High School Student Suspended for Shirt Quoting the 2nd Amendment


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

New York’s extreme, unconstitutional actions against gun owners have emboldened gun-grabbers across the state — even in the classroom. A high school student in upstate New York was suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt that touted the 2nd Amendment after he refused to turn it inside out or cover the words with duct tape.

Shane Kinney, a 16-year-old sophomore from Grand Island, located between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, said he served a one-day, in-school suspension Monday after he refused last Friday to turn his T-shirt inside out at the request of the vice principal at Grand Island High School. The shirt was emblazoned with the NRA logo and the words, “2nd Amendment Shall not be Infringed” across the back.

“Mr. Lauria [the vice principal] told me I had to either turn the shirt inside out or put duct tape over the words,” Shane Kinney told FoxNews.com. “I told them that I wasn’t going to do it. I had to sit in the suspension room and eat lunch alone until my father brought me a new shirt to school.”

“There was pretty much nothing in the policy about guns.”
– Shane’s father Wayne Kinney

Officials at the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might incite or encourage “violent activities.”

In a copy of the letter sent to the Kinney home that was provided to FoxNews.com, Grand Island High School Vice Principal Michael Lauria stated:

“On Friday March 7th, 2014 prior to the start of school, Shane was seen wearing a sweatshirt with the logo of a firearm. Shane was asked to remove the shirt and turn it inside out, or place tape over the logo. Shane was also previously asked not to wear the shirt to school.

“Shane did not listen to the administrator and was later seen wearing a T-shirt with rifles displayed on the back,” the statement continues. “Shane’s actions are insubordinate and in violation of the GICSD Code of Conduct.”

On Thursday, Schools Superintendent Teresa Lawrence released a statement denying that Shane was disciplined “for wearing a shirt expressing a position on the NRA or gun control.” Although she did not elaborate, she said the incident presented an opportunity to review policy.

“The Grand Island School District recognizes this matter as an opportunity to review its policies, procedures and actions to ensure that they are consistent with our commitment to provide a safe learning environment and protect students’ Constitutional rights,” Lawrence said.

Kinney’s father maintains that there is actually nothing in the student code that bans clothing with the imagery of guns.

While Kinney took his punishment like a good student, he says he’s still not happy with how everything went down.

“I don’t agree with it,” he said. “The NRA does great things and there was nothing wrong with that shirt.

Kinney, who is an avid hunter with a part-time job at the local gun club, says that he believes that he was asked to remove the shirt more for political beliefs than for inappropriateness.

“I’ve worn other shirts before with guns on them,” he said. “I was never asked to cover up. I think this happened because it was an NRA shirt.”

“That’s what I’m leaning towards.”

IF YOU ARE OUTRAGED BY THE ACTIONS of Vice-Principal Michael Lauria, then contact him and the district’s superintendent at the following contacts:

Grand Island High School Vice Principal Michael Lauria:
Email: michaellauria@k12.ginet.org
Rate Mr. Lauria at his RateMyTeacher page

GICSD Superintendent Teresa Lawrence:
Email: teresalawrence@k12.ginet.org
Phone: (716) 773-8801
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drtlawrence

  • akela

    so how do they teach the constitution?? just omit the words ” shall not be infringed upon””?? no wonder so many graduate know NOTHING about this great country and what it took to make it great and to keep it great up until about 5 yrs ago.,, when our President apologized for our vary existence…

    • StarrGazerr615

      Why not? The NRA and their followers routinely omit the words “a well regulated militia”, which are, of course the whole point of the Second Amendment in the first place.

      • HogWild1964

        And just who do you think a well regulated milita is? That would be me , you and every other citizen of this country! That’s who!

        • Stephen Pope

          regulated? militia? Neither of which is a bunch of untrained idiots with guns from walmart and no background checks

          • Clay

            Steve, you talk a lot, but say very little. Walk into Walmart and tell the clerk that you’d like a gun, but would prefer to not do a background check. Let me know how that works out for you. To say that NRA is all a bunch of untrained idiots is quite a blanket statement. It incorporates all walks of life and has supported hunters for years. You may not be a hunter, and may even be opposed to the tradition, but to call people you don’t understand idiots is quite bigoted. You may want to go out and experience the real world meet more people and spent a little less time watching CNN.

