Here’s What Happened When Norway Started Deporting Radical Muslims


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

After years — decades in fact — of open immigration policies welcoming millions from Muslim countries, many European nations are now overwhelmed by the consequences.

But so long as they have left-wing governments those policies remain unchanged, as liberals, just like in America, use immigration and easy welfare policies to stay in power.

But nations that elect conservative governments are starting to curtail and even reverse those policies welcoming Muslims– and the results are stunning.

Once such nation is Norway, which elected the Conservative Party to power after years of open immigration policies.

The new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, began a program that deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups.

And something stunning occurred: the country’s violent crimes are down more than 31% in less than a year since Muslim deportations began!

Liberals everywhere are crying “Racism!” Al Jazeera has blasted Solberg relentlessly for her so-called “Islamophobia”, but she has pressed on by deporting any Muslims who belong to radical mosques or threaten violence against “non-believers” — and sent their entire families home too.

From the local Oslo News:

A record number of people were deported by Norwegian authorities in 2014.

Norway’s government has ruled that a record 7,100 people were to be deported in 2014, more than 10 times the number under the previous government.

Analysts believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has also become easier for Norwegian authorities to deport people back to Muslim nations, including Afghanistan and Nigeria.

A large percentage of those deported in 2014 were Muslim asylum seekers who had their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported along with their families. The majority of deportees, however, had committed crimes, or had returned illegally to Norway after being deported.

Norwegian residents have been stunned by the violent crime rate plummeting in so rapid a time frame.

And even though the liberal media tries to hush up the reason, one resident,  Adrian Stavig made it clear why the people love their new conservative leader, saying something that would give Barack Obama a coronary:

“The world’s largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a religion of peace.”

Don’t you wish we had a leader in the U.S. that understood the danger of Islam and acted to protect us from it, instead of one who promotes Islam and denounces Americans who question it?

  • edl

    awesome ,norway is on the correct path

  • edl

    what will be the fun in that?. lets hope they will do something interesting once they get back to their shitholes.

  • birddogs2

    you would know, I guess

  • birddogs2

    And deport all the other people here illegally? Yep, then we would have it!

  • Regina Boutwell

    Norway has guts. We have a spineless administration that lets obama bully them

  • marshiana

    The pendulum too will swing in America. Just a matter of time.

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    time our country does the same.

  • heidisatwork

    I’d join you but its too darn cold over there!! I love living in the Phoenix, AZ weather

  • heidisatwork

    Jeff, you mean it bothers you that someone that does not agree with your POV insists that because you don’t agree with him, you are wrong? (sarcasm font off now)

  • docmccarthy

    All the while, Obammie, the closet mudslime, is importing 100,000 per month. What does that tell you?

  • John Von Pert

    This isn’t exactly true. While Norway does have a policy to deport foreigners who are serving prison time or who returned to the country illegally after being deported the first time.They are denying many more requests for asylum in their country, but neither of those policies specifically target Muslims.

  • captbob123

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    Constant lying can be so hard on the appearance, can’t it?

    • Robert White

      or wondering when one of the secret service just looks the other way…….

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      • tuffee

        get some help

        • Susie Sotar

          The help she needs is obviously this bad actor president that we have GONE!

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            That was Reagan

          • Susie Sotar

            Leave it to a leftist to attack a dead man.
            Reagan is still a better president as a dead man than Obama is alive.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            I’m no leftist. I am also no republican. Is in improper to say something not positive about Jesus Christ Reagan?

            All of you have been duped into believing the parties are different. They both want the same thing: your wealth and more power.

          • Susie Sotar

            You have been duped into believing that you can make dumbass comments and then pretend to stand above the fray idiot!

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            No of my comments were dumbass. ALL politicians are the same. They’re looking after themselves, not you or me. Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama…all of them. The ones who believe “their” party is the party of the people, are the ones who have been fooled. Good luck. A55hole.

          • Susie Sotar

            The only kind of comments that someone who believes that they stand above the fray are dumbass comments dipstick. You can’t snipe with dumbassery and then walk away.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            You mean like you’re trying too, fucknutz?

          • Susie Sotar

            Like the majority of leftists you’re wanting the last word Tyrelle. Go ahead and take it then – in this conversation.

          • Markdpez

            Like most people that put down Reagan, you probably weren’t alive or old enough to remember how bad it was right before him and how good we had it with him, regardless of his faults.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            I’m 48, I remember Reagan and before him back to Nixon resigning. I loved Reagan when I was a kid {teenager}, but since learning more about him as I have gotten older, I have lost much respect for the once proud republican icon.

          • Steve Brown

            Ronald Reagan never supported abortion, even if it meant losing an election or his political career. To me Reagans immutable pro life stance was the litmus test that proved him to be a man of God. How many politicians can you name that were 100% against killing the unborn ?

          • Woody

            Nancy Reagan had more than her share of abortions during her Hollywood days.

          • Victoria

            And what proof do you have of this?????????

          • csrdrunner

            Dirty mouth, how about you clean up your act?

          • aputsiaq 12

            Susie Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal migrants from Mexico, those sort of policies are awful we don’t want them! The truth is the Republican AND Democrats have allowed for the amount of mass immigration and illegal immigrant to take place. Our hope is voting for Trump.

          • 19mad74

            Most politicians ARE THE SAME! And you are right, they’re mostly looking out for themselves.

          • shaunthebrummie

            you’re just a obama lover…….who is also a black….and like Muslims are the enemy of white people….

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            He’s accomplished a lot more than you ever will. Two time president of the world’s supreme superpower, and you make asshole comments on the internet. What a joke you are.

          • Don Davis

            Did Reagan not accomplish more than you ever will?

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            Like Bryon Scheer says below, I’m not dead yet. I know I never sold arms to a country considered my enemy, where an arms embargo was in place, and taken those proceeds and filtered it to another country’s “freedom fighters” of Nicaragua, against the Boland agreement, then lied to the country about it. I didn’t do that. I didn’t ignore the aids epidemic for years while people died, because my religion hates gays. Didn’t do that either. In fact, there’s a lot of things I haven’t done yet that Reagan did. He isn’t the saint you’re all making him.

          • Don Davis

            The only guy who never makes a mistake is the guy who doesn’t do anything. TR.

          • Eddie Abbott

            Yeah Obama has accomplisted alot like Nation wide voter fraud in 2008 and 2012 that was proven with a nation wide recount—>

            And name one other president that has had all there records totally sealed?? Also name one other president that is walking around with a stolen Connecticut Social Security number belonging to man named Harrison J. Bounel that was born in 1890.Now you go ahead sit there and tell me Obama is 125 years old. Yet Obama never lived in Connecticut and that is a fact.This case is being looked at by the same judge that stopped his Illegal amnisty.It is obveious Obama is not even an American.If he is then why does he need another persons Social Security number??? Read it and weep Obama zombie!!!—>

          • Bryon Scheer

            your not dead yet, wait for it…….

          • Tyrelle Apuusa


          • Lawrence Lewis

            what…like he managed to infiltrate the white house as a president….?

          • honkeelipz

            Correction my brutha: they both HAVE the same thing, our wealth and more power

          • Guest

            Ok now, put that tin-foil hat back on and get back on those meds… 😀

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            Tyrelle,you are a prime example of liberal “brain washing” providing you have a brain to wash”

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            Clearly you have issues with comprehension.

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            You’re an idiot…:D

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            Brilliant response.

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          • Bryon Scheer

            Wellfare sucker go get a job! Regan was a god among modern presidents…..

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            You’re deluded. Enjoy that.

          • MrUnSavory

            What the hell do you know about Regan? You are not even n American.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            I know how to spell his name. So there’s that. How would you know whether I’m an American or not? Are you spying on me, you pervert?

          • Ross Gage

            I always look up assholes who run their mouth. It was just as I thought. A subject that is none of your business but you still have to open your pie hole. Stick to your shit hole country’s problems and stay out of America’s.

          • Frank Gugino

            Tyrelle,do you believe everything you read (providing you are able to read)

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            Yes Frank, God gave me a brain capable of learning things like, reading.

          • Lawrence Lewis


          • Reyn

            You are entitled to whatever opinions you want – but President Obama is not a bad actor – we are incredibly fortunate to have him actually. The economy is almost as good as it was under Clinton, which is far better than it was when President Bush left office, the markets are at all time highs, gas prices have dropped, despite monopolistic efforts by many producers, technology is continuing forward, solar has actually begun to turn a profit, which since we have no choice but using it in a fairly short time frame is a very good thing, millions more are insured now than were (though certainly single payer would have been a far better option). None of these things are the actions of a bad actor Sister. —

            Speaking of which – you seem to imply that you are a nun. If you are an RC nun – while I question your priorities compared to those of his Holiness the Pope — its still your business. If you are an Episcopalian nun – then I have no such hesitancy, shame on you – you are betraying your vows. After all, the only reason for you to think he is a bad actor is that he hasn’t completely raped the poor yet – and as a nun….???

          • Susie Sotar

            Tell black Americans how fortunate they are to have a president who keeps impoirting low wage illegals Reyn. While you’re at it tell them about this terrific economy that they can’t find a job in. Gas prices have dropped due to increased oil production on private lands which Obama has not had a hand in. The only reason solar has a chance to profit is because the EPA, under this jackass president, has all but put coal fired plants out of business. Ditto water. His EPA has mandated upgrades to both water and sewer facilities beyond actual need. Insurance? Don’t make me laugh! How many people did he have to lie to to get that Obamacare that has higher deductibles and premiums.
            If you think that we’re fortunate to have a lying, cheating jackass in our WHitehouse who has cause more military deaths than Bush, stood idly by while people were slaughtered at Benghazi, put us all at risk for Ebola and aided the rise of ISIS you’re entitled to your opinion but God help you for having it!
            The stock market? As an Obama supporter shame on you for applauding the rich getting richer!
            Fools always jump on the subject of my avatar. You really have no idea who I am or what I am. I could be your neighbor.

          • Hermes Mercury

            Hi Susie — while I am sure you think you understand things – it is extremely evident you don’t.

            1. IMPORTING low wage illegals. Where to even start with that assertion. a. To import is a deliberate act – when you import something you pay for it and transport it to your location. So you are, whether or not you realize it, suggesting that the President of the United States is in some way paying for illegals and paying for their transportation to come to the United States. I suspect, given that I’ve HEARD the screeds from people in the most extreme parts of the Right talking about special railroads bringing illegals up to the Mexican border that you actually believe it. I know better. I’ve actually traveled. I’ve been to Mexico and I know those railroad trains they talk about don’t exist. So this is outright bull on the face of it.

            b. The implicit assertion in this claim that “Blacks” are only capable of low wage jobs is disgusting. Not only are you outright lying about the president (there is a huge difference between supporting amnesty for illegals – which I would point out Ronald Reagan did as well [ ] and attempting to “import” illegal aliens deliberately – we are ALL immigrants unless you are fully Native American.) However, the only plausible reason you could be asserting that Black Americans should be angry about the President on the issue of immigration is because you are indirectly asserting that the “low wage” jobs that illegal aliens generally get are the only jobs Black Americans could get – and that is about as racist as it comes. I have friends who are doctors, lawyers, and major corporate figures – and yes – are Black. Take your pocket racism and put it somewhere that it doesn’t bother the rest of us.

