in the state in which you are insured within the first policy period, it just does not usually happen. And at least the states that I’m licensed to sell insurance in, require a valid drivers license in the state in which you you reside. They find all sorts of ways to scam the system, this is just about as bottom feeder as it gets. I’m in know way an expert, just going off my common sense.

  • Cynthia


  • Susan Rapp Molinia

    Deport him. He even quotes needing money to pay bills. We’ve already given this asshole too much!!!!

  • ace65

    Behind every unjust lawsuit is a snake in the grass lawyer.

  • ace65

    Let’s not forget President 57 States (obama) is pushing for amnesty for guys just like this.

  • Jeremy White

    Hopefully he will, once again, fail to drive safely and responsibly. Let all first responders near where he lives have his license plate. Next time they can just bypass his car entirely. People who drive into rushing flood waters need to be held accountable for endangering the first responders who have to now risk their own lives for your stupidity. The saddest part is the lawsuit won’t be immediately thrown out of court by a laughing judge, but will most likely go to trial, where nowadays, anything is possible.

  • Michael Polak

    Send the lawyer back to his planet too…lol

  • Paige Foltz

    If this guy needs money, go look for a job. Don’t sue the first responders who saved your life for doing the right thing. People these days.

  • His butt should be sent home. Parasites. Illegal Democrats.

  • Frank455444

    What else would you expect from a filthy, Mexican leach from Mexico?

  • allah_speaking

    name address bullet

  • Dean T. Pangelinan

    I say put him back in the car, put his lawyer in there with him, put it back in the water, and then once he’s been submerged for a couple of hours, push the car back across the border.

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    I think he should be helped out very quickly.. of USA.

  • Ray Ray

    Doesn’t matter if we deport him, the US is probably sending financial aid to his country any way, so either way we will be supporting him. STOP FOREIGN AID. TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS FIRST

  • Ray Ray

    In Florida, you have 30 days to update the address on your DL when you move or risk a ticket, what is the penalty if you do not have a legal address

  • Jacqueline

    Throw him back in the water and let the jerk drown!!!!!!

  • Birt Poindexter

    just wondering if he is from south America and he comes 2 north America why is he considered illegal.

    • deanne

      he didn’t come through customs with a passport (or a visa )for a vacation– he came with the intention of staying and getting what he could for little to no work. He has not been able to contribute to society by working (not having the correct paperwork or breaking a law with fake documents). So all he does is take and want more.

  • Birt Poindexter

    and if your rescuers considered you dead before looking 4 you would-en you be pissed. never judge before walking in the same shoes.

  • The Phantom Voter

    THROW HIM BACK !!!!!

  • Goofy1954

    He will face no charges under this ass in the White House he will probably be given social security,welfare and a free Obama phone and will be let loose in a city near you.

  • pat

    Illegal Aliens should not even be allowed to sue in this country. Don’t know if Colorado gives licenses to Illegals. Makes me sick, hope they deport him and the other 20 million.

  • R Loh

    Shyster lawyer….. the lawyer encouraged him to sue.

  • Tinaw1969

    He shouldn’t have had a car to drive because he shouldn’t have a license because he is breaking the law just by being here! How could this illegal alien have a leg to stand on with people saving his greedy ass when he shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Pay his bills? Ship his ass home and he can take his bills with him! What a piece of crap! And the lawyer that is taking this case….he is a piece of crap too! He can go with him back to where he belongs!

  • Richard Felton


  • Keith A Richey


  • Doug Sterling

    Disbar his attorney for bringing the outrageously frivolous lawsuit.

  • sillychick1014

    The judge who is allowing this lawsuit and the POS ambulance chasing lawyer should both be deported with him! It shouldnt even be allowed!

  • Shanon Rowland

    Absolutely unbelievable!!!

  • joel laster

    The mistake that was made was risking real Americans lives to save his ILLEGAL ASS in the first place! I say we load his ass back up with about 75lbs of pennies and make his ass swim back to Mexico! Kick him out of here!

  • Tommy Harlan

    That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made.” Yes, indeed. Just 1.. 🙁

  • adoremeorelse

    He should be grateful those responders were able to save his hide. That disgusting piece of illegal trash deserves nothing but a ride to the border and a kick to push him over it. I will offer my services to do it, on my own dime, so the government doesn’t have to worry about the cost to get rid of him.

  • Jerry Perkins

    Anytime someone wants to make a better life for themselves, our quality of life goes down. They are desperate, and therefore our rules are common-sense don’t apply. Furthermore, the more people that move to an area without jobs you get slums. I am having my taxes go higher for slums so some immigrant (illegal or otherwise) can “have a better life”. Get out!

  • DesertPrincess

    Deport his greedy (false sense of entitlement) sorry ass out of here so fast, and make his head spin!

