Illegal Alien Caught Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl Has Been Deported HOW Many Times?


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Police in Parker County, Texas have arrested an illegal alien for molesting a 9-year-old girl in the safety of her home.

The culprit is 35-year-old Israel Andrade, a known illegal alien from the girls neighborhood. Even more shocking is the news that Andrade had been previously deported. Not just once, but four times.

The girl had been sleeping on the family sofa when Andrade awakened her while groping her. She told police that he asked her to follow him to a bedroom, the same bedroom that he used to break inside the home. Luckily the girl ran away in a panic, screaming into her parents’ room.

When the parents went to dial 911, they discovered their cell phones were missing. The mother jumped into the family car and called from a nearby convenience store.

The investigation revealed that Andrade had visited relatives at a neighboring home the night before the attack. He was ultimately arrested at a different relative’s home – asleep on one of the stolen cell phones.

The records for one Israel Andrade via the Immigration and Naturalization Service show that he had been deported previously from the U.S. on four different occasions, July 2003, February 2004, September 2009 and again in December 2010, as reported by CBS-DFW.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler has had enough:

“Our border Sheriffs and the Texas Department of Public Safety are doing a phenomenal job with the current laws and available resources.

Yet, our Federal Government needs to step forward and aid us in enforcing the laws on our southern border. This type of injustice cannot be allowed to pass by for a sixth time.”

How long will we have to tolerate this type of injustice? It is time for American citizens to make a stand and begin petitioning for tighter security at our borders in order to protect our citizens.”

The Sheriff has had enough, and so have the American people. And Obama’s new “border security” bill does almost nothing to solve the problem. As FAIR has reported, out of the $3.7 billion Obama is requested of Congress to deal with the current massive invasion of illegals,  less than 2% would be allocated to increase border security.

How many more criminals like Andrade are getting through our border security, while an estimated 70% of our agents are being taken off border duty to process illegal alien children and change diapers?


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