            2. Various other assertions and in many cases lies about the President by you.

            a. solar. I think this graphic puts your myth and the lies behind it to rest – the facts are easily proven – here you go: As you can see, fossil fuels get MANY times the subsidies solar does. Why do you not know that? Because the only news sources you listen to are actually invested in brainwashing you – if you listen in an echo chamber all you hear is echoes. That doesn’t make the echoes true. If you question the graphic, feel free to contact the government and get direct proof its correct. Does the brainwashing hold? Let’s see – can you deny reality to continue to support the fossil fuel profits of the Kochs and those like them? Maybe you can. Oh, and forcing coal fired plants (which are now more expensive than solar anyway, btw) to be clean enough to not harm your grandchildren is simply good governance, and nothing more.

            b. As for the rest of your assertions. Facts are never friendly to conservatism. I found that out as a teen and early 20s person when I still supported my parent’s much more sane GOP. Since then its gotten worse and I am long out of there. You are entitled to any opinion you want, but not to your own facts. For the same reason that I gave the second Bush credit for the bank bailout – which like it or not had to happen and credit for the surge, you need to actually be honest enough to give Obama credit for the things he has done that have helped America. List: You may not like the site – but every accomplishment is carefully cited – feel free to look up the citations. These are accomplishments that whether you like it or not benefit most Americans, just as the bank bailout and the surge did America at the time. HONESTY, if you have any, compels you to be honest and say that yes, he is an accomplished president. What does lying and denying it say about you?

            3. Finally – the stock market? Sure it benefits the rich. It also benefits the middle class far more. How you say? 43% of America’s remaining middle class still have a defined pension plan (Reuters) while many more have some other (less useful) form of retirement account. Where are those accounts invested? According to the tax foundation of America, just over 54.8% of those funds – over 1 trillion dollars base, are in the stock market. To not recognize that the stock market rise has also benefited the middle class in real, substantive and lasting ways – is to once again display ignorance.

            As for who you are — I don’t care – you aren’t one of my neighbors, we know them all — but, it doesn’t matter — and it wasn’t your icon, it was I believe your username – or perhaps something I saw that you had written. However, thank you for clarifying that you aren’t a nun – particularly not an Anglican nun – it means you aren’t a total hypocrite, after all, evangelicals don’t actually practice Christianity in any recognizable form.



          • Susie Sotar

            By identifying yourself as an Obama supporter you have 1. disqualified yourself from both any debate over economics or social issues and 2. self identified as a leftist and see #1. You aren’t worth my time Hermes because you are incapable of seeing reality. The only things you are capable of seeing is a world that cannot and will not ever be.

          • Hugh Jass

            liberalism is a mental disorder and just cause Ronald Regan gave amnesty to all the illegals that is supposed to make it ok? Regan was an actor and a shitty president just like carter, but Obama is the worst president in the last fifty years.

          • mikifenn

            The reason the stock market is good is because bank interest for CDs is so low people began to invest in stocks. More investors due to low interest banks pay is the reason for the stock surge. It has nothing to do with the Prez.

          • Michael Nelson

            The reason the stock market has not crashed is the US Government pumps 85 billion a month into to it !! Wake up our being taken for a ride……….


          • Hermes Mercury

            Oh my – a list of accusations in all caps, with no proof at all. AMAZING. Well my dear – here’s a list of accomplishments from the president, all nicely cited. You don’t have to like the site – but the facts – speak for themselves.

            Have a lovely day.


          • Susie Sotar

            Only an Obama supporying leftwinger would see failures as accomplishments AND provide his “proof” from a leftwing rag like addictinginfo. Your ignorance is glaring HErmes!

          • I have better things to do than to argue with Fools like you! Anyone with a brain knows that obama has done nothing good for anyone but himself!

          • Susie Sotar

            And his friends!

          • Fat Hubie

            Obama thinks that infringements on the inalienable rights of Americans are accomplishments… What else can you say…?

          • Snowwhite02

            WHAT INFRINGEMENTS? THE NSA & Homeland Security were created by the BUSH REGIME

          • Fat Hubie

            I guess that you have not been able to read the news for the last ten years.

          • shaunthebrummie

            go suck your black boyfriends dick….and soon you’ll both be living in a segregated america..

          • Scott

            No more Kool Aid for you….

          • Snowwhite02

            Sorry Scott, but the Kool-Aid is RED, always has been, & everyone who DRINKS it follow the guys wearing the RED TIES.

          • Phil Elliott

            Your off your Meds there Slick!

          • Brad Skinner

            Were you not awake in 2008?

          • I was awake and pissed off as hell that the POS was allowed to occupy our W.H.!! And…I am angrier than hell about the Voter fraud and Corruption!

          • Snowwhite02

            So you were MAD that a BLACK man was ELECTED to the White House???
            That means that NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES you & others like you will
            complain & tell LIES to discredit him just BECAUSE he’s BLACK, which
            means you are a RACIST & therefore you have pretty just discredited yourself!

          • You are such a DUMB ASS! You don’t know me. Some of my best friends are black, and they don’t like the POS either! Stop trying to make everything about Race. Look in the mirror. You must really hate white, law abiding Americans, because you side with the THUGS! You must be scared of something if you have to hide your identity.

          • Demogorgon

            My older brother once had a pet monkey smarter than you. In 2008 when Bush left office we where in the worst recession since the great depression. Now things are much better. Auto sales, home sales, jobs, every thing is almost back to before. Reagan, Bush, Bush = more rights for rich less for everyone else. Some day people like you should, but won’t realize this. I won’t try to explain it to an idiot (probable racist) like you because your just too stupid.

          • OMG, what an IDIOT! You really are IGNORANT if you think we are better off now than we were over eight years ago!! In 2008, people had jobs, now they are all on welfare while America slides into the crapper and becomes a third world communist hell hole like the one that Hussein crawled out of!!

          • Woody

            How can you be so ignorant? Every statistic you could check out shows how Obama has rescued the economy from the crisis Bush drove it into. Gee, what is it about Obama that prevents you from seeing this? I wonder….

          • Bryon Scheer

            Your just stupid lib fuck Welfare trash!!!

          • Your Friend Clem

            and poopdicks

          • Gary Hawkins

            And what tree did you fall out of.

          • gts58

            Usually don’t reply to month old posts but your entire post is bogus – nothing personal against you. Sadly, it is nothing by media matters and White House talking points – almost verbatim. Obama is a disaster on so many levels it would take several books to list all of it.

          • David Ryan

            I don’t know what planet you’re living on. In what way is the economy better? If you haven’t noticed gas prices are pushing $4 gallon (at least in California), food prices are ridiculously high, most educated young people are saddled with so much student loan debt it is doubtful they will ever be home owners, many households have all family members working multiple jobs to make ends meet, the US debt is at $18 trillion dollars, Federal deficit is at $450M, The stock market is inflated as well as home prices which is another bubble about to burst when Fed Reserve raise the interest rates in Sept. The foreign policy of this administration is an unmitigated disaster, Putin and China are pounding the drums of war while the media feeds us pablum like Bruce Jenner’s mental breakdown. Oh sure we are so fortunate indeed….

          • Michael M

            Wow you are yourself a good actor! You almost had me fooled. I took you serious for a moment with your blather but realized no one can be that much a lemming that drinks the Kool Aid.

          • Allan

            I guess you can ignore the 90 or more million people who have quit looking for jobs. You jobless rate is a joke. Include those 90 million and your jobless rate jumps into the teens. The worst on record. Obama covers it up by entitlements that have gone wild.

          • Bryon Scheer

            Are you fucking retarded !!!do us a faver go shoot your self in the head twice:)

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        • Hugh Jass

          keep your lips velcroed to Obamas ass.

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        • Mark Hillyard

          It’s usually the little critters these rats carry around with them that is the problem.

      • Ronda Hartman-Odom

        Do you go to church with that mouth? You’re the one riddled with hatred and satin is using you to do his work and you’re too ignorant to realize that. Let God into your heart and you might find the peace you deserve

      • Carolyn Burton

        I often refer to him as Evil – I can think of no other word that fits him more

    • Tyrelle Apuusa

      *weapons of mass destruction*

    • Joy Beum

      Since obama does NOT have a conscience, that can’t be it. Maybe it’s the strain of avoiding being caught flyying out to SF to the bath houses he loves so much.


    His posse has access to all of our state secrets and defense information. Comforting isn’t it???

  • Kachina

    Americans will have to learn the hard way. No amount of Education or Awareness or warnings will sway America until the Muslims prove they cannot be trusted.

  • JPM

    This just proves, the only good liberal is a stir fried liberal. Nugh said

  • If we deport illegals watch the cost of doing business go up! Companies that hire illegals love paying them dirt, and citizens wont put up with that, or the shitty work conditions. Why do you think the GOP never endorses throwing the people who HIRE them in jail? BECAUSE THE GOP WOULD LOSE ALL ITS DONORS!

    • Wana B. Sharpton


    • Sons of Liberty

      So…a good leftist like you actually wants companies to hire people for cheap labor?

  • Wana B. Sharpton


    • Melinda Santa Cruz

      People like Kimberly Snow are killing this country. Low information voters.

      • Edwrad D Salk

        LMAO Kimberly Snow and people like her want to see America destroyed.

    • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

      Please grow some smarts and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment. Look who talking, you believe the crap this page posts.

      • Richard M

        Why don’t you come up with something new to say since your repetition is growing quite boring. Since you want to be anal, perhaps a visit to the spelling doctor will help you also.

      • bob foster

        more so than anything a lib comes upwith!

      • Funkasaurasrex

        Please stop cutting and pasting the same thing. You’re not impressing anyone.

      • Joy Beum

        If it is all ‘lies’, why are you here reading it?

    • redeemed357

      zounds Wana—less insulting and more informative…Einstein had an IQ of 160…that is for Richard M who thinks us woefully lacking in intelligence. BUT I agree with Melinda; People like Kimberly Snow are killing this country. Low information voter.

  • Wana B. Sharpton



  • Beach Actor

    If you want radical Muslims deported from the United States you need to elect a president who supports such action. Voting for a Democratic president will not do it

  • Al Romero

    Must start deporting back to their deserts, & caves. A complete disgrace to humanity.

  • Wana B. Sharpton

    If that FACT is racist, then I’M PROUD TO BE A RACIST AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!

  • Wana B. Sharpton


  • Rob

    That burns me up, being told lie after lie.

    • fanciladi

      I agree………. 🙁

  • Wana B. Sharpton

    Come on Xerocky, do you really expect a crack head liberturd “FORUM TROLL” like Paul McCrackhead (spelling intended) to tack control of anything other than the government handouts that his family has lived off of for the last 5 generations??? After all Xerocky, you still owe him half your salary because white-man enslaved his great great great great grandfather! I’m still not certain what was so great about him???