          • Did dog

            Stephon your a moron, grow a pair cause your gonna be the first to die when you let the gov take our guns dunbass

      • boyd2

        I guess never mind that District Courts (even the liberal 9th) and the Supreme Court all don’t see it that way.

      • Armyvet81

        Nope, you would be wrong. I am a life member of the NRA and calling you out on your error. A militia by definition is the people being armed, not a standing army. All other instances of reference to the people refer to individuals as does the Second Amendment. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court dating back to the 1800’s. A simple study of the history of the Bill of Rights and the founders intents would have helped you avoid making this mistake.

        • Stephen Pope

          Follow the literal definition of the 2nd amendment….Bear arms ( to carry, from place to place) as in military issue. Keep (not own) but to hold with you to be available. Also most people were trained in the use of weapons , unlike today when they arent

          • Brian Johnson

            Okay, what Ulrich and Pope are doing is interpreting a 225+ year-old document using modern vernacular. As with Shakespeare, though about 200 fewer years to deal with, one must look at what the words meant back when they were written, and what they meant to who was writing them. With cultural context in mind, both Ulrich’s dictionary research and Pope’s “literal definition” fall flat – the Founders and authors themselves would sorely disagree with you … as, has been noted, Supreme Court decisions for the past 200+ years.

          • Stephen Pope

            Context…its strange you would bring that up Since when it was written there was no standing military, no reserve force, no state or local police forces, no FBI and was written at a time when no one was even sure this new democtacy would survive and not fall into another monArchy. …. Context is again st your argument.

          • Richard Ulrich

            Okay so my modern interpretation is wrong.
            What does a “well regulated milita” mean according to the Founders and the authors?
            By the way I got nothing wrong with the wearing of the shirt. I just am not very fond of lawyers.
            Speaking of Shakespeare, he had a good idea.
            (who knew you could check and see when people responded to my comments)

        • Richard Ulrich

          Nope, Armyvet81, here is the definition of it
          1. -a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies.
          2.-a body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.
          3.-all able-bodied males considered by law eligible for military service.
          4.-a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights against the presumed interference of the federal government.
          Militia-army of trained civilians called upon in time of need

          Every definition I find talks about being trained, involved in drills, organized. Not just a group of people being armed.

          • Rick Kuhn

            Plan and simple the Supreme Court does not agree, nor did our founding fathers. Read the Federalist papers!!!

      • Charlie Thurman

        Not according to the supreme court

      • alabubba

        civilians are the militia!!!! We are the last line of defense of our liberties!!! If they take our guns then it will be our lives!!!

      • Phil Hayshow

        Appearantly, the Supreme Court, which is an assembly of the most highly qualified legal minds of our system of government, doesn’t agree with your interpretation of the Second Amendment.

    • Bo Treat


    • Richard Ulrich

      Wow, you mean The current POTUS has brought this country down in just five years?
      That’s amazing and to think people call him spineless and make fun of him in his mom jeans.
      He must be very powerful if he and his administration have brought this country down in just that short amount of time.

  • Renee Miranda

    I agree with Shane. It seems more political than anything else. I support his handling of this situation and I’m glad he has the support of his dad.

  • Phil Hayshow

    The Vice Principal should be summarily terminated by the school district. Then the father should sue both the school district and the ex vice principal for a whole heaping helping of money!

    • Richard Ulrich

      Yep that’s the answer. Sue the school district, that always works
      More lawyers getting rich

      • John

        So, you offer nothing but sarcastic remarks and no solutions? I’ll take the lawyers, thank you.

        • Curtis Waldo Budka

          Are you too incompetent to come up with your own alternative? Litigation does not solve a political issue.

          • John

            First of all, you don’t even know me to make a judgment.

            We are dealing with the dredges of the bottom of the barrel: teachers, school board members, bad cops and in many instances lawyers. Here is why I will follow the lawyers.

            If you ever followed the litigation regarding these types of issues you would know that a threat of a lawsuit or a lawsuit ALWAYS gets these peoples’ attention. Then the door opens to resolve what you call a political issue, which, in reality, may be more of an administration issue, a lack of common sense and an ignorance of Constitutional rights.

