High School Thug Bullies Classmate for ‘Talking White’ – Doesn’t End Well for Him


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

There are many documented problems affecting many Blacks in inner city America. The absence of fathers, the embrace of “thug culture,” and the discouragement to “snitch” on criminals — even when it would take a violent felon out of your neighborood.

Yet another is the ridicule of Blacks who “talk” or “act white.” We covered an eloquent young lady who took on that issue in a viral video last year, and was called an “Uncle Tom” for merely trying to help.

In a new video below, a Black high school kid is being bullied for doing exactly that. A thug classmate tells everyone “he talks too White,” and follows his intended victim back and forth between classrooms, spoiling for a fight.

One student recorded the incident, while trying not to be seen by either party to the confrontation. He tried to keep the camera behind the bullies back and out of his eyesight.

The bullied boy paces back and forth within the video, not wanting to fight, but ready in case a brawl does break out. The bully, on the other hand, seems ready to fight and follows him closely between a regular classroom and the adjoining wood shop.

Then the bully gets the action he wants, although it didn’t exactly go as planned:

He warned you, punk.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this video is that the teacher rarely interacts with the boys to stop the bullying from escalating into a full-blown fight. Once the fight broke out, he did absolutely nothing to stop it or call for help. Sadly, he seemed more afraid of the boys than the other students in the class.
[h/t LiveLeak]

  • Herman Vogel

    OK, Expel the Thug in Blue,,,and FIRE the so-called “Teacher” for allowing this to continue THIS FAR. Nuff Said.

    • NancyHJewell

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      • john

        show me your tits NANCY ill head over to your bullshit site

    • SusanMMartin

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    • dingodango

      Yeah…the teacher is part of the liberal teachers union…he won’t get fired…the thug in blue will be painted out to be some sort of oppressed victim… it’s the liberal way..make excuses for poor choices and bad behavior…nobody has a responsibility any longer

      • Sarge1retired

        Being a retired school teacher myself you can’t do a thing to protect yourself or your student’s with a bully only the administration or law enforcement can. you have to ride it out until help arrives. Yes! liberal education at its finest.

      • Ronnie XsTsb


    • Larry C Mason

      The teacher gets kudos from me.. let the thug get the ass whoopin he deserved.

      • Herman Vogel

        Then said thug or the other guy gets hurt, the parent sues the school and the TAX PAYER is on the hook because this teacher didn’t do HIS JOB. Yeah, that makes sense.

    • LaFlare1017

      Teachers often get in trouble for intervening sadly. The usually don’t expels students for stuff like that at schools with a lot of this going on because they’ll run out of students and people wont people figures are them for “discrimination”.

      • W Dawes

        yep from the DOJ “Disparate Impact” goon squad

    • Don_cos

      If the teacher had stepped in he would likely be facing child abuse charges for causing the bully mental anguish.

      • Herman Vogel

        So a crippled student is Better? WOW. Good thinking. This is why MORE parents need to show up at meeting and be more involved.

        • Leanne King Austin

          The bully wouldn’t run the risk of being crippled if he had left the guy alone. If he got hurt it would be his own damn fault & exactly what he deserved. If his momma & daddy had taught him how to act like a civilized human being then there would be no issue.

        • W Dawes

          Probably would not even be able to get a hold of the bully’s parents. they don’t answer the phone when the school calls.

          • Herman Vogel

            Or they are always on the phone setting up Dope deals or calling the Welfare office for MORE Free Crap

        • Wiggle D

          Gotta love it when the inmates are running the asylum…

  • ki-lee

    God damn shame kids have to put up with this garbage!!!

    • Ronnie XsTsb

      They don’t have to. This kid proved it.

  • Hal Jordan

    Great, just change the name of this website to world star hip hop and start posting all those fight videos.

    • LaFlare1017

      They actually had this fight on worldstar but only showed part of the video and did not include the motive in the title.

  • domingo

    Its unfair to blame the teacher. They get into trouble for yelling, touching, to stop these things.I heard an alarm in the backround. Probably all the teacher can do without being fired and sued.

    • Bryan Bell

      I suspect that the teacher knew the bully would be bested by the bullied. I’m glad he let it escalate to the point that the bully got humiliated publicly.