  • Al Parsons

    Islam is a killing oriented cult, and anyone belonging to that cult needs to be listed as an immediate threat to the United States, rounded up and deported along with their radical families and all the illegals who have crossed the border and are hiding in plain sight. Wake up America!! Or pretty soon there won’t be an America. But, that’s what Obozo and his henchmen want. Now their are indications Obozo is working on a (non elected) third term. If he even attempts such a thing, there will be blood in the streets!

  • Rob

    Doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that less koranimals equal less problems.

  • Melinda Santa Cruz

    Who in this country, whether liberal or conservative, has the guts to do this? Nobody!

    • Robbie Pate

      I do.

    • redeemed357

      do what?

    • commonsenserules

      Sadly,nobody in Washington will.

      • fed up, Manchester

        We have a party in Britain who would get a grip on immigration and settlers who want to impose their cultural traditions upon us at the expense of the British traditions. They are called UKIP and they unashamedly stand up for the British people and British values. Small wonder all the bleeding heart liberals and media try to smear them at every opportunity. America could do with a party that runs along similar lines to give disenfranchised Americans an alternative to vote for.

        • Mr_Twister

          Vote for a REAL change……Vote UKIP 🙂

      • Lisa

        That’s why we needs NEW blood!! Check out Dennis Michael Lynch, he has a FB page Twitter account and his web page is tell you friends 🙂

    • Eric Andreasen

      I’ll do it… now how do I get elected???? hmmmm…. thats the hard part. to be honest I don’t even need to be president just Sec of State can deport any foreign national for any reason.

    • Joy Beum

      No one in the obamagovernment would do it because they are all in bed with radical islam. They should all be arrested and tried for treason.

  • Tex Irvin

    load them up and ship them back where they came from

  • Jacki Smith

    The reason they want to come to countries like Norway and the United States is to conquer and convert to Islam. And unfortunately we welcome them with open arms!

  • codgewife2

    If this country does not wake up and get rid of the pos in the WH and his cronies we will never be able to get out of this mess. In FL the illegal aliens are as bold as they come but the bigger threat are the muslims and we are just to darn stupid to see it. This latest pact with Iran tells me this pos president is not an American and his sympathies are with muslims.

  • John Boyle

    I think all immigrants convicted of a felony and or multiple misdemeanors should be deported. And as to not break up family units their family should be deported also. Regardless of their Religious affiliation!

  • Mark Muylaert

    And yet obama is doing just the opposite by bringing more muslims into our country without first knowing who and what they are. All obama sees are new democrat voters, and he doesn’t even care if they are terrorists or criminals.

  • Notmymess

    I don’t remember the conservative Dubya doing this. So don’t blame the liberals.

  • Edwrad D Salk

    At least bacon is a renewable resource…

  • Edwrad D Salk

    Gather them up, deport them to Israel where defense forces can use them for target practice.

  • FrankC

    Who knew that constant golf and vacations could be so devastating? It makes you wonder how professional golfers can stand up to the strain. They must be the greatest athletes on the planet…

    • redeemed357


    • Tyrelle Apuusa

      Dubya took many more vacation days than Obama has. Get your facts straight.

      • FrankC

        He took a lot of working vacations. Obama takes golfing vacations. Mrs Bush rode with him on the same plane, the Obamas travel separately.

        • Tyrelle Apuusa

          ALL presidential vacations are working vacations. Both democrat and republican. The fact remains, Bush still took more vacations than Obama. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Obama as much as the next guy, but I HATE lying more than anything else.
          ” the Obamas travel separately.”, so is this every time they’ve traveled?

          • FrankC

            That appears to be a more recent development, but would you want to ride with that thing?

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            I would not want his job or her position as his wife, no. All politicians are crooked, or at least will be, given enough time. Anyone really honest and trustworthy doesn’t make it to the national stage. There’s too much riding on it to allow that.

          • Joy Beum

            Tyrelle: I don’t think it’s really a contest. The main thing that people are upset about is obama taking super-luxurious vacations at OUR expense. I haven’t had a vacation in years. I can’t afford it. Then moochelle stays in million dollar suites that I have to pay for. They (barry and mooch) are very selfish and neither of them cares about America. They both want us to be a third world nation and they are taking OUR money and squandering it (as well as pilfering it for themselves) as fast as they can.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            And yet the wealthy get wealthier, the middle class fluctuates but still decreases at a slow but steady pace and the poor get poorer. It’s been the same thing for thousands of years across hundreds of nations/systems/governments/crowns etc. Nothing has changed except the names of the leaders. It makes no difference if it’s Obama or had it been Romney or anyone else. The system isn’t set up for you or me to become one of them, ever. And by the way, the republicans like to boast how well the economy is doing when they are in the Whitehouse by using the stock market as a major barometer, as well as the housing market and unemployment numbers. All of those have improved under Obama. Yet the wealthy get wealthier, the poor get poorer, the middle class dwindles, and both parties claim THEY can fix it, but always fail to do so.

            Joy, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

            I haven’t had a vacation in years either. We are not a part of them.

        • Joy Beum

          Then they sens a plane for their photo-op-dog to join them along with the dog’s overpaid trainer.

  • jimnbubba

    We need to send a couple million packing

  • Dave Rath

    Love it ! What a great country,TOO BAD ours doesn’t do the same ! But NOOOOO not with a Mussi in the Black house & Way Too many PUKE demon crats would go Boo Hoo !

  • Charlie

    Must be the sun aging his skin with all the time he spends on the golf course.

  • Anne Ridgers

    This country should do the same. Obama would be a good start.

  • tax man

    Good policy! We need this in America.

  • beeerad827

    This is a “Liberal” issue? Didn’t we have a republican in charge for 7+ years after 9-11? I agree with the premise of the story, remove the pricks responsible for nearly every terrorist act in the last 20 years, and I’ve had enough of Obama too, but there’ve been enough “good christian conservatives” in power they easily could’ve made enough noise to get something doen if they had wanted too. If John Boehner had stepped up to the mic and proclaimed the evils of Islam it would’ve made people mad, but it would’ve also made them think, and we know it would’ve been correct. This isn’t a “left vs right” issue, it’s an “American” issue. Until these rag publications like TopRightNews stops this divisive bullshit and we come together as a country we will continue to bicker between each other for the sake of “party”.

  • John Sayewich

    You Are Dumber Than A Bag Full Of Rocks !!

  • William Habel

    Barry could finally leave a positive legacy by signing an executive order to DEPORT his evil Obama Clan. Never has America seen such an EVIL person in this high of a position. Americans are largely to blame for where we are right now. Left wing radicals should also be included in that deportation order. Turns out that they are as bad is radical Islam.

  • Bob

    Fake news.

  • Thomas Stanton

    Xerocky…..pushers are the criminals……….the waste Paul MacKay speaks of is the user……..instead of jailing the user of heroin or coke they need treatment. So what you have stated is pretty lame……cause the one you love is now in jail WITH the pusher and if you think they aren’t doing it there you best think again. So now I challenge you….use your pea brain again and TRY and come up with a CONCRETE reason………not a story about your mammy or pappy or brother or sister using herion and his/her dealer being caught.

    • Xerocky

      Nobody in my family has ever been addicted to an illegal drug. But, that said, the users would never have become users if somebody didn’t sell it to them. Regardless, with it being illegal, it’s a known known. There’s no dancing around the facts, if you don’t do it you’ll be fine.

      • valerie

        how many have been addicted to legal drugs – the ones the doc’s push. hugh problem in america – and those pain pills don’t come from mexico…

        • Xerocky

          That’s a huge problem, I agree. They’re given to the patient from an authority figure to boot. You go in without thinking that you’re Dr. would do something that could really mess you up.

  • Joseph Dennery

    …and this administration has begun the importing of Syrian “refugees” at the rate of 9,000-10,000/month, and coming to a town near you…real soon…!

  • Charles Fontanello

    They all need to be sent back , they’re nothing but hate and evil.

  • Kenneth Dreger

    Can we get her to run for POTUS here? I don’t care if she was not born here she has more between her legs than the last 5 presidents have had combined!

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    BS Propaganda.I searched the internet for confirming reports. BUT found NONE. So I believe this is all Bullshit made up by this page. Stupid people believe what you print. again Stupid people. If you can read this, then you can research it too. But do you? Or do you just believe this crap? Please grow some balls and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment.

  • Sheila Ray

    thats what we need to do…if we didnt have a leader who is sympathetic to them…and NOT THE USA…AND FOR THAT HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED…OR EXILED…IDK WHICH

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    Please grow some balls and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      How about follow your own advice.

      • Tyrelle Apuusa

        it’s a troll, and you’re feeding it

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    Stupid as stupid does. Please grow some smarts and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment.

    • Richard M

      That would be “Stupid IS as stupid does.” Please research your quotes before you make them to prevent yourself from looking like the total ass you appear to be.

      • redeemed357

        is there anyone on the planet who did not know her reference without your rude, crude and socially unacceptable remark. You need to go to the Miss Manners website and grab some. I think they are free of charge.

        • Jim Fox

          Boo Hoo! Sad, mealy-mouthed miss Prim-N-Proper.
          No charge for this either…

          • marian1877

            why can’t we have some intelligent conversations here without calling people names. It is not becoming.

        • Richard M

          And just how was that ‘rude, crude, and socially unacceptable? By your reaction, you definitely label yourself a retarded liberal. And if you’re going to attempt a quote, get it right. Words mean things…remember?

      • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

        Who died and made you Asshole of the day…

        • Richard M

          I made myself Asshole of the Day. Who died and made you Bitch of the Day?

    • Joy Beum

      Hello 22: I was commenting on how bad the impostor in chief looks. If you have a difference of opinion, you are welcome to it. He is an evil, self-centered creep.

      • Danni Smith

        islamist jihadist, too?

        • Joy Beum


          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            Evidence of him being a jihadist? Aside from opinion.

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    Please grow some smarts and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment.

    • Richard M

      Got a better idea….why don’t you just go huff on an exhaust pipe and spare this country a bit of breathing room for someone that actually contributes to this country.

    • Had enough too

      Disqus 22 spoken like a true liberal. When you run out of credible things to say you just start repeating yourself. Just like when someone says they don’t like Obama you call them a racist

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    Please grow some smarts and research what you read, so you don’t look too stupid when you comment. No doubt you’re not smart enough to read a Hawaiian Birth certificate.

    • Richard M

      Have some more Main Stream Media koolaid Einstein. Maybe you will grow some smarts and get away from the ‘Huff-Post Gazette’ long enough to actually grow your own smarts.

      Has to be a troll since his/her statements start the same.

      • bob foster

        grow some smarts? you are joking right?

        • Richard M

          oh, just FOAD!!!

    • Mella Yella

      You mean the one proven to be a fake? “Please grow some smarts and research…” This conversation is above your intellect.

    • Darrell Getchell

      Haven’t seen as real one yet as regards Obama

    • bob foster

      yup and we can also read one from Kenya! one other point as long as we are on birth places, why would someone running for president not have to have his bc ? how could he have it sealed by a court so no one could see it and still run?

