How Math Was Taught in Schools in 1950 versus 2015

by Beth Callen | Top Right News

Thanks to 60+ years of liberals steadily taking over the educational system, we now have the Common Rotten Core “standards” that leave kids graduating who can’t read and add properly.

This story neatly sums up why things are the way they are by comparing how kids used to learn math in the 1950s, and how they learn the subject today.




[H/T Hrtwrming]

  • Ed Woodson

    A lot of truth there.

  • former teacher

    Yep! I’m a teacher that quit! I have a granddaughter that I’ve told my daughter I will homeschool MY WAY! She already can almost count to 100 (she will by next week). Has a huge vocabulary. Pretends all the time! Remember what it’s like to use your imagination and then problem solve on your own as you create unreachable dreams? She knows all her shapes. Questions TV when it doesn’t follow logic, and will be reading soon. OH, and she’s only 4! No video games, no violent TV, no Sponge Bob, PBS, Disney Jr, Nick Jr, and Sprout. Books, books, books. Crayons, colored pencils, and legos galore. Barbies too of course. Ipads? NO; cell phones? NO; yes, she has an Uno Tap and is exposed, but that is not one of her favorite things to do. Homeschool for now is a given!


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    • Peter L Marzullo

      Been homeschooling my children for over 20yrs now.(I have 2 older and 2 younger children) The older ones started taking college courses at age 15 and 16 respectively. I suspect the same from my younger children as well. They are receiving a much better education through me and my now ex wife than any public school in our area could provide. Plus now there are homeschool co-ops which is helpful and provides access to parent “teachers” with vast experience and abilities. Homeschooling is definitely a better alternative.

      • Wanda

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        • Peter L Marzullo

          Post pictures of your drafts,maybe then someone might be tempted to believe you.Otherwise this is a very poor way to advertise.

      • SDYHFT

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        • Peter L Marzullo

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    • Liam hemmsbough

      Plot twist: your granddaughter is 20.

  • Sandra Dudley

    I had homework growing up, I helped my kids with their homework, I helped my grandkids with their homework ( ages 5 to 30 years old now) and I can tell you this is exactly the problem with education. It is the progressive dumbing down of America.

  • Eric Litherland

    To blame this on the liberals is stupid! How about your good ole boy Bush Jr. coming up with No Child Left Behind and forgetting to fund it? That is the Republican way, but no worries he funded the war in Iraq.

    • Gemini

      Still blaming bush almost 8 years later lmao Common core is the problem even teacher say this.

      • mrb

        Still blaming Bush. After 6 years of obama and Bush’s name still come up just goes to prove that obama has not accomplish anything but increase separation of people types in America. Will the next president still blame Bush if so then “WE” had 8 years of not being lead in “America”.

    • ozarksunshine

      You are a typical libtard – you will never take responsibility for the failures of liberals and the Democratic Party. Libtards have been in charge of education for long time, including writing the textbooks. They are in charge of colleges and give out worthless degrees in liberal arts all the while putting the student in debt for years. How does it feel to be so stupid and childish that you cannot even accept the responsibility that your party is nothing more than lying racist bigots that hate America and are determined to dumb it down. Go back to your low IQ meeting – DENSA, because you are too stupid to be posting.

      • Ray Rheault

        Most textbooks come from Texas. As do many toprightnews dim-bulbs.

        • ozarksunshine

          They come from liberals in Texas, You really are a special kind of stupid so go back to your low IQ group – DENSA.

      • laten

        Both my children have liberal arts degrees and both are employed making upwords of 100,000 dollars per year. They feel this type of degree didn’t limit their job opportunities.One is a hospital administrator who is planning to pursue an MBA or Law degree. The other works for a competitive printing company and has been promoted several times even when the company was going through lay offs.

        A liberal, Elizabeth Warren, is the greatest advocate for decreasing student loan interest rates. She is educating the population as to the lawlessness of the big banks. Iceland recently threw the book at their bankers convicted them and threw them in jail for the very same things our bankers did to our economy.