  • akela

    doesn’t Colo. have a good samaritan law. meaning that if you help someone and they suffer more injuries, they can’t sue you. because you did what you knew to do and intended it to help. if they don’t have that law them wth I wouldn’t be a first responder ever.. and no one will ever help each other again.. Not if it’s going to leave oneself open to a lawsuit.

  • Charlotte Carney

    Deport him ASAP!

  • lcuvillier

    Put him back in his car in a river.

  • Debbie Forthun Kitchen

    Send him a bill for the rescue cause WE THE PEOPLE don’t stand for this BS. Pay up or get out!

  • Lawman

    He will be invited to the White House.

  • jerseydevil

    Is there a fund to support the First Responders?

  • Morgen Miles

    I have to say I am going with the lawyer made him do it. He is the one that should be in front of a firing squad. He has filled the hurt and broke guy with visions of easy money. Oh I can only imagine what crap he is shoveling. Ambulance chasing moron he needs to be booted with his “client” over the bridge and into the water.

  • justapatriot


  • George Murrey

    He comes here illegally, gets rescued and now he wants money for the sole purpose of paying his bills. Here’s an idea, pay those that rescued, then deport him. When he goes back to his home country, ensure that when he gets a new job there that all of his earnings goes to pay for his bills. He’s a typical leech that entered our borders that is ungrateful for what this country has done for him, saving his life is the greatest gift we gave him. I wonder if the pres will call to see if he is ok, but won’t lift a finger to help one of our brother-in-arms.

  • Beth Bellamy

    should of just let him die….one less illegal to put up with. EMS worker SHOULD have the case thrown out!!!

  • Jkc

    Anus both of them

  • Richard O’Connell

    NOW< NOW< NOW – Obama agrees with Jeb Bush they come here out of an act of love and we should WELCOME them. — ISN'T THAT RIGHT OBAMA?? ISN"T THAT WHY YOU WANT TO KEEP THEM HERE< OR IS IT FOR THE DAMNED VOTES?

  • Lynette

    I am so sick of being the laughing stock of the world! Our country is being taken advantage of by these sickening illegals, no, CRIMINALS, and we have a government that lets them do it while our citizens are in POVERTY! What has the greatest country in the world come to at the hands of this sorry excuse for a government?

  • Joe Paul Latham

    Why don’t you take your empty pockets and walk back into Mexico where you can be miserable with your friends and family. Maybe Walmwart in Juarez will take pity on you and hire you as a Greeter.

  • Nelson Stanley

    Lick ticks on a dog ,these illegal alians suck us dry ! You can thank mindless liberals ,demacrats,the seiu unions, and La Raza for the hugh influx of illega laliens that have NOTHING and NEED EVERYTHING !! We are importing poverty–get ready to pay .Its only gonna get worse !!

  • John Cromack

    Deport him and his scumbag ambulance chasing lawyer too.

  • bobby fritz

    eh,eh, eh my shoulder eh blah blah- GO BACK TO MEXICO!!

  • Britt Hammond

    It’s beyond comprehension! Speechless! It would be like our country to give him his money and also a citizenship! Blows me away! I become more and more fearful of my kids country as time marches on! Somebody should take this lawyer and water board him! Unbelievable!

  • George

    Sent him back home, along with his entire family,problem solved. Or, throw him back in the water, problem solved.

  • Daphne Van Gils Ferren

    Um … yeah … deport his ass. Greedy, lazy leech. Do all the right things, become a citizen, work for your money, then you’ll have the right to ask for favors.

  • Winston Smith

    Hey DHS; I just thought of a great use for all that ammo you guys have stockpiled!

  • afftongrown

    Take him back to the scene of the accident, throw him in and let him drown! Problem solved!

  • Ferrari fan

    Just toss him back in the car and river. Send the lawyer with him.

  • David Redhawk-DaSilva

    POS needs to be taken out of the country right now and his family and then make sure they never comeback. Then look for all the rest and get them out of here and build higher and deeper walls along the border. Then kick obummer out for not pushing to stop this travesty

  • n7mk

    Why hasn’t this case been dismissed with prejudice yet?

  • nortman65

    Interesting. While I think the guy is pretty low, there is another thought that keeps creeping into my brain. He has a lawyer who actually thinks that the lawsuit is valid. How does an attorney with a conscience take a suit like this?

  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    Why wouldn’t the judge just throw the case out? Come on!!!!

  • Chris Willett

    If a drunk driver gets hit by a car it’s their fault because they shouldn’t have been on the road. So it’s this guy’s fault since he’s not supposed to be here at all. And why is he still here wtf

  • Rosemary Richards


  • Valerie Felger Wagner

    First off, he’s here illegally he has no claims!!! 2nd, deport his arse, NOW!!! 3rd who cares if he has a valid license, he’s here illegally, deport his ASS!!! Wake up people!!!