    • Had enough too

      Didn’t his birth certificate read “African American”? Back in 1960 it would have read white, black, Caucasian or negro not African American. So how legit is that certificate

      • Tyrelle Apuusa

        Legal enough for the republican leaders to drop it and let him remain president. So either the republicans are: scared, apathetic or complicit. Or the whole left/right paradigm is a show for the gullible American citizens to keep up fighting over which corrupt party is right.

    • Danni Smith

      you left out the word, “forged”.

  • Robbie Pate

    Just pick’em off with a .50 cal sniper rifle. Chris Kyle, if still alive, would have a field day if that were legal. Lol

  • Barto

    How many people out there with a grain of common sense and a few working brain cells think that Obama’s “OPEN BORDER” to the USA is a great idea? Anyone that thinks it is i just hope to hell i don’t live close to any such idiots! We have a National disaster in the making and it lies at Obama’s feet!

  • Robert Kurz


  • Paul R. Heyden Sr.

    GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!

  • Robert White


  • Janette Miller

    STOP 0bummer now.

  • Jerry Yax Jr.

    behead the radicals then send there heads home with a nice surprise will take out radicals

  • sotxbill

    If he was born from an American mother…. no matter where he was born, he is an American citizen. I think he’s the worse president ever, but if you check the facts, his mother was an American. And when American’s are overseas or anywhere else and have a child, it gets American citizenship. Otherwise all the military wives overseas couldn’t bring their children back home. Ted Cruz was born in Canada, but he is still an American and eligible to run for president.

    • Gunut

      Ted for Prez, got my vote!

    • His mother was British and his father well, only God knows, but he is NOT a Natural Born American!! And for sure NOT an American Patriot! He HATES America.

      • sotxbill

        Sorry, you need to recheck your facts.

      • Tyrelle Apuusa

        If he isn’t an American, why haven’t the republicans done anything and everything to have him removed from office?

        • Damn good question.

        • Frank Gugino

          Because the media has Owned him from the start, and because he is the first Black to become president, it would open the GOP to an all out attack by the media and the gullible nit wits that elected him. Because he is black,he is taking advantage of his “blackness” to shield him from impeachment.

          • Tyrelle Apuusa

            So republicans are willing to let the U.S. fall further down the crapper rather than bring up the constitutionality or lack thereof of a man they say legally cannot be president because of the media? I think all the gutless republicans need to step down, as they clearly don’t stand for America if that’s how their playing it. 239 years ago, brave men were willing to give up their lives to make a change. Now they’re afraid of looking bad in the press, even though they say they’re right?

            They don’t deserve the office. And Obama is only “black” in skin color. He’s more white than me, and I’m a pasty Irishman. He’s better educated, more intelligent, speaks better than and makes more money than most white people.

      • Gunut

        Who are you talking about? this suppose to be about Ted Cruz!

      • Frank Gugino

        If his father was a communist in Kenya he was MAU MAU,a murderous bunch of anti white killers. Read his “dreams of my father” and one would think that he wanted to make his fathers dreams come true,that was to destroy capitalism,AKA AMERICA!!

    • Claude Jones

      Yes, he is a US citizen, but he is NOT a “Natural Born” citizen and is NOT eligible for the Presidency.

      • sotxbill

        Some will argue, but a child of an American citizen born while out of country qualifies as a natural born citizen. All the military kids born overseas are natural born citizens. If your parents are on vacation and your born in Italy, you are still a natural born citizen.

      • Topcat33

        Same for Obama, in that case!

        • wendy

          Not really, because he is black. Sorry, but no one is mentioning the huge elephant sitting on the U.S. the past 6 yrsyrs.

    • sotxbill

      Ted Cruz was born in Canada in 1970. His mother was a U.S. citizen,
      which makes him a “natural born” American who is entitled to run for
      president. Just after midnight on March 23, Cruz tweeted
      about his intentions to run for the White House. He announced his
      campaign plans in a speech at Liberty University on the afternoon of
      March 23.

      • wendy

        And it promises to be a very entertaining campaign

    • Tyrelle Apuusa

      Facts don’t apply to republicans

  • Richard M

    The last thing you want in this country of low info voters is a Con-Con. You would be kissing this Constitutional Republic goodbye….hell, you’d be kissing democracy goodbye.

    • Mella Yella

      We lost the Constitutional Republic a long time ago…Democracy isn’t as nice as most people believe anyway, but I get what you are saying. 🙁

  • Pamela Keck

    yes, they say the numbers are too much, but I don’t think so

  • Chia-Li Sung

    The problem with great number of the Muslims here in the U.S. is that they were born here but still harbor tremendous amount of hate towards everyone who does not go by their Islamic extremist crap…you can’t “deport” those, can you?

  • RummRunner

    Brilliant – “The world’s largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a religion of peace.” At least he gets it.

  • waymas

    Interesting read. Logic, knowledge, facts, evidence, reality, attention
    to current events, history, cause and effect, simple common sense: libs
    can’t, refuse to, and won’t ever get it. BECAUSE, every single lib thing
    is about one single thing: theft from productive people.
    regardless of all evidence of affects to the contrary: “The world’s
    largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a
    religion of peace.”
    Libs, regardless of all evidence of affects to
    the contrary: The world’s largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists
    is masquerading as a ideology of compassion.
    Libs are the true evil enemy of all good people.

  • Robert S Reilly

    When will our legislators catch the hint???

  • Flying Dutchman

    If u would send out the so called “liberals” – u will gain much more.

    • bob foster

      a muslum with a liberal under each arm , the prefect picture!

      • Flying Dutchman

        Yep, thats much better. they will go to live in their dream land all together – “You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one”

  • Don Newlon


  • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

    Should do the same in the good ole USA, starting with illegals and ending with Progressives. Time to take back our nation!

    • Big Al

      This country will be four or five within 20 years.

  • bob foster

    are you sure of that?

    • Wiggle D

      I am not entirely sure they will get space ships and learn to operate them so….

  • Golfer1113


  • Heidi4news

    Islam is NOT a religion. It’s a Conquering War Machine.

  • bob foster

    Larry the problem with that is a few years down the road it starts again, Its been going on for thousands of years, I see no end for it. because mankind is never going to what would have to be done to end it!!!

  • bob foster

    Tell that to the user that goes out and robs people to get money to buy the drugs, as far as I’m concerned they are as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger!

  • redeemed357

    it has become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure for Richard M who thinks the entire room is full of morons.)

  • bob foster

    HEY Stupid < no cocaine no health problem, saved billions. of $$$ and one or two Junkies besides!

  • bob foster

    Hey that’s good thinking, so since killing people is against the law and it hasn’t stopped people from killing other people lets make it not a crime. Sounds pretty simple to me!

    • bob foster

      Oh, by the way were you ever tested to see if you really did have a brain? If so I think the test failed. just saying!

  • rex freeway

    How can any group stand there and whine about a 31% drop in violent crime? Yes I believe they’ve found the root of the problem in Norway. The World needs to follow suit and put these career criminal’s where they belong.

  • Kypat

    Norway is smarter than we are.

  • OMG, WAY TO GO NORWAY!! My maternal ancestors were from Norway. Maybe I should move back, nay too cold there. God bless Texas. God bless America. NOWHERE else better to live even with the liberal losers, and communist demon-rats in charge. We MUST take our country back from the IDIOTS before they completely destroy our country!!

  • jay2010master

    We need this type of leadership. And it isn’t just Muslims. Any immigrant. If you commit a crime first time you are gone. That is what I like to see.

  • Dennis Morgan

    If they can live peacefully and abide by the laws of whichever country they go into no problem but when they attempt to change that country into something other than it’s constitutional laws and do harm to others for any reason inclusive of religion but not limited by it, they should be fingerprinted and deported

  • katieandcats

    If you look at pictures when he first became president to his photos today, his face is thinner, ears pointier, eyes that have no compassion. His looks are becoming more and more like photos of Satan. Evil.

    • Big Dunc

      I suppose seven years of ageing has nothing to do with that at all.

      • Joy Beum

        Do you look totally haggard now as compared to seven years ago? Seven years is not that long.

  • 2nd Amendment

    It should read “a religion of piece”… pertaining to the heads they cut off

  • Gary29

    Obama is one of them so he is not upset! If you think he is a Christian look again

  • Winifred Marshall

    Oh, but Tina, they are a religion of peace! …a piece of you here, a piece of you there…

  • Dandydanderoo

    America! Are you listening??

  • Mark E. Hartley

    I hope our next administration will follow suit !!! Off with their heads !! Eradicate islam now !!

    • Guest

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  • Mike Norris

    The only good moozlim is a dead moozlim…

  • Gerry

    If you want your immigration and integration policies to be successful the only way is to deport those immigrants and asylum seekers who by their behaviour would make those policies impossible to achieve and thereby sour the majority in their views about newcomers.

  • marineangler

    Who are the Infidels ? The Christian religion is the largest religion on earth.

  • Grant

    Finally! at least some countries are beginning to see these people for what they are. Hopefully Sweden can take notes from this along with the US. Nothing about their religion is peaceful, it is literally stone-age beliefs. They do demonstrations in public places, where they hassle people into listening to their beliefs and get mad if you don’t give them the time of day. Religion is dangerous, period. we should not have to accommodate ANY religion, especially this one. They act “offended” at every chance they get when someone ignores their beliefs or speaks out against them.. It’s time to turn it around and act offended by them and their religion, you know something that’s actually offensive. Play the same card the do every chance they get.

  • Danni Smith

    Kenneth is correct. What do you think an islamist jihadist does? FYI, every single thing obowell has done. Pay attention. Or convert, tuit sweet!

  • Danni Smith

    I think, not 100% certain, 34 states have signed on and it will take 38 states.l

    • MJean

      Danni, It takes 34 States to Call a Convention for a proposed Amendment. However, it does take 38 States to ratify said Amendment. If any 13 States vote No to ratification, then the Amendment does not move forward. There is a very informative video on along with several articles. 🙂

  • John Vaughn

    Deport them anyway!! They are going to sit quietly by until the word is given to attack….

  • justisinus

    Islam is an extreme political ideology sold as a religion.
    Islam is a diabolical cancer that must be exterminated to save humanity.
    Islam is a plague that has been slaughtering innocent people for over 1400 years.
    Islam was written over a 200 year span after Mohammad’s death, written by extremist pigs cherry picked the extreme verses to Leavein the quran and the ones to keep out.
    How can writers of the quran that didn’t know Mohammad and didn’t live in his time write such a vile filled book commanding followers to committ atrocities on fellow humans.

    The Quran must be revised from its present hatred filled bigotry towards other faiths and peoples. That’s not religion that’s a cult of death and destruction.

  • Victor Ericsson

    God bless Norway.

  • Don Kneuer

    We need to stand up now while we can. The next crusade will be lead by Jesus Christ himself with all the saints at the end of the tribulation.. But for now it is time to speak of God’s love and truth verses the hate filled lies of the other side ! We must operate through the power Holy Spirit,and not of the flesh. Our battle is against powers and principalities that oppose Christ.We must pray !

