Hollywood Stunned After Legendary Director DEFENDS Trump Tax Cuts

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Hollywood liberals have been in a total meltdown over President Trump’s massive tax cut bill.

They unleashed on Twitter after the Senate passed the bill:

And after Trump signed the bill, “Avengers” director Joss Whedon let loose, comparing Paul Ryan to a vampire:

But Thursday, Hollyweirdos were shocked after one of their most heralded directors actually made a point of DEFENDING the Trump tax cut.

Ridley Scott, who helmed the classics Alien, Gladiator and Blade Runner, was promoting his new film All The Money in the World, when he was asked about Trump’s tax cut “helping the richest among us” while “hurting the little guy.”

Scott would not take the bait, answering:

“Well, let’s take the tax bill. People say (Republicans) are doing it for the wealthy class. What they forget is if you get a clever, un-selfish business person — I don’t care if it’s a corner store or a big business — who’s suddenly saving 15 percent, they’ll put it back in this business. Then you’re going to get growth and therefore people will get employed.”

The stunned reported would not let up trying to rope Scott into the leftist narrative, stating, “Come on….I’m sure you benefited from some help early on in your career.

Scott would have NONE of it:

Huh? (Laughs) I’m a natural-born hunter because that’s who I am. No one taught me that. I started from scratch. I arrived in Hollywood with a wristwatch and stayed at the YMCA. You have to learn the curve. But don’t (expletive) moan about it. It’s about doing. There’s always a way in. I used to lay concrete on runways for an Irish company when I was a student. I packed drywall. My parents didn’t have the money to help me out. But they were very supportive of anything I wanted to do.

Ouch. This is not going to help Hollywood’s class-warfare script one bit.


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