High School Thug Bullies Classmate for ‘Talking White’ – Doesn’t End Well for Him


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

There are many documented problems affecting many Blacks in inner city America. The absence of fathers, the embrace of “thug culture,” and the discouragement to “snitch” on criminals — even when it would take a violent felon out of your neighborood.

Yet another is the ridicule of Blacks who “talk” or “act white.” We covered an eloquent young lady who took on that issue in a viral video last year, and was called an “Uncle Tom” for merely trying to help.

In a new video below, a Black high school kid is being bullied for doing exactly that. A thug classmate tells everyone “he talks too White,” and follows his intended victim back and forth between classrooms, spoiling for a fight.

One student recorded the incident, while trying not to be seen by either party to the confrontation. He tried to keep the camera behind the bullies back and out of his eyesight.

The bullied boy paces back and forth within the video, not wanting to fight, but ready in case a brawl does break out. The bully, on the other hand, seems ready to fight and follows him closely between a regular classroom and the adjoining wood shop.

Then the bully gets the action he wants, although it didn’t exactly go as planned:

He warned you, punk.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this video is that the teacher rarely interacts with the boys to stop the bullying from escalating into a full-blown fight. Once the fight broke out, he did absolutely nothing to stop it or call for help. Sadly, he seemed more afraid of the boys than the other students in the class.
[h/t LiveLeak]


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