Illegal Alien Student Sticks It to America During Graduation Ceremony, Waves MEXICAN Flag


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

An illegal alien who graduated from the University Of California – San Diego last Wednesday, outraged many Americans with what she took with her to the podium to accept her diploma.

She took out a large green, white and red Mexican flag, shouting as she opened it wide to the audience.

Indira Esparza, 22, came to the United States from Mexico when her parents illegally crossed the Arizona border when she was two, but is still a Mexican citizen, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

While a student at UCSD, Esparza established the Undocumented Student Services Center so that she and other undocumented students could talk about “shared insecurities” they “suffered” as a result of their immigration “status.”

But if Esparza was feeling “insecure” about being illegal, she certainly showed the opposite, arrogantly displaying her Mexican flag and yelling “Yeah Mexico” or “Viva Mexico,” according to mixed accounts of other students.

This despite the fact that the Mexican government did not contribute a single penny to her education. In fact, Esparza reportedly received direct aid for “undocumented students” by the State of California, along with affirmative action admission preferences.

Former DHS Secretary and now UCal president Janet Napolitano enacted $5 million in such college aid for illegals as her very first act in 2013 — which critics have said takes aid away from hundreds of American citizen students.

And of course, she and her parents were able to prosper, without being deported for at least 20 years, likely receiving free medical care, welfare and other services that 88% of Mexican illegals receive in the U.S. each year.

Yet did she wave an American flag to show her appreciation? Nope. She stuck it to the very taxpayers who paid her family’s way while letting them continually break our laws.

Even readers of the liberal paper were less than pleased at the insult:

Gary Ashman responded:

Undocumented Student Services. How insane is our nation that we provide space for people who proudly declare their illegal residence status so that they can talk about their “struggles”?  How can anyone respect the law if it can be so openly and proudly flouted?

Another wrote:

 Im a veteran and this type behavior makes me sick. You know how the american people treasure their flag so why would you do such an ignorant act? Your friends and family will say how sweet and what kind person you are but this was mean rude disrespectful to the men and women who have laid down their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice so that you can get an education then you return the favor by waving the Mexican flag?

Twitter joined in on the scorn:



  • JustStop

    You should be displaying the US flag as that is the country that “allowed you to accomplish so much and gave you money to do so.” Your country has done crap for you. If you are so proud to be of Mexican descent and are illegal. Please get your illegal ass out of my country.

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    • LSKKMa

      That is one ungrateful little “beeotch”. Send her a bill for her education. and the all she has stolen from this country for the last 20 years. I know she didn’t actually steal, all she received. It was the idiot California politicians giving the state away. But if her parents had not ILLEGALLY come to this country, she would have gotten nothing from California. Make her pay back every dime of her education ….then deport her and her family

      • Madireet2

        I can see what your saying@mk1



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        • LSKKMa

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          • Modified Soul

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    • K Edwards

      they just don’t care who gives it to them as long as they get it for free

    • Hoosier_girl

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  • Robert Madsen

    I am sick and tired of these damn illegals being so proud of the country they risked their lives to leave.

    • Lesbian female president

      She waved her Mexican flag not because she felt that Mexico as a country aided her journey to academic success; she waved it because she feels proud of her heritage. She was most likely raised in a Mexican household which means that she grew up with mexican culture and parents which helped to mold her into the woman she is today. A woman who graduated from a great university which is absolutely wonderful. She has all the rights in the world to wave her flag and be proud of where she comes from and the culture and people who helped raise her!

      • Robert Madsen

        They molded her alright. To take advantage of OUR generosity. To love a country that her illegal alien parents risked all their lives to leave. If she loves that craphole called mexico so much she should go live there.