        You need to step back and evaluate how you respond to people. Instead of facts you slide into name calling and insults. It makes you appear ignorant about the topic. You claim to be a Mensa member, but your lack of the basic knowledge of the topic and responses don’t support this. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, honey that ain’t you.

        • ozarksunshine

          And obviously you don’t know what you are talking about so by your own standard, you are unintelligent. I am not against reducing the cost for college, I am against the liberals, like yourself, being to stupid that it is their own that made the colleges too expensive. You are the one who has zero facts to back him and slide into the insults. If you are too stupid to do real research, the you are too stupid to be on here.

          BTW if your children are doing that well, then it is not because of their worthless degrees. But I have doubt about what you say.

          Like I said, you love the European models, go live there. The lawlessness you quote about big banks was because of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, and Barney Franks and Chris Dodd, but you don’t care about facts. You’ve proven that time and again.

    • psiEnergos

      The irony is not lost when a person claims a liberal butted reference to a joke involving the decline in education over the past forty to fifty years is stupid, yet in the very next sentence makes a verifiable false claim about a conservative (NCLB not only was funded, it increased federal education spending by 13.5 Billion with an additional 6.3 Billion that came form increases that Congress later approved for the Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA). Democrats, never happy with any amount of allocated funding, criticized NCLB as being under-funded, but so what? No amount is enough for Democrats. The US is one of the top spenders in the world on education and still one of the lower performers. Simply throwing money at a problem does not solve it.

      Also, Bush didn’t fund the war in Iraq, Congress did. I suggest you take it up with your Representatives, and take a refresher course in civics101 while you’re at it.

      • Ray Rheault

        Actually neither funded it. We didn’t fund the wars; we only worry about funding when it comes to adding funds to the VA medical services.

        • psiEnergos

          False. Not only were they funded, they were continually provided supplemental funds as requested (by Congress). This lie has been perpetuated by the left for some time now, because it kills them that their own actually voted to support the very wars they keep lying about. You can’t have a voting record of Congress supplying funding for ‘Iraq Freedom’ and then make the claim, ‘we didn’t fund them’.

          • Ray Rheault

            I guess I wasn’t clear. Like all of GWB’s initiatives, Congress authorized appropriations but did not actually pay for them (by raising revenues or spending offsets). Only now does Congress require spending offsets for new programs (after the black guy got elected twice).

          • psiEnergos

            OK, so you disagree with their funding politics? So what? That is a far cry from ‘not funding it’. If you buy a car with your credit card, you may or may not know how your going to pay it off and you may be paying the interest for a while, but you still secure the funding to obtain the car. It’s called borrowing, stupid. Democrats are fine with with this concept when their guys are in office. Something this president has pushed for already with, I believe five debt ceiling increases already? So much fully funding everything with spending offsets. Nice attempt at playing the race card there though. Totally unnecessary, but behavior that we’ve learned to expect from lesser people.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    sad, yet highly hilarious.

  • Guest

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  • PeteyGLaFlare

    As a college student, I wish my math class was as easy as learning spanish.

    • another_engineer

      A lot of it has to do with the teacher and the text.

  • Guest
  • Ali Bee

    I have a scale from 0-100. I started at 50, right in the middle. When I hear something I like about modern education I add one, when I hear something I don’t like I take away one. When I read 0 I’ll home-school my future children, if I hit 100 I’ll send them to a good school. Right now I’m at 15. The way education is going makes me want to cry honestly. I’ve been raised in a family of teachers and would like the chance to teach myself one day but every time I hear something new I get closer and closer to going down the home-school road where a child can actually learn something. Recently I heard yet another story about children not being taught handwriting anymore, instead they are given iPads at age 5 and taught typing. 10 points were taken off that day. The story given in this article is far too common and our reliance on computers is crazy. When will children use their minds?!
    Please understand I have nothing against (most) teachers themselves. They teach with both hands tied behind their backs by “standards” these days and I actually feel really sorry for them because the ability to be creative in their teaching is sucked out.


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