How the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt Answers This Reporter’s Question Will Make Your Day


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

Thank you, J.J. Watt.

We needed this. After 2 full days of anger and disgust over the Ray Rice debacle, thank you for restoring our faith in what athletics is supposed to be all about.

The Houston Texans’ Defensive End recently signed a huge, $100 million contract. And in his first game, he certainly earned it. During the Texans’ 17-6 home win against Washington, Watt registered two tackles for losses including a sack, blocked an extra point, recovered a fumble and batted down a pass. Watt also was credited with five hurries on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

But it was during his postgame interview on Fox with reporter Laura Okmin, that Watt showed his true colors, and connected with millions of Americans sick and tired of entitled sports brats and unaccountable thugs.


“I Googled, ‘What do rich people buy?’ because I don’t feel like a rich person, and I don’t really try to act like a rich person, so I don’t know what they buy,” Watt said to Okmin. “I didn’t really like the stuff I saw, so I’m gonna stick with my humble lifestyle and just keep working out.”

Way to go, J.J.!

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  • Legirons

    And many will just dismiss the great message and instead watch the thugs and their high dollar cars and 5 carat earrings.

    • Howard Wright

      Regrettablely, you’re right.

    • Rhgates

      Sadly bad news is “good news” for the media

      • diger56

        Sadly, You are wearing that hat!! Did you get a free bowl of soup with that hat?? Ooooh, nice tie, is that Rayon?? Haha haha

        • Verne Leeper

          Why do you have to bash the mans style.. IS that what your other taught you? I noticed you dont even have a pic up of yourself… are you that shallow and depraved that you have slam other people to feel better about yourself? I am sorry you had such a crappy childhood..

          • diger56

            This is me!! I Am diger56, you no like me picture? You have bad mojo, you naME VERN, THATS very GAY IN MY COUNTRY!! you enjoy specail cream sauce you eat from your boyfriend / uncle’s ass!! yOU have nice picture!! Crappy Childhood at Walmart, dumpster diving!! yoo sowrry O rite!!

          • Verne Leeper

            I guess so.

          • diger56

            I guess u queer!! That I know little man!! U wear wife’s panties and spy on boi!!

          • Verne Leeper

            if you say so princess… You are to stupid to realize you are being trolled… niggerdiger

          • diger56

            Poor Vern, got caught spooning his 10 year old boi!! Pedophile Vern and his 2 inch clit!! Have fun with the strap on wittle man!!

    • Taterboy3

      I want a 5 carat earrings for my wife some day. Most likely when she gets the life insurance policy when I’m gone. …….

      • Robo

        Waste of money.

    • marssnw

      He will most likely have all his money when he retires unlike the other morons that go out and blow their millions of dollars in just a few years.

      • diger56

        I like the Redskins Logo!! Nice job, screw the PC Police!!

  • Hjc Customs

    You have to like a guy who is still grounded in reality

    • John Best

      Hard to believe anyone who gets 100 million for playing a game knows anything about reality. I do appreciate his comments.

      • Jason Altenbaugh

        Sounds like one of the few players that won’t be stuck endorsing hemorrhoid creams in 20 years.

  • Sarah Mahala

    Just hope he keeps those morals and stays grounded when he becomes accustomed to being able to buy anything he wants and that money is no object. If he does, he would actually be a role model instead of those footballers, basketballers, etc that let the money go to their head and get into trouble because of having too much money.

  • Dave B in AZ

    I believe this man will be alright.

  • Stephen Tompkins

    it’s all about upbringing, respect and being accountable for your actions from day 1 (not being coddled by parents, teachers or coaches because you have athletic talent). Something a lot of today’s athletes don’t have.

  • Rick Brohmer

    It’s not all about a posse, a crib, bling and all the other material nonsense. He has talent and seems well grounded. Hopefully, others in the NFL can follow accordingly.

  • Ted

    Best Defensive Player On @ Off NFL Fields!

  • James Rothstein

    whatever he does, don’t go do what LeSean McCoy does and go to a restaurant, be a verbally abusive asshole to the wait staff and then leave a 20 cent tip.

    • Bob Edwards

      i saw that post yesterday but i saw way more posts that said mccoy is a nice person and very generous so dont believe everything you read.on fb

  • brettski

    So this is supposed to be a great post “game” to ask a player as they are heading off the field. Like his answer don’t get me wrong, just trying to figure out the motive of the question! Seems like she’s fishing, to get that “big scoop”!!! That’s not reporting sorry.

    • diger56

      She already knew the answer, she was sharing his humility!!

      • brettski

        Awwwwwwwe that’s so sweet, pathetic!

        • diger56

          Sure thing D-Bag!! Don’t choke on it Skippy!! Stick your # up your @ss!!

        • Verne Leeper

          Your momma cared when I blew a load on her face and made your dad lick it off!

  • Terry Archer

    Classy rich man! Mom and Dad you did a great job raising that young man.

  • James Bond

    He sounds truly like one of the good players that just wants to play, let’s his agent do his job and says thank you very much. How many other people have Googled “what do rich people buy” today? I love America!

  • NannoH

    Not to burst everyone’s bubble here but I hope he doesn’t become corrupted by the limelight and the big money. A lot of people start out with the right values and things change as they begin to move in different circles. We all know that money can corrupt. Maybe not this guy, though. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. We’ll see….

    • diger56

      The lights are on, but Nobody is home!! KooKoo, KooKoo!!

  • TJ

    Good to see there are a few true professionals left in the NFL.

  • Stephanie Brubaker

    Nothing inherently wrong with rich people enjoying the fruits of their labor. Living within your means is key. Not sure why this is made out to be a noble act?

  • Wildcatter

    You need to find the video of him testing his vertical leap…freaking amazing. Anyone who says white men can’t jump…like I said find the video of Watt testing his vertical leap. He destroys that BS.

  • ccnyr

    Humility is a wonderful thing. As a hockey fan, I see humility as the rule, not the exception. Watt is a welcome exception to the NFL standard of ego. (I am a football fan, but 2nd to NHL).

  • Marie Ballard-Anders

    I bet if you look behind him, you will find good, kind, and loving parents. I wish him every success. How refreshing not to hear about bling, mansions, hot women, and such ghetto speak! There are great men of every color in professional sports, entertainment, and business….they don’t act like thugs or trash….they don’t have to….because they are cut from far better cloth, than most of the likes of Michael Vick, Ray Rice, OJ Simpson, and many others!

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