            I suggest you follow Jay Seculow at the American Center for Law and Justice (pro bono lawyers who deal with rights violations all over the world) either on his radio show, it’s on every day, or online at http://www.aclj.org. They have had a great deal of success resolving these issues w/o litigation. They also have won many of these types of cases all the way to the Supreme Court. However, in many instances, standing firm that you will see to the highest court in the land, it just takes some well written letters with the facts and truth to resolve the issue. There are a number of other legal organizations who do the same thing.

            Unless a victim can muster power and the law behind them, the perpetrators will just sweep it under the rug and get away with these types of violations of people’s and the U. S. Constitution.

            I do not need to come up with alternatives to the problem. When the wheel ain’t broken – don’t try to fix it!

      • Phil Hayshow

        Richard, I bet that your friends refer to you as (a) DICK!!!!!

  • jeradl

    Apparently people can’t read and Shane didn’t pay attention to what he was told. It had nothing to do with being a NRA logo or what it said. It wasn’t the words he was told to cover , it was the rifles. No guns on t-shirts in school and everyone knows it. It is that simple.

    • Rose Dunn

      Not that simple jeradi. The second amendment is ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The school district Dems have a choice at what is to enforce….

    • Kris Lowell-Furman

      The guns were on the shirt because that is what the 2nd amendment is about, our right to bear arms. He didn’t wear a shirt that encouraged someone to use guns to commit crimes for pete sakes! It was actually quite the opposite. Guns are mentioned in text books for history are you going to remove all mentions of arms in history. It is really getting ridiculous. This country has run perfectly fine for hundreds of years with our constitution and it’s amendments. Look what is becoming of it because someone wants to change it. The states with the toughest gun laws have the highest crime rates. This boy did nothing wrong. As he said, he has worn shirts with guns on them before and there wasn’t a problem. Mention the NRA and then there was a problem. Politically motivated for sure.

      • StarrGazerr615

        He WAS wearing a shirt that encouraged people to commit crimes. It was the NRA, whose actions were responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin and countless other innocent Americans who are now dead because there are actually people stupid enough to listen to the NRA. No organization in America does more to encourage wanton violence than they do.

        • HogWild1964

          Been a liberal troll long! When did the the NRA tell anyone to commit a crime. You have to be one of the stupidest people on this thread! I guess to you defending yourself or family is a crime! Tell you what when you’re being robbed you wait for the police .IDIOT!

        • BearStar1 .

          Get your head out of your Ass Jerk!

        • Carrie Herron

          Seriously? You want to blame the NRA for everything… You really lack the intelligence to fully understand the 2nd Amendment and the NRA had nothing to do with Zimmerman killing Martin… That was that action of a grown man..But I actually have a solution for you… Since you are so boldly against the Constitution, denounce you citizenship and go to another country. No one is asking you to be here, or for that matter wants you here

        • Joose

          So do you suppose pens write swear words, spoons make people fat, and cars drive drunk? S.Griffin

        • blueeyes30

          Good grief everyone who has risen up against your stupidity and you are STILL posting?!? If you want to comment comment on something you understand because you obviously DO NOT understand the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution….NOT TO MENTION, was it “The NRA” on the street with Trayvon Martin?? Ummm NO! They are no more responsible than I am (and I live no where near where the uhhh “Trayvon Martin incident” occured!) just because they SUPPORT the 2nd amendment and WE THE PEOPLES RIGHTS TO IT!

    • nigsSuck

      Do you always suck dick because it’s a rule?

  • StarrGazerr615

    I doubt anyone would be objecting to the suspension if the kid had worn an Al Qaeda shirt to school, so why is anyone objecting when the kid wore a shirt with the logo of a terrorist organization that is responsible for the wanton murder of a lot more people than Al Qaeda is?

    • Dusquene Whistler

      Ho-leee sheeeit. I cannot believe how painfully stupid you are. Wow.

      • blueeyes30

        I normally don’t comment on this type of stuff but I gotta say, in regards to “StarrGazerr615”, you hit the nail RIGHT on the head! That comparison she gave is as absurd as it is stupid!

