High School Students Perform “Trump Assassination” Skit in Class


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A Texas high school was the scene of a mock assassination presented by two 10th grade students last week during their English class.

The students, according to another outlet, San Antonio.com, actually named the skit, “The assassination of Donald Trump”. 

As reported by San Antonio.com,  During the English class skit at Marshall High School in San Antonio, one of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other boy, dressed as Trump, fell to the ground pretending to be dead.

Two parents that were witness to the skit, Harold and Melinda Bean, stated to the San Antonio media, “Honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they are still in school today.”

The students were required to describe their presentations to their English teacher beforehand for approval but these two students in particular changed their skit afterward. They question why the teacher didn’t stop the skit after learning of its title.

The students and teacher were reprimanded for the skit but many are wondering why the punishment wasn’t stiffer and didn’t involve suspension from the high school.

Since Trump has been elected,  schools throughout the country have faced many tensions involving the election outcome. Several students have been attacked and beaten for expressing support for Trump.

The superintendent of the school later released the following statement:

November 18, 2016

An incident at John Marshall High School has drawn local and national media attention. I want to provide more clarity to what actually occurred and address our stance on the matter.

Last week, an English teacher at Marshall HS instructed her students to create and perform a brief in-class skit following their study of Shakespeare. The teacher asked for students to submit their scripts for her preview and approval.

Two students, after their original script had been submitted, changed their skit to include a mock assassination of the President-Elect. The teacher had no idea this change had occurred until the students began to perform this in the classroom.

The teacher stopped the student skit immediately when it became apparent that it was inappropriate.

I want to be clear: NISD does not condone the action of these students or anyone else who would threaten violence. The incident was addressed immediately and appropriately by the teacher and campus administration.

Dr. Brian T. Woods


Northside ISD

Huh? Furious parents are asking tonight: How exactly was it “addressed”? Some students are claiming the teacher KNEW this was part of the skit, and let it go forward. If so she should be immediately fired.

Some parents on Facebook are demanding an “independent investigation” by the PTO to “get out the facts.”

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