HUGE News About That Besieged Indiana Pizzeria Will Make Liberals FURIOUS


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

BIG news out of Indiana.

After thousands of hate-filled emails, phone calls and Tweets, vile, explicit fake reviews on their Yelp page, and repeated death threats and threats of violence against them by “tolerant” liberals, Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana closed its doors — it seemed, forever.

The O’Connor family that owns the tiny pizza shop were even reportedly “in hiding” from the store, staying at home with police patrols nearby, after a Lesbian high school coach tried to incite people to burn their business down on Twitter.

But after appearing On Wednesday radio host Dana Loesch, one of the host’s staffers setup a GoFundMe page for the O’Connors to help them fight the vicious assault from Christophobic radicals, as we reported yesterday.

As of this moment, that page has raised an astonishing $752,000 for the family, with more than 25,000 Americans from every state donating.

It worked! This morning the Crystal O’Connor and her Dad told Dana that they will re-open their business, after the outpouring of support — which was reflected by support in their own community as well.

As Dana puts it so well, this isn’t a social issue…

This isn’t a social issue and don’t pay any mind to those who want to obfuscate the real matter at hand with the “social issues” veneer. Those who are protesting against religious freedom are demanding that the government determine the sincerity of a religious belief, that government determine when someone can practice their faith, and for the government to determine where someone can practice their faith. That’s not the free excercise of religion.

But the anti-Christian bigots have lost. Memories Pizza will return…

This should prove beyond a doubt that most Americans support religious liberty and the Constitution, and that conservatives — despite whimpy Republicans caving in — have much more power and pull than they think.

The left’s control of the culture, media and educational establishment has resulted in a narrative that makes it seem as if they hold all the power. And they use loaded terms like “racist” and “homophobe” to try and intimidate, while acting like they are the “tolerant” ones. Most GOP politicians cave in under this pressure.

But again and again we’ve seen them cave when challenged in even the slightest way.  Just as people are finally standing up to hatemongers like Al Sharpton, and refusing to cede him the “racist” label as a weapon, so must Christians refuse to accept that expressing your 1st Amendment religious civil rights makes you a “bigot.”

Crystal O’Connor had the spine to stand on principle without compromising or backing down. Let’s all follow her example and stand for truth and liberty.


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