  • CJ

    Seriously?? What attorney would even take on this case? Ungrateful man. They should have just left him there to figure it out for himself then. What next? Gonna sue God for all the rain that created the flood? Get real!! Stop the absurd lawsuits!!

  • Murphy’s Mom

    The only money he needs is the cost of a bus ticket back to whereever the he!! he came from.

  • LoudGuitr

    There are Good Samaritan laws that protect the first responders.

  • Melissa DeAndrea

    Hey they can even claim spousal abuse and take their kid away from their MOTHER with no proof and get their citizenship granted.

  • Sean

    As an attorney, I am embarrassed that some bottom-feeder was willing to file this lawsuit.

  • Sabrina Anne Roberts

    This just sickens me, I can not believe they are even allowing it to go to court! What is happening to America??

  • RedMeatState

    so far no indication that its actually going to court. Just a pr intimidation stunt to get money from the county/municipality without going to court. A judge would most likely throw it out!!


    Not only are they here ILLEGALLY and receiving benefits that we taxpayers are forced to pay..but now they can sue people who save their lives?? I know I’m living in bizarro world now!!

  • nickR


  • Sloan

    Why is the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL even drivng in this country,deport the scum con man over the border.

  • Margaret

    I think in order to prevail in Court you need to be a citizen. If your here visiting your documented with your visa. That’s different. This guy is sucking the system. And his lawyer isn’t much better. I wonder how his lawyers being paid?

    Deportation doesn’t work cause hell slip back over the border again. This one needs to spend some serious time behind bars and then try deporting him.

  • David Coward

    Obama Supporter in Training

  • Mikerrr

    Folks, if you want to lynch someone over this, you should be going after Eduardo Ferszt (3025 S Parker rd Ste 711 711 Ste Aurora, Colorado 80014, (303) 695-7105).

    That’s right – his name isn’t just “Ed.” It’s Eduardo. Starting to make more sense now. . .

    And, Eduardo Ferszt is undoubtedly the one who dreamed up this lawsuit. You think the illegal came up with this idea on his own?

    The judge has nothing to do with this. If the case lacks legal merit, a judge will dismiss the suit on the defense attorneys’ motion, but a judge doesn’t decide what suits get filed. This is ALL on the ambulance chaser Eduardo Ferszt.

    • mewillie

      Blood sucking lawyer who needs to be debarred.

  • Dawn Williams

    Send him back where he belongs, I can’t believe this stupid crap! No wonder courts are so backed up from junk cases like this. I hope the responders sue him back.

  • Tracey Dunn Williamson

    Greed, how many evils are born out of that.

  • Hope is not a battle plan

    Classic! Deport him and his slime ball lawyer too.

  • Tony Sorrells

    the volunteers in this nation are horribly under trained. in my personal experience ive seen my mother dropped from an ambulance cart on her side, hip broken, and the first responders all stood back, while my elderly mother screaming in agony was laying on the concrete, still strapped to the cart. fortunately i was able to force my way through them to unfasten her restraints and help her into the hospital with the assistance of 2 nurses, as the emt’s followed and told us how after something like that happens they cant do anything for legal purposes. ive had volunteer firemen laugh and curse at me and my family as they watched an illegal fire burn in my back yard, set by a neighbor. that being said, this illegal immigrant should be deported, and the first responders should be sued on a personal level, the state on a professional level, for far more then 500 thousand dollars.

    • mewillie

      Tell you what, Tony. What happened to your mother is very unfortunate. While there is no excuse for what happened to your dear mother – and I mean none – there’s an old saying – “s–t happens” and the EMTs should be held accountable. I assume you took it to the next level. If not you should have. There is also another saying – there are two sides to every story and not knowing what your actions were to the firemen over the fire, I cannot say. That being said, my experience with first responders has been nothing but positive and I’ll sing their praises even if unintentional mistakes or accidents happen because many times, they put themselves in harms way or encounter and have to deal with people who are enraged , frantic or whatever circumstances hand them – all understandable. The illegal alien should be deported. Period.

      • Tony Sorrells

        she was unable to sue as it goes against city ordinance and because volunteers in the state of iowa fall under the good sumeritan act. as for my actions towards the fire fighters, i had one quick interaction with them which was to ask if there was anything i may be able to do in their absence. which is as i was instructed per city council member, and calling the fire department was also instruction as per city council. the illegal alien SHOULD be deported, yes, and the volunteers should be held accountable for non-professional actions which, in this case, could have caused someone their life.

  • Randy

    Throw him back in the water…

  • dpitman

    Deport his ass in his car!!!

  • marier

    How is he even allowed to sue? Personally i don’t think he should be allowed to do so. That should only be something citizens can do. Can We sue in other countries? I’m honestly not sure if we can. Anyhow, Citizens pay taxes which help go to first responders so they could do their jobs properly. As an illegal he should just be thankful they helped him when he needed them. Make him pay back taxes n then deport him.

