Hot Mic Picks Up Trump Talking to Bibi on the Tarmac… What They Say Is Just PERFECT

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Donald and Melania Trump are currently in Israel as part of Donald’s first foreign trip since becoming president.

The trip has already been a success and Trump made history by becoming the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall.

An interesting moment happened right before Trump got off the plane in Israel.

Check out this conversation that was picked up by a hot mic.

From Washington Free Beacon:

President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu were overheard discussing their shared disdain for the media shortly after Trump arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday.

Their conversation was picked up by a microphone nearby as Trump and First Lady Melania Trump chatted with the Netanyahus, according to the Washington Post

Trump told Mrs. Netanyahu that his wife was an admirer, prompting Mrs. Netanyahu to return the compliment.

Mrs. Netanyahu spoke the absolute truth about the lying leftist media…but you can bet reporters in both nations will be ranting about this clip all day long.


It’s great to see the Trumps and Netanyahus getting along so well, after how disgracefully Israel was treated by Obama.

Barry O.  spent his first trip in the Muslim world bashing the U.S. and Israel, instead of making mega-deals and demanding Muslims crack down on terror, as Trump has.

  • Greg Miller

    2 great leaders.

    • Inocenciatswanson

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      • VanceJ

        by hooking ?

        • Richard Manley

          High dollar whore eh?

      • Buzz Waldron

        The ‘john’ lent the hooker his Range Rover for 15 minutes…

  • GIJoe

    Were so glad Barry Soetoro is somewhat gone.This abomination has really left this country in one hell of a mess with Pres Trump having to clean up and redo everything. The crap obummer left behind can’t be fixed by anyone.

    • FreedomFighter

      Oh it can and will be fixed, but it will take time. President Trump has already started the process of fixing the muzzy imposter’s mess.

    • Christinegkinyon

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  • tcurry

    Not exactly a secret. he tells media to their face that he feels harassed. Conservatives and Trump Supporters know he is harassed, lied about and maligned. Another slow ugly day for main stream media. I think until he media starts showing respect to President and his administration he should stop media events.

    • Richard Manley

      Absolutely, they lie and make crap up all the time, therefore let the people know you won’t be doing any press reports. He will be doing his own and messaging thru Twitter. That way anything they say everyone will know are lies.

    • Lilly Putney

      I hope he does what he said and stop all daily news meetings. Would serve them right.

  • dank440

    We now hold our heads up in the international community! Israel is a true alley! Both countries now have great leaders!

    • Lynne Douglas

      Amen. The USA and Israel deserve the respect of the world. Unfortunately, the media
      are bent on twisting accounts to suit slanted-left political purposes. There are too many
      crooks with power. At the top of the Corrupt list: the media, the Clinton Crime family,
      anti-American college professors and the distorted version of “Democrat” that party
      has sunk to. Patriots need to stand firm and not allow the destruction of “the
      American Way.” Before Lyndon Johnson, Carter, Clinton (Bill + Hillary) and the
      culmination of corruption, Obama, America was the Leader of the Free World. We
      were a beacon of hope. Now, with Trump in the White House, we again can be
      what we were in the days of Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

    • J. Ernst

      There are NO United States LEGAL ALLIANCES with isreal…they are terms of convenience and trade agreements.

  • Beeker D.

    The `LIBIDIOT MEDIA` will probably try to report this as ‘COLLUSION’ between Trump and the Israeli’s in an attempt to end, “Free Speech”!

    • knowhowe


  • Ischgabibble

    Obama was a closet Muslim. That is why he acted so badly towards the State of Israel.

    • J. Ernst

      There was NOTHING “closet” about his “nature”.

  • Texas Belle

    Quite a change from the Obama years. Israel is once again recognized as our partner in the Middle East, whereas Obama kissed up to Iran by giving them billions of dollars, and giving them the ability to make nuclear bombs. In a few years, if they develop one capable of reaching the U.S. you can thank Obama for the carnage.

  • reconst52

    Barry O always was and always will be a P O S !let him move to Iran where he belongs!


    quite a difference form the last 8 years,which i wish could be struck from American history(the way the Left is trying to do to Civil War statues)

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Love love your comment and you are absolutely right


        thank you!

  • Richard Manley

    The difference between a President and a filthy muzzie sympathizer “Barry O”

  • CSN

    President Trump said they have a lot in common. We all know that. If the media has a problem with that then tell them to eat cake.

  • Buzz Waldron

    The “Western Wall” ??? . I thought it was The Wailing Wall ? . The Western Wall is Pres. Trump’s wall against Mexican ILLEGALS…

    • Marine Gunner

      WTF are you trying to say? The two terms are synonymous; it’s the same wall.

      The “Trump Wall” is on our SOUTHERN border, not our “western border.”

  • Buzz Waldron

    Israel is an UnAmerican theocracy… don’t kiss their ass, fix their asses…

    • FreedomFighter

      Not the brightest light bulb in the house I see.

    • Marine Gunner

      YOU claim to be a Christian while saying THIS crap?! Really?! You are what is known as an “apostate.” Try reading your Bible … God didn’t mince words regarding Israel. Check it out.

