Illegal Alien Drug Smuggler Sues Border Patrol, Demanding Cash After Dog Bites Him During Arrest


Above: Border Patrol human and canine agents apprehend illegal alien in the Rio Grande Valley, TX (File Photo)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

In Barack Obama’s lawless America, arrogant illegal aliens — even felons — have a sense of entitlement that is mind-boggling.

Case in point: illegal alien drug smuggler Jose Manuel Marino-Najera is suing the Border Patrol over dog bites he sustained after crossing the Southern border illegally and carrying drugs into the country. And one FoxNews anchor is livid about it.

Marino-Najera claims his “human rights” were “violated” after U.S. Border Patrol agents, who routinely cover thousands of acres with the assistance of canine agents, unleashed their dogs on him before he was arrested on a “cartel controlled” section of the border.

Marino-Najera claims he wasn’t really a smuggler, despite the 50-lb backpack filled with drugs he had in his possession, and is really a victim, because those racist border agents disturbed his slumber with their mean dogs. As Inquisitr reported:

Jose Manuel Marino-Najera claims he became an illegal immigrant after choosing to have coyotes – a slang term for human smugglers – help him get across the U.S. border with Mexico. To garner the help of the coyotes, Marino-Najera allegedly had to agree to tote a large bag full of marijuana for the drug cartel.

A band of illegal immigrants made it into Arizona and reportedly decided to get some rest beneath a tree while recovering from alleged dehydration. Jose Manual Marino-Najera and his fellow border crossers fell asleep under the Arizona tree and were awakened only after a Border Patrol dog bounded onto the scene and began sniffing at the bags of marijuana.

Marino-Najera claims a Border Patrol dog was “mauling” his hand as he woke up and saw the agents. The illegal immigrant alleges that the U.S. Border Patrol agents ignored his cries and shouts for help, allowing the dog to “tear apart” his hands for “several minutes.” According to the lawsuit claims by the illegal alien, the Border Patrol agents did not call off the dog until they walked over to arrest him.

His lawsuit also claims that a fellow illegal alien smuggler witnessed the agents ignore Marino-Najera being attacked by the dog. How convenient!

Because the dog was “aiding the Border Patrol in their law enforcement duties”, this illegal is demanding “compensation” from the federal government — meaning YOU, the taxpayers — for his “injuries”.

Marino-Najera has an American ambulance chaser, of course, named Bill Riser, who ridiculously claims that this felon is entitled to sue the Border Patrol and the American people because the alleged injuries occurred on American soil.

On a heated interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Riser said his client’s illegal border crossing, and admitted drug smuggling, should not affect his standing.

The normally mild-mannered Cavuto, erupted in outrage:

CAVUTO: “If I break into your house and fall and hurt my foot because I tripped over something while going to steal jewelry in an upstairs bedroom, can I sue you for my injuries?”

In a sane nation, this illegal would be deported across a walled-off border, with a mandatory 20-year sentence for returning. Andf this vile excuse for an attorney would be disbarred.

  • Gary Daniel Rains

    The dog screwed up he let you live!

    • Doris Storlien

      Should’a got him by the throat!!!!!! No chance of him suing then.

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          • redeemed357

            I AGREE!!!! WHAT A HOOT!!!!

    • Miraclewhip515

      We need better trained dogs.

  • Mary Curry

    I hope the dog is up to date on his shots. Would not want the dog to get sick.

    • John McMickle

      Now that’s a thought counter sue for mental stress of the dog and related health issues.

      • MamieTRivers

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        • Lou J. Lewis

          What the hell does this have to do with this discussion?….NOTHING.

          • Al Parsons

            I guess she doesn’t realize prostitution is illegal.

      • Guest

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    • Sam W

      The dog needs more training. Teach the dog to go for the jugular vein and terminate the intruder. That ought to stop some of this invasion…..

      • John McMickle

        I am worried about waht blood born illness the dog might suffer from after the bite.

      • Helga Stintzcum

        I agree with you, sir.

      • tracymae

        Train the dog to go for the gonads and maybe he won’t be able to reproduce.

    • Bob Spann

      Good dog, did his job.

  • John McMickle

    If we are going to get sued over a dog biting illegal aliens then get more and bigger dog and lets get our moneys worht.

    • June Smith

      an illegal aien smuggling drug into the country

      • My 2 cents or sense.

        Yes, and that’s right down Obam-bam’s alley. He’ll just laugh it off and say leave that poor man alone. I’m giving him amnesty, and I run the country. I’m King Ding Dong!!!