  • mewillie

    Who the heck is his dirt ball attorney? He should be “outted” as well and debarred from ever practicing again. I’d gladly chip in some $$ for a one way ticket out of here.

  • Guest

    try being a 21 year old WHITE girl (i put it in all caps because i am so white i burn within minutes of direct sunlight lol so there is no mistaking i am definitely white) in south Texas about 4 hours give or take from the border. our new walmart is literally known as “little Mexico” because everything is in Spanish with English subtitles. not the other way around. almost everyone who goes there is Mexican and speaks nothing but Spanish. i saw a coke machine that didn’t even bother with English subtitles. i have to go to this one (we have two) because it is closest to my house the other is across town about 20 minutes away. and every time i walk in, i am stared at is if i don’t belong here, as if this isn’t America, home of the great “melting pot”. the parking lot is always filled with rusty beaters with thousand dollar rims slapped on, a decal of the Mexican flag on the rear window and mariachi/pop Spanish music blasting. i have nothing against Mexicans personally (one lives with me and my boyfriend is half Mexican half Costa Rican), but i’m tired of them crying discrimination while they glare at me just for being white and put everything in Spanish and disrespect our home by flying another country’s flag while living off of our benefits. Why do we cater to them while other people come here and are forced to learn not just English but our whole history and pay thousands of dollars to gain citizenship. Why are they so special?

  • American Infidel

    Let them drown from now on.

  • Dave Evans

    Easy fix, stick the bastard back under water!

  • rose m

    I would say he is well adjusted to the US society.

  • VicioousAlienKlown

    Throw him on the mexican side of the river…without a paddle.

  • Pam

    I am so sick of BS like this… it is time we take back our Country! How? I don’t have the answers, but common sense would take us a looooong way in the right direction. Here illegally, no benefits of ANY kind, none, nada, zip! The damn political arena has given these people their drivers license so that they may vote, well they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, they are here illegally. The POS attorneys representing these people are a big part of the problem too. They have taken laws against, for example discrimination, and construed them so much the common sense enforcement has left the building. If the judges weren’t such pansies and throw any such case out immediately, we could begin retaking our Country. All the pansy would have to say is illegal trespasser, no case! That would cover sooooo much of what is wrong…

  • blnzrfn

    Frack you , you ungreatful POS . YOU should haven’t been in this country anyway !!!!!

  • Guest

    So let me ask this so, if he it was white man or a white lady with blue eyes it shouldn’t be a problem right ? lol

    • edawg90 .

      you are too stupid to even respond to…If someone is rescued by the fire department they should just be thankful of being rescued. The fact that he is here illegally just makes it even more appalling. You liberal turds can’t seem to grasp this.

  • SniperRanger

    So let me ask you this, so If it was a White man or White Woman instead suing the city that should be ok right ?

    • edawg90 .

      No, but the fact that he is here illegally and pulling this bullshit is even more disgusting, because it will be us taxpayers paying this if he wins.

  • jlenoreb

    Somebody get this guy b4 his greed rewards him!

  • Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.

    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just
    wanted to say wonderful blog!

  • Galaxyline617Twist

    I just read an article saying that this man has worked for the same company for 17 years and is a pastor!

    It has been my experience that there are certain traits that are ethnic in nature. TV is a good place to go to see what those traits are usually depicted as humor. Nonetheless, it does not make it any less serious. Thus, my question becomes if “it is wise to hate a group of people based on deeds, behaviors or what they ethnically inherited?”.

    I have a very hard time not detesting these illegal immigrants based on how I personally have been treated by them and I work hard to remind myself that much of their traits are ethnic in nature thereby giving me a way to hate the deed and not the person. However, it has gotten so bad that I am finding myself thinking of them as evil — across the board. I have found that they would sell their own mothers to get themselves out of trouble or to gain financially. THIS IS A FACT that I have experienced first hand.

    I wish to remind them that they are IN MY COUNTRY and that my ancestors got here through ELLIS ISLAND. Acts and deeds like those found in this matter makes me wish they had just let the man drown. He won’t win and his attorney is also questionable as being Mexican. During voir dire, I know they are going to try to stack the jury in sympathetic or in favor of illegals. I would love to see how that turns out.

    I think we should deport this man. I think he should be left at the border and made to walk to lose some of his fat he gained while living on my tax dollars.

    But that is just me.

  • John Urban

    This is truly disgusting. This creep should be put in the front of the line for deportations!

  • akansan

    No. I think the lawsuit is unconstitutional. The Federal Government is supposed to be responsible for promoting the General Welfare. Illegal immigrants threaten the “General Welfare”. As citizens we should be protected from blood suckers like this.

  • Jenn Komansky

    should have let him drown

  • Judy Stockman

    Aside from the fact that he’s a money-grubbing criminal who should be deported … I thought the Good Samaritan Law protected first responders?

