High School Tries to Make Female Students Wear Islamic Head Covering, Backfires BIG TIME


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

For over a year, Top Right News has reported on schools across America that have tried to indoctrinate students in Islam, under the false guise of combating “Islamophobia.”

In just the past six months we’ve reported on: a Nation of Islam pamphlet telling 3rd graders America’s Founding Fathers were racists; a high school girl forced to produce propaganda promoting Islam to younger students; and a Boston-area father pulling his son out of class after he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination.

But Americans are at last getting the message — and fighting back.

Last month we reported on how Tennessee schools forced students to write that ‘Allah is the only God,’ — and this week the state’s House Majority Leader has introduced a bill to ban such instruction.

Well now an Ohio high school is feeling the hear after it tried to get all female students to wear a hijab — an Islamic head covering — during the school day so they can “empathize” with Muslim women, who are somehow being oppressed.

Parents reacted with outrage to the so-called “Covered Girl Challenge,” and reached out to Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org, who exposed the event, writing:

When is A Cross-Wearer’s Challenge day at Mason High? When is A Yarmulke Wearer’s Challenge day at Mason High? Or is it only Islam that gets this treatment?” he asked. “Also, I am looking forward to Mason High’s Uncovered Girl Challenge, in honor of Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it; and of Amina Muse Ali, a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab.”

The incident went viral, with Americans across the nation expressing their outrage.

So on Thursday night, Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart of Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, announced the “Covered Girl Challenge” was cancelled


Muslim students were furious, and brought out the big lies:

Yasmeen Allen, an Iraq native who has two children at the school, said Muslim students were denied the chance to help other students understand what it’s like to face hatred based on religion. “They are American Muslims, and they have a right to be heard just like anybody else,” Allen told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Mason schools have failed miserably in upholding their diversity mission.”

But there is no mass “hatred” against Muslims. Not in America.

Hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. are practically non-existent.  According to the FBI stats, of 5,928 incidents tabulated in 2013, only 135 were deemed anti-Islamic, while 625 of which were anti-Jewish. Yet the school didn’t ask any students to wear Jewish yarmulkes (head caps) for a day.

Muslim women are indeed being oppressed — in Muslim nations.

But oppression by Muslims against Christians happens in nearly every Muslim nation, every single day. But don’t expect Christophobic teachers to actually educate their students in an inconvenient fact.

“Islamophobia” is a myth, promoted by the terror-linked radical group CAIR, and embraced by leftist teachers and administrators.

Kudos to the Ohio parents that stood up and told them: not in OUR school.


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