  • SubSumeYou


  • Abot Bensussen

    Wonderful results, but it wouldn’t get done here. Our politicians are cowards.

  • Matt in Texas

    There is a facilitator in this radical jihad …

  • Pat Ricco

    We knew it.We’ve been warned,again and again. Oriana Fallaci aveva ragione.

  • AlThompson

    Send them all back to bumfuck! Nothing but inhuman filth!

  • Simen Dalstein

    Meanwhile, the media here in Norway are focusing on writing political correct headlines about the few cases in which families with young children have been deported back to their home countries with war and insecurity. All the while not mentioning that the parents of these children were here illegally and have been appealing their deportation sentence for as long as they possibly could, all so that their children would grow accustomed to living in Norway so that they could use them as an excuse to stay. An example would be publishing a front page picture of a sad little foreign girl amidst blood and explosions with the headline “Fatima wants to go home (to Norway)” etc. It’s actually rather disturbing.

  • Dana Cooke

    haha.. your next will do the same to you people.. don`t you get that yet??? Actually…. wait.. maybe the world is tired of your antics down there.. maybe it hopes the crash is coming soon.

    • Joy Beum

      No idea exactly what you’re talking about or whom. You just seem to be saying ‘Watch out, they’re coming’…???

      • Chuck Taylor

        Dana sponsored Chicken Little . . . .

  • AZ

    This measure sounds like the sweetest music in my ears ! ….. by deporting any Muslims who belong to radical mosques or threaten violence against “non-believers” — and sent their entire families home too……Their entier family ! Apparently THAT is the language they understand !

  • abqblondie2

    Every European country should deport as many Muslims as possible, as they are totally destroying native culture. They live like pigs, breed like rabbits and destroy all that is good; and they are more than happy to sponge off their host country, contributing nothing, destroying everything.

  • shqipo
  • lambda5555m

    I love it. Australians are doing the same thing. They refuse to let any mooselems emigrate to Australia. We need to do the same thing. We need to start kicking their nasty asses the hell out of Our Country back to the shithole they came from. Not only the moron who got in trouble, but the whole freakin family. They can get rid of a lot of them just by exporting them out of here and not letting them back in. Screw the refugees. They should stay and fix their countries, not come here and ruin mine after they have ruined theirs. Kick all the sorry iislami mooselem rat bastards out of here and don’t let anymore in. We need to stand strong and not let the moron in the white house stop them. We need to get rid of him as well….
    Let’s get rid of them before they start to destroy this Country….

    • Paul MacKay

      What we need to do is repeal the outcome of the civil war.

  • Pelly Hardin

    Start now remove the parasites.

  • wendy

    Let’s get Ted Cruz (born in Canada) in because that would be so much better! Lmao

  • This article represents an over-simplification. Nearly all Moslems living in Norway are good, law-abiding persons. Those deported were a mixed group, their religious background I do not know, but I believe Moslems were a minority.

  • Susie Sotar

    Islam is a cult of death. Islam has a military, a political, a legal and an economic aspect but it does not have a god – they had to borrow a pagan moon god called allah to make themselves look legitinate.

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    With all due respect to Islam, Mohammed and Muslims around the world – FUKC ISLAM, FUKC MUSLIMS AND FUKC MOHAMMED, the pedophile.

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    Don’t count on it Joy. Remember, republicans still like cheap labor for their businesses to increase profits. Muslims will fill in just fine as will latino’s. All the bitching the right does, is simply for the gullible people’s benefit.

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    The “war on drugs” was never meant to be won, it was designed to be sustained, for profit, nothing more. And it’s been very successful.

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    *sells*, that was easy.

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    So they are in jail for trafficking AFTER possession?

  • Mr_Twister

    Izlum…..WMD……Weapon of Mass Disfunction!

  • jose

    If the sign was backward would it say insult those who behead Islam?

  • searcher911

    Assuming Islam is the religion of peace shouldn’t radical muslims be radically peaceful? Just wondering…

  • John Feeley

    Obama, the Imam of Washington, knows exactly what he’s doing, the Islimisation of the west! He’s committed to white genocide to full-fill is dream of Moslem domination worldwide. For years I thought your gun-laws ludicrous, but now, I realise that your founding fathers were right. It was reported recently, Homeland Security has been issued with 1.4 billion hollow nosed bullets and, 2000 armoured personnel carriers, why? Americans, rise-up against Islam, it’s poison.!!!

  • D Huntington


  • Mike Kiely

    Criminality under the auspices of religion are akin to the inquisition of yore, the fact
    remains that people who commit crimes against each other and their state
    deserve to be punished and if prison is no longer a deterrent then having their
    citizen ship revoked and escorted to the border is absolutely acceptable.

    If they have obtained citizenship under false pretense and undermine the society they
    profess to join then they need to be removed and sent where their true
    allegiances are where ever that may be and the consequence of their actions is their
    entire family and entourage should be made to join them in their decisions.

    Community is more than race and religion it is a state of law and social order if people
    are not willing to join the existing society then they need to leave even if
    they have no place else to go.

  • Gunut

    Why do people resort to insults when they can no longer retort intelligently?

  • beammeup

    Just think about it. Here’s a guy who takes multi-million $$ vacations, is on the golf course several times a week, is always flying to CA to do entertainment tv and has spent more time soliciting donations than all the US presidents COMBINED! Now why, I ask, does he look so gaunt?? Could it be that he never gave up his crack habit?? Sometimes his lips look really, really purple which is a sign of cocain use. We all know it’s not from stress!! He doesn’t do anything stressful unless reading the teleprompter is getting too much for him. Perhaps it’s all the social media he reads about himself and has an idea that he is the most despised garbage president in all of history and in all of the world! Just sayin’!!

    • Joy Beum

      You might have hit the nail right on the head!!

  • papa

    I wish the uk would do the same

  • America has been under attack since the ratification of the Constitution and will continue because of the rejection of God and the Bible. The schools have been producing for three generations stupid students that are anti American and are adults now as shown by some of the comments.

    What the Founding Fathers believed and said. Not
    allowed in the public schools of America.
    WE ARE AMERICANS by Sam Gipp

  • Hugh Jass

    only stupid liberals believe Islam is the religion of peace and Obamas hope and change.

  • carmenva

    I agree with you 100%. Send them all back to sand pits that they crawled out of. And that includes those that are living here in the us as well. The war is coming!

  • daniel lee morgan

    He doesn’t have a heart! Or much of a soul either!

  • Gordon Harvey

    Start burning down their mosques with them inside..

    • Fast Eddy

      No, that is not very nice. Deporting them is the way to go.

      • Gordon Harvey

        Not very nice? Who the fuq cares about nice with these pigs? They need to be removed from the planet before too late.

  • FuckIslam

    Go eat a pork sandwich

  • Pat Fox

    and the point??? the U.S. isn’t going to send any body packing, not even ILLEGAL aliens !! they come by the thousands every month!!! try and find a original white business man, owing a 7 eleven, or a circle k or fast trip market!!! ha !!!! we allow this type of thing in with open arms and this is the result, us average, American born citizens, are fading away, soon to be a minority,, like in los angeles calif, that’s just how it is in a free country !! so come on down !!!

  • WanderingStray

    It is not Islamophobia to respond to the need to protect the people of the country for which you have been elected to govern. Protection of the country is the primary roll of government. If immigration policy is ruining and threatening the country changes must be put in place to stop it and protect the country. Governments are meant to protect the people of a country not provide everything to everyone in the world simply because their own governments do not give them what they want.

  • Ronda Jones

    This will never happen in the USA!

  • AJAX

    Stopping the 3rd World immigration invasion is paramount, deporting a few of them who are criminals will make as much difference as the pumps on RMS Titanic.

  • larryjrmarlyn

    And the U.S. gov’t is importing these Democrat voters, err, Moslems. If the GOP can’t win in 2016 it’s all over.

    • AJAX

      What’s the GOP’s policy to stop their importation exactly?

  • Robert Mull

    If we did that here including the Mexicans El Salvadorians and the whole kitten kaboodle I can bet crime would be next to nothing BUT as they say the democrats need them to stay in power. They will spend as much money from others as they have to because it keeps them in power others money

  • Pedro Calebra


    • Frances_HLowrey

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    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      not a good response. Racial stuff…not good!

    • Ednar

      My friend, there IS a God.
      God does NOT condone any kind of evil … including what you posted.

      Muslims are evil, in that, they have a NEW religion started 600 years after the fact.
      New prophet, New Jesus, New heaven & a pagan god whom Muhammad did not destroy in the Ka’aba.

      How is sex in heaven … holy? Pure?

      • Jusef



        • Bill R

          Classless tasteless What purpose does this picture serve?

          • Frank Gugino


        • mom-e

          Totally unnecessary. Sorry I looked.

        • WreckTom

          If you believe in any sort of god you’re worth about as much as any muslim boating across the Mediterranean.

          Just saying, carry on.

          • Lawrence Lewis

            sorry for you leading a misarable life since you have never met Him (GOD)…he is the inspiration in everything that lives…even faith and hope…

          • WreckTom

            Yeah if believing in magic is what makes your life worth living, it’s pretty telling of how much more miserable it is compared to mine but hey, pick your poison.

            Human weakness has always been quick to fill the holes with magic, it’s a funny byproduct of intelligence and creativity.

          • Lawrence Lewis

            really…magic is how you may see it and some of it is truly magical…but really the only poison is what the devil has filled your mind with…not to be nasty…but frank…you are called “Wreck Tom”..that says a lot…

          • Lawrence Lewis

            Einstein believed in God. He certainly wasn’t a moron or opposed to science and knowledge.

          • Lawrence Lewis

            and sure he might have had some weakness…we all do…mine is ice-cream

          • WreckTom

            I am not “called” wreck Tom, I call myself Wreck Tom.

            Now on to better things, Einstein didn’t believe in god you delusional fairy taler, he twisted words in order to maintain his funding while in Europe with things like this :

            “I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal god
            is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the
            crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due
            to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious
            indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility
            corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of
            nature and of our own being.”

            Which means “Your god is Santa Claus for grown ups, I believe in accepting that we don’t know everything instead of attributing everything we don’t know to magic.”

            This was easy to understand for his fellow scientists and logical thinkers, but open to any interpretation to the less educated head of state so he rolled free and people still believe it to this day.

            A genius indeed.

            When he moved over to the United states he was even more liberated to speak his mind and lol you wouldn’t like to read his personal letter once liberated from public stately funding. Let’s just say he’ll burn in hell according to you?

            I studied Einstein a lot in Philosophy, he didn’t believe in God, he said what he needed to say to be able to continue his research unbothered by the church or the head of state.

            The fact that people still believe Einstein was religious after his personal letters have all been published is another testament to the sheepish and uneducated nature of most religious believers.

            Magic is not how I see it, religion is magic. You believe in it, you believe in magic, simple as that.

            I have plenty of weaknesses too, but religion is not one of them.

          • Dan Kimble

            You may be an atheist, but, it is probably folly to assume that you know there is no God, whatever that higher power may be.

            Thinking that we humans have the ability to prove or disprove the existence of God is akin to trying to teach your dog algebra.

