Illegal Alien Drug Smuggler Sues Border Patrol, Demanding Cash After Dog Bites Him During Arrest


Above: Border Patrol human and canine agents apprehend illegal alien in the Rio Grande Valley, TX (File Photo)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

In Barack Obama’s lawless America, arrogant illegal aliens — even felons — have a sense of entitlement that is mind-boggling.

Case in point: illegal alien drug smuggler Jose Manuel Marino-Najera is suing the Border Patrol over dog bites he sustained after crossing the Southern border illegally and carrying drugs into the country. And one FoxNews anchor is livid about it.

Marino-Najera claims his “human rights” were “violated” after U.S. Border Patrol agents, who routinely cover thousands of acres with the assistance of canine agents, unleashed their dogs on him before he was arrested on a “cartel controlled” section of the border.

Marino-Najera claims he wasn’t really a smuggler, despite the 50-lb backpack filled with drugs he had in his possession, and is really a victim, because those racist border agents disturbed his slumber with their mean dogs. As Inquisitr reported:

Jose Manuel Marino-Najera claims he became an illegal immigrant after choosing to have coyotes – a slang term for human smugglers – help him get across the U.S. border with Mexico. To garner the help of the coyotes, Marino-Najera allegedly had to agree to tote a large bag full of marijuana for the drug cartel.

A band of illegal immigrants made it into Arizona and reportedly decided to get some rest beneath a tree while recovering from alleged dehydration. Jose Manual Marino-Najera and his fellow border crossers fell asleep under the Arizona tree and were awakened only after a Border Patrol dog bounded onto the scene and began sniffing at the bags of marijuana.

Marino-Najera claims a Border Patrol dog was “mauling” his hand as he woke up and saw the agents. The illegal immigrant alleges that the U.S. Border Patrol agents ignored his cries and shouts for help, allowing the dog to “tear apart” his hands for “several minutes.” According to the lawsuit claims by the illegal alien, the Border Patrol agents did not call off the dog until they walked over to arrest him.

His lawsuit also claims that a fellow illegal alien smuggler witnessed the agents ignore Marino-Najera being attacked by the dog. How convenient!

Because the dog was “aiding the Border Patrol in their law enforcement duties”, this illegal is demanding “compensation” from the federal government — meaning YOU, the taxpayers — for his “injuries”.

Marino-Najera has an American ambulance chaser, of course, named Bill Riser, who ridiculously claims that this felon is entitled to sue the Border Patrol and the American people because the alleged injuries occurred on American soil.

On a heated interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Riser said his client’s illegal border crossing, and admitted drug smuggling, should not affect his standing.

The normally mild-mannered Cavuto, erupted in outrage:

CAVUTO: “If I break into your house and fall and hurt my foot because I tripped over something while going to steal jewelry in an upstairs bedroom, can I sue you for my injuries?”

In a sane nation, this illegal would be deported across a walled-off border, with a mandatory 20-year sentence for returning. Andf this vile excuse for an attorney would be disbarred.


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