Hidden Camera: Here’s What Happens When You Order a Gay Wedding Cake at a MUSLIM Bakery


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

With the white-hot attack of the media and LGBT activists on Christian business owners who object to making products that endorse same-sex marriage, one group has been curiously absent from the national discussion: Muslims.

Steven Crowder noted how gay activists are so silent about Muslim oppression in Islamic nations — where “moderate” Iran routinely hangs gays from cranes in downtown Tehran, and ISIS throws gays off buildings every week.

Steven was curious to see what would happen if “gay Steve” went into Muslim bakeries in the heart of Dearborn, Michigan to see if they would make him a gay wedding cake.

We find out in this entertaining (and enlightening) video:

Whoa…we can’t wait to hear the deafening silence of the leftist hypocrites about this.

Will the smug Chris Cuomo bring a Muslim business owner on his show to ask him why he doesn’t shut down his company if they won’t cater to a gay wedding? How about Gary Tuchman? Will we see him lecturing a Muslim on how they aren’t following the principles of the Quran?

Don’t hold your breath.

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