      • vlad the impaler

        no she didnt,she did it to spit in our white faces.fuck her heritage,shes been in america since she was two,how much culture could she possiby absorbed.why is she so proud of mexico?because they like the fact they can shit on your culture and generousity and get away it without so much as an ass beating.she has zero right waving a foriegn flag at a ceremony,fuck you.,what next graduation will be like the opening ceremonies at the olympics,except whites will banned from flying their flags as to not offend whining minorities.that flag represents the destruction of america ,that flag is not a pleasant sight for proud americans.and these greasers are well aware of that.its like me flying the confederate flag after graduating from a mexican university.

  • Robert Madsen

    Not allowed to say a prayer yet praised for being an illegal alien and waving a foreign flag.

    • uther9

      better to say prayer at home than be a hypocrite.

  • Jennine Kinzer

    Show her the way back home!!

  • sgb1

    We paid for her fabulous education so let’s go ahead and pay for her trip home. Perhaps she can take her education to help fix her own country.

    • Wiggle D

      They won’t. They don’t care a rat’s a$$ about their people. They only care about themselves, which is why their country is mostly a ghetto.

      • uther9

        not a ghetto, just get your head out of your ass.

        • Wiggle D

          Umm, besides a few distinct tourist places, Mexico is a ghetto.

        • Jeff Allen

          I lived in juarez it is a ghetto for three years i watched the rich crap on the poor and the poor just keep accepting it then in 2008 i saw people getting gunned down in the cartel wars its a third world ghetto

        • anonymous

          Not sure what Mexico you’ve been to but the one I’ve seen is a cesspool.

        • vlad the impaler

          its a ghetto,unless its where tourists go.get YOUR head out of YOUR ass

    • uther9

      Mexico is unfixable at this point, too many idiots running the country.

      • DR

        Mexico? You mean the USA

        • vlad the impaler

          no we mean mexico,the usa is fucked up because of mexicans.stagnating pay increases,and avoiding taxes while abusing our public schools and social services and all the while creating massive crime and bringing in fuck off mehican.

  • The Mann

    I would throwing anything I could get my hands at her..Screw that bitch..what a kick in the face this is to us LEGAL US CITIZENS..

  • Scotty P

    I’d do her.

  • William Bush

    If you love Mexico so much lass, then you should have gone there to get your education. Regardless, feel free to go back.
    And just in case you still don’t understand: Si amas al México tanto, entonces debías haber ido a la universidad allí para conseguir tu educación. No obstante, por favor toma la oportunidad para volver.

    • uther9

      No entiendo señor bush jajaja. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would display the mexican flag on US soil, my grandfather who was born in mexico always said that if you wanted to do this kind of circus do it in mexico.

    • anonymous

      No worry, if she got her education in California, she’s likely dumber than when she started. We’re talking about California, here.

  • weikamis

    LOL…..They continue to laugh at the stupidity of American Citizens and the buffoon that was elected President of The USA because of the color of his skin! And in the meantime, all of we American Citizens continue to sit around complaining about it, BUT, doing nothing to stop it???

    • William Matthes

      Hard to do much when you have a president that cares more for illegals than American citizens and a gutless Congress that sits around with their thumbs up their asses!

      • Bernard Alfred Stearos

        Every time you go to the polls, do not vote for the incumbent, vote for the other person.

        • Jeff Allen

          But theres too many liberal idiots that were bought and paid for with welfare

  • ton

    l isn’t anyone’s fault but our own, we do not do what suppose to be done, deport, give it away no questions asked, If you do your racist. what country would do that for a US person. I lost my job, I made 50 $ over max to get Medi-Cal nnooooo kids, and I am legal .. our country has it messed up

  • william rose

    please feel free to go back to Mexico asap. you and your people are a burden to our society

  • Oscar C Salinas

    Now, pack up and get out.

  • M Meier

    This is why the “Dreamer” crap is just that; a bunch of crap!!! Our government needs to deport all these people and it disgusts me that they don’t. People who legally apply for asylum or for a visa or citizenship are one thing, but illegals are completely different. Our government (Federal and State) should be deporting them – NOT giving them benefits!!!!