        • redeemed357

          and not only that—if Obummer had a son—-he would look like Jose…..all bit up from really GOOD BORDER PATROL DOG!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • schr8er

      Just too darn bad we cant train lions or tigers to do that job… would fix the problem REAL quick….

  • JPM

    I’m ready to give up!!!! What the heck is going on in this country I love? How can we stop this madness? I have a few ideas, what do you think we can and should do?

  • Mark Muylaert

    What do I think? Tough, the guy got what he deserved. He should be in prison now for drug smuggling. Where the hell is Holder charging this POS?

    • Russell Neefe

      Holder would give him a pile of tax free cash and give him a nice house, a drivers license, a voter ID card, and a paid vacation every year. Then Holder would charge these Agents for violating this Illegal alien civil rights by using a trained drug dog to guard our border. Holder is a POS.

      • EQ4ALL

        And boehnrer would have the American taxpayer fund it.

      • My 2 cents or sense.

        Just let me drive 85 mph down the road, which is ILLEGAL, and I would get a big fine, license taken away and probation. But this guy is sueing for a million dollars and will probably get it. There are rules for us Americans about something ILLEGAL, but different for the ILLEGALS. This is enough to drive anyone crazy. Maybe I should sue because they drove me crazy. I’ll figure out a way. Those idiot ILLEGALS seem to figure out a way. This screwy gov’t just does not make sense anymore.

        • Psawed

          …the inmates are running the asylum!


      From the rear?

    • Paul Floyd

      never happen–

  • AWCheney

    At any time or place, other than Obama’s America, that would be a no-brainer…but here and now there are no rules, or laws, that can not and are not broken selectively according to the desires of the tyrant-in-chief and/or his minions.

    • Pete L

      same treatment as our Marine received in their shythole prison.

    • Arizona Willie

      Perhaps we should put the illegals we catch on a chain gang picking up the trash the illegals dump along the border so they can be seen by people on the other side of the fence so they can see what will happen to THEM.

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    The dog was doing his job! holding the prisoner until the border patrol agents could get over there and arrest him! if the dog let go he would have ran! he is lucky it was only his hands that got messed up!

  • James Waters

    Wait…. How can any illegal have the LEGAL rights to sue any one?

    • Russell Neefe

      Obama is giving them all of the ‘Rights’. Remember? Even though it is wrong. The Illegal Alien was also a Drug Smuggler with 50 pounds on Marijuana, which by Federal Laws is still Illegal in the US. The Illegal knew he was crossing the border in violation of US Immigration Laws, he knew the pack contained Illegal Drugs, and blaming the Border Patrol Agents for doing their job with the aid of a dog. It is a shame we do not have ‘Hard Labor’ for Drug Smuggling anymore. He should be turned over Sheriff Joe until he goes to trial.

    • Sam W

      But he will be a future democrap and vote for obamy again…. and again and again….

      • reggie98ud

        All in the same election. . .

    • Eli Iceman

      It must have gone unnoticed last summer when Obama signed the executive order which authorizes foreign nationals to import marijuana into the U.S. and that they shall not be interfered with by federal law enforcement since cannabis is soon to be made legal in all 50 states and embroilment in such cases may result in costly lawsuits for the Border Patrol.

      • Just my opinion

        Ok, then send the marijuana, but not the illegals!

        • redeemed357

          only looking for future democraps and voters. And even though democraps may look like they are alive—they are so “stoned” they have to be led into the voting booth. And of course there is that democrap who voted for her “sister who is in a coma” would want her to vote for Obummer…..throw her butt in jail. THAT IS ILLEGAL!!!

    • K Edwards

      with this president are you kidding ??

  • Bonione

    Got to send them back before the next election!!!!

  • Chloe Rowles

    Too bad the dog didn’t ‘find’ the lawyer.

  • Madalon

    Why are you guys picking on this poor slob? He’ an honest, misunderstood guy, just trying to make life better for his family. Heck, since he’s already here, we should just welcome him with open arms, give him a pathway to citizenship, give him and his family free education, free medical care, food stamps, a good paying job and for his trouble, we should also pick up the tab for his legal fees when he sues us. This seems to be the new “American way”!!

  • Tinaw1969

    Yeah, I’m sure the dog tore apart his hands! LOL The nerve of this moron! He should be fed to the dogs!