  • Lawrence Lutz

    Countersue this piece of garbage for being here illegally. If he wasn’t here against the law the first responders wouldn’t have to save his stupid ass.

  • Susan

    Deport him. The governor of Colorado should put his @$$ on a plane and fly him back to wherever he came from. Immediately. THAT is taxpayer dollars well spent.

  • Not Anonymous

    Future Obama err Clinton voter!

  • Nomansfriend

    How much more of this will you take? You talk about loving your country, but what have you done besides complain? Pathetic.

  • Tinaw1969

    He’s a greedy bastard who doesn’t even belong in this country! Deport him and send his greedy attorney with him! How dare he sue the very people that saved him. Makes me so angry!

  • longun45

    Cut off his welfare and that of his family – time for him to leave. ssdd

  • Anna Pacheco

    This illegal jerk is making it hard on people who really might need help. He is a leech praying on the kindness of Americans. He needs to serve prison time.

    • LostWithoutJesus


  • Sheryl Rayburn

    F_ck Him! F-ing Let Him DROWN! They probably had a really hard time Dragging his Big Fat ILLEGAL Mexican Ass thru the the car window. He’s Lucky ANYBODY cmd to his Rescue. And how does this F_cktard believe he’s worth $500,000 in Damages???? Am I mad? You Bet!!

  • pjw01

    This is just wrong. He is here ILLEGALLY. DEPORT HIM. He has NO rights here.

  • harris66

    SO if you hadn’t broke the law, you wouldn’t be in the flooded car or needed rescue in the first place. People please remember, these ILLEGALS broke into our country and have also committed identity theft in order to obtain social security numbers. If you or I did that, I doubt there’d be much public sympathy for us!

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    deport him.

  • abaton7

    I am now experiencing life at several WTF’s per hour.

  • LadyScot

    If they were negligent because they did not know he was in the car, then he was negligent for not knowing the road was a hazard. So, they should counter sue HIM for the time, money, and resources that went into saving him.

  • Mark Burns

    Ship his happy taco eating illegal azz back to Meh E Co.

  • Ken Martin

    Too bad we can’t sue him for impersonating a human being.

  • Elaine Eckart

    throw him back, in the flooded car.

  • Rob Hartman

    I don’t see how this case could possibly even be heard. This all happened while he was here illegally, thus he was committing a crime at the time. I believe federal law prohibits anyone suing for injuries incurred while they were committing a crime.

  • Anne Ridgers

    If the judge goes for this he should resign from he bench…..what a loser, send him back to Mexico the ingrate.

  • Buck Sunset

    Something wrong with the Judge if he does not dismiss he case with PRJUDICE!

  • adrianne vasquez

    The judge will side with the illegal. We already know that. That decision will be a major catastrophe in how people decide to save someone’s life. They are going to get sued.

    • Vincent Goularte

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • He is going to wind up responsible for court costs and probably also get a bill for the rescue.

    Then he will declare bankruptcy, file for asylum, and live of the government ‘teet’ for at least another 10 years.

  • Patriot63

    Ilegal is illegal…dismiss the lawsuit, deport the ILLEGAL alien and send the dirt-bag attorney with his illegal a$$ back to Mexico!

  • Vincent Goularte

    Typical messican. Send him to iraq, Mexico does not want him. Dam Mexicans, almost all of them are this way from the bottom to the top. I said before and I will say it again there as bad as isis. Mexicans have beaten, rapped, kidnapped, gutted and beheaded more Americans than all the middle eastern terrorist combined. Every body worried about the other side of the world when our next door neighbors are doing worse.

  • Greg Miller

    Kick him and his scumbag lawyer out of the states PLEASE !

  • Bonione

    Hope the judge throws out lawsuit and fine Ortiz and his lawyer for frivolous lawsuit!

  • Gayle Hammen

    send him and his lawyer to Mexico without passports!! Any lawyer that would take this case need to be gone as well.

  • Sidney Lewis

    The idea is— if they have a drivers license,they can vote the ones that have all the give away programs back in office !!

  • John Philippi


  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    Why would a judge even let this case be pursued. It’s totally absurd!

  • Don Newcomb

    This is the bullshit that the bleeding heart libs are allowing this guy should be dropped off at the border. Or, better yet, put him back where they found him. If a judge gives this parasite any money he/she should be immediately removed from the bench.

  • Gigetta Spear

    NO STANDING, who the hell even allowed and ILLEGAL to sue, period. wow, what is this country coming to. My son in law died from PTSD, fought for this country, my daughter fought for this country as did her father, my grandfather and great grandfather, send this POS packing as well as all the ILLEGALS.

  • gjm11653

    So wished he had drowned and of course hoping his lawyer finds a nice flood soon and drowns also he is scum trash and scum. They both deserve beheading if unable to drown.