    • Brian Johnson

      If nothing else, your argument falls apart comparing Al-Qaeda to the NRA. Al-Qaeda actively promotes murder of innocent people. The NRA supports ownership of guns for sport hunting and self-defense, neither of which involves the murder of innocent people.

  • Carrie Herron

    Love how our Constitutional Rights are being violated everyday… So what if it was about the 2nd Amendment? It’s protected under the 1st Amendment ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH” If that was my child, I as a parent would be filing a lawsuit for violation of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. I’m sick of people in some what powerful positions taking liberties with our rights, And what is sad is that most Americans go along with this… Just plain out STUPID… Do you think these people will stand up for your rights? If you do then you are as stupid as they are.

  • Bo Treat


  • Stephen Pope

    probably was becaiuse of the militant NRA symbol. If you are asked to change attire by a school official you change it, wthout question. If more parents would back the rules instead of supporting their kids at fighting authority at every step, the schools would be a better place

    • Brian Johnson

      “Without question” – I see you’re prepared to march lockstep in line with all the other brownshirts.

    • HogWild1964

      You will fit right with the new world order. And you have the audacity to say something about people buying weapons at walmart. There’s a name for people like you “SHEEPLE”

      • Stephen Pope

        A sheeple calling another person a sheeple that’s funny

        • HogWild1964

          Actually that’s degrading to sheep. You’re more of a domestic turkey! Just dumb enough to drown when it’s raining!

          • Stephen Pope

            Well at least being stupid is something you have experience in. Perfect armed mindless drone…..the definition of cannon fodder

          • HogWild1964

            Really is that all you can come up with you truly are pathetic loser!

          • Stephen Pope

            Fortunately I am still better than you….

          • HogWild1964

            Stupid but funny!

    • Rick Kuhn

      If schools stuck to teaching, like they are suppose to, and not get their personal political views get involved, the schools would be a much better place, and our children would be much more educated. School officals, need to stop acting like they are above our laws, and stop making rules that violate our constitutional rites!!

      • Stephen Pope

        Unfortunately schools have been left to provide the discipline and parenting that parents have decided not to provide. The constitution says nothing about clothing choice by the way

        • Rick Kuhn

          Actually clothing choice , comes under freedom of expression, which is covered by freedom of speech! Once again, the Supreme court has held that this is true.

          Further more, if you people do not like our Constitution, GET THE F*@K out of our country!!! You might like China better!!

          • Stephen Pope

            One i llbred obvobviously not patented whiner just wanted to be an obstinate pain in the ass. Grow up and stop trying to use the Constitution as an excuse to act like a child. Since I have actually defended the Constitution in 2 tours of military duty ill stay and support the actual Constitution and not the one whiners use to try to get their little spoiled brat way.

  • Richard Ulrich

    So how about he just wears a shirt that has the 2nd Amendment written on it.
    The entire Amendment
    No pictures of guns
    No NRA logo
    Just the words of the Constitution

  • Lisa Perry

    Screw you Michael Lauria and your school!!! American people quit listening to these pussy assholes and start putting up a fight!!! No wonder the rest of the world thinks the Americans are weak! Sue this vice-principal and the school district for violating your sons rights!!!

  • RN01

    I read the article and it looks like the principle’s objection was the rifle logo. This student was also asked before not to wear this shirt. When adults set a bad example by not insisting kids follow rules, even when you don’t always agree with them, they will raise adults who will always have problems with authority. In the real world there are always “rules” we don’t agree with. Instead of attacking the principle, teach the child the correct way to disagree and try to change what they don’t agree with.

  • Bang

    The kid also has the right to free speech. Sue!! Sue!! Sue!! Never have to worry about where he’ll get the money for college by sueing the school district for violating his first amendment rights. If corporations donating money to political campaigns is free speech then so is wearing this T-shirt.
    It doesnt matter whether a school prinicple likes or dislikes something, the dress code in the Student Handbook they give each kid at the start of each school year doesnt say ‘based on the principles opinion.’
    A T-shirt is a T-shirt and the First Amendment guarantees your right to free speech – everywhere- including school.

  • JenJen

    More loss of freedom of speech. Where are we headed??!

  • Tonya Smith Haas

    Insane. You could not pay me millions to live in that nanny f ing state.

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