  • James Stevens

    Looks like the Lying Liberal Press is a Global disease. You think they should all take the untested Big Pharma vaccines to try and cure it? jwstx

  • sue lenhart

    Very heartwarming — and refreshing, after eight long years of the Obamas and their mayhem. Wish Trump would get such a warm reception from American politicians and our media.

  • Gardener8

    It’s wonderful to see Israel treated decently and as friends and allies. It’s been too long in coming about again.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Pleased, these two leaders are bonding.

  • Ed Roberts

    I’m sick and tired of the way Trump is treated, how can we help him turn this on them we will have to change this our country depends on us if we don’t do anything we want ever be able I’m not smart enough to get this moving but I will support who starts.

  • EnemyoftheState

    Shalom Shalom. God bless President Trump and his family and God bless Israel that is Israel and not “those who say they are Jews but are the Synagogue of Satan”. (like Soros)

  • President Trump is the answer to our election prayers. Please pray for God’s wisdom, direction, discernment, … and protection for our President and his administration.
    . We should also pray and watch our president carefully (who is growing as a new Biblical Christian)!
    . Hundreds of paid liberal investigators are trying to find one just lie, scandal, slip, or just one anything and it will happen because President Trump is human. This new Biblical person began before his earnest campaigning when he repented of his past life, accepted the Biblical Gospel of Salvation and meet with some 200 evangelical pastors.
    . Now he clearly understands the difference between his past carnal life and a new life living with Love, Joy, Peace … even-though his old 68-year character will still poke through … he’s a work in progress.
    . Pray, even if you do not know how and never did before, for God to imbue our president, his administration and leaders with wisdom, understanding, discernment, direction and protection.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    barry was more interested in inspiring terrorists , then destroying them, can you immagine if we sent hitler billions of dollars while fighting wwll , like oboma sent to the number1 funder of terrorisum , it’s called treason, so where is the out cry on that

  • Lilly Putney

    Wouldn’t it be great if they knew that they was taping their conversation and said what they did on purpose. When are the fake media ever going to get smart. I don’t think any thing that they caught would even be of interest. It just goesa to show hat just about every body even out side of our Country believes the same as we do. FAKE NEWS

  • epauls

    The Problem with Trump is that he sees a problem, identifies it, and seeks a remedy. This upsets the Liberal wagon as they need the problem to be part of their rantings. Political Lawyers dislike Trump’s practical application of social remedies as compared to using them for campaign issues.

  • J. Ernst

    HMMMM…so nice to hear a “kind word”…all the while the likes of their brethren SOROS continues to destroy and loot American Natural Resource companies, our BANKING infrastructure, our AMMUNITION’S Manufacturers, ….
    I suspect “BIBI” is wondering IF THIS President is going to continue the paying for AND supporting the organizations that the cia/mossad connection has supported for over 50 YEARS to date!!!
    BE VERY CAREFUL Mr. President … zionists, muslims and katholicks “kill and eat their own” if the going gets tough…This nations presidents have had a LOOONG history of getting shot at for disturbing the Middle FEASTERN status quo!!!

    • FreedomFighter

      Forgot your meds, too much meds, or just plain stoopid?

      • J. Ernst

        LMAO at YOU; yet another PAID FOR PLANT from________________you fill in the blank of what organization PAYS you to “post” responses with… the Rebel BATTLE Flag….you “priceless” hebes are REALLY juvenile at your attempted “marketing ploys”.
        And yes, YOUR SOROS is your latest of a LONG LINE of HIGH RABBI, anti-American BASTARDS making money creating MURDER, MAYHEM and MISERY at others expenses…BUT THAT’S what you people do for a living!!!
        Your mindless insults are a dead give away to your BUSINESS MODEL and true nature.

        • FreedomFighter

          I don’t need to see all that blather you dummy!!!!! A simple “born stoopid” would have sufficed, you dumb ass!!!

          • J. Ernst

            AGAIN with the simple minded insult! LMAO
            You’re a putz!

          • FreedomFighter

            Insults? Just stating facts Dipshit!! You know those things you libtard ill informed dumb asses hate so much? LOLOLOL!!!!! Now get back in your sewer you imbecile.

  • juniemoon

    Watching the videos of the Trumps and the Netanyahus interact was wonderful. I could see how happy the Prime Minister is to have the President of the U.S. visit Israel. His wife Sara was a great hostess.

    What a stark contrast to the way Obo treated Netanyahu. It was disgraceful.

  • Lynne Douglas

    The job of media is supposed to REPORT news — not make it up.

    • William Konrad

      Surprising how many people are totally unaware of how biased the MSM really is. More surprising is that so many, presumed intelligent, journalists, are operating from a hate Trump perspective. How can they inform the public from this perspective.? The media picks fly shit out of pepper and even spins that against Trump and most of the uniformed
      cannot recognize what is going on.

  • rick meek

    SO WHAT – the MSM is nothing but disdain – disreputable – sorry – losers – traitors – treason in print – liars – backstabbers – bushwhackers ….etc….


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