Hollywood Producer: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Would Be a ‘Better Show’ if Gays Could ‘Shoot Phil Robertson’


Phil Robertson said he spoke his heart about the Scriptures and homosexuality, out of “love” for the sinner, not hate.

But Hollywood liberals are not exactly reciprocating.

Doug Ellin, the creator and producer of the hit HBO series Entourage, had some pretty nasty words for the ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch:


Not very “tolerant” words coming from the crowd that is always preaching tolerance and “civility” to the rest of us.

Expect more such venom from the Hollyweird Left as the viewer revolt that forced Disney’s A&E unit to back down and un-suspend the ‘Duck Commander’ sinks in. These folks are not used to losing, especially to real Americans they so love to lampoon and look down upon.

Remember, ‘Duck Dynasty’ was intended by the Disney/A&E folks to make “rednecks” looks stupid for a national audience. Instead their family values and love for Christ inspired millions and took control away from cynical producers, and a phenomenon was born.

Hollywood needed to learn a lesson. Let’s keep on schooling them.

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  • John Cofiell

    I’m proud to be heterosexual and christian. I believe homosexuality is a sin. You can’t practice sin and enter heaven. If that bothers you,then deep down inside you know you are wrong.
    If you are proud of what you are,then other peoples opinion shouldn’t matter. So what’s your problem?

    • Mike

      So cheating on your wife, being sexually active, and doing things to hurt a fellow man the Christian way?

      • John Cofiell

        I don’t have a wife,i’m not sexually active and i don’t try to hurt anyone.
        I’m not a perfect christian. If you try to hurt me or my family,i don’t turn the other cheek. I will put you down.

      • justavenger

        Mikey stick to things you know something about like… well nothing. Where do you come up with this blithering bullshite.

      • signs of the times

        TROLL. you mad?

  • Mike

    The problem with Christianity is their oppressive ways. Christians and Republicans are the most judgmental people. What about what the Bible say about cheaters and fornicators? Many of your people cheat and lie. And they still contradict each other. Judging others is not the Christian way.

    • John Cofiell

      I’m not judging. If my belief says it’s wrong,i can’t say it’s right. Many of my friends are gay. That doesn’t mean i condone what they do. Most of them know my belief,and i know theirs. We each have our say and it is accepted or denied. We don’t fight and argue over our beliefs. It’s called live and let live. I can’t change the world. Nor will i conform to what i don’t believe.
      I try to control my anger and the language i use. Yes. I sin but i try to change. I never said i was perfect.

    • oh wow are your really that stupid or do you take pills for that!!!

    • justavenger

      The problem with idiots is they are allowed to walk among us and share their stupid drivel.

    • signs of the times

      Wow… you must be a Christian to be able to pronounce such judgements. Wtg. 8D

    • signs of the times

      Want a list? Liers, cheaters, fornicaters, adulterers, drunkards, whoremongers, homosexuals, theives, murderers, blasphemers, deceivers, disobedient, idol worshippers, covetousness, gluttons, hypocrites… love of money… law breakers…
      Todays society has a seared conscience. Not in the image of God at all. Unless you’ve repented and been forgiven of those things. But the way of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. So dont send me any love notes.

    • cmom

      The problem is that you are clueless as to what the New Testament says about judging…we are CALLED to judge behavior, however judging the human heart is the providence of God. So judging behavior is actually the mark of a Christian person, because the ability to discern right from wrong is a requirement.


  • justavenger

    It never seems to amaze me that the left are really Nazis in disguise. Their utter lack of understanding of anything past their dumbass noses is shocking. Can these people be any less tolerant and full of hate.

  • GoodNews

    Yeah that’s what the blessings of God coupled with the hypocrisy of the intentionally ignorant recipients gets you: Hell is coming

  • william

    sounds like lefty hate speech to me. where is the law now?

  • AbbyH

    Aww the sweet, accepting-of-their-fellow-man liberal HYPOCRITES!! Just warms the heart doesn’t it?? CAN’T STAND ‘EM!

  • signs of the times

    “What was the sin of Sodom and gamorrah” and see what comes up on your screen. Simple.

  • Marisol Arnold

    Oh I see, Phil is great so long as you and your network don’t ruffle any panties and you can make your money. Pathetic situation and Phil and his sons should kick you to the curb Mr. Producer. Most of us in the United States are sick to death of hearing about what goes on in people’s lifestyles and their bedrooms. I for one could care less who sleeps with whom. If you spent less time putting crap like this on the air and more programming that people are actually interested in then your channel would not be so dependent on Phil Robertson. To be honest if you are in the entertainment business you should take yourself out of the equation and worry about what your viewers want!

  • Marisol Arnold

    Oh and may I ask you why Disney is referred to as the Evil Empire in the entertainment business? I look at the people you have unleashed on Society….Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, just to name a couple. You set them on this path and now look at them and what they have went through. Disney has some very questionable practices . If they want to be family oriented .

  • Anonymous

    Hateful sodomite.

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