  • Deanna Wood Short

    I’m disgusted by these ass-holes! It’s not her fault that she’s illegal, but she’s completely ungrateful! Her parents should be deported but, they probably vote Democrat (illegally also)

    • Robert Madsen

      She is 22 years old. It is her fault that she is still an illegal alien. I bet she never even started the paperwork to become an American citizen.

  • K Edwards

    she should be deported immediately, none of these illegals are thankful for what the American people are giving them, they are just stealing and then spitting in our faces I say we kick them the hell out and stop all benefits, this country government is ridiculous to choose these people over American Citizens !! We the people need to do something about it !

  • William Matthes

    She doesn’t have one bit of class! I wish they could strip her of her degree and deport her ungrateful ass back to Mexico! I hope she is unable to land a job because a potential employer has seen this!

  • Wiggle D

    Parts of me want to say that we should charge her ungrateful butt the full amount of her tuition. But unless you put her in prison to do it, she’ll just jump the border again. Her b!tch a$$ won’t survive that.

  • Kenneth Clark

    She gets a higher education thanks to going to school in America and this is how she shows gratitude.

  • Karlec

    Liberal state… Liberal behavior.

  • Chunky Brewster

    Got to just LOVE our government!

  • A P

    MEMORIZE THIS POS NAME! Then ALL employers of the USA refuse to hire her. MAKE NOTE…………..TRACK HER DOWN and send her back to where she came from!

  • steve hedrick

    Why is everyone so shocked, their disrespect to a country that gives them everything isn’t new. We are Bitching on deaf ears because nothing will ever get done as long as there is an angle a politician can play. But maybe we are not seeing the big picture here, has it happened that everyone but the illegals are well educated own and these people are the only ones left to take advantage of low wage jobs. I’m jumping around here because this is an issue that fry’s me. I see hard working young couples spending hundreds a week on day care for one child while an illegal with two kids in the same daycare paying twenty dollars a week and we the tax payer picking up the rest, that’s one family due the math. When I was young and making low wages not agency paid my bills, I had to BUDGET. And then there is the issue of driving without insurance and license, get caught pay the fine and drive again till caught, out of their own mouth. We can complain all we want but what will it really take to correct this half ass system. I will agree with those that stated,” why did you leave that country if you love it so much”, its the freebies.

  • Ryan Barnicle

    MExico – The colon of North America…. Nope, It’s a not typo. The E in Mexico is capitalized for a reason.

  • mommaslusher

    How grand would it have been had she waved an American flag, and shouted “Thank you America”?

  • Stan Bryars

    If she truly loved Mexico she would take her education back there and try to make it better

    • uther9

      if she got any, nowadays graduating is one thing, getting an education is another.

  • Lawrence Young

    This is nothing short of disgusting! In my opinion if students are undocumented they should be paying the International Student Rate which is what is cahrged to other students coming to California for their studies. The UC San Diego website shows what those fees are:

    & Transfer12 Months9 Months6 Months3 MonthsTuition & Fees$36,200$36,200$24,100$12,100Living Expenses$20,800$15,700$10,400$5,200Other: Books & Supplies$1,500$1,500$1,000$500Total:$58,500$53,400$35,500$17,800This is what she should have been paying all along for 4 years. On behalf of the citizens of California, please send her and every other undocumented student the same bill. Public High schools also charge a tuition for International Students which can range from $10K to $20K. Most are from China. They pay cash. Why aren’t we charging the undocumented students from Mexico the exact same fee???

    • uther9

      I 100% agree with you. If you are not legally in the US then you should at least have the decency to pay out of state tuition.

      • Lawrence Young

        International tuition. Last I checked Mexico is a country, not the 51st state.

  • Lawrence Young

    Sorry for the garbled table of fees. It was in a tabular form when I typed it. 12 month tuition, living expenses, books and supplies add up to $58,500.