      • Ronnie XsTsb

        A+ Bryan.

    • Ronnie XsTsb


    • FM505

      The SOB teacher can call for assitance domingo… the responsible adult thingy…

  • treynich87

    I hate how people discriminate against someone because they “talk White.” What is talking White anyway? Sounding educated and articulated? I bet the Black kid who “talks White” has a better chance at getting a decent job in the future than the thug who is harassing him.

    • madalon baum

      Like the thug would ever want a job!!

  • markshlitz

    Why should the teacher do anything when he will be the one the anger is directed at. Not these 2 innocent youths. They are pure as driven snow in the eyes of the community.

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  • Ann

    Wow that guy knows how to fight for once. Don’t wait for the punch and punch to win.

    • Tracie Holladay

      Reminds me of what my husband said about why he spent so much time in the gym when he was in the Army. He wanted to get strong so that if someone picked a fight with him in a GI bar, he could end it quickly and get back to what was really important: drinking.

      • EL VERDUGO

        Thats why i trained good as an army ranger, to end it all quickly.

        • Tracie Holladay

          Indeed. My hubby was 12B. Combat engineer. We all know how they love their drinking time. 😉

  • BuckTard

    The teachers can get in trouble for jumping into these. Next thing you know theres a clip saying he started it and he is a racist. teacher shoulda called 911 and just stayed outta it

  • June Smith

    What’s even more disturbing .. there is fear to post the name of the school …. parents should know this is going on

  • llred

    The teacher did the right thing. Just leave them alone and let them fight it out. That’s how we handled the bullies when I was in school. Sometimes the bully needs to learn that the person he is bullying is not afraid of him and will fight back if pushed too far. Bet the bully doesn’t bother that kid anymore.

    • madalon baum

      To an extent, I agree….but not IN school. If someone had been seriously hurt or there was a freakish accident while they were fighting The school would probably be held responsible.

      • llred

        Well, sometimes ya’ just need to deal with the problem when it happens to send the best lesson. And, sometimes, the teacher/school just needs to stay outta they way. And this was one of those cases. We need to stop worrying about what COULD have happened. Worry about those things when it DOES happen.
        The schools and their “over protection” of everything the kids do, good or bad,are not helping these kids grow up.

    • W Dawes

      we did it to the bullies when we were in school and it is the ONLY thing that works. Forget your liberal psycho babble counselors. It is just hot air.

  • Tim

    LMAO!!! Served that DummFuk right…. I hate bully’s…

  • RobWMiller

    Why would the teacher intervene before the fight actually started up till to punches started getting thrown (which by the way props to the kid in white for staying calm as long as he did) it was a verbal disagreement and had he gotten involved then it would have been oh he just a racist cracker for assuming the kids were gonna come to blows because of their skin color

  • themires

    Black racism alive and well.

  • madalon baum

    They need to get rid of the teacher. Children are not safe while in his care. If he was too chicken to do anything, he should have called for help. The thug needs to be disciplined as severely as possible….don’t know what that might be, but certainly suspension, at least. Not sure what, if anything, can be done legally.

    • avengeflipper

      The camera wasn’t on the teacher. He could have been getting help. Teachers are rarely allowed to intervene and can get hurt badly by kids this size.

  • david of tampa

    It’s ok to be a thug in black culture, but not ok to be an intelligent black. He (the youth in white shirt) gave every chance to the other idiot. He didn’t heed so now he going to bleed.

