High School Assignment Tells Students: ‘Pretend You’re Muslim’ to Empathize With Their ‘Struggles’

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Students in a 10th grade World History class in Wisconsin were asked to pretend they were Muslims for a written assignment.

Beth Urban assigned her students at Union Grove High School a five paragraph essay in which they had to give examples of the hardships they would face if they were Muslim.


“Give three examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face,” the teacher instructed.

The assignment was given via email during the students’ spring vacation. Urban says students had been “watching documentaries” which would provide them with sources for the assignment.

FoxNews said some parents were wondering how this fits into a world history. Were students asked to do the same for other religions? Do students learn about the persecution Jews have endured throughout their history? Do they learn about Christians who are targeted and oppressed in countries where Islamic law rules? Do they learn about the intolerance of radical Islam and its manifestation in groups like ISIS and al Qaeda?

FoxNews didnt’t find out. But we did.

Top Right News reached out to parents and students on Facebook, and, although none wanted to be quoted by name, all said that no students were asked to “pretend” they were Christian or Jewish.

They also said that the “documentaries” the students had to watch “celebrated” Islamic religion and even praised Mohammad for being “devout.”

Of course, nothing was mentioned about sections of the Koran in which Mohammed married an 8-year old girl and consummated that marriage when she was 9. Nor did it mention how Mohammad burned “apostates” alive — which was cited by ISIS when the burned alive a Jordanian pilot last month.

The films also hyped the largely non-existent “Islamophobia” in America. Despite marketing by Islamic supremacy group CAIR, there is a near total lack of anti-Muslim hate crimes over the past 2 decades, according to FBI statistics.

No documentaries on Christianity or Judaism were shown to students, parents said.

  • martin

    Wow. Who is in charge of writing this curriculum ?? This is way overboard. Parents should protest this…keep Islam out of our schools and Muslims out of this country.

  • Scotty P

    Fine to discuss Islam in school. Try to celebrate Christmas, and the ACLU will come marching in to silence you.

  • Brenda southerland

    That is the parents fault for allowing it they should ban together and boycott the school and if the school want stop it pull all students out and the school would have to close. Let them answer questions how it is to be a Christian with Islam terrorist and Muslims trying to take over who cares about how they feel they can all go back where they came from.

  • another_engineer

    I would tell them that I would Impose a Jizya (tax) on non mudslimes and if they didn’t pay I would cut their heads off..


  • Stoney Burt

    Another state department of education run by morons and a$$holes.

  • Sandy Ratigan

    I have two things to say. First to the students in the class, if teachers and administration keep pushing this agenda down our children’s throats then here is what the students should do, pretend they are Muslims and chop the teacher’s head off.
    The second thing is, IF PEOPLE ARE BECOMING MORE ISLAMAPHOBIC THEN PERHAPS THERE IS A DANG GOOD REASON FOR IT, those vacation and travel log videos that ISIS posts of fun activities in scenic Iraq and Syria et al, are downright inviting [that is sarcasm if you can’t tell]

  • GuestPoster

    So I wonder. I read about how atheist organizations are sending letters to schools that have teachers that they claim are supporting and endorsing the Christian faith in public school(s) and demanding that they stop doing so or face expensive lawsuits. I wonder, would they do the same thing if Christian student complained that this was an illegal endorsement of the Islamic faith and that it needed to stop.

    • Lee Alfred Herzog

      No mythology should be taught in
      school may it be Christianity Judaism or the Islamic faith. I’m fine with teaching kids mythologies like I was taught in school with the Roman and Greeks. This adding a Christian or Islamic touch to public schools is sickening.

      This coming from a independent view minded atheist.

  • Guest

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  • Pat Enery

    Since the discussion in the U.S. is manufactured & controlled as to Islamophobia, why not? Teaching students about empathy is better than teaching them hate, racism & warmongering. As for what they tell us someone may be doing over there, I’ll believe it when it comes from truthful sources. The MSM is not. With today’s technology, anyone can make a convincing video.


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