  • leroy wilcox

    looks like there is only one to fix this country

  • Daniel Jacobsen

    I have a 26 cent solution to this problem. Just take back out to the border area and ignore the popping noise you hear. okay well $4.68 solution

    • Mike

      Is that for the slimy lawyer, the illegal, or both?

      • Daniel Jacobsen


  • nellie vela


  • Duscet

    Welcome to one of the new world order parts of real life. We are so enlightened to finally see how Obama wanted to come and change Amerika! You all should be so proud!

  • Sicklesteel

    ..mind boggling numb nuts!. …that is all your can say you worthless media slug!!!!?

    Damn gentlemen!….you’re suppose to be the Watch Dogs. The “warning bell ringers”!…Isn’t that right?

    So tell me professionals of the press, if that is true and you are not being censored, then who cut your balls off? Why don’t you start yelling from the roof tops that this is wrong and outside the law? Why don’t you? Have you been threatened quietly through the backdoor? You know what I mean. Just curious.

    You all are despicable. All of you. The leaders of this country.

    The Doctors that run the FDA and the CDC.

    The Military Commanders who are either one of “them and they” and the ones to spooked to step up and risk loosing a life time of honorable service to back the wrong play,

    and you Banksters and Private Money.

    Perhaps it is time to end this BS.

  • slazozowsa

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  • psw2014

    What about the poor dog’s vet bills? After all, he did bite into “Toxic Waste”.

  • Chuckle

    This is what we get when we allow an unconstitutional man to set in the president and make unconstitutional laws!

  • HarryTheCat

    They need to teach those dogs to go for the “nads”.

  • azp

    Where is the photo of his “alleged” injuries?

  • Suncoast

    Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this case before my court. I will hold the attorney in contempt of the court and instruct the bailiff to place the attorney in cuffs and then sentence him to 180 day in the county jail for wasting the courts time. I would have him perp walked out and leave his briefcase on the table. THAT would stop this type frivolous lawsuits by so-called lawyers. Start holding attorneys accountable and the ambulance chasing would cease. My time, as well as the court employee’s time is as valuable as these lawyers, so quit wasting it or suffer the consequences.

  • Sicklesteel

    A beautiful Black Lab in service to his country……good boy!…good boy!…..

  • fedup

    This is crap! Lets keep paying for useless law breakers, and illegals! Go to heck home. Take ur flag and all your country pride and stay there! Hell send our law breakers over too. We’re a broke ass country supporting walfare and illegals. Im sick of busting my butt to make these peoples rent. Tired of helping people sit on there butt because they’re entitled. F that help the vets the ones who give a damn and are down on there luck. If i gotta support ur kids because u cant have six and have never worked. u dont deserve them. Send them to someone who can. Tie their tubes and stop enabling this nonsense!

  • Send him home after his sentence is over.

  • Pete L

    This is why you can’t elect lawyers for public service, can’t be trusted as they are all greedy liars and will rob their mothers without batting an eye. He’s just looking for his 33% take.

    That scumbag illegal drug smuggler has NO legal rights and any respectable judge would throw this out in a heart beat as frivolous.

    Disbar that lawyer ASAP!!!!

    • My 2 cents or sense.

      I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree a little Pete L. Just a little. My son is an honest attorney, I’m sure you don’t agree, but you just can’t lump them all in the same pile. I mean if you were in a car accident that was not your fault and the other driver had put you in a wheelchair for life, I think you would call an attorney.

      • Pete L

        You can disagree all you want, it’s your right. And I’ve been in an accident and had a lawyer. Let’s just say I earned my 67% more than any lawyer earns their 33%. if someone was going to be wheelchair bound and looking at say $5 million I would like to think the wheelchair trumps 33% of that anytime, who needs it more? So yes I think lawyers are greedy.

        Let’s just say the illegal has NO right suing for being a criminal and his lawyer has NO scruples. I will assume & hope your son would never take a case like this.

      • Wiggle D

        And Barry’s kids would never hurt a fly. Chances are, there is a side you aren’t seeing. Nobody is completely honest these days.

  • Helga Stintzcum

    Of course this felon has some shyster defending him, and I would not be surprised if some liberal judge sides with him also.

  • David Palo

    heck, he going to get a few million dollars,a new house and a car,free medical care,college educations for his kids,and social security pension,and he will eventually be a guest speaker at Berkley graduation commencements, earning 50 thousand per speech.

    • My 2 cents or sense.

