Hollywood Star Katherine Heigl Sends Out Unexpected Tweet That Is Music to Gun Lovers’ Ears


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Hollywood loves to portray guns in action — in criminal firefights, police dramas, Liam Neeson revenge flicks, and on and on. But their hypocrisy runs deep, and Hollywood stars are overwhelmingly anti-gun, contributing tens of millions to gun-grabbing zealots like Moms Demand Answers and the Brady Campaign.

Perhaps that’s why we have seen actors get ripped for their seeming ignorance with how to wield a deadly firearm on screen – and avoid being hit by one as well. You know the scenes: an action sequence where the hero miraculously survives an explosion by hiding behind garbage cans 20 feet away. Or furious gun battles with each gun-wielding star behind drywall, or even a couch. A bulletproof couch?

So it is terrific when we hear of a star who takes the proper use of firearms seriously. Such is the case with State of Affairs star Katherine Heigl. She said she is trying to be as accurate and professional as possible in preparing for the show’s action sequence.

And where do you go to practice your shooting abilities? A gun range, of course:

Outstanding. That is what actors are supposed to do. And she is also doing the public a service by promoting responsible firearm safety at the same time.

And Twitter users agree:

Some commenters did take issue with her post:

And others really took issue with it:


But most seemed to be supportive, which certainly makes sense, given polls that gun rights are more popular with Americans at large than ever before. People realize that the rare gun massacres are committed by mentally ill people off their meds, and that depriving law-abiding folks of 2nd Amendment protections is the true insanity.

This isn’t Heigl’s first rodeo with guns. In 2010, she excitedly discussed wanting to take target practice lessons to prepare for a role as a female bounty-hunter.

Way to go, Katie!


[h/t Nicholas Kurch]

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