          • WreckTom

            God is nothing more than an adult version of santa claus with more violence and pedophilia in it’s ranks than a state prison.

            The burden of proof resides on the shoulder of the person who makes the claim. I don’t have to prove that there is no god, this is the basics of modern philosophy and science.

            If you think there is an omniscient magician in the clouds and you let this belief influence your life in any way, you don’t have much leverage when you use words like “folly”.

            It’s fine though, every species has it’s weakest link, and humanity has it’s religious sheeple who believe in magic.

            The world carries on.

          • Luciferarrow

            Einstien believed in god not becasue of any proof he discovered but becasue he reached the limit of his understanding of his science which has progressed more than his time… any other excuses you wanna throw out?? im righthere go on

          • Luciferarrow

            I would like you to give me detailed affidavits from everyone like you said that believes god to be his/her inspiration, you seems quite confident at that statement, i suppose you can provide me documented statements for that? there are a billion ppl on this planet BTW id you didnt know that already..

      • Frank Loftice

        So I assume you’ve met god. I haven’t either because there isn’t one shred of evidence that there is one. Scientific facts on the other hand seems to prove we have all evolved

        • MrUnSavory

          And there is not ONE shred of evidence that proves he doesn’t. Stupid analogy you used.

          • Luciferarrow

            your supposed to prove it not the other way around STUPID

          • Ross Gage

            See, you just proved your stupidity. Those who make a claim need to be able to provide proof. Whether it is if God exists or not. Neither side has given definitive proof. Science backtracks all the time on things they claim they know. So now that you have been proven yourself to be a total tool just wasting oxygen maybe you should just go lay by your bowl.

          • Luciferarrow

            You just proved yourself beyond redemption having not a clue about the understanding of a back and forth in a debate but then again its not a debate when your against delusional retard… your supposed to prove the existance of something not the other way around, why dont you prove that hades is not sitting on your shoulder and not laughing his ass off at a moron like you? go ahead disprove it doctrined idiot..

            now put your head in a bucket of water so you can stop stealing precious oxygen from rational ppl, besides you wanna go to heaven dont you>? why stay here go on, pass on buddy and go to heaven….

          • Ross Gage

            When you assume something you make an ass out of yourself. Hello Ass. You make an assumption that I either believe in god or don’t believe in him. Next, please re-read your statements before posting them. Your illiteracy is peeking through. Also, the debate is about whether something exists or not. Neither side can prove anything in any way, shape or form. So once again let me break this down for you. There is no proof either way. Both sides are arguing assumptions based on mans small amount of information.

            Now on to the last part of your tirade by someone obviously not raised by good parents. As for me dying. Well, If you think you can put me in my grave feel free. I find fuck sticks like you that resort to that kind of stuff are either 19 and still live in mom’s basement or, are 45 and still live in mom’s basement. Sitting and spewing your little hatred because you have no friends. Spending your day’s writing on the internet and humping the family dog.

            Thanks for proving your parents should have never been allowed to reproduce as they have helped dilute the gene pool with stupid.

          • Luciferarrow

            “. I find fuck sticks like you that resort to that kind of stuff are
            either 19 and still live in mom’s basement or, are 45 and still live in mom’s basement. Sitting and spewing your little hatred because you have no friends. Spending your day’s writing on the internet and humping the family dog”

            umm acc to you “When you assume something you make an ass out of yourself” Well HELLO ASS LOLOLOLOLOL case closed

            no I dont have to prove a negative you ass you have to prove he exist, you dont have any proof thats is exactly why you like every other cult idiot rely on this to escape from this proof, TELL GOD TO COME VISIT ME AT MY HOME GO ON TELL HIM.
            My question again, why are you still alive????? dont you wanna go to heaven??? go ahead you gonna answer this question anytime now??? when are you gonna move on???

          • Ross Gage

            All I can do is laugh as you continue to prove your idiocy. Please continue. Stupid people amuse me.

            Also, I assumed nothing about you. I said in general this is what I find. Again you assumed. Also, the statement should be “PROVEN YOURSELF” and not “Proved Yourself”. It seems you are the illiterate.

            Also, how do you swat Hades off your shoulder? Hades is a place, not a person. Again, illiteracy AND your lack of skill with the English language amuses me. I bet your parents are real proud………LOL.

            Again, there is no way to prove or disprove it. But keep trying. 🙂

          • Luciferarrow

            So i proved your stupid according to your own definition and now your ignoring it becasue you have no response got it, XD

            Again running away from the fact that I caught you at your own statements and made you look like an ass, resorting to grammatical mistakes how typical and cliched, the last resort for illiterate religious idiots thanks for further solidifying my stance on your stupidity XD.

            Once again running away from your own statements…. everyone should see this is how a puppet of theocracy behaves and runs away….. now apparently you’v turned coy and refuse to acknowledge who hades is since you’ll go further down the drain by not being able to disprove his existance right on your shoulder laughing away at an ass like you XD

            yes there is no way to disprove hades is laughing at an ass like you, yes there is no prove that god exist but now there is solid evidance that you are a retard XD

            Im still waiting for your answer…. why dont you move on to heaven??? dont you wanna be closer to your god???

          • Ross Gage

            I made no mistakes. and I have not run away from anything. I am here laughing at you still.

            My god? You are still assuming. Your statements make you out to be an angry little man. Are you an angry little man? Did a priest poke you and that is why you are mad at Religion? Or maybe the local priest DIDN’T poke you and that is why you are mad?

            Either way you amuse me. You must be so thankful for the Internet. A place where you can say things you would never say in public or to a persons face. Another internet warrior disseminating wrong information to people who are not bright enough to do the research to find out you are nothing but 2 flapping lips with no education.

            You are just another person screaming his opinion with no proof to back up his claims. Doesn’t matter if you believe in a god or not. There is no proof either way of the existence of a deity. You screaming at people who believe that they are wrong makes you nothing more then those you scream at because you have no proof either way also. You are like watching a dog chase it’s own tail. LOL

          • Luciferarrow

            yea hades is laughing at you too.

            “Are you an angry little man? Did a priest poke you and that is why you
            are mad at Religion? Or maybe the local priest DIDN’T poke you and that
            is why you are mad?” So “When you assume something you make an ass out of yourself” Well HELLO ASS.

            “Either way you amuse me. You must be so thankful for the Internet. A
            place where you can say things you would never say in public or to a
            persons face. Another internet warrior disseminating wrong information
            to people who are not bright enough to do the research to find out you
            are nothing but 2 flapping lips with no education.” So “When you assume something you make an ass out of yourself” Well HELLO ASS.

            You just did all my work for me ROFL, oh once again, plz disprove hades is not sitting on your shoulder and secondly when are you departing to heaven.. still waiting on that…

          • Ross Gage

            Oh and one last thing. Death to all Muslims!!! 🙂

          • Kerry Fritz II

            cool, I’m on a government watch list too,
            but it’s for exposing th@ the government
            is actually a corporation which owns you.

          • Kerry Fritz II

            asks if it is our fault th@ you cannot see GOD in every-ting ?

          • Kerry Fritz II

            says the proof is in my puddin;.

          • Kerry Fritz II

            GOD proves (to the believer) th@ not everyone is
            made by Him to go to Heaven.
            You have a choice and He has created The Path.

          • Luciferarrow

            The he purposefully made bad ppl so that he can make them suffer… theres a term for that sadist and psychopath/// you should come up with better excuses

          • Bleu Mann

            An extraordinary claim (that God exists) requires extraordinary evidence, not the other way around, Einstein.

          • Kerry Fritz II

            says I am extra-ordinary evidence.
            My now copyrighted name means ‘dark haired prince of peace’ and I am prophesied about in Revelation 3:6-13 with respect to the Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 fake Jews bowing/whoreshipping @ my feet, with allah the international Sovereign (of earthly Sovereigns) paperwork filed.
            Emailing would wake someone else up sooner to allow peace to reign.

          • Bleu Mann

            You forgot to take your meds again, didn’t you?

        • Bud

          From what, originally?

        • Frank Gugino

          There is a thing called FAITH which we Christians have!!

        • Lawrence Lewis

          so you are one of the fewer brighter people being an athiest….that is evidence in itself…..!!!

        • Renee Bishir

          Frank and and anyone that does not believe in God is lost, uneducated, and not filled with the peace that he brings. Yes I have proof, I was pronounced legally dead, and left my body and was in the company of God. My heart, and brain was dead for 2 minutes, and was able to feel his compassionate glory, and divine love. I am sorry to say that the Torah, or Bible says the gates are wide for those that do not try to study his word and share with others the existence, will surely parish and the gates are narrow for those that will live eternally with him.So say there is no proof, it is because you base it on how people are, and you have not experienced how much love God has for us. So say no more! I will pray for those that reject him, and just knowing what he gave up so you can have life eternal

          • lefty right

            A brain lacking in things like oxygen will cause hallucinations, similar to drugs. If you were remotely educated you would know that.

          • Renee Bishir

            You do not know me, and you sound that you are unsympathetic, and you do not matter to me, so you go get an education on humanity, and learn about the true living God, Jesus Christ!

          • lefty right

            Both gods and Jesus are fictional characters, just like all religious characters are.

          • Renee Bishir

            I feel sorry for you! you have not probably felt the holy spirit The comforter! I will pray for you!

          • lefty right

            Do you have any idea how creepy you are? I don’t need you feeling sorry for me. I certainly don’t need you praying for me. Your prayers don’t solve anything. You’re frightening.

          • Renee Bishir

            Frightening? I think you have real issues! I am very wise, educated, and a very loving lady

          • Renee Bishir

            The drugs did not induce my situation, as I was completely legally dead without any brain activity, so please do not say those things unless you know my circumstance. No need to be mean, as I am a very loving and caring woman. God Bless you!

        • bimblefly

          “Seems to prove”

          Interesting statement.

          You are right about that, Evolution is indeed just a theory, and not a good one.

        • Matthew

          if you really look at the scientific evidence you could come to only 1 conclusion. that is that God does exist.

      • Dutchie57

        You’re as brainwashed as the abduls.

      • Blorg

        got any proof of your ‘god’ (whatever that might me in your view ) ?

      • Mihir Thakkar

        The new religion is hatred domination and destruction of non believers of islam that’s why Muslims must be behaved for the slightest excuse

      • Kerry Fritz II

        sex in heaven ? Don’t you need a flesh and blood body for sex ?
        Wake up, Heaven is for spiritual beings, not flesh.

      • K. Bekei

        All religions are nothing but a bunch of violent, self serving, mysogynistic, patriarchal groups covering up and perpetrating war, murder and rape. Just because Muslims came in third means nothing. If there is a God, there will be billions or trillions of men burning in hell. No murdering, raping, hateful, hypocrites will ever be in heaven no matter how much they repent and pray, they just believe they will. God would make this choice, not men.

        Muslims just happen to be going through their dark ages and grabbing headlines, but let’s not forget the 2 plus millenniums of abuse by the Christians and Jews.

        The world needs less religion and more intelligence. Less praying and more education and thinkers.