  • Lin

    Ok all Future graduates start waving American flags & oops you might smack ANY other flag to the ground

  • Julie Horton-Kamphaus


  • kazoober

    someone should have gone on stage and started smacking her with a stick. When she starts to complain, say “oh I thought you were a Piñata”

  • KarenJPlummer

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  • Antoinette Decuzzi

    It’s becoming difficult to display our AMERICAN FLAG on our own soil. Yet this ignorant ungrateful impertinent little piece of crap displays hers while we pay for her education. Send her and her family back. A matter of fact start sending them all back.

  • country76


  • country76
  • Nonya

    Makes one wonder what else is she hiding…..

  • Legh Cathey

    Hopefully she doesnt find a job in the USA.

    • dareisay

      Right! Obama gave $3000 incentives for our businesses to hire them over citizens!

  • BT

    Time to take out the TRASH

    • Transgendered trash walker

      oh i thought about taking you out for a walk too!

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    This is what we get for voting Democrats into public office,,, a president who loves illegals more then Americans. Next time you vote think about this and vote all of them out of office. We need to take our country back.

    • obama is the best president

      But what are Americans really? White suburban moms called Helen behind picket fences with her kids, Dick and Jane? With pure white “American” blood? “Your” country has been constructed by a breathtakingly beautiful melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and religion. The beauty you see in your country was laid down by their hands so don’t go being racist and ignorant now.

      • vlad the impaler

        youve been smoking too much pot lady,theres nothing beautiful about a melting pot,white dick and jane was great,until pablo and juanita showed up with their armies of asshole kids.their hands never laid shit down except when they put them out to collect their welfare checks.ignorant and racist cant go together,being racist is being smart.

  • Buypass

    So now she will have 10 imaginary kids and go on welfare.
    She has just affirmed her qualifications to succeed that way.
    Barrack is overjoyed at another thankless beggar to feed.

  • ReginaCPritchard

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  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Ask yourself. why doesn’t Mexico ( our biggest importer of foreign OIL, and BTW the biggest oil company in Mexico is OWN by the Gov’t) build schools for its poor, affordable housing, county Hospitals and helping their OWN people instead of telling them to “go north”????? Why, Corruption, which has been a way of life for centuries in that country. And now WE are paying for Their stupidity. Disturbing, huh.

  • dareisay

    Ingrate! US citizens being used and abused by both our government, Mexico’s government and foreigners that have no allegiance to our country…..just what they can get out of us!

  • John Cesaro

    well I guess that now that she has a good education and is ready to change the world, that she’ll use all the help that we have given her and go back to Mexico to help the downtrodden LMFAO

  • nobodycan

    Send her and her family back to Mixnut where she belongs , illegal is illegal , We help her and she slaps us in the face just like Obuthead and there thugs of color What we need in this country is a good cleaning , you know , house cleaning

  • Lynette Constable

    And you wonder why California is broke.

  • Giandolla

    Why don’t we (legal citizens) garnish her wages until WE are reimbursed back all the gratis she has received, including her college education!

  • formercanuck

    This is very disrespectful to all of the Americans that had to pay for this undocumented/illegal immigrant to have an education.
    1. Is she showing the Mexican flag to snub us?
    2. Is it because she is Mexican ? If so – then why force Americans to pay for your education and you obviously have no respect for this country?
    3. Is she trying to entice hatred ?
    4. Similar to others she should not be able to have legal employment…a she’s undocumented.
    5. This is a snub to legal citizens and even legal foreigners applying for public college.

    • fight me suburban mom helen

      have you just possibly considered that the world doesn’t revolve around your wounded ego and that her Mexican flag is being waved in the air because she’s proud and grateful for all the support and love her family has given her? That she’s aware of her unfortunate situation but she’s proud that she’s fought through it? She has respect for your country but she is also allowed to feel pride for her own ethnic background and family/culture/upbringing.

      • Robert Madsen

        I hope her parents were embarrassed that she waved the flag of the country they risked their lives fleeing.

      • vlad the impaler

        she is basically american,how proud of mexico could a 2 year old become?she did it because of this la raza bullshit and how these greasers think they will own california soon.but she is dead wrong .

