HUGE News About That Besieged Indiana Pizzeria Will Make Liberals FURIOUS


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

BIG news out of Indiana.

After thousands of hate-filled emails, phone calls and Tweets, vile, explicit fake reviews on their Yelp page, and repeated death threats and threats of violence against them by “tolerant” liberals, Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana closed its doors — it seemed, forever.

The O’Connor family that owns the tiny pizza shop were even reportedly “in hiding” from the store, staying at home with police patrols nearby, after a Lesbian high school coach tried to incite people to burn their business down on Twitter.

But after appearing On Wednesday radio host Dana Loesch, one of the host’s staffers setup a GoFundMe page for the O’Connors to help them fight the vicious assault from Christophobic radicals, as we reported yesterday.

As of this moment, that page has raised an astonishing $752,000 for the family, with more than 25,000 Americans from every state donating.

It worked! This morning the Crystal O’Connor and her Dad told Dana that they will re-open their business, after the outpouring of support — which was reflected by support in their own community as well.

As Dana puts it so well, this isn’t a social issue…

This isn’t a social issue and don’t pay any mind to those who want to obfuscate the real matter at hand with the “social issues” veneer. Those who are protesting against religious freedom are demanding that the government determine the sincerity of a religious belief, that government determine when someone can practice their faith, and for the government to determine where someone can practice their faith. That’s not the free excercise of religion.

But the anti-Christian bigots have lost. Memories Pizza will return…

This should prove beyond a doubt that most Americans support religious liberty and the Constitution, and that conservatives — despite whimpy Republicans caving in — have much more power and pull than they think.

The left’s control of the culture, media and educational establishment has resulted in a narrative that makes it seem as if they hold all the power. And they use loaded terms like “racist” and “homophobe” to try and intimidate, while acting like they are the “tolerant” ones. Most GOP politicians cave in under this pressure.

But again and again we’ve seen them cave when challenged in even the slightest way.  Just as people are finally standing up to hatemongers like Al Sharpton, and refusing to cede him the “racist” label as a weapon, so must Christians refuse to accept that expressing your 1st Amendment religious civil rights makes you a “bigot.”

Crystal O’Connor had the spine to stand on principle without compromising or backing down. Let’s all follow her example and stand for truth and liberty.

  • Matt DeWeese

    WONDERFUL NEWS!!! No one should ever be forcefully shutdown because of their beliefs. What I don’t understand is, why would someone want buy something from someone else (essentially giving them money) who may support “activities” against their own interest? If you don’t agree with their views don’t do business with them (boycott). Have some backbone and conviction and make a stand the civilized way. I’m not saying to hold protests or any crap like that. If enough people do the same, then the business will go under, if not be proud of the fact that you stand true to your beliefs. We have the freedom to choose whom we do business with. USE IT!!! People need to stop whining about this stuff. When looked at from this perspective, the “buyer” is actually being taken for a fool! And potentially supporting the opposing cause. It just doesn’t make sense to want to do that.

    • Gracie

      The people who start this kind of “outrage” aren’t looking for pizza to cater a wedding or a bakery to make a cake or a florist to arrange the flowers. They are far from innocent victims with hurt feelings. The instigators are looking to further an agenda, to file a lawsuit and receive huge dollar settlements, to receive 15 minutes of fame, and to bully and destroy innocent people.

      • Matt DeWeese

        I completely agree with you. I just have a hard time believing that such an ignorant stance can be made, and others attempt to validate it. It’s utter nonsense that a law such as that should have to be written. But I’m glad it is in place.

      • ixnay00

        I believe the instigator was a reporter trying to stir up a cont

  • Heidi Hecht

    Awesome. I wonder how many people will now go eat at their pizzeria when they’re passing through their town out of pure curiosity.

    • NanaAboo

      I would but not out of curiosity. It would be to support them just like I support Chick-Fil-A!

  • Jacque Bick Beck

    This family has been shown much love and support! God Bless them!!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Looks like Lefties are pretty darned stoooopid.

  • lexingtonnchick

    GREAT NEWS If I was in Indiana- I would go get a large pie there!! And I would donate some of that money to a fund to stop the Gaystapo Crusade Against Christians- and then file federal terrorist charges against the teacher.

  • jupakos79

    Romans 1:16

  • ozarksunshine

    I would love it if they would now say that they are taking the extra money to get firearms training and to buy weapons to be ready for any libtard that wants to try. That would really make the libtards heads explode.

    • cdo12

      HAHAHAHAHA I have been to that town. They’ve been firearms training since they were in diapers. We all have guns here.

  • Amy

    Outstanding! I hope they are more successful than ever! I would suggest though, they might want to be armed and prepared — there ARE some nut jobs out there who would love to get their 15 minutes of fame by bringing real harm to them. God bless them, and God Bless America!

    • Guest
    • Mark Williams

      “We reserve the RIGHT to refuse service to ANYONE!”

    • Scoutdad57

      752,000 bucks! That is fabulous. I wish I lived closer so I could go there and buy pizza every day for a month!

    • marg

      I wonder if they would deliver to NJ????

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      Mmm pizza. and hell yea. for supporting them.

    • Cari’ssa Burnett Karol-Chik

      I’m a liberal and I’m not furious…You’re wrong…AGAIN.

    • saywhat

      Sad that this all started with a dumb ass cub reporter who splashed a headline which was not even true. Taking the words and twisting them is the liberal medias way.

    • Bruce Keller

      That’s nice that they got funding. Now hopefully they can love their neighbors like Jesus wanted them to. 😀

      • If I recall…didn’t Jesus say something about “go forth and sin no more”? Or, am I missing something?

        • Bruce Keller

          I think he even forgave some of the guys on the crosses near him.