        First however, Westerners need to stop playing this game of political correctness. It seems everyone can label us, call us racist and other assorted prophanities while we what……just bend over and take it? To hell with them, we as a people’s have rights as well.

        Our culture and people are not dispensable or replaceable, least of all by those who have nothing in common with us. If we need a growing population then we should have more children not outsource it to some backward, barbaric culture. Do you want your elderly relatives cared for by them? That’s providing they’re even willing to work, which we know they won’t.

        • itoldyouso7

          Well said!

        • disqus_TEnEO3I6QR

          Well, could not have said it better – intelligence for sure!! However, these god damned SAVAGES have got to go – Western civilization as we know it is on its way out … try getting rid of this moslem CANCER when you have the FAR LEFT ((including the moslem in our White House)) trampling over our civil rights on a daily basis and destroying our lives on every level !! Bravo – well said K. Bekel

      • LAMBDA471

        Dude, you retarded.

  • Pedro Calebra


  • Brenda southerland

    America needs to do the same thing I am sick of the Muslims and their complaing about our life style.

  • VietnamVet1967

    Sure wish we would, But now being a Total Socialist country, Never going to Happen

  • Gary Iampaglia

    Violent crimes down 31%—–this is a fact and a result. However, liberals don’t like facts and results. They like the theories.

    • soflo49


    • Fast Eddy

      They hate Christians, that is why they embrace Muslims,

  • Ronda Hartman-Odom

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around self proclaimed Christian Conservatives willing to post things about our president that would make Satin himself tell you to back off. Christians, who have more hate in their heart than the hardest core atheist. You’re appalled when our precious symbol of freedom, the American Flag is violated, desecrated and disrespected but you don’t hesitate to not only condemn our president but say things just short of calling for his murder. You should all be ashamed of yourself but I know you’re not, just know you’ll burn in hell long before our President will!

    • johnrhett

      An enemy combatant is an enemy combatant, evev if he’s the president. And by the way, if it weren’t for good Christian boys ( the majority of American soldiers in WWII) you would be some Nazi’s slave.

    • Fast Eddy

      Christians hate evil, just like Jesus. You embrace evil, just like your father.


    It’s time to declare obama an enemy of the state, and charge him accordingly.

  • Brenda Rapp Sabo






    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)


    ……….”…………. _.·´



  • Good for Norway. I’d move there if I had the money..

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      My manager at work, Knut Pedersen, is a Norwegian.

      I have no point here.

  • Ronda Hartman-Odom

    Doesn’t matter what I say or how I say it that will change the ignorance and paranoia of a party that’s bitter and angry over a President based solely on his party and skin color. Sheepish followers who follow fox news like the hundreds who followed Jim Jones and David Korresh, and we know what happened to them in the end. Born and raised Christian Conservative in the Bible belt of Texas, in 2008 I wanted to beg Obama not to run bc I was genuinely concerned for his safety. Nearly 8 years later I still am! Until the ignorant paranoid conspiracy theorists move more to the center they will continue to the right until they fall completely off this earth and good luck expecting a liberal to throw you a life line!

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      The facts of this article have nothing to do with your false memes and premises based on lies and condemnations of Christians to events that you know aren’t representIve.

      You, and people like you, are responsible for the degradation across the planet by empowering ruthless savages and denouncing those who make the world as safe and peaceful that humanity will allow.

  • Lady Val

    Deport them all. They are a cancer in any society.

  • Jason Vickers

    I wish we had the balls to do this

  • Fast Eddy

    Wow, this is great news. The traitors have brought Europe to the brink of self annihilation, and the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg is reversing course.

    • Finally, The rest of Europe needs to follow suit, Muslims=Cancer

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    Behead those who try to shove islam down our throat

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    Wishful thinking

  • rubiconscross

    Deus Vult!

  • Aram

    === It’s NOT religion — It’s THE CULT of DEATH.

  • Phosphorus Rhinoceros

    Ohh ‘Jason DeWitt,’ since that’s not your real name as you’re not a real journalist. Did you even bother to read the original article before repurposing someone else’s blog post?

    Please tell me where it claims crime decreased by 31%.

  • 19mad74

    Thank God Norway is finally waking up to reality! Hopefully, the rest of Europe will follow their example. Muslims do not belong in Western nations anywhere, they all need to go home and live with the mess they created there, instead of creating new ones in our nations.

  • Ken

    If crowds of Muslims begin parading around with death threats written on signs here in America, it is time to mow them down with your cars.
    They call for blood, let’s give it to them.Their OWN BLOOD.

    • Wiggle D

      Cars, guns, woodchippers, whatever, you can’t go wrong.

  • Ken

    Don’t be so sure.Remember that Bushy Boy went touring the mosques around the DC area in the week following the 9/11 attacks.Seven years later, he was quoted as saying, “I believe that they pray to same god we do.”.
    Then he crashed the economy and ushered in the greatest terror attack against America in living memory, by ushering in Barack Hussein Obama.

  • harriet

    It’s crazy. They threaten us in our country but no one does anything

  • BA DeMonte

    Goes to show that some people do learn from history and don”t buy into every lie Muslims tell.

    • Wiggle D

      In the Koran, it’s acceptable to lie to ‘infidels’.

  • SinCityLocal

    On behalf of the Peaceful Muslims, let me tell you, they are afraid to oppose the radicals, because they fear the repercussions to their families! Not all of them are bad! Not all of them support murdering us infidels! Most Muslims are good people who strive for a better life for their children. All over the world, the bad people from any given group make that whole group look bad.
    I am Christian, but if you judged the whole Christian community by the actions of the Catholic Church during the Crusades, and today’s Westboro Baptist Church, then we all look equally as bad as the Radical Muslims!

  • phillip mashburn

    Maybe there is some hope for common sense and truth. The world cannot afford to ignore or bury its head in the sand any longer. Decent Muslims must speak up or face more negative reactions caused by radicals.

  • Jose P


  • kathleen7546

    This is heartening news. I think it was Norway whose FBI equilivant acknowledged that 47% of convicted rapists in their jail are No. African immigrants. Finally acted on it. Interesting to see what the UN and EU backlash will be. Norway has begun to shed its self afflicted dhimmi status. Glory be and keep it up..

  • honeycat155

    good on her,the uk, eu and the states and to follow her lead

  • SerenaDBayer

    nowRead thi toprightnews ….. Here’s a Blog


  • KafirPride

    It is a misunderstanding. They mean they are a religion of pieces. KABOOM! One piece here, one piece there.

  • poul10

    i like me toprightnews……. ……………….. Find Get More

  • sozo85

    ===+++=+====?i like me toprightnews…….

    ……………….. Find Get More </b

  • denoferth

    It’s really a two pronged invasion strategy that cleverly uses our own laws and politically correct stupidity against us. The radical Islamic branch marches, threatens, conducts noisy marches and demonstrations, kidnaps, murders, cuts off heads and plants bombs all the while the covert branch lobbies and runs for political office. The “radical Islam” side effectively scares the crap out of the timed majority among the population who would rather delude themselves into believing none of them are living next door to monsters. Choosing, I suppose, instead to believe that “respecting the peaceful religion” of the “moderate Muslims” will somehow allow them to be eaten last.

  • quoine09

    (‘?’)’?’) i like me toprightnews…….

    ……………….. Find Get More </b

  • justsomeone

    Amazing. Fantastic!

  • Gettingby

    Congratulations Norway for putting your citizens first.

  • ProudMuslim

    So much hate …. never knew that so many psychos live in west. disgusting creature

  • Gee

    Want to reduce it even more – deport the rest of the Islamofascists

  • telh

    All Western countries need this type of government!

  • Don’t you wish we had a leader in the U.S. that understood the danger of Islam…

    My suspicion is that we do…and that he finds it useful.

  • florence lankford

    I say send them all to their home land, one way or 2.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Learn from Norway… Violent crime in that small historically peaceful country PLUMMETED.

    Learn from their mistakes, but also learn from worked well!

  • AB
    This article is inaccurate. Many of those deported were not even Islamic, or tied to Islamic radical groups.

  • TAOtheGod

    immigrants who demand the deaths of their host’s citizens for criticizing the immigrants’ faith should not be allowed to attain citizenship in the host country. They must be forced to leave. While many immigrants come for a better life, others come to turn the host country into what they left behind. Come in peace or don’t come at all. I agree with what the Norwegian government did. This is not racism.

  • Melody Szabo

    All religious people are like that. Whether they worship Allah or God or $$$, they’re all criminals.

  • Easy Ed

    The USA need to take lessons………….

  • james70

    fuck all you goat humpers i bet you muslims i have something good for u 20 cases of grenades and a gatlin gun and a thomson bring it on u peices of garbage

  • james70

    im a true warrior i will personaly fight iv been in the army and i will die a warrior so come and get you some lead

  • Spirit

    These people are pathological psychopaths.

    • Wiggle D

      Well, what do you expect when a large amount of them F*(K their cousins to keep their dowry in their family?

  • sgb1

    Islam is a religion. How can deporting a member of a religion be “racist”?

  • some guy

    just where they want us…all fighting amongst ourselves instead of banding together…tsk tsk….

  • Jim Hull


  • J D S

    People who hold up signs calling for the beheading of anyone for simply “insulting” their religion, and simply disagreeing can be considered as insulting, then those people need to be deported…… from the earth. Send them to Mars.

  • Goodforall

    Islam is no religion, it’s the cult of the devil! How a group can torture, behead, and blow up innocent people and call themselves a religion is beyond and reasonable comprehension. I commend Norway for taking a stand doing what was needed to protect their citizens.

  • csrdrunner

    My opinion ONLY: “…Don’t you wish we had a leader in the U.S…” DUH, wish we had a leader period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do believe he mentioned “JV team”, who demanded “terrorist” can not be mentioned?
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The occupy White House person is the clown the Missouri rodeo clown showed.

    Carpet factory hiring, ONE requirement, must lie like a rug. Hmmm can I give them obama’s name? First two terms in White House, next in prison!

  • John

    but we have a scuzzlim terrorist in the white house thanks to libtard communist voters.

  • Bleau Gumms

    Get Trump into office and our crime rate will go down for the same reason, too

  • Kevin Allen

    kill them all cause they will kill us if we don’t

  • Frank Loftice

    Let’s hope this country wakes up and does the same thing

  • Wooohoo! Time to dance!

  • MrUnSavory

    Fuck Islam and all that follow it. DEATH TO THEM!!!!!

  • SohnMan

    How many of you think those posting racist stuff on here are actually Democrats and Liberal Progressives who want to taint this website and claim Conservatives and Republicans and Libertarians are racists?

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    Psycho bastards, sons of Satan! Muslims should be banned from all other nations except for their own!

  • Tex

    Good job, Norway. Your culture is unique and special in the world, and it is worth fighting to preserve.



  • P Daniel

    Islam is not a “religion” = it is a cult that sanctions beheadings, murder, rape and killing of anyone who doesnt believe in it. End of story. We need to ban it, any reference. The NAZIS were meeting with Islamic leaders to further the HOLOCAUST. BAN ISLAM BAN ALL OF IT. NOW

  • C.Eliza

    I am so happy for the Norwegians! They deserve peace.

