HEROES: One Day, Two Cops, Two Lives Saved In a Blink of An Eye (Video)


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

We are so inundated with “bad cop” videos on YouTube and elsewhere. The overreacting cop, the angry at being filmed cop, the questionable search and seizure cop. It seems to be all we see.

It’s time we remember the good cops — most cops — who help people and save lives every single day across this land.

Saturday was one such day, when two police officers, in 2 seperate states, save the lives of two Americans — each with mere seconds to spare.

It began in Kalamazoo, Michigan, just before noon, when Public Safety Officer Jason Gates was sitting in his patrol car when he spotted a minivan go through a red light right in front of him.

With his dashcam recording, Gates pulled the vehicle over. What he saw inside the van and how he reacted have many people hailing him as a “hero,” according to the local news.


Gates told Fox News, “people do a lot of funny things to get out of tickets.” However, it only took him a few short moments more to realize that the woman’s violent wheezing was because she was choking.

Gates jumped to action, performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life.

A few hours later, across the nation in Maryland, a darker event was about to take place, when another officer happened upon the scene.

As he crossed the Tydings Bridge, near Havre de Grace, MD, an (unnamed) Maryland State Trooper heading back to the barracks at 7:24 pm, noticed a man walking on the southbound side of the bridge, approximately 50 to 70 yards from a parked vehicle.

The trooper turned around at the next available opportunity and approached the man to check on him. “His intuition kicked in that something wasn’t right,” Russo said.


Maryland State Police spokeswoman Elena Russo said the officer exercised extreme caution while also acting quickly. “It could have been tragic for both of them,” according to Russo, who noted the man could have pulled the officer over the side of the bridge with him. “It took a lot of courage putting his own life in danger.”

Here’s the drop the trooper saved him from:

A steep drop indeed. There have been 12 recorded suicides from that bridge. But thanks to the quick-thinking hero cop, there would not be a 13th on Saturday.

We salute America’s finest — our police, Sheriffs deputies, and state troopers — for everything they do right to help their fellow citizens in their times of need.


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