      O.K. then if he’s getting all that, how about disguising ourselves as illegals, do the same thing and then we’d be rolling in the money, and all the other freebies. Oh yea, we have to find something to smuggle in. If we don’t get this man out of our White House, we won’t have an America left to call home. It will be his, as a dictator. I’m with the other guys response. Newspapers, who aren’t afraid, need to be our speakers, and have every one of them in the country, front paging it, that We the People, want him out. Surely he can read at least one paper. And congress that we voted in, you have the power to put him out. DO IT!!!!!!!

  • Golfer1113

    If he had been where he belongs this would not have happened. I sure hope he does not get one of those bleeding heart liberal judges. Any judge that would give him anything besides a scene from the inside of a jail until he is deported, is an idiot.

    • Mike

      It’s in Arizona all the federal judges are on the side of the illegals.

  • My 2 cents or sense.

    I hope something is done about this. This is just wrong. There are a lot of people responding on here that are not to happy. And, I’m sure they are not ALL wrong. We hate being railroaded by our own gov’t. Or is it ours anymore?

    • Guy Ogan

      The current regime in Washington D.C. proves the adage that “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!” The Marxists have made enough laws and bureaucratic rules to hamstring a Conservative President even if one were to somehow get elected…unless the new POTUS had the “guts” to declare all these laws and rules what they really are: “A Clear and Present Danger to the Constitution and the American People!”

  • joe

    This son of a bit** got what he deserved!!!

  • David Palo

    The only way to stop our government is to get conservatives back in Washington. If true conservatives leaders don’t start fighting to win elections, our country and constitution shall perish from the earth.

  • Pamela Justice


  • Guy Ogan

    Tell the drug dealer to sign up for Obozo-Care, I’m sure he will qualify for FREE EVERYTHING!

    • Wiggle D

      NO, we have too many as is!

  • johughsie

    Good dog!!

  • amerall

    You are soo right Mary! Who knows what kinds of horrific disease’s these bottom feeding parasites have!! Think about this, they swim the river sell the drugs they’re carrying then use the money open a Mexican restaurant here in the states operating out of a converted house trailer! You know which ones they are because when they take your order they cant speak English! Leave there immediate if they cant speak “English”!!! To be here “legally” you have to be able to speak and read our language! Now come the low IQ morons who will say English Isnt our “Official Language” If it is not then why do you have to be able to speak read write and understand it to get citizenship?

  • reggie98ud

    Can somebody but that dog a nice big, juicy T-Bone Steak?!?!?

  • June Smith

    Are there any adults in congress and the courts today? This is so stupid. It’s like I’m watching a bunch of immature teenagers fighting and whining trying to bend the rules to fit their needs without regard to rules and laws. This is what kids do, well, at least try to do. Are the rich on drugs?? Somewhere along the line they lost common sense.

    • Wiggle D

      They are illegals, illegal supporters and communists.

  • Anja J

    Sad to say Neil Cavuto, some burglers have ended up that way and have tried to sue. But that was back when judges were not liberal activists, and they usually threw those cases out of court quickly. Now the judges agree and reward illegals top dollar they are so crooked

  • Cathy Mayeaux

    counter sue, just think of the damage done to that poor dog! God only knows what germs or diseases that person was carrying in his person being exposed to all of those drugs!

  • Dawnrose D’Aloia

    He doesnt have any rights! He is a criminal and not even a citizen! Demand mexico put him in Their jails! This is absolute bullshit!

  • CraxyD

    Article here is dated 2 April 2015 but I remember reading this back in December of last year. Isn’t there enough going on that TRN has to dig up old news?

  • Ben Cottman

    Dog obviously didn’t bite hard enough..

  • Jeremy Waugh

    how does the guy even have a case? can you sue a dog

  • Phoenix

    That low life, POS ILLEGAL alien, is not entitled to sh!t!

  • Wiggle D

    Put handcuffs on his ankles and let the dog have at his groin. Those German Shepherds can make short work of tools.

  • PatriotOne

    That “lawyer” should be tarred & feathered then ran out of the country into Mexico, let him defend that POS criminal border-jumper from over there

  • Larry Notton

    The quicker they get this miscreant back across the border, along with his lawyer buddy, the better for all!

  • Al Parsons

    Let’s see–he was a gentle giant who was just trying to finance his upcoming college education?? Yeah, sure!

  • LadyWolf

    I could never be a lawyer’s wife who defend people like this.

  • Sharon Kutz

    People like Riser and his ilk are the lowest of the low.