          • Diana Kerr

            He forgave ONE of the guys on the crosses near him… and that’s because that one repented of his sins and ASKED for Jesus’ forgiveness. The pizzeria owner even said that he served homosexual people pizza anytime… he just didn’t want to participate in a homosexual wedding.

        • John McMickle

          Actually 1 Corinthians 6:8 tells Christians to stay away from fornactors the ancient Greek word is “porneia” the meaning of that word includes homoseuality. So we are directed to stay away from that activity.

        • Bruce Keller

          I guess an easier ball to throw, is that sex before marriage is a sin; just as bad as being born a homosexual apparently, and how many of you can truly without a doubt say that you waited?

          Of course, no one will admit it; even to themselves, that they are full of hypocrisy.

          • John McMickle

            It is not the orientation it is the act.

          • calypsodancler

            NO ONE IS BORN homosexual! Let the excuse the pun..”FLAMING” begin!

          • Ariela Topaz

            Bruce, there are ladies that I know that have never slept with their boyfriends and are waiting for marriage and that would be very easy for them to prove, so there are some that actually prefer to wait.

          • You are missing the point of Christianity all together. We are ALL sinners, so there is no hypocrisy. This is where the left skews the message and people buy into the notion that Christians hate gays (granted, some “Christians” do, but they are not true Christians).

            Let’s say that I have a friend that is a meth addict. I tell him that I don’t want to encourage him to continue to use meth by serving them all dinner at one of their meth parties, for example. I can continue to love him as a friend and even hope/pray that he stops doing meth.

            If I’m running around on my wife (I’m NOT), I would expect one of my brothers in Christ (as well as my true friends that are not Christians) to point out to me that having an affair is not the way God wants me to live my life.

      • They serve pizza to any gay person that walks through the door. The sign on the front door says they offer to pray for anyone that a customer asks them to. However, if asked to cater a so-called “gay wedding” with pizza — which is requested by no one ever — they will politely decline. They DO love their neighbors, and serve them. But they also uphold their own religious values, as guaranteed by the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights.

        • Bruce Keller

          Hrmph, well there is a lot of misinformation out there about this whole topic anyways… it’s starting to be a moot point since the Indiana Governor changed the language a little to protect gays.

    • favored_one555

      Praise the Lord!!

    • Donna

      The person who asked the question in the first place should be held accountable for all sales lost and made to pay restitution to them. They knew the answer before they asked. And all gay people should be supporting the law because it protects them as well. They didn’t seem to mind much in 1993 when then President Clinton signed the same bill into federal law. First amendment right guys…and if you don’t like it your boycotting and violent militant behavior ours come back and bite your butt.

    • Pick Me

      Wow! I almost feel like yelling, “PICK ME!” to the libtards.

    • reaganite22

      Doesn’t Indiana have laws against terrorist threats? Should be easy to track who did it. Throw the book at them.

      • John McMickle

        With the internet it may be federal, but do not expect the Obama Holder Department of Justice to do anything.

    • colorado80130

      Make the damn pizza for the gay wedding. …….Just flip it upside down when you arrive.

    • The delusional leftists are now claiming that the O’Connor family staged the controversy on purpose, just to get donations.

    • AnimalLuvr

      So….all of a sudden…money makes it safe to come out of hiding and to open this place back up? Huh?

      • They didn’t mention money as the reason. They mentioned the tremendous support from their community. Remember that they have received hundreds of death threats for days, courtesy of the tolerant, loving left.

    • AnimalLuvr

      Are you going to aske every customer who comes through the door if they’re heterosexual?

    • Miriam Lupfer Reed

      Other than the psycho teacher, I wonder how many death threats they got, which should all be traced and the offenders punished. The BEST news is everyone wins here. They can reopen their pizza place with the conservative Republican money they raked in, and they HAVE to serve pizza or make pizza for a gay wedding because that is the LAW that Governor Pence signed today. It all works out.

    • Shep

      This is just another political media hype like Ferguson. They love to light the fire of hate and keep it burning.

    • kirkpatrick

      If you let the gays have their way, you’ll get fucked in the ass every time.

    • canamm

      Why is the teacher not facing terrorist charges??

    • Donna E Turner


    • Cutwould

      Intolerance: thy name is Liberal.

    • Bubba Gump

      Nothing better in the morning than to grab a cup of coffee and piss of the liberals. We need to keep up the faith and roll over them daily until we drive them back into the closet.

    • Brandon

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the ‘lesbian coach that incited arson’ was fake to drum of contrmpt between sides to create more drama for the media to milk for ratings/money.

    • Paul MacKay

      Why are people donating money to a for profit business? That just absurd. There are organizations who actually need the funding.As absurd as the whole situation is really.

      I mean who the hell orders pizza to a wedding reception anyways? If that’s the best you can afford you probably can’t afford to start a family in the first place? Jeez.

    • Scott Anthony

      To bad it is all hype, manipulation, and not correct. They had a party Thursday night. More GOp/REpublican wasting money to make a point but in te end will loose.

    • Atown Tony

      This is not an actual event, you are being invited to view my GoFundMe page, see what its all about and make a donation to start a new gay owned and operated business right here in Center City Allentown.

      With over 500 Facebook friends, if everyone pledged between $2 and $5 now, I would, with your help, surpass my goal and be able to open for business as soon as June 1st 😉

      I’m giving “local bucks” for every pledge, say you pledge $25, I’ll be giving a gift certificate for the same amount to be used towards an event, so you get a tax write off, make a dream happen AND get a dollar match gift certificate!

      If Indiana’s Memories Pizza can get $800k, Lehigh Valley should be able to manage this thanks guys!

    • luckyflesh

      If some Hippy-Dippy, anti-gun pizzeria refused to cater an NRA event these same leftists would be praising them.

    • Guest

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