Homeless Vet Denied Help Dies In The Cold…Same Night As Refugees Get Free Food And Housing

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

This took place in Sweden, but could have just as easily happened here in the US. Muslim so-called ‘refugees’ are being given housing, entitlements and jobs, while citizens are losing their livelihoods and are being kicked out on the street in the name of diversity.

Among the saddest of these cases are the homeless that die while refugees are set up in comfort. In January, a homeless Swedish vet froze to death on the streets while a Muslim African family was given free housing and taught how to use a toilet for the first time. I kid you not. Just beyond deplorable.


From Right Wing News:

This is what happens when bleeding heart liberals decide that bringing in refugees is more important than addressing homelessness in their own nation. This happened in Sweden in early January. But it’s also happening here in America.

‘Refugees’ arriving in Sweden are plied with an endless list of entitlements, as seen in the video. But during the same time frame this family was getting free housing, a homeless Swedish vet froze to death.

Sture, a homeless man in his 60s was found dead early Wednesday morning outside the hospital in Nynashamn. Sture had sought refuge from the cold in Nynäshamns hospital during the night. But he was not allowed to remain there. A security guard threw him out, and without any offers of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he was forced to spend the night at a bus stop outside the hospital.

In the morning he was found frozen to death, reports Nynäshamnsposten. Of course in Nynäshamnsposten the article about Sture’s death soon became just a notice, but Swedish alternative media dug up his story.  Sture was a man who is described as a good worker throughout his life, including in the armed forces and at a nursing home.

Sweden is now trying to eject 80,000 refugees which is just a drop in the Islamic bucket there. They give everything to these invaders and get nothing but crime and hate for it. It’s madness.

The European ”humanitarian superpower” Sweden does its very best to please Muslim asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing and shelter, but it seems the country’s own ethnic citizens in need are of less importance and forgotten.

There are no tears for a man who defended his country, but plenty for those who would overthrow it. That guard threw him out without even his jacket. The man stood no chance in the freezing cold. Tell me how this is right or fair.

Think this can’t happen here? It already is. You can easily Google how Obama’s VA has betrayed our veterans, and thousands sleep on the streets every night, while Obama lavishes benefits on Muslim “refugees.”


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