  • Elizabeth Armijo

    Seriously? And have the fire department send him the bill for his rescue like they would do any of us. This is pathetic and this lawyer should be ashamed of himself for taking on such case. I hope it ruins his career

  • Joe Tokoph

    As long as white America sits back and cries on their computers nothing will get done. Time is coming we are going to have to pay the piper. unrest is definitely in our futures.

  • Hao Ngo

    Let Pelosi take him home and care for him…

  • Adam Sternberg

    His attorney deserves only two things…tar and feathers.

  • rrwagner

    Toss his @ $ $ in the Rio Grande – he can drown or swim home.

  • Liz Vanderhoef Crane

    If this Illegal man was in this “accident” and the car flipped over, chances are “he” hurt his shoulder before the 1st responders even got there to save him!! Shameful…DEPORT HIM!!!

  • texasmama3

    I don’t understand how people breaking the law can even use OUR court systems for financial gain!!! I live in South Texas where our car insurance rates are extremely high because of soooo many without it….I think if you don’t carry insurance you shouldn’t be able to sue and if you are in this country ILLEGALLY you don’t have that right either!!! Those rights are afford to LEGAL citizens!!!

  • Sarah Mahala

    Fortunately for him, he was saved. Unfortunately, he was saved!!! Pity the car didn’t wash away long before rescue got there. With any luck, he will get washed away again and rescue won’t be there in time to save his sorry a$$. It obviously wasn’t worth saving. If only the hands of time could be turned back perhaps rescue would be too late. I hope he doesn’t get a red cent from the people who risked their lives to save one as ungrateful as his. I bet he is already living off the taxpayer dollar. Greedy ungrateful little bastard!!!!!

  • Joanie Selman-Prince

    What a disrespectful unappreciative ass! He needs to pay his own bills and thank God and the cops who rescued him. Times like this is when you wish Karma came into play while you were watching!!!!!!! He will get his comeuppance, sooner or later. I just hope it’s sooner!

  • Sam Taylor

    Give him a dollar and send his butt home, back to the country he came from

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    Deport his ass back to mexico!

  • morg

    Not exported. Just execute him now. There is no demand for him or his type. These are like leaches.

  • morg

    We have two enemies. The liberals, who have caused nearly all of our problems and the illegal alien foreigners. Time to get rid of both.

  • Sharon Green

    Give the low-life ungrateful scumbag his free money. He will still be the same person, a criminal. Let Karma handle him.

  • wayne8734

    Why hasn’t this illegal bastard been deported?????

  • Dwayne

    First off arrest his illegal, greedy self. Then fine him for being here illegally. Then make him pay for all the rescue equipment snd the personnel involved in rescuing him. Once he pays all that, deport him. Once he is deported make sure he is persona non-grata in this country. At the same time, fine the lawyer for filing s frivolous lawsuit thatis merely a fishing expedition because he doesn’t know if someone made a mistake, but rather “someone may have made a mistake”. Then, disbar him from practicing law nationwide.

  • disqus_MprElaEcsK

    WTF!!! deport his ass back to where he belong no… send his ass to jail and his stupid ass lawyer.

    • Vueiy

      Nah, then we’ll have to pay for him, and he’ll be getting free lodging and food. Deporting him’s good.

  • Vueiy

    People have no shame anymore. Well, I guess anyone who’s fine with blatantly exposing himself to the justice system while being in the nation ILLEGALLY doesn’t know the MEANING of “shame” to begin with.

  • Whoda

    Why is he not in cuffs on his way back to Mexico???

  • Linda Lee

    Next tiem let that fat worthless little Mexican drown. Hispanic is not a race , don’t go there.

  • Michael Phillips

    We are doomed.

  • josie

    simply deport him Wow

  • Michael W Ratigan

    should have let him Drown or at least deport him Illegal still means Illegal right

  • Betty G.

    They should have let him drown, the ungrateful jerk that he is. Deport him back to his home country. The U.S. doesn’t owe him anything, much less letting him get by as he has bilking frivilous lawsuits about everything!

  • samsjubblies

    Deport the money grabber, he wouldnt have had this accident if he wasnt in the country illegally!!!

  • Robert E Clark

    let us vote some more idiots to office, so they can carry on with obama’s legacy.

  • Dave Bellewood

    If I was the judge in this lawsuit…………. “You are here illegally. If you had not violated the US immigration laws you would not have been in a flash flood in this country and you would not have suffered any injuries or hardships due to the rescue attempts of hardworking US citizens……..Your situation has been brought on by your own criminal actions…… Case dismissed.”

  • C Primo

    He needs to first be a legal citizen of the United States to bring a lawsuit against an American in an American court, a least that’s my humble opinion.

  • yelp46

    He definetly belongs in prison or in an alley sliced open from greedy gut to lying mouth. The fomer might happen in the USA, excluding The California Worker’s Paradise, the latter would defintly occur in a Mexican Police headquarters for not sharing the loot.