  • cynicrealist


  • BuckTard

    Obama will make sure he gets paid. Hell it was prob his weed anyway.

  • another_engineer

    Dog probably immediately licked his own hind end to get the taste out of his mouth

  • McMac1983

    Cavuto, yes you can still sue. A woman here is Michigan was sued by a man because he broke into her home and her dog attacked him and would not stop its attack even after he attempted to leave the home. He won because the court ruled that when he decided to leave the threat had ended and the dog should have stopped.

  • norm

    Yes Mr. Cavuto they can sue you as the person is considered a uninvited guest. He can sue as you had a unsafe condition.

  • Renee Curry-Harper

    Too bad the dog didn’t go for the throat.

  • Daveinpa

    Fly him back over the border and release him; 10,000 feet should dissuade him from coming back again!

  • whiteshadow

    A lawyer that would file this case should be thrashed..

  • USAgoneWacky

    Went to the DMV the other day, now that illegals can have drivers license in California wait times are now 4 hours. It use to be 2……

  • BetseeRoss

    Our courts need to stop extending citizen rights to people who are here illegally. Those rights need to be earned not co-opted by foreigners.

  • Paul Floyd

    You have got to be kidding !!!!!!! What ethical attorney would file such a law suit and what kind of judge would allow it??? Only in Obama’s America

  • Ken Darby

    These type of Lawsuits happen all the time here in Arizona. Also, if The B.P. Try to pull over vehicles, The Smugglers will crash on purpose and demand to go to the hospital. The hospital is barred from celling the B.P. when they release the “Patient”. It happens all the time here in Yuma. Disgusting..

  • Barto

    If this ILLEGAL invader Criminal gets anything out of this suit then our Government insofar as i am concerned can go straight to hell for allowing such BS. Hell, he should be jailed and ordered by a judge to repay what it cost the taxpayers to pay these Border Patrol Agents and Border Dogs in doing their job to nab him. This Country under Obama is getting more insane by the day!!!!!!

  • Robert Farrell


  • Robert Farrell


  • Robert Farrell


  • Bj Rutledge

    next time let the dog finish the job… dead men tell no tales, and file no law suits.

  • Paul Kersey

    Should have just put a bullet in his head and left his carcass as a warning to others.

    • FreedomFromIgnorance


  • Edward belliveau

    When he stated he was going to sue I would not call the dog off I would of let the dog maul him to death then buried him right there and just walk away I didn’t see nothing man

    • FreedomFromIgnorance

      That’s disgusting

  • redeemed357

    Cavuto—are you unaware of the burglar in Arizona who sued when he fell through a roof that had a skylight? He fell through the skylight and onto the floor below—breaking his leg. He sued the homeowner and he won….The senile old farts in Arizona said he was entitled to “workman’s comp”……because THAT was his BUSINESS! OLD SENILE FARTS!!!

  • Ghost Rider

    ILLEGAL ALIENS should NOT have ANY RIGHTS in America. He’s an ILLEGAL, drug smuggling, Mexican. He needs to go to prison for the above reasons and the STUPID LAWYER, that knows he’s not going to get paid unless the drug cartel pays him or he takes his pay in drugs. Another unamerican traitor wanting to cost the TAXPAYERS more money.

    • FreedomFromIgnorance

      No rights? No right to a fair trial, etc.? Be careful before making broad statements like that.

  • Golfer1113

    Only an idiot liberal judge would give him anything. Oh oh we may be in trouble

  • John Drexelius


  • arnie

    What a great country we live in….run by scum lawyers, and judges that will eventually rule in the bastard foreigners favor.

  • mkat33

    Only in America do illegal aliens and other criminals make outrageous DEMANDS, because they know that our legal system has become such a complete joke that crime is often rewarded. Unfortunately, it’s typically at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

  • Culdees2020

    In the Obamanation he’ll win.

  • Dan

    take the dog to court, let him bite the lawyer on the jugular

  • bbbaaabbb

    The Dog is an officer of the United States he or she has the right to defend his Country his way of defending his Country is to bite his enemy.

  • Frank Allen

    I can not believe this is even being considered. That illegal alien should be deported after serving a jail sentence for smugling drugs and illegal entry into our country, then deported for life. If caught again, minimum 20 years at hard labor.

  • Hobbs R. Hobbit


    • Guest

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  • FreedomFromIgnorance

    Marijuana is not a drug

  • Guest

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  • Merlin
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