Hollywood Producer: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Would Be a ‘Better Show’ if Gays Could ‘Shoot Phil Robertson’


Phil Robertson said┬áhe spoke his heart about the Scriptures and homosexuality, out of “love” for the sinner, not hate.

But Hollywood liberals are not exactly reciprocating.

Doug Ellin, the creator and producer of the hit HBO series Entourage, had some pretty nasty words for the ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch:


Not very “tolerant” words coming from the crowd that is always preaching tolerance and “civility” to the rest of us.

Expect more such venom from the Hollyweird Left as the viewer revolt that forced Disney’s A&E unit to back down and un-suspend the ‘Duck Commander’ sinks in. These folks are not used to losing, especially to real Americans they so love to lampoon and look down upon.

Remember, ‘Duck Dynasty’ was intended by the Disney/A&E folks to make “rednecks” looks stupid for a national audience. Instead their family values and love for Christ inspired millions and took control away from cynical producers, and a phenomenon was born.

Hollywood needed to learn a lesson. Let’s keep on schooling them.

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