  • KansasGirl

    Was this lawbreaker insured?

  • Dr Moon

    They should have let him drown. He should be deported and his attorney disbarred.

  • Stephen E Birmingham

    Attorneys like Ferszt are one the reason our country is in such turmoil

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    This is a sick joke and the American LEGAL citizens are the brunt of it! This guy should be deported ASAP! I wonder what he does for a job? How could he even have the audacity to file charges knowing he is here illegally and already ripping off the American people!

  • airforcevet73

    what a freakin lowlife scumbag….go back to mexico and stay out of our country… leech……

  • Kimberly Kay Hendershott

    Dude…….you lived. Story is OVER!!!

  • damifinoone2

    He should go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $500,000.

  • damifinoone2

    In liberal Colorado they will probably give him a million.

  • David

    what a complete POS…you need money GO back to your OWN damned country and get a job you lazy piece of crap.

  • Effy

    What does illegal alien mean ?

  • david browne

    why isnt he back across the boarder or have about 1.00 of lead in his criminal ass

  • Tammy Chesney

    take him back, drown his stupid ass.
    any judge that awards him a law suit would truely not have any common sense and unamerican.

  • Michael Lowe

    I am a full American citizen born in Tennessee, and I’ve always said the people that should be the most offended by this kind of thing are the LEGAL immigrants that made the effort to be here legally. It is the same as jumping line, only this is jumping the fence. Also, there is NOTHING racist about the term “illegal immigrant’. That is not a race nor ethnicity. My own niece once asked me “how can a human be illegal?”. I told her that is the way the left want you to see it, instead as action or activity, they want you to personalize a crime such as this.

  • LlarryLLama

    “He needed money”…maybe if the greedy fat slob didn’t eat so much, he might have enough money to live on.

  • Red Blooded American

    Rescuer’s risked their lives to save this undocumented POS from drowning. And our government is allowing him to sue the one’s who saved his life. Forget about the sorry POS. What does this say about our own government allowing this lawsuit to be heard!

  • Cathy Doyle Kelly


  • catlady

    he, his family & his scumbag attorney all need to be deported or the heck with it, let them drown

  • Paul Nicolaides

    Sue him for the cost of the rescue, what an *$$hole.

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  • Tired of this Crap

    Just help him. And his lawyer. Help them both back into the car and the raging flood waters. And who knew? He’s gotta be the only Mexican that can’t swim.

  • Carol

    Deport all illegals – if they try to make it back into the country, deport them again and keep doing it until they get frustrated and tired of trying. I would rather see tax money spent on deportation rather than 10 cents spent to feed one of them including their kids.

  • Ed Woodson

    Obama has opened out borders. Thinks he has made peace with our enemies. Has alienated our friends and allies. And, walked on the Constitution as is it were his personal flootmat.

    Why would we not expect that an illegal will sue, and be awarded compensation. The Obama DOJ will label it as racism if he isn’t paid.

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  • Bennie Fits

    They are CRIMINALS!!!! PERIOD!!!!

  • Joe Ehrfeld


  • madalon baum

    Illegal is illegal is illegal!!!!! He should be arrested and/or deported. The only one “scummier” than the illegal is the lawyer taking on this case!

  • mary witte

    fat boy can always have another accident and no one will be there to save him

  • fanciladi

    If he had of drowned he couldn’t have sued them. He is like a leech and should be deported.

  • JustStop

    Take him to the river. Throw him in the water.

  • kohli55

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  • gregorianchant

    Drown him!

  • Jimmy Cockrum

    I think he should. be counter sued for the expenses incurred in saving his criminal ass then packed up and shipped back to where he came from then I think his scumbag poor excuse for an attorney should be brought up on charges for aiding and abetting a felony because of the jerk being here illegally. Start stacking up charges and when its all over, attorney loses his license the illegal alien pays for all court costs, charges for his rescue and his own transportation back to the freaking country he came from. Maybe he can get welfare there.

    • Mike m

      That’s exactly right. He should be sued to get back the cost of his rescue and his lawyer should be sued for all of the legal expenses.

  • AntiObama

    Another illegal alien wet back doing the same thing that all of them do. Destroy our country and break our laws. This is because of Obama.

  • joe

    Sue the attorney

  • schr8er

    Should have left that piece of crap float out to sea…. WHAT A SCUMBAG…. someone saves your life and you have the guts to sue them ??? And they wonder why we have hard feelings for them… they are leeches in so many ways

  • Stuart McHardy

    He needs money, and we need to give it to him. Right. I would volunteer to drive him to the border, strapped to my front bumper!

  • Barto

    Perhaps he would have like it better if the first responders had left him in his car, do you think?

  • Patrick

    Throw the a$$hat back into the flood waters. This time tie a concrete block to his hands. Welcome to Obummers world.