  • Frank Gugino

    Obama is good to his friends,the problem “is,his friends are Americas enemies”

  • ChristFaith

    To solve those radical Muslims who want to push Sharia law in European countries esp. England, there’s a solution – just do what Norway does – deport those radical Muslims and trouble makers, include their family members, back to where they come from. The result – “the country’s violent crimes are down more than 31% in less than a year since Muslim deportations began!”. So, those who threatens to replace the countries’ constitutional law with Sharia law, just deport them and their families.

  • Big Tex

    Smart move, Norway. Protect and defend your culture.

  • realist

    I have been extremely worried due to the lax and trusting policies of the Scandinavian countries towards so called “refugees” of immigrants. They let in a vast number of muslim people, people whose majority lives off benefits and contributes to the Western culture by raping women and children, attacking “unbelievers” and making things more dangerous and difficult for native people or for immigrants who had come to Norway to work and really contribute to the economy and society. Deporting the dangerous extremists together with their families? – GREAT MOVE!
    I hope it’s not too late for Norway. Keep it up! And throw all of those invaders out! Wish that Europe would follow the example, especially Sweden, they are way too naive and accept too many muslims who will, in the end, be the downfall of all the Western world if we don’t stop them.

  • Clarrissa Zamora

    So true now we need to start deporting these thugs!!!

  • Melody Szabo

    Shut down the mosques, deport everyone who complains. But don’t stop there, get rid of the Christians too. Superstition and violence will give humanity no future.

  • GeorgeG

    This is what Australia needs. Sick to death of these radical religious psycopaths…..

  • Isuzu

    Bullshit propaganda… This rubbish will be sucked up by Red Neck morons and used as gospel Even the photo with the people crowding onto the ship has nothing to do with Muslims…

    For further information …..

    Your credibility is shot…

  • julia


  • Mihir Thakkar

    Islam is a totalitarian, hedonistic intolerant system which believes in domination and vilification of rules, they do not respect law and order they want sharia law so that they can commit crimes and get away with it since it is allows them to commit crimes against non Muslims. The best punishment for Muslim is to behead them a punishment they love. There is no point in spending tax payer money on their deportation. Use this as golden opportunity to kill muslims in the effort to eliminate followers this heinous cult

  • sarah

    we do not have a leader
    we have a muslim in the white house
    he is bringing in muslims by hundreds of thousands each month
    soon more then 50 % will be on welfare
    we are screwed
    and who voted for a man with a name HUSAIN after 911 is a complete moran

  • FeministThroatSlasher

    piss be upon them

  • surj
  • lefty right

    Terrorist groups are mostly right wing religious nuts.

  • Jenny

    Yes, and that is why I, in my African American skin, am on pins and needles waiting for the next presidential election so that I can vote for Donald Trump. He may say some crazy things, and I may not like some of them, but he is a ruthless son of a… that I believe will handle these bastards with a bomb first, ask questions later approach. This is the most important election in history, and the last thing we need is a weak wimpy President.

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      He is ruthless only in that he interrupts and screams. Frankly, aside from the wall between Mexico and the U.S., no one knows what else he stands for.

      He interrupts, he screams and distracts his way out of questions, he yells idiotic things that will cause people to be shocked and forget the questions he was asked, and so on. I used to think that was because he was stupid, but that’s not it at all. I think he does it so he doesn’t have to say what he stands for.

      Funny how clear he is only about his ONLY issue: the Mexican wall. Nothing else at all.

      Further, he’s so in bed with the Muslims financially, that he is as evasive (if not more so!) than Barack Hussein. His latest Muslim project:

      Muslims are making him richer than God, so do you really think he will insult any of them? Do you really think he will say, “no Muslims will enter the U.S.?”


      • Jenny

        Hmmmm. I dunno, I think Trump is curbing his tongue now that he is running for office, but her has been pretty straight forward about his views before running. Here is an article and video…

        And here is him talking about his Muslim friends who purchase real estate…

        I’ve also heard him speak years ago about how he would handle terrorism. He’s a very smart man, don’t let all of that you see on TV fool you. II remember a reporter asking him a question about terrorism once and his reply was – why would I tellul you that? I have a plan, but I’m not going to reveal it on television. He plays dumb at times, but he isn’t.

        • Sarita La Cubanita

          He’s not dumb. He’s evasive. Like Obama. Evasive. I don’t want that near me. There are plenty of Republican candidates who don’t try to BS their way out of questions like this one does. I think he’s probably a Democrat in his views, and we will end up with a Mexican wall, yet overrun by Muslims and in the same situation as France. But we won’t know, will he, because what he does is confuse, confuse, confuse with BS, so that people never really know what he believes unless they elect him president.

          I read what you posted. Here’s what he said and my comment in parens:

          “And by the way, many, many, most Muslims are wonderful people”

          (Not what I’m looking to hear).

          “‘Oh, absolutely not Bill, there’s no Muslim problem, everything is wonderful, just forget about the World Trade Center.’ But you have to speak the truth.”

          (Which is what???)

          “The Quran is very interesting. A lot of people say it teaches love … But there’s something there that teaches some very negative vibe … Now I don’t know if that’s from the Quran. I don’t know if that’s from someplace else.”

          (?? He says absolutely nothing here except the Koran is interesting and the negative stuff might not be from the Koran – not what I want to hear).

          Well, I think a certain segment are certainly a problem. And unless you want to be so politically correct where you want me to say, ‘Oh absolutely not.’ I mean you have ISIS, you have the migration, you
          have all this stuff”

          (Again, BSing his way out of saying anything direct).

          “Trump said he has “great friendships” with Muslims who live in his buildings, saying they are “phenomenal” people.”

          (Not what I want to hear).

          • Jen

            No, he said when he was asked the question, he could have [lied] and said there is no problem, Bill…

            He actually said, there is a problem, and although with sarcasm, he basically said the Quran teaches hate. I interpreted the maybe it’s the Quran maybe not as sarcasm.

            What’s wrong with saying a certain segment of the Muslim population is a problem? I think that’s a true statement. I mean, not all of them are Islamic extremists.

            I just think now is not the time to be taking things so personally when it comes to a candidate especially since they all lie to get support and keep support. All of them. There are some things I may not agree with but I’m choosing my battles because a lot of it holds little weight against Islamic State’s plans for us. My first and foremost concern is Voting for someone who I believe is a master strategist and negotiator to take IS out. I’m tired of voting for Presidents who are running simply because it’s the next step from where they are, or because they come from a line of politicians despite the fact that they dont know the first thing about how to run a country. IS is coming for us and its about to get really real. And 4 years is a long time.

            Sure, plenty of candidates don’t BS their way out of ?? but Obama gave great answers, annnnd sooo what does that mean? Lol

            I’m just looking forward to a fresh approach. Trump comes from a different world and that may be what we need.

            Anyhow, thanks for the chat. Have a great night!

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            He BS’s his way through questions and basically says nothing.

            Here’s exactly what he does: “Well, yeah, sometimes, although of course there’s a problem, but not really, and it’s BAD, but once in a while it’s not and it’s those times you got keep in mind because when it’s bad it’s really bad, and those people should deport, although only a few need that treatment.”

            He’s an expert at BSing so that he doesn’t say anything, but says it loud enough so that people think he has said something.

            He’s a former Democrat, he admitted to CNN in 2004 that he sides with Democrats, he is so deep in business with the Muslims that he can’t afford to strike at the heart of Islam, and he’s someone I wouldn’t trust with our country.

      • Jenny

        Oh, and he was also slammed for not speaking against anti-Islamic comments, and for saying that he would shut down mosques that are extremist. Liberals and Muslims tore him apart over that for violating Freedom of Religion. Which I think is ridiculous when the very issue with Islam is they don’t think anyone should have freedom of religion. So, liberals are basically fighting to give these “religious” the freedom to take ours away. How stupid is that?

        • Sarita La Cubanita

          That’s not what happened. What happened is that he REFUSED to agree with the Tea Partyist about his views on Obama.

          This man is a Democrat through and through. Either that or he’s legitimately dumb, and that’s highly unlikely. He’s a snake in the grass.

  • fnatic fangays r the worst
  • lefty right

    Gods don’t exist. The very books that are supposed to be their word are proof that they don’t exist.

  • lefty right

    You better start reading your Bible closer. It’s just as violent as the Koran.

  • Adena Properties

    Now, all Norway has to do is actually get the supposedly ‘free’ press in Sweden to actually report it. Sweden now is all but lost, with the radical New Left and the radical Muslims seeming to cooperate to flood the country with nice, peaceful anti-semitic muslim rapists. The Radical New Left and the Muslims are now rioting TOGETHER in once peaceful Malmo.

    Swedish criminal institutions and ‘Special Needs’ programmes are now filled with Muslim criminals and retards. Sweden has the highest rape statistic in the world after Lesotho, South Africa, and her Jews are fleeing elsewhere because of Antisemitism. Remember when all those Danish Jews fled to Sweden after the Nazis took over Denmark? Where is the sense of irony?

    Norway gets it. Sweden must soon elect right-wing conservatives who will do the same.

    No more Malmos; no more Marseilles. If they can’t be Western, then they shouldn’t be coming into the West.

  • Lone Wolf

    We’ll make it look like a coronary.

  • Joel Anderson

    As long as they’re not a demon-rat.

  • FoCoBiking

    Just deport all of them and ban islam. Yes, it can be done.

  • Eliot Dennis

    “Muslim” is not a race. Middle Easterners are Caucasian, just like Europeans. If that fact were widely understood, the accusations of racism would become comical. Islam is an ideology, not a race.

  • Erin Drake

    Good! Time to tell the truth! Muslims are filthy trash that are totally draconian and now they deport the sickos and look the crime rate fell dramatically. Good get rid of them all.

    • Wade Jordan

      Bigoted opinions are bigoted.

  • andre_lefebvre
  • jennyjones

    Every single Muslim needs to be thrown out of Europe and the USA . Send them back to the desert.

  • Ah Jaysus

    Sweden needs to do the same thing NOW. If they don’t they will be a 3rd World country within 10 years.

  • The Guy

    There is approximately 1.5 billion muslims in the world. It is estimated that between 15 and 25 percent are radical. That means there is about 500 million radicals looking to kill us.

    Think about that for a second. There are 30% more radical muslims than there are people in the US.

    It’s time to stop being idiots.

  • VBottom

    I love that Last sentence…….it fits very well.

  • Charlie Sargent

    This should not surprise anyone. Islam is not a religion of peace any more than the cereal, Geape Nuts Flakes, has either grapes or nuts.

  • CC1980

    Always knew there was a reason why I like Norway. To the dopes calling them “racist” islam is not a race or a religion, it’s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component.

  • jewsrapebabys

    Thank god America needs to deport our niggerss and Muslims too 🙁

  • joeeeeeeee


  • joeeeeeeee


  • Jimmy Hoffa

    If this is true, what the story say’s about the conservative government of Norway, this is the best news, the only good news I’ve heard about a nations government actually standing up to the Muslim invasion.


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