  • Ronnie XsTsb

    I think that was great ! I think the teacher allowing that to happen was the best thing that has happened for the black community, and the hood in a long time. And it sends a message to the arrogant Liberal culture, and the pant sagging , scrotum grabbing, ignorant thug culture gripping the nation now!!!!!!!!! Just look at this stupid knockout game ! And it just isn’t blacks ! This is becoming a problem across the board ! It is effecting all racial communities. Albeit ; less in the white community and much less in the Asian community. But it effects everyone : whether they are ignorant thugs or not . I think thtat this should be held as an example of where this ignorant mind-set takes people, and ; that these stupid bullying awareness programs do not stop bullying. They only teach people to be weak p(_)$$!3$ ! And they also send a message to these these thugs that they can get away with it. THIS BEAT-DOWN STUFF WORKS ! It teaches RESPECT ! LOOK ! Bullying has always been around. It has always existed : especially in the school yards. It is only when the arrogant mindset is subliminally being upheld in entertainment, the media, in the schools, and in Washington by stupid zero tolerance programs that are as impotent as a 90 year old man with radical prostate surgery , and the arrogance of elite politicians who have no respect for the people who pay their salaries ,along with the media whores who back them up. It is only because of this that the bullying problem is just getting worse. And bulling being covered more because of 24 hour media which does not want to cover the real news, and we have social media which shows endless bullying stories. Bullying Sucks ! No doubt about it. But the good ole fashioned behind the woodshed justice teaches potential bullies a lesson when it is put out on the global screen like this! Hey; I think this should be standard procedure for all of these arrogant and ignorant thugs like the jackasses in Baltimore. And the arrogant thugs in Washington who inspire these @$$#0l3s: like Harry Weidhead who got his!!!!! hehehehehe! This is how we deal with it ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You’ve got to love it baby ! I would love to shake this kid’s hand. I am so proud of him ! hehehhee! I love it! This idiot got his ignorant @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@$$ BEAT! They should not have pulled him off . This jack@$$ belonged in the hospital as an example !

  • Puzzled

    Teacher??…I thought he bought TICKETS to the fight the way he just STOOD there!!!..Now I WON’T be surprised when they SUSPEND the student who FINALLY fought back after trying REPEATEDLY to walk away!!!

  • Ednar

    Parents keep a watch out for kids that do NOT want to go to school … this could be a sign they are being bullied & don’t want to be snitches for reasons or repercussions later when they would potentially be alone with the perpetrator.
    This always happens … ALWAYS!

  • Karole Conaway

    It is so good to see a bully get what he deserves from one of his ‘victims’. Perhaps he will remember this episode before he bullies someone else. Congratulations for a job well done to the victor!

    • Lecia Tallman

      Too bad the biggest Bully in AMERICA is not getting his just rewards. obummer needs to be brought down a peg or two… hell even out of this country

      • Karole Conaway

        Prison is where obama belongs for all of his treasonous acts against our America! Hopefully the republicans will find their orbs and impeach him.

  • mrunpc

    America’s black plague, brought to us by Barack Hussein Obama & his race baiting maggots, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder & Co.

  • kanenas101

    And yet the kid who fights back gets punished…

  • dumny34

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  • Stephen Semore

    The teacher is my favorite in this one. After the fight was over he was like “you had that long in coming”.

  • bambi hussein

    Liberals – and their beloved thugs – are such pussies!

  • anjlina

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  • FM505

    Loop that video…!

  • John

    another worthless thug.

  • Hobgoblin238

    The one that talked white DID chimp out….haha

  • ElmerJFudd

    Amazing how most of these videos end with the bully getting the sh&t knocked out of them.

  • W Dawes

    Actually many school districts are getting hammered by the Obama DOJ jerks and their “disparate Impact” Nazis. So now schools will only suspend someone for fighting. Not threatening, not disrupting, not talking back to the teacher. It has created a wave of school violence and no one is talking about it. Teachers unions are doing nothing about it. You pretty much have to get your own attorney now, in order for a teacher to protect themselves.

  • Rhyno

    Best way to stop a bully… Glad the teacher didn’t step in. I’m guessing the teacher knew that if he intervened and stopped them early, the bullying would have just gotten worse over time, and who knows, the thug probably would have gotten more of his posse to meet the other kid in a back alley somewhere and do as chicken-shit thugs do and gang up on one individual. Might have even saved the other kid’s life.

  • 19mad74

    This is nothing new unfortunately, back in the 70s when I was in high school the same thing would happen all the time. And getting decent grades made it even worse for the Black kid trying to get some where in life.

  • Wiggle D

    Video was removed for violating the ToS….

  • Daryl

    Dang, youtube yanked the video. I missed it 🙁

  • crahn

    Why was the video removed? Too much censorship going on FB!


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