  • Clarice

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  • Mitchell Dell’Aquila

    Incidents such as this continue to happen because they are being allowed to happen. Allowed by the State of California, by the University and by progressive liberals. Liberals who see absolutely nothing wrong with taking money away from U.S. citizens and giving it to illegal aliens. And then require nothing in return for this gift. Except maybe their vote.

  • Jeff Allen

    Is anyone surprized?

  • usimusi25

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  • Timothy Johnson

    Deport her immediately!

  • Thomas Perakovic

    Uh..crime in daylight…

  • Curtius Simplus

    Deportation. Simple as that.

  • liberaltraitors

    We should run it out of its nest and make it go home.

    • my tears are made of sarcasm

      Or we can just ship you out of the country so that you don’t have to feel threatened by young adults graduating and receiving an education. It must be such a struggle for you. Condolences.

      • liberaltraitors

        Well, hello to you, traitor. Say hello to the wall when the Revolution comes to your door.


  • Nonya

    I have a brother-in-law that was fostered into a home in the USA when he was in grade school to a couple in the United States…. He was and honor student all through his school year…He attended 4 years in Pima Collage and went on to University of Arizona. He graduated with very high honors. His foster parents never adopted him, but he was able to apply for financial aide and while he was in school he married my sister and though he proved us very wrong….We used to tell my sister that she was being used as while he went to school my sister worked hard. But she would tell him that he was not to go home with a grade less then an “A” (she was a slave driver) when his grade would go down to a “B” it was his time to spend a great deal of time in the library. He loved school. then we also thought that he married her so that she could make him a US citizen…Again we were so wrong….needless to say he graduated from the University of Arizona top 5 of his class he was #1 and during that last year he had applied for a Resident Alien card as he was going on a Student Visa. When he graduated instead of a Resident Alien card he had received his US Citizenship. He started working at the doctor’s office where he did his internship and was involved in helping the doctor who had the clinic with Tucson’s first test tube baby which was to the Doctor’s wife. Twins.
    a few years later the doctor opened another clinic in Atlanta Georgia, Where he was sent to do the set up and opened up the clinic. Since then he has earned his Doctorate and is now a Surgeons assistant to the OB GYN and is also doing research for a cure for diabetics. He has become very successful in his career. He is one Mexican that was proud to become a United States Citizen. I guess the United States did not want to lose a great mind which I would like to believe is why he was given a US Citizenship (they probably thought he would go back to Mexico with all he learned and done but he really did not have anybody back in Mexico). He is one very proud AMERICAN…. They have 3 daughters, One recently graduated following his footsteps (33 years old), they have a downs syndrome daughter ( 30 years old)who works as a candy stripper at the hospital he now works and they fostered a little girl at the age of 3 and is now attending college who just turned 22 years old. Some people Appreciate it so much to be given the American Dream and to become a Proud American….like I said HE PROVED US ALL WRONG!!!

  • RobertRRussell

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  • Kimberley
  • Olecove

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  • Terry

    She was two years old when she arrived in the country. Was she suppose to go back when she realized she was illegal? Or did she do the smart thing and benefit from the system? She might have received money but she still did all the hard work the comes with a college education.

    • Hallelujah praise the Lord

      Thank you so much for being the only smart and beautiful human in this comment thread.

    • Robert Madsen

      The smart and morally right thing to do when she realized she is an illegal alien was to immediately get the paperwork started to become an American citizen.

  • umando58

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  • kal98

    Figures, I can not go back to school from lack of funds but this person openly scorns the country that gave her her big step up! We as USA citizens should demand the complete absolute stop and freeze all foreign aid to Mexico that u and I pay for, let the rich corporations pay for Mexico and all the other countries they f over, not you and I!

  • vlad the impaler

    freeloading bitch,she probably majored in spanish languages.fuck mexico.

  • Thomas Moloian

    fuck this bitch and if i ever see her and i live only 90 min from san diego, i will get that stupid mexican flag and burn it ground and blast her out of america!

    us military veteran


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