  • bigsurprise

    We The People …WE LEGAL CITIZENS of AMERICA….are BEYOND sick and tired of these leaches on our society …ILLEGAL…MEANS ILLEGAL when We Citizens encounter any legal issues…BUT NOT THESE ILLEGAL LEACHES !!!! WHY do we even have a ICE when they are NOT ALLOWED to DEPORT ILLEGALS…which is what that organization IS supposed to do ??? Our country has gone to hell in a hand basket and WE NEED TO TAKE IT BACK !!!! SO MUCH is WRONG NOW…WE THE PEOPLE need to REQUIRE our ELECTED officials to start NOW kicking ASS and TAKING NAMES and turning this around….We have MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HERE ILLEGALLY ….NO wonder our neighborhoods and highways are becoming overcrowded…WE THE PEOPLE want our country back….and STOP Immigration …. WE ARE FULL !!! IT should have been stop at 9-11 …BUT NO!!! and our country has become unsafe over these years of Mexican and other illegals as well….WE need to take our country and safety back . When I was a kid we could walk for several blocks at night without fear …THAT is how it should be !!! THAT is the AMERICA I want back !!!

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Way to go obama

  • Cheryl Evans

    If he had any sense he would know it is his own fault for going thru high rushing water. Everyone knows not to do that because it can cause you & the car to be washed away. I say deport his ungrateful self back to were he came from.

  • May Britton

    take him and throw him back in and stand and watch him sink

  • Mark Drew

    Ship his lawyer out with him.

  • Marianna

    I guess they should have let him drown. Ungrateful jerk. They will let him take this to court to sue? How about because he is an illegal, DEPORT him?

  • norm

    I would go and drown him rather than give him money, it would be worth going to prison for

  • RobTresun

    Why would an illegal alien even be allowed to sue anyone? The greedy bastard deserves to be rushed through the system & sent straight back to whatever rock he crawled out from under. Also that little weasel lawyer should be disbarred & sent with him.

  • Louise Mitchell

    Deport him

  • The first responders should have let him drown IMO. The way things are going, the U.S. will be he next third world country in no time.

  • Mike Foster

    Driving without a license, , failure to maintain control of vehicle. TOO FAST for conditions and accident. Shall I continue,, you sorry piece of Shi_ .

  • Golfer1113

    This is the kind of person obama and his dems want to come into our country. More lazys with their hands out. This guy should have been deported as soon as they rescued him. Get him and all illegals out NOW. Those who come to this country legally are welcome.

  • Howard

    Ship his dumb ass back to Juarez , otherwise, charge him & jail him .

  • tmg103

    Id like to give him some shoulder pain

  • Colleen Edgington

    He can sue all he wants but that doesn’t mean he will get anything close to 500K.

    • Mike m

      But it’s gonna cost the taxpayers a bundle to defend the lawsuit. If they’re anything like New York City, where I live, they’ll pay these two parasites $30 or $40K just to make it go away. The rationale being that it would cost twice that to defend the suit. That was a Mayor Bloomberg brainstorm. All kinds of loons and their lawyers made a fortune. The state bar should take action against that lawyer.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    This Wet back shouldn’t even be allowed to operate a vehicle in MY country, PERIOD. And, how dare he bring a lawsuit against the people that saved his worthless life??? I think they should kidnap him during the night or when he’s or at the Carneceria and throw im into a rushing river somewhere, with concrete shoes. Ungrateful wet back…

  • Michael E Jackson

    If they didn’t get him out fast enough then why is he still alive? Seems fast enough to me.

  • janefi

    Let him drown.

  • janefi

    At this point….I assume anyone with an accent is illegal… I won’t hire them.

  • Wiggle D

    Why are they reposting this article? It was well over a year ago.

  • anjlina

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  • Mike m

    The rest of the media won’t cover this story because they are all gutless cowards and are as shameless as the ambulance chasing p.o.s. looking for his 1/3.
    He should be thrown out if the country now. I’m no lawyer but can’t the judge make the illegal alien and his lawyer pay ALL legal expenses when super frivolous lawsuits are filed?
    Does anyone here know the answer?

  • efesgirl

    Shove him in a helicopter, take it up to max height and PUSH HIS ASS OUT. ILLEGALS DESERVE NOTHING except a boot out of the country!!!

  • BarfromLV

    This is absolutely the worst story I have heard about GREEDY ATTORNEYS. This has to be the attorney’s idea. The illegal alien can barely speak English. He didn’t think this up. This is disgusting! To try to sue the very people who put their lives on the line to rescue him! This attorney should be brought up on some kind of charges through the legal organization which upholds standards for attorneys.

  • CharmsDad

    He needs to be deported AND his sleazy lawyer needs to be disbarred and forced to pay double any legal fees the defendants have incurred.

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  • Bettina Thompson

    I swear! are first responders going to have to get a signed ok before treatment?!?

  • Amy Camille Denton

    I want to sit